Legend Is Nigh: League of Legends Open Beta

We’ve talked about League of Legends before. We’ve given away Beta keys before. We’ve danced sensuously in the moonlight, away from prying eyes, in naked, physical worship of our infinite Ursine god. But now the League of Legends Beta is open for the next week. If you’ve avoided the close beta, you can go and sign up for a free account here and have seven days of Defence of the Ancients-esque thrills. And inevitably be called a newb a lot. If you need explaination of the game’s concept, you’ll find a tutorial video below…


  1. zornbringer says:

    looks like fun. just signed up for open beta. client download is running at good speed.

  2. ITSSEXYTIME says:

    Been playing this for a while, loving the game so far.

  3. Shalrath says:

    I was playing Heroes of Norath and came to a conclusion: Those games are completely and utterly useless to people new to ‘DoTA’-like games. People use some weird code language I don’t understand in chat, they wont explain what it means to me, and the game is around chain-stunning enemy heroes to death.

    I hope this game is different because God that’s boring.

  4. Okami says:

    Random thought of the day:

    I wonder how many videogames feature the voice sample “Right between the eyes!”? And what kind of mathematical operation you would have to perform on it and the number of times “Yes, my lord!” has been used in gaming to get 42.

  5. Flimgoblin says:

    They’re like MMOs in that they have their own language “farming” “pushing” “feeding” “jungling”, but if you watch the tutorial videos on youtube and play it a bit it’s not too hard to pick up.

    • Shalrath says:

      I literally knew none of them, and none of the ones you mentioned popped up. Feeding, Pushing, Farming, etc are pretty obvious. ‘Bit’ is not.

  6. Alex says:

    farming: raising up newbs to be good teammates
    pushing: as in “pushing” bottom. This is when the newb gets good enough they can help you push
    gank: this is what you do to newbs who haven’t been farmed yet
    jungling: this is pushing bottom on newbs in the woods
    buff: the kind of newb you would enjoy ganking or pushing bottom on
    feeding: what you do after a good jungling

    I’ll see if I can remember anything else

  7. Daniel says:

    link to beta.leagueoflegends.com – Has an explanation of most common terms.

    I played a little DotA but I’ve now played a lot of LoL and I enjoy it a lot.

  8. Shalrath says:

    Is LoL ‘combat’ basically chain-stunning people to death? I’d like to try a DoTA game that didn’t involve that.

  9. Railick says:

    Its pretty bad that he explained those terms and I still don't know what they mean lol

  10. Tupimus says:

    To be honest, this shouldn’t be even called in any way a successor of DotA. DotA’s doing good, and it’s balanced – same with HoN, which is more faithful to the actual genre than making up some stupid advantages that you can buy with (real) money from the shop.

    LoL is more accessible for newbies, though. The people who actually like the balance that DotA has already assembled are better off in DotA/HoN.

  11. Railick says:

    I always thought it was kind of a bad idea to try and entice hard core fans away from a mod with something you have to pay for any how.

  12. Sparvy says:

    Railick, he didn’t explain them. He was trying to be funny.

    Anyway, played my first game of this today, had real fun and everybody I played with were friendly and chatted a bit after the game. Think I will put some time into this the next few weeks.

  13. itsallcrap says:

    To this day my facebook profile states my religious views as “Church of Horace the Endless Bear”.

    Not a single one of my friends gets the reference, it’s not mentioned any more by the RPS random PHPness (huh-huh-huh – Pness), and it’s an in-joke I wasn’t at all part of in the first place.

    Oh and, um, yeah this game looks alright, I guess.

  14. WilPal says:

    LoL. I lol’d.

  15. Kommissar Nicko says:

    I like this game, and have been playing it for a while now. I was a very old hand and DotA, and the change between LoL and DotA has been somewhat refreshing. The core mechanics are the same, but they’re a little more “transparent,” in that when you get stunned/snared/slowed/etc., it tells you as much, and things don’t seem quite as “random” to a new player. The major improvements are in how the shop is laid out, as well as some of the control mechanics. I would say the balance is similar to DotA, but with fewer heroes (so far).

    Aside from that, however, all the players are the same fucking assholes you’d expect to find in any average game of DotA.

  16. Opti says:

    Dumbed down Dota – HoN all the way.