Fort Zombie Shambles Toward Halloween

Some rather juddery in-game footage from Fort Zombie has been released by publishers Paradox Interactive, and you can check it out below. We talked to Kerberos, the creators of the forthcoming zombie action-RPG (and 4X classive Sword Of The Stars before that), about their plans in this brains-filled interview. The game will apparently be available on digital distribution portals on October 30th, for just $10.

EDIT: Devs release another video!

Basically, this was the original one from Paradox, which is somewhat iffy quality…

Which lead to Kerberos releasing a new video, which isn’t as shonky.

Hurrah for the internet!


  1. Yargh says:

    the dev video is a huge improvement over that horrible first one, I still have some concerns about the controls though. That said this game definitely bears keeping an eye on.

  2. LOLWUT says:

    oh god, oh god, how I wish this game had a massive budget..

    its everything ever dreamed. just the concept of a survivalist zombie game, that plays as a sandbox is brilliant. imagine this: you have to pick a house (or whatever structure you want) as a stronghold, you barricade yourself inside with the rest of the survivors, use whatever you can find to ‘upgrade’ the stronghold, and then have daily missions to go and get food, water, medicine, weapons… during the day, you roam the streets looking for survivors and supplies, during the night you fend off zombie attacks..

    that + a decent storyline (say, playing as a goverment employee inflitrating a group of survivals, because a doctor travelling with them has had a massive breaktrough in a cure against the disease) and you have a game of the year winner.

  3. Baris says:

    Anonymous Coward said:
    No Zombie kids for a story reason that won’t be quite revealed in Fort Zombie.

    I um…hmm.

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  5. Anastasias says:

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