Gallery Piece: Unreal Art

Jim showed me this over the weekend, and I haven’t managed to take it out of a tab yet. It’s basically bot-generated artwork. The artist creates a Unreal Tournament map and lets loose 20-25 especially programmed bots into it, and logs their position every second (Including their deaths)… well, there’s lots more on the site, it’s uncannily beautiful, deeply strange and I recommend you go see more.


  1. Scalene says:

    Those are possibly some of the most geekiest artworks I’ve ever seen.

  2. SirKicksalot says:

    The one you posted is the best IMO.

  3. duel says:

    This is years old! I did a presentation on this sometime last year, good too see it back!

  4. Tei says:

    The idea is too gratitous.. paint using AI bots “trails” …why?. But the result is good and pretty. I have say gratitous? nah… I say poetic, …Its somewhat poetic that some “players” (even fake) can paint this with his movements. I will archive this in the same section as “Love letters written with tears” and “Sandbox castles mades of sand created from castle rocks”.

  5. duel says:

    here we are, shed loads of information on this can be found in this interview – link to

    its really quite interesting.

  6. Mike says:

    So it seems like the bot movement is overlaid on top of an existing image, is that right? Like a photoshop filter?

  7. sana says:

    Not very exciting. The colours have zero relation to the bot paths and only thanks to the colours does the art actually look like art… unless, of course, I missed something important?

    • duel says:

      taken from interview – link to

    • duel says:

      um, there was ment to be a block quote,

      “the colour’s base value is taken from the photograph. Not all the artworks I create rely on this stage, some of them are specifically tailored toward a certain colour, some are random and some use a death as a marker for changing colour.”

  8. Frans Coehoorn says:

    Such pretty eyes and such kissable lips, she has! Some pieces of art look like a picture from Ogrish though. Except it’s less red.

  9. Devan says:

    Call me uncivilized, but I don’t see how any of these would be worth anything near $80. It’s hard to call it “Game Generated Artwork” when the results depend on photographs or specially-designed maps. It looks like the bots are just a glorified filter, and the artist has to play with a bunch of digital processing afterwards to end up with the intended look.

    Sure, many of the pictures do look nice, but it’s far from pure procedural art. And that seems to be what the site intends you to take it as.

  10. The Beholder says:

    My eye must be missing.

  11. seras says:

    i very much like the look it generates


  12. Michael Leung says:

    I really don’t understand modern art…

  13. mrrobsa says:

    I like these and find the method interesting, but I think aesthetically I’d prefer them if they moved away from portraits and were more abstract/digital.