RPS Asks: Your Mod Recommendations?

For any game, of any genre, at any age: just make sure it’s available to download. Recommend us mods, tell us why they are great, and why should we play them. Should they be featured on RPS? Should they, like Air Buccaneers, be pulled from death and made to live again? You are their champions: speak your mods!


  1. fitzroy_doll says:


    For Source (HL2 etc): It’s bad form to vote for your own creations (and thanks to those that have), so I won’t do that. Instead, there are the big hits: Minerva: Metastasis, Dear Esther, Rock 24, Awakening and the Mistake Of Pythagoras, but also lesser known map packs such as Penetration (which probably sounds better in Russian, but it’s a good few maps) and Slums. There are also a number of newer mods that I haven’t had time to play but which look excellent, including Radiator and Mission Improbable.

    Other games:

    Deus Ex: Redsun 2020
    Why? Like the original it went on and on and on and on and didn’t make sense in parts, but it was still an excellent mod for a favourite game.

    Doom 3: In Hell
    Why? Because it’s Doom 3 on overload, with all that implies.

    Far Cry: Matto 4
    Why? The production values of this mod were higher than many retail games, and the MattoMedia team never did get the recognition they richly deserved.

    Half Life (Goldsource): Where to even begin? Sweet Half Life, Poke 646, Bugstompers, and so on. There are so many good Goldsource mods, with more all the time, even now…

  2. airtekh says:

    Since it hasn’t been mentioned yet (and since I just thought about it), Thief 2X: Shadows of the Metal Age is a single-player mod for Thief 2 which is fantastic.

    It amazes me that these guys thought they would never see a Thief 3, so they decided to *make* it.

  3. DavidGentle says:

    True Combat:Elite for w:et still does the job for me.

  4. Brad says:

    Wanted. For HL1

  5. bajs says:

    Best mod EVAR!!!

  6. Vision says:

    Another vote for Natural Selection. By far the BEST multiplayer FPS ever made. Been playing since version 1.04 (when was that released? 5-6 years ago?) and It’s still the only FPS game I play…

  7. Heliocentric says:

    Natural selection is obvious, so obvious i passed it by. But it is excellent, also awesome fun is “hidden” and all of rps know about alien swarm already right?

  8. mmm says:

    Defense of the Ancients the popular mod for Warcraft 3. i think valve picked up some guys from that mod.

  9. Justsomeguy2 says:

    TNM for Deus Ex one of the best mods EVER! here’s a link link to thenamelessmod.com

  10. Evernight says:

    Wow… What an incredibly wide open and insane thread.

    In terms of full out conversion mods I would have to say DOTA for WC3: TFT – that one mod has spawned three brand new games that take directly from it.

    In terms of mod that turned into games – Day of Defeat – from HL1. Started as a mod and turned into a retail game. I would say CS but I liked DoD better

    In terms of minor gameplay tweaks I would say Weapon Modification Kits for Fallout 3. Adds a ton of well done addons to weapons in the game – not ground breaking but alot of work was put into it.

  11. Melf_Himself says:

    Baldur’s Gate II – the Tactics and Ascension mods. Made a lot of the fights really a decent challenge for more experienced players and gave whole new life to a game that already had massive replayability. The good kind of difficulty where the fights were tactically interesting, not the bad kind where everything gets double HP and damage.

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