Tuesday Bangosity: Bloodfield: The Meat City

We get a lot of mail based around new webgame releases. A whole lot. So I don’t actually always go through them. This one, I did. Do you know why? Because it’s called “Bloodfield: The Meat City”. That’s videogame poetry, as far as I’m concerned. The game? Well, it’s very Zombie Shooter. Or Smash TV For our older readers. Or Robotron for our even older readers. Or on the Colosseum floor, with a gladius, being chased around by lions for our really old readers. In other words, an arena based shooter. Plus – because this is the late 00s – a whole mass of upgrading systems in a shop. It’s 2009 and the whole world has become Xenon II: Megablast.


  1. Baboonanza says:

    As a side not, ‘MegaBlast’ should be the operational name for our next war.
    Iraq: Desert Storm
    North Korea: MegaBlast

  2. wiper says:

    More games should be soundtracked by Bomb the Bass. I’d particularly like to see exactly what sort’ve game would be accompanied by 5ml. Barrel.

  3. Confidence Interval says:

    Not: “Iran: Bloodfield”?

  4. CMaster says:

    Xenon 2 was an awesome (if hard) part of my childhood.

    • Confidence Interval says:

      I never got past the second level of Xenon 2 except when playing a cracked version. Being crap at games is a tradition I still maintain.

  5. Jody Macgregor says:

    That stopped being much fun for me after they introduced the squealing girlfriend you have to protect.

    • Baboonanza says:

      I’ve been playing it up to level 11 and there was only 1 level with the girlfriend. Though I admit it was terrible.

      Not a bad game, quite entertaining for a while.

  6. Hentzau says:

    That's some fine stolen-from-F-Zero-X music they've got there. Also I used to be able to get quite far in Xenon 2, but inevitably died in the bits where you had to go backwards BUT THE GAME WON'T GIVE YOU ENOUGH BACKWARDS OH GOD

  7. Ian says:

    Gave up as soon as it got to the bit where you have to protect somebody.

  8. kukuruza says:

    More games should be soundtracked by Bomb the Bass.

  9. Sparvy says:

    kukuruza said:
    More games should be soundtracked by Bomb the Bass.

    Whats up with this, bot. It just spams lines from other people's posts, pretty annoying.

  10. Manwe says:

    If I wasn’t instantly convinced, the mention of the awesome Xenon II: Megablast makes me want this. Bitmap Brothers mayhem & a Bomb the Bass themetune rocked that game. Yay for upgrades!

  11. bill says:

    Wow. Xenon 2. I loved that game. Even just for the music.

    At that stage i wasn’t any kind of decent gamer… i was about 12 and i had about 4 games total. But i remember that i finally finished it. And then the screen said “thanks for playing” and faded to a small white dot. I was sooooo disappointed!

    Tried replaying it a few years back, and couldn’t get anywhere. I was obviously much better at games as a 12yr old noob.

  12. TCM says:

    Was somewhat fun as a time waster, at about level 10 and I doubt I’ll ever play it again.

  13. gaijin says:

    was it Xenon II that had an alien shop keeper whose name translated oh-so-drolly as “Colin”?

    • Στέλιος says:

      Yep! Collin the surly alien shopkeep.

      Loved that game. Need to load up Amiga Forever now. Drat.

  14. Rostock says:

    Oh, if they ever made a Xenon Megablast rerelease :( I still know the basic melody of the main tune.

    • Rei Onryou says:

      You can even find the track online still if you look hard enough. I can’t help but listen to it occasionally when I need that Xenon buzz.