Brand New? You’re Retro: Death Rally

Vroom? Why, yes, my friend - Vroom.

This is really quite sweet. Way back in the day, when Max Payne was happily married and didn’t expect everyone he loved to have been killed to give him motivation to shoot dudes (slowly), Remedy made a racing game. It was called Death Rally. They’ve updated it from the DOS to work on modern systems and made it freely available to download. It features both death and rallying, so is adroitly named. My favourite feature is how you can run over the people watching the actual event, which probably explains track-attendance figures slipping in recent Death Rally years. Now, Remedy! Get back to working on Alan Wake. You’ll find some Youtube Death Rally DOSbox footage below…

In other news, someone should make a game called Death Race. Or another one.


  1. lonkero says:

    Played this one a lot when I was younger, and I still have a copy hanging around somewhere… the neat thing about said copy is that I still have all the old high scores, including many made by my uncle (introduced me to gaming). Of course I’ve beaten most of those ^^.
    And btw the original works fine with DOSBox, no problems whatsoever, and even on plain XP if you give up on sound (which you don’t want to…)

  2. lio says:

    wooohooo! downloading! loved the game back then all those years ago!

  3. Crescend says:

    Oh yes I can remember playing this as a kid alot, I’ve been trying to find this game again ^^

  4. Caiman says:

    This game has not aged well, sadly. Someone get Supercars working so we can all happily drift around corners again.

  5. alipang says:

    Downloaded and finished in one sitting. :) Loved this back in the day. Certainly not advanced but it has quite nice mechanics.