The Future Of Quake Live?

Could it be a premium service with the capacity to create private matches? Id’s Marty Stratton talks about the possibilities in this extensive interview on Bethesda Blog.

We’re toying with a number of ideas for features, functionality, and even content that will translate well and represent a real value for players wanting an affordably-priced premium service. One of the most requested features in QUAKE LIVE and something that I think would be at the core of any premium service, would be the ability to very easily and quickly start a private match (that only you and the players you invite can join). Right now, all of our matches are open to the public and started by our back end systems. So, what we’re looking at creating is a totally integrated and very easy to use method for starting and running a personalized private match.

And that is basically what I want from Quake Live, as well as some kind of pickup team functionality, and Rocket Arena 3. I used to live for that and CTF pickup games back in the day, and if Quake Live offered a similar service I would be all over it. They’d need to add Spider Crossings, too, obviously.


  1. Carter says:

    Quake Live is literally the only game I regularly play now, if anything a little too regularly I’m still hoping they add support for splash damage going through thin platforms ala RA3 – keep catching myself doing it in game

  2. Buje says:

    splash damage going through thin platforms ala RA3 – keep catching myself doing it in game

    Haha me too. Really bad habit.

  3. Cooper says:

    I played far too much of this on my netbook during my fieldwork when I should have been, erm, doing my fieldwork…

    There is something quite pure about the speed and play of a quake game. Especially CTF with the to-and-fro game going on behind the frantic, but after some instinctive, rocket and rail battles.

    Unfortunately, I could rarely find a good CTF game going on – free-for-alls and clan arena were vastly more popular. So I kinda drifted away. For now at least.

  4. Schaulustiger says:

    Now if they’d just increase their pacing… they are talking about private servers since the beta release and the game needs them *badly* to really be a home for clan play. And good maps, please.

  5. SATAN says:

    Do an article about AI Wars next, it deserves it.

  6. Tweakd says:

    The id team have done a stunning job with Quake Live. Once your hooked you don’t need another fps.

    I’ve not been able to play for the last month and a half (no net connection) and instead of finding my gaming kicks elsewhere I just stopped gaming! Nothing matches it.

    I should get a permanent connection this week though ^^

  7. Railick says:

    I reallyed loved Rocket Areana back in the day ( Although I believe I played it on Unreal Tournament 2004 or something) And I loved Jail Break too ^_^

  8. bhlaab says:

    I thought the whole point of Quake Live was that it was free. Are they honestly trying to get people to pay for a basic functionality like private matches?

    I’ve found Quake Live to be pretty much as I feared before it came out: spread too thin, too much of a hassle to log on and play through the website (especially since it doesn’t support my main browser), and with a heavily entrenched player base that makes it difficult for someone who didn’t live and breathe quake 3 in 1999 to get into it.

    • Senethro says:

      Doesn’t support your main browser? I find it difficult to believe it can be worth supporting your main browser in that case.

      And charging for the rental/usage of dedicated servers you can control is standard practice. In fact, some people refuse to play games without them!

  9. T-B0N3 says:

    This is really old news :) But still this is a great game for me, i play this game the most next to TF2.

  10. Mathieu says:

    I never said it for a game before, but now is the time: Quake Live is the best game ever.
    It’s just perfect : the speed, the strategy, the ease of use… everything is good in QL.
    I played 250+ CTF games in the last 2 months and I still don’t have enough of it.

  11. We Fly Spitfires says:

    Quake Live is a great game and all that is good about the Internet and games developers. Amen.

  12. Max dH says:

    I own quake 3 arena,so why should i spend money , or even time on quake live?
    Is there any Reason quake live is to be seen as an improvement over Q3 Arena?

  13. Rane2k says:

    Max dH:
    The player base I guess.
    If you are fine with the player base that is left in Q3a then by all means stay there.

    I for one really enjoy Quake Live, I recently hit the 1000 games played mark, most of them CTF.
    The added cvars are also very nice. (Yes, I know that most of these are available in CPM)

    On the other hand, I will have to see what kind of premium services will be offered. I have no need for private servers as I am clanless, and I don´t see that changing soon.
    But I´m sure others will appreciate it, it´s being asked for in the forums quite often.

  14. iQue says:

    Easily one of the best games you can play now. Q3 still stands strong =)

    I play at least a couple of nights per week and occasionally a couple of my friends will hop on a duel server and play against each other, all while laughing at our own incompetence. You owe yourself to check this game out if you haven’t already, hey it’s free.

    And I particularly love it because of the customisation it allows… 120 field of view is so sweet! =)

  15. KIm says:

    Damn it´s a long time since i´ve played Quake. Maybe it´s time to reinstall it again :)

  16. frisor says:

    Yes. I will certainly find the game again