Angels & Demo(n)s: Painkiller: Resurrection

Ah-ha! I can totally use that demo-n line this time, because Painkiller: Resurrection is about killing grotesque horrors and stuff in the afterlife. Are they demons? I don’t know, but they don’t seem friendly. But anyway, the new game is based on the overhauled tech of the original (with some interesting post-processing effects, but the looks of it) and once against sees you running about with a shotgun, shooting hordes of horrors and generally making a nuisance of yourself. Apparently there’s a co-op multiplayer mode featured in the full game, too. The demo is 1.3gb, it’s here and here, and I’ve posted the trailer below, just for good measure. The game is out on October 27th.


  1. Pemptus says:

    The screaming man startled me.

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    He is startling.

  3. bill says:

    Several of those levels looked to be from the original. Are they including an updated version of the original? Or re-using environments? Or are they just similar. (particularly the church level with the pillars and the “new bosses” text. ) Maybe it’s my imagination.

    I hope they make the pacing better this time. And do away with the HORRIBLE delayed soul spawning that almost ruined the other games.

    Am i right in thinking jowood is using the modders group that made the sequel, rather than the studio that made the original?

  4. Jim Rossignol says:

    I believe it’s the modder group. The original studio was making something else.

  5. RobF says:

    It can’t be as bad as Dreamkiller, right? Can it?

  6. Tzarkahn says:

    Demons or Deamons?

  7. Stense says:

    I never really got Painkiller. I tried the demos several times, but it never caught me. But loads of other people seemed to rave about it.

    I always feel a tad jealous when theres a game that so many people love but does nothing for me, its like I’m missing out on something. Then I just console myself with the thought that it may well be that its just a dull game.

    • TotalBiscuit says:

      You are missing out on something, if you like Serious Sam style slaughter with great weapons, a metal soundtrack, huge bosses and fantastic set-pieces. If you don’t well, I guess you’re just a sissy :>

    • qrter says:

      The original Painkiller was great fun, indeed, as TotalBiscuit says – like the first Serious Sam games were.

      There wasn’t much to get, just move forward, by any means.

    • Scalene says:

      Serious Sam is fun!

      By extrapolation, this game must be fun!

    • damien says:

      yeah. i’m unsure there’s much to “get” in the first painkiller.

      its just a balls out slaughter-blast of gleeful gore and spray.

      its the sort of game that makes you feel twelve and dizzy, watching “evil dead” for the first time.

  8. ChampionHyena says:

    I like how they tout “destructible environments” and cut to a guy breaking crates.

  9. qrter says:

    Forgot to say – when this appeared in the Steam store a couple of weeks ago, this little bit from the blurb made me laugh:

    “Developed by Homegrown Games with former developers and modders from the previous Painkiller games in collaboration with Studio Med-Art and with a Catholic priest advising..”

    They should’ve put that in the features list.

  10. Rane2k says:

    @bill: Yes, you are right, several of the areas (and enemies) in the video looked like they were taken straight from the original.

    Downloading the demo now to see what´s up with this, I loved Painkiller (and the Battle Out Of Hell expansion)!

    Also, Painkiller Co-Op? Yes, please!

  11. DMJ says:

    Stake gun.


  12. ZIGS says:

    What happened to the People Can Fly studio? Did CD Projekt assimilated them, like they did with Metropolis?

    • SirKicksalot says:

      They were bought by Epic Games and ported Gears of War.
      EA will publish their new game.

      The artists from PCF are working with some ex-MOH developers at Farm 51. They made Necrovision and are currently working on an expansion.

  13. SirKicksalot says:

    The demo has some terrifying visual bugs, and I don’t liket the main character’s comments.

    Otherwise, it nails the Painkiller look. The guns are as good as I remember them. The enemies – same old guys.
    The level design… Kinda shitty. I managed to get lost and haven’t finished the demo. And the loading times are again very long.

    It’s better than Overdose and Dreamkiller, but I won’t get it. Necrovision is the best of these post-Painkiller games.

  14. Hug_dealer says:

    with a Catholic priest advising..

    hrmmm. i think ill pass then. probably some hidden cut content involving some altar boys.

    painkiller was great for some mindless killing action, but we got borderlands for that now.

  15. Ted says:

    Painkiller is one of the most overrated games ever.

  16. iQue says:

    I already preordered on steam so too late if it turns out to be crap. =D

    I loved the original, the story and cutscenes were godawful but it did the killing part so well it really didn’t matter. The map design in the original is great, varied environments and cool weapons/enemies. Also, I’m a sucker for powerful guns and bunnyhopping.

    I have big hopes for this game, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re that guy that complains about Crysis story being weak, don’t bother with Painkiller! =)

  17. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

    Uhm…I’ve never finished the original one…I got bored en-route…sorry :)

  18. Myrth says:

    Meh. I’ll wait for Serious Sam HD to be released instead.

  19. zuzia says:

    Halflife is one of the most overrated games ever.

  20. name goes here says:

    Serious Sam is one of the most overrated games ever.

    (on a more serious note, this looks pretty good, I really liked Serious Sam and since this is like it, I figured I should try out the demo to this and Painkiller. 42 minutes of the download remaining…)

  21. Vexor says:

    Halflife may be (or may not be) overrated, but it’s nearly as genre defining as Doom or Quake. It certainly set the standard for shooters at it’s prime, and still does even today.

    As for Painkiller I never beat the original. I got bored midway through. If I want a crazy killing spree gore stuffed shooter, I play Serious Sam.

  22. Yghtf says:

    I’m sticking to classic Doom as well. The Serious Sam and Painkiller series are good games worth playing, but once you consider it’s in the same genre as Doom which 1) does it better 2) has more replay value 3) has much more content than these games with hundreds if not thousands of high quality user created SP maps, it’s just not worth the money.

    • Spacewalk says:

      It really would have been great if Painkiller was more like Doom, with enemies scattered throughout the level and none of this Smash TV isolated arenas business. A mass of enemies should only teleport in once you’ve triggered a trap, or the lights go out and they run out of secret compartments hidden in the walls. It had some really good looking levels though like that one near the end set in the docklands.

    • Ted says:

      Yeah, Painkiller fails largely because of the tiny areas. Serious Sam 2 sucked in the same way, but the original and Second Encounter stuck in some huge, wide open outdoor spaces and then sent hundreds of enemies running at you from what at times must have been a half mile away inside the game world.

  23. Profit says:

    I was a massive fan of the original… (and of Doom/Doom2/Hexen/SS/you get the picture)… However, I already bought the original, then later the “Black Edition”, then there was the horrible Painkiller: Overdose…. I’m never happy paying for the same game twice, nor paying for crap that abuses a once good name….While I had considered buying this from some of the promo screenshots, once again it seems the SSes look nothing like the video clip there. That clip really doesn’t look much different than the original graphics.

  24. Sp4rkR4t says:

    Hardly seems like they have changed much, same environment’s & enemies, the only different bit I noticed was soft shadows. I think I may just replay the original instead for that rocked a fat one.

  25. Quasar says:

    Actually it’s Le Mans, it’s a game about racing.

  26. Hulk Hogan says:

    Is this by the Painkiller people or the HALFANGEL-HALF-DEMON FANFICTION mod group?

  27. bhlaab says:

    The buzz is that this is even worse than Overdose

  28. Eschatos says:

    The original games fun was ruined for me by the fact that there’s so much stuff to collect that is so difficult to find, combined with my relentless collection OCD.

  29. Max says:

    The trailer keeps saying “new and improved” and so on, but all of that looked almost identical to the original. Same weapons, same enemies, same levels…

  30. Deuteronomy says:

    I believe Necrovision is by the same guys as these, and I really enjoyed the demo of that game. I came within a hair of picking it up off Steam. If 2C bundles Cryostasis and Necrovision for 19.99 I get it for sure.

    Does anyone else associate Jim with good games and Kieron with the bad ones?

  31. Digit says:

    Looks… average? I dunno, doubt I will get this. I enjoyed PK but I think they are flogging this horse a little much and I’m sort of tired of the OTT blood, gore and such really.

  32. iQue says:

    The intro is… interesting to say the least. It looks great and the reader does a good job creating some suspense but it’s a bit long.

    If you bother to play beyond the first part of the level it gets a lot better. Very moody environments, great ambient sound and the weapons are as cool as ever. Good level design overall, and everything just looks gorgeous.

    I didn’t find any bugs or such, but performance seemed a bit bad?

    I’m not gonna lie though and say it’s the next big thing, but it’s a worthy successor to the Painkiller franchise personally… I really liked the demo, and definitely worth the preorder.

  33. Nemo says:

    @iQue: no bugs? You must be blind if you didn’t notice the missing particle textures near the waterfall. What a terrible demo this was.

  34. Bassem B. says:

    This looks exactly like the first Painkiller… which I loved. But no way am I getting this, it’s seems to play exactly the same. Improved physics and visuals? so what… the weapons are the same, the levels and monsters look the same.

  35. r13 says:

    It looks like someone posted the wrong demo at JoWood: link to pathetic.

  36. sherman says:

    The demo was pretty terrible for me but only because there were terrible graphical glitches and I got stuck on rocks or a patch of wooden bridge. The latter was more annoying because once I became stuck, there came the ghosts to kill me ever so slooooooowly.

  37. joeyjuviyani says:

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