RPS Asks: Your Mod Recommendations?

For any game, of any genre, at any age: just make sure it’s available to download. Recommend us mods, tell us why they are great, and why should we play them. Should they be featured on RPS? Should they, like Air Buccaneers, be pulled from death and made to live again? You are their champions: speak your mods!


  1. Jimbo says:

    Infantry Tactics (I think) for Company of Heroes. Takes out the heavy vehicles. Co-op skirmish against a couple of the toughest AI and it’s awesome.

    Hard Justice (I think) Co-op mod for Battlefield 2.

  2. Arathain says:

    I’ve been playing Eternal Silence, a HL2 mod, recently, and been having a lot of fun with it. It’s a space combat sim mixing Freespace-style space combat with storming enemy capital ships with guns.

  3. Duckmeister says:

    Project Reality (Battlefield 2 Modification)

    Absolutely amazing. This is the only game I have played in two months, now. I simply cannot describe how great this is. I’m a squad leader on the Chicago Insurgency server, name is Duckmeister1, make sure to say hello!

    Cold War Crisis (Command & Conquer: Generals Modification)

    An excellent mod for an excellent game. It’s like what World In Conflict would be if it wasn’t so focused on being “tacticalz”. One of the best RTS games I’ve played, and is certainly worth your time. Beware of crushing difficulty caused by surprising realism!

    Smokin’ Guns (Quake 3 Modification, although it now runs on ioq3 and no longer needs the original game)

    Amazing gunplay, amazing atmosphere, really, really great. First off, it gets the whole “spaghetti western movie” vibe dead-on. Second, the maps are amazing, some of the best map design I’ve seen in years for FPS games. Third, the gunplay feels so right. I could go on and on. This entire game gets everything so very right, it’s astounding.

    Nothing else gives you the feeling of blowing up the safe in the second floor of a saloon, which inadvertently blows up the floor in front of you, and breaks all the windows, and all the snipers start firing on you, and you jump across the gap in the floor to grab the money, fall back through the floor, immediately turn around and blast a shotgun in a guy’s face, catch another one in the face as he comes through the back door, throw your shotgun out the window, and bring up your duel peacekeepers as you and a buddy dive out of the porch, with bullets kicking up the dirt all around you, as you make a desperate run to the trainyard.

    That’s all I got for now, please, RPS, play these mods!

  4. subman says:

    OK. I got a Regex error message when posting that, as far as I can see everything was formatted properly…
    The links point to Multi Theft Auto and Zombie Panic

  5. Psychopomp says:

    They Hunger retrospective?

  6. Tye The Czar says:

    For Half-Life 2:
    Pirates, Vikings, & Knights II
    Research & Development
    Goldeneye: Source
    Perfect Dark: Source
    Project Valkyrie
    Minerva: Metastasis
    Obsidian Conflict

    Sven Co-Op
    Natural Selection
    They Hunger
    Afraid Of Monsters: Director’s Cut
    HL: Reissues

  7. Dean says:

    Thread was already won by Fall From Heaven 2. It’s actually got more depth than Civ 4. And it’s a free mod.

  8. Research and Development Rulez says:


    • mejobloggs says:

      I played this for a bit, then got stuck inside a car. Even doing the command whateveritwas didn’t help.

  9. Gabbo says:

    Goldeneye: Source – All the nostalgia you remember, with all the goodness that the Source engine brings to multiplayer gaming.

    • JonFitt says:

      How far along is that now? Last I played they had a couple of maps and two player models.

  10. ZIGS says:

    This wasn’t done properly. Everyone should add a big tag at the beginning of their post, saying either [SINGLEPLAYER] or [MULTIPLAYER]. Because there’s people that only care about one of those and it’d make it much easier to spot new potential mods to play

  11. Oleg says:

    The Nameless Mod for Deus Ex, all the way:

    link to thenamelessmod.com

  12. El_Poco says:

    As a huge fan of mods, I’m surprised to see that some excellent mods haven’t been already covered, such as:

    Infiltration for UT99. One of the first “very realistic” FPS I’ve ever played, and one of the best too. Even with its ultra-realism stance it still managed to be very dynamic, tense and fun. It was also the first time I’ve seen realistic running/sprinting physics in a FPS.
    Co-op mods against monster such as Corpse Mania or Gateways were also a lot of fun, especially when combined with mutators with either realistic or completely silly weapons.

    Max Payne has the amazing Katana mod. If Max Payne is a John Woo movie, Katana is Kill Bill. The last boss battle is one of the best I’ve ever played.
    Max Payne 2 has some good mods too, from the impressive 7th Serpent mods to the small but fun Mona the Assassin, the over-the-top Element of Style.

    Deus Ex had the fun Burden of 80 Proof… Come on! A mod where you’re just a normal guy trying to get everything he needs for the best party ever!

    Freespace 2, with the Source Code Project (SCP) and all its mods/campaign is so good that it’s the only space shooter you’ll ever need.

    It’s the same for Jagged Alliance 2 with the 1.13 community mod/patch and all the mods that were released for it.

    UT2004 has the excellent Troopers mod, based on Star Wars. The attention payed to some details such as the movement physics (just as in Infiltration, I guess I love that thing), the way the guns work and the level design makes it very interesting and sometimes strangely immersive for what’s basically a Team Deathmatch game.
    There was also Alien Swarm which changed the way for a top-down Marines vs Alien kinda like Alien Breed meets Jagged Alliance. Soul Keeper was impressive but I didn’t find it very fun.

    UT3 has The Haunted, a survivors against an increasing number of zombies in a closed arena, which is fun and very well made.

    Well, that’s all on the top of my head. If I remember anything else worthy of mention, I’ll let you know.

  13. Vinraith says:

    Fantastic discussion, though as ZIGS said I wish it was a bit better organized. For my part:


    FCOM/FranOOOM – Pretty much fixes Oblivion, that’s really all there is to say. It makes the game more challenging, but creates a real sense of power progress by getting rid of the level scaling and making various areas easy or hard. Also tweaks, bug fixes, and huge balance adjustments to make a diamond in the rough into an honest-to-god great RPG.

    Super Adventurer’s Mod – I usually run Morrowind with about 40 mods installed, but the is generally the core of the experience. In a much cruder way, it does for Morrowind what FCOM does for Oblivion, making it more challenging, balancing, fixing exploits, that kind of thing.

    Dawn of Skirmish/Bugfix Mod – The single-handed savior of Dawn of War 1 SP. Dawn of Skirmish introduces AI players that play like human competitors, making both skirmish and campaign play a hell of a lot more interesting. For Dark Crusade, Dawn of Skirmish is all you need, for Soulstorm I use the Bugfix mod, which includes Dawn of Skirmish but also (wait for it) fixes a lot of bugs.

    Europa Barborum – THE historicity mod for Rome: Total War. Rome Total Realism is nice too, but the sheer scope and audacity of EB really gives it the prize. Any history buff that own R:TW is doing themselves a disservice by not running this mod.

    Dynamic Campaign Mod – Men of War is cool, but only having the campaign is a bit limiting. This, however, is better than any skirmish mode could ever be. An actual dynamic war, across a multitude of maps, it’s the closest thing I’ve found to a modern day version of the old Close Combat games.

    BigBoyz 3/All Around the World – The mod that saved single-player Blood Bowl. Makes campaigns and competitions fun again by introducing well developed, challenging AI teams to both. AAtW also adds an extended campaign mode, AI tweaks, and a ton of other great stuff. If you bought BB for the single player, check out stw402’s work!

    Magna Mundi – Europa Universalis 3 is good on its own, but lacks the historical flavor of EU2. Magna Mundi puts it back in spades, while still affording the players ample opportunity to screw that history up in fascinating ways. It also makes the map prettier, as a bonus.

    That’s all that comes to mind for the moment.

    • DarkNoghri says:

      Re: Europa Barborum

      Does it fix the stupid bridge/gate/wall AI?

  14. JamesS says:

    Canadian Forces: Direct Action — official Canadian Army mod for SWAT 4

    link to hot-swat-mods.com

  15. Psychopomp says:

    link to si.hlgaming.com

  16. Wisq says:

    I never played very much Action Quake, but I did play Action Half-Life for many years. It’s not the sort of thing I would pick up and play today, I don’t think, but I had hundreds of good hours and tons of great moments in that game.

    My fondest memory of Action Half-Life was when I ran my own server and we tried to play the Half-Life single-player campaign in AHL. There was no auto map switching, so every time we got to the end of a map, I would just pull up the console and pick the next one in the numbered sequence. All the monsters worked fine, and most of the solutions did too.

    The one area where we met an impasse was the map after the one where you start riding the little cart on electric rails over electrified water. It’s a multi-map sequence, but the cart is only actually present in the first map — it relies on some HL-specific code to actually transfer the cart with you between maps.

    Obviously, this was a bit of a problem, since we’d all spawn and immediately fall into the water / onto the rails and die. Admin_mod to the rescue — I lowered the gravity and loaded a gun recoil mod I’d been experimenting with previously. Suddenly we’re nearly weightless, flying down the long tunnels using our MP5k SMGs as jetpacks. Utterly hilarious and amazingly fun.

    And on that note — dedicated servers FTW! Screw Infinity Ward! ;)

  17. Cpuwhiz11 says:


    Homesick and Derelict for Freespace 2. Best time you will ever have in space.

  18. hrmf says:

    Right you are!

    ..if only Deus Ex would work on my Win 7 64bit :(

  19. hrmf says:

    Oh noes, my comment should’ve been a reply to the post about the nameless mod..

  20. hmrf says:

    Oh noes, my comment should’ve been a reply to the post about the nameless mod.. :(

  21. hmrf says:

    Oh noes, my comment should’ve been a reply to the post about the nameless mod.. :(
    Somehow the comment-system doesn’t like me.

  22. Honest says:

    +1 for Science and Industry – one of the most memorable games/mods I’ve come across.

  23. Marcin says:

    Another couple of votes for Prophesy of Pendor and Eagle and the Radiant Cross (or is it Cross and the Radiant Eagle? Quite a mouthful either way) for Mount & Blade.

    Both expand a pretty well realized world into something far more immersive, consistent, and deep.

  24. Chaz says:

    Infiltration for Unreal Tournament. As has already been mentioned, it’s a great tactical shooter but with a much slower more realistic approach than other tactical shooters. You could choose your own loadout, with the weight of your kit effecting your run speed and stamina. It also had an excellent selection of beautifully modeled contemporary military weapons, all with realistic range, accuracy, load times and weight. The best thing though was how the weapons themselves handled in game. The weapons had a certain amount of movement on screen before it started to actually change your viewpoint. To add to this, there was no cross hair, so you had to use the modeled iron sites or scopes on each weapon, making shooting from the hip a real hit and miss affair, as it should be. The gun play felt very satisfying, and I’ve yet to play a game (even a full priced one) that matches it. Definitely my favourite mod and the one I’ve spent the most time playing.

    link to infiltration.sentrystudios.net

    My second favourite mod is the complete antithesis to Infiltration, and that would be Action Half Life. A mod that eschews realism in favour of balls to the wall fun. Its player models inspired by 80’s action hero’s, crazy hollywood stunt moves and an eclectic selection of weapons, all blended together to make a superbly fun game. The combat was superb fun, you really felt like a hollywood movie assasin as you crept around listening out for other peoples footsteps, ready to leap out of cover in an over the top dive and gun them down, or stealthily plant a throwing knife in the back of their head. My personal favourite though was the sawn off shotgun. Both barrels of that would send any opponent flying.

  25. dartt says:

    I think most of these have been mentioned but I’ll through in a few votes for:

    Science and Industry (HL), Darkest Hour (RO), Zombie Master (HL2), Deathball (UT2k3), Firearms (HL), Neotokyo (HL2), X Hero Siege (WC3 map), Research & Development (HL2), Battlegrounds (HL2), Hidden: Source (HL2), Jailbreak (HL/HL2), Day of Defeat (HL)


  26. nobody says:

    Combine ArmA2’s promising ACE 2 (not yet released, but if it at least matches ACE for ArmA1, we’re in for a treat), UT99’s awesome, way-before-its-time Infiltration mod and the wonderful teamwork required to be able to enjoy BF2’s Project Reality and you’ve got THE best tactical realism game ever.

    Other notable mentions:
    – HL1’s Natural Selection – a game that needs no more presentation, The Specialists – or deathmatch with style aaaaand… WormsHL – an awesome gameplay twist to the never-expected turn-based FPS :)
    – Max Payne’s Kung Fu 3.0 (which should have had a Matrix game all by itself) and Hall of Mirrors (an Equilibrium-like twist from your regular gun-sliding)

  27. Max der Hase says:

    Neo-Tf,a Mod for a Mod (TFC for hl1in this case)
    Most fun Mod i ever played,on a good configured server that is.
    It added things like special sentries for the engi (which could be stolen)
    Landmines for the demo
    guided rockets for the soldier
    jetpack for the pyro
    and more.

  28. Spacewalk says:

    I haven’t seen any recommendations for Heart Of Evil yet. It’s for Half-Life and can easily be described as Apocalypse Now with zombies. The site seems to not exist anymore, all I could find was a Filefront link. There’s a remake of it there which I can’t comment on since I have no real interest in it to play it.

    link to filefront.com

    • Spacewalk says:

      Just one more as it now comes to mind; Batman DooM. Batman is just about the best thing done with the game.

      link to doomworld.com

    • Spacewalk says:

      I said I’d suggest only one more but I was just playing a bit of Slide after fishing around some CDs I used to do that were full of Quake mods. Also I found a working link! On a site that I thought was long dead no less.

      link to quaketerminus.com

      That’s a real gold mine of Quake mods, it’s even got Quake Rally, that DooM mod and Navy Seals! And that chess mod that was hot shit back in the day. My word.

  29. Snuffy (the Evil) says:

    Desert Combat for Battlefield 1942. God, I had so much fun with that. Gulf War combat in classic Battlefield style. Lots of guns and vehicles, excellent maps and some awesome gameplay. I played it more than I did vanilla BF1942. I haven’t found a single other mod that allows six people to man an AC-130 and act as fire support for a column for advancing tanks while individual soldiers parachute out the back. I believe some of the devs even went on to work on Battlefield 2.

    Galactic Conquest, also for Battlefield 1942. Awesome Star Wars mod that is, unfortunately, quite dead. It also has a sequel of sorts in the First Strike mod for Battlefield 2142, which doesn’t have many players either.

    Battlefield Pirates 1 & 2M is also excellent. There are many other awesome Battlefield mods, but I’m not going to list them all here.

  30. JonathanStrange says:

    How has no one mentioned the amazing BG1 Tutu mod yet?

    link to pocketplane.net

    It allows you to play Baldur’s Gate 1 with the engine and all the improvements of Baldur’s Gate 2, playing right from the very start as any of the classes which were added with the sequels as well as higher resolutions, better balanced combat, and more spells and abilities. Installing this mod also opens up a whole slew of other mod options such as the phenomenal BG1 Unfinished Business mod which more or less just tidies up the original games loose ends and re-implements some cut content as well as a couple fun scenario. Nothing spectacular, but it does add to the original games sheer scale and volume.

    link to pocketplane.net

    Then there’s also the BG1 Banter Pack, a mod (Requires tutu above) that implements inter-party banter, tons of dialogue, romances and the like in order to make the first games experience more akin to it’s sequels famous banter. Imoen actually has things to say now for example. And you know what? It’s actually really well done, indeed the mods banter blends in so well that for the most part it’s hard to tell when the games original content ends and the mod content begins. I highly recommend it!

    link to gibberlings3.net

    There’s also the BG2 Banter Pack, which is excellent, and a whole slew of other mods for BG2. Tons of added characters and encounters, it’s amazing how many mods have been made for that game. However I’ve always found BG1 was the game which *needed* the mods and was most improved by them, whereas most BG2 mods simply add *more*. Follow? Which is not to say they aren’t amazing works of modding excellence, it’s just they aren’t as revolutionary as some of the work done on the original game.

    Look em up!

  31. zulu says:

    i concur

  32. Sephrilum says:

    Neo Tokyo please. Fantastic source mod done by one of the Weta Workshop guys. Sort of a SWAT4 meets Counter-Strike without the BS. Last patch was done this weekend, and STEAM release is coming soon. The cool thing about this mod is that unlike CS, teamwork is promoted as the main game type sees you trying to capture the ghost, a naked female robot torso that effectively gives the person holding it wallhax, at the expense of having no primary weapon and allowing the enemy team to see exactly where they are. It means that both teams fight for the ghost, and then the carrier then leads the rest of his team to annihilate the enemy. Has a nice asian twist to it, and a wicked soundtrack.

    http://www.neotokyohq.com for download/information

    link to youtube.com for trailer

  33. Erlend M says:

    Thievery UT for the win. It’s a mod for UT99 which makes it play similarly to Thief. One team consists of thieves, the other team of guards (with AI guards for the unfilled team spaces). The thieves can hide in shadows, but can’t win fights. The thieves must sneak past guards and steal random loot and objective items, and bring them back to their starting area to win. Totally awsome, at least for Thief fans.

  34. Tricky says:

    God, every time I want to go play Science and Industry nobody is online. Can we organize an RPS meetup sometime to play Science and Industry, the awesome HL1 mod involving stealing researchers from an opposing company to make you money?

    Thank you.

  35. Nilocy says:

    For HL2 all i can suggest is Empires Mod and Eternal Silence. And for men of war, I suggest you pick up Commanders of War II, it basically makes battles more intense, bigger and a heck of a lot more strategical.

  36. Benkyo says:

    I would like to see some in-depth coverage of Civ 4 mods. I know that Fall from Heaven 2 is excellent, having wasted far too many days playing it. I want to try out some other mods, but I don’t want to waste hours/days on a mod only to find that it isn’t really any good.

    You play ’em, so we don’t have to.

  37. Lh'owon says:

    Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat – the current developers are frustratingly slow at doing anything, but the game as-is is still one of the best mods I’ve played. If you like pseudo-realistic (people die with a few bullets, minimal UI, etc.) action shooters then I’d definitely recommend it.

  38. capital L says:

    Science and Industry! Good times.

  39. Schmitzkater says:

    Thanks to being recommended in one of the comments I tried the Fistful of Guns wild-west-gun-action-mod and can now tell you just how much fun there is to be had with it: Lots.

    The guns are slow to reload, just one or two bullets can kill you, there are bowler hats and you heal people with whiskey. The only problem I have is that I could only find a whopping total of 5 servers, to all of which my ping was atrocious. Probably run from the wild, wild west.

    If anything this mod is probably twice as much fun played with a bunch of friendly chaps, “accidentaly” throwing dynamite in their teammate’s faces while laughing maniacally.
    So, I hereby nominate this mod for a RPS revival, or big-launch, or whatever. I’m off to shoot some arrows into some Desperado’s crotch.

  40. Schmitzkater says:

    Whoops, that was supposed to read “Fistful of Frags”

  41. zach says:

    i am a big mod player. ill list what ive dled ill say what i personally liked.

    hidden source – its OK

    Resistance and Liberation – absolutley amazing mod. i swear its unbeliveable that they are only in alpha!!! its amazing. anyone with a hl2 game owes it to them self to dl this mod.

    Darkest Hour – Red Orchestra mod. this is great. i could go on an on. so in short… if u have RO dl this mod.

    Pirates Vikings and Nights – great melee combat that has a sense of humor – imagine ninjas in this game! this is highly recomended.

    Age of Chivalry – also great melle combat game that takes pllace in the middle ages. much more serious but probably next to zeno clash these guys rocked first person melee. also an amazing mod

    Battle Grounds 2 – revolutionary war mod for hl2. i like it but its not for everybody if your are not into that kinda stuff.

    Forgotten Hope1&2 – realistic ww2 bf1942 and bf2 mod: What an amazing game. thos shouldnt even be refferd to as a mod (not that that is degrading). SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much content. thos game is amazing and i cant wait to dl the new normandy campaign. if you have bf2 DL THIS NOW!!!!

    Project Reality – amazing modern combat mod for bf2 i wont elaborate much because ppl already have.

    Natural Selection – amazing hl1 mod. NS 2 has a website look it up

    Fistful of Frags – entertaining hl2 mod. pretty damn good

    those are some. there are many single player mods and mods in general i havent mentioned because i never dled them. some are research and development, minerva both single player mods for hl2. third age for M2TW a cool looking lord of the rings mod. many vids of it on youtube look some up. the modding “scene” is a very good one. there are some Great mods that big time oublishers havent made a game as good. and they are free!! seriously the modding scene deserves more ppl. that said it is growing especially since hl2 was released. ok cya guys excuse any spelling or grammar errors i have a headache and i dont care right now :P.

  42. JC Phoenix says:

    Integration: The Stranded Light A huge Oblivion quest mod. Race/stat/faction/etc. checks, multiple solutions, thinking/riddles/complex conversations and boss fights, over 60 great quests, multiple storylines, factions, a very long romance, Integration with the world, and many more things.
    link to theelderscrolls.info

    The Nameless Mod The best Total Conversion Deus Ex mod. Currently has a 9.9 out of 10 from 118 votes on ModDB.
    link to thenamelessmod.com

    SAMP The most popular multiplayer mod for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Version 3.0 was recently released.
    link to sa-mp.com

  43. Bob says:

    The Nameless Mod for Deus Ex. Even more non linear than the classic, TNM is a humorous action filled mod. Don’t let the internet forum premise for the game disuade you from playing this fantastic mod. If you love Deus Ex it won’t take you long to be involved in the story. As in the classic your actions during the game will affect how things turn out for you at the end.

  44. JC Phoenix says:

    The Integration link doesn’t seem to be working try this one:
    link to theelderscrolls.info

    or the mirror link on Tesnexus:
    link to tesnexus.com

  45. Urthman says:

    I’ll add votes for They Hunger (HL1 – Single Player), Research and Development (HL2 – Single Player), and also FCOM for Oblivion, which is a suite of mods (including Oscuros’ Oblivion Overhaul) that adds tons of great new content to the game and rebalances everything (every monster, every item, the loot in every chest) so that leveling is rewarded and the whole game is much more fun.

    And I’ll also introduce The Strangers, a mod for Freedom Force which:

    1. Let you play through a truly epic comic-book superhero story. It’s what those huge company-wide comic crossovers always promise but never deliver. It’s like Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Game (or Infinity Gauntlet: The Game, if you swing the other way). Scores of characters. A comic book universe that seems to have as much detail and backstory as Marvel or DC. Really excellent plot and writing, with a nice balance of self-aware humor and straight-ahead comic book exuberant awesome, with lots of nifty homages to classic comic book characters.

    2. An enormous overhaul to the Freedom Force game adding powers and gameplay elements far beyond the original. It adds far more to the game than Irrational’s official sequel (Freedom Force vs. Third Reich) did. The toolset created for this game revolutionized the Freedom Force modding community.

    3. Extremely inventive and fun level design, enemies, and gameplay. A campaign equal in length and more fun than the original FF game. The best boss battle of any game I’ve ever played.

    4. A (comparatively brief) sequel, Tales of the Navigator, that introduces still more fun characters, still more new gameplay, another well-written, nifty, sci-fi superhero story.

  46. Plopsworth says:

    Well, uh, not sure how necessary this is since both have been mentioned. So I guess I’m seconding the following:

    Neotokyo (Source)is fun if you at all like Masamune Shirow-esque round-based tactical play.
    Forgotten Hope (BF2). Nothing like mowing down Afrika Corps with a drum-magazine Tommy-gun. Really good Audiovisual work.

  47. Tlaon says:

    The SWAT map (www.redscull.com/swat) for Warcraft 3 is quite good. You control a single hero and fight zombies with a team. On the subject of Warcraft 3 mods, Eve of the Apocalypse (link to eota.emufarmers.com) is a fun, lesser known alternative to DotA.

  48. Serph says:

    Dystopia, that is all. But a revival of DIPRIP sounds like fun. Fistful of Frags is great, though the gameplay is a bit broken, it’s still ridiculously addictive.

  49. Major Disaster says:

    The Freespace 2 Source Code Project (and its associated mods) is awesome