The Zombie MegaMix

A man called Billy emails us with a link to a video. He includes the word ‘zombie’ in not just the email, but even its subject line. The cheek of the man. The gall. Doesn’t he know we’re better than that? Doesn’t he know we’re so much better than this ubiquitous zombie fad? Doesn’t he- OH HE TOTALLY TOOK ITS HEAD OFF OH GOD NOW IT’S NINJA VS ZOMBIE OH HE’S SHOOTING A FAT ONE OH ZOMBIES ZOMBIES ZOMBIES

Billy’s cause is a megamix video of 20 zombie-centric flash games, most of which I’ve never heard of. But then I’ve also never heard of Ferrero Rocher or the epiglottis, so that’s not saying much. Will this concentrated dose of pure comic violence be an end to zombiemania – or is it instead a grand spur to investigate a whole new clutch of deadhead-deading? It’s quite the demonstration of how terror-free and cavalier zombie gaming has now become – can shooting the reanimated corpses of our fellow humans ever be rendered affecting again? Oh, probably not. We’ll have to move onto dwarf-beating instead.


  1. The Pink Ninja says:

    Zombies are great, but badly used

    Where is my zombie survival MMO?

    And my Fort Zombies type “I am legend” survival game?

    After the recent trailer, Fort Zombie need not apply for that Fort Zombie Position.

    At least they’re better than Nazis…

    • Magnus says:

      There is a Zombie RPG in development… DoubleBear wasn’t it?

    • mrrobsa says:

      Speaking of Zombie Nazis, I played to the end of COD: World at War, watched the credits, which end with a dedication to the servicemen of WWII with the words SEMPER FI bold on screen, before a figure lurches from the dark and the words ZOMBIE NAZIS burn into the screen, and I couldn’t believe it! What a juxtaposition!
      A tasteless moment from a fairly tasteless game although the audacity did make me laugh, and the Zombie Nazi mode is actually better than several missions from the main game.

    • Grey_Ghost says:

      Hah, there should be a MMORPG for the movie Zombieland!

  2. The Pink Ninja says:

    Also the Boxhead games are great

  3. Railick says:

    I think Zombies will become scary again just around the time that they actually exist in the real world and we have to deal with them for real. Then suddenly these games will go from being FPS games ect to being simulators for how you should handle zombies in the real life :) Of course it will always be more fun and exciting to fight actual zombies instead of fake ones. (I live near a major city so I'll probably just BE a zombie rather than shooting them)

    Question : You and your family are surrounded by zombies and sure to die. You have a pistol and can probably take out a few of them before they reach you do you

    A)Fight to the last bullet tooth and nail and get torn apart by zombies, maybe even becoming one and attacking your own family or maybe watching your family get eatten and then getting eatten by their walking corpses

    B)Kill your family so they don't have to suffer the death above and can not be raised as zombies because you shoot their brains already

    C)Be a total coward and just shoot yourself first and let your family deal with it themselves.

    D)Be a brave coward and throw your family TO the zombies (One in each direction so the entire group has something to munch on) and use that opening to slip your way out of the horde , maybe buying yourself a few more hours/days of living until you're cornered again.

    E)Be super brave and use yourself as a zombie decoy, giving your gun to your family while you run around in circles screaming and throwing your blood at the zombies, trying to get them to follow you while your family escapes?

    • Scalene says:

      Oh, thank god, I thought I was the only person who wanted a Zombie apocalypse.

      I’m livin’ for the day that the dead rise up, yes suh!

    • Stromko says:

      It taps into that timeless wish that the world we know of would just stop, and we could be elevated to greater importance. At least zombies could sort of, at least to a degree, someday happen.

      I just wish people would stop claiming that an apocalypse was evident and certain (even the Mayans didn’t think 2012 was the end of the world), but that’s a pipe dream. So long as the world is turning and there’s people on it, someone’s going to claim it will end for no logical reason, and folks will lap it up for love of escapism.

  4. Mr Chug says:

    Urban Dead was a good zombie MMO, if you didn’t mind the complete lack of graphics. And the occasional forum horde sweeping everyone aside.

  5. MacBeth says:

    I was worried I’d missed a few good Flash zombie games, but turns out I already played the good ones, so that’s OK.

  6. Cpt. Sqweky says:

    That list is total BS. The Last Stand 1 & 2 are easily the top two spots.

  7. El Stevo says:

    Not a flash game, but I recommend Survival Crisis Z for zombie lovers.

  8. Carra says:

    A game named “Endless Zombie Rampage 2” is bound to win in my book.

    • FhnuZoag says:

      It’s kinda disappointing the way it is in fact endless – after a while, with a few upgrades, the difficulty goes away and it becomes just tedious, with no new enemies getting introduced or any interesting plot or quests. And then it just ends. With a text message ‘there is no end’, actually.

  9. lePooch says:

    Looks like game devs are already on the dwarf killing bandwagon: I just murdered a small tribe of midgets in Borderlands, and my character laughed as he lit a small cluster of them in flames.

  10. Pijama says:

    Mr. Meer, please tell me that you were wearing a top hat and your finest Victorian garb when you wrote “…the gall.”

    This level of Britishness is almost weaponized, my dear man.

  11. Hulk Hogan says:

    quick someone make a zombie dating sim so this fad can die

  12. Pace says:

    Definite ‘RPS opening paragraph of the week’ candidate.

  13. Davie says:

    EZR2, The Last Stand 2, and Boxhead are all quite fun. There used to be a time when I played Flash games all the time, and those were some of the best. But I agree with Pink Ninja, zombies really aren’t scary anymore.

  14. Babs says:

    The best thing about some of those games was the names.

    ‘Died Harded’ is good, but ‘Zombie Hooker Nightmare’ is simply inspired!

  15. Chaz says:

    It seems the top down shooter look is de rigueur for Zombie games at the moment.

  16. Choca says:

    You’ve never heard of Ferrero Rocher ? Man, you don’t know what you’re missing :o

  17. Billy says:

    hey its billy :)
    nice to see the list here!
    there are also some more noteable zombie games….

    for example “zombie grinder 60.000” (but you have to like some death metal…ehm…well more precisely it features a subgenre: death/gore grind…the guttural stuff…growling,grunting,screaming,blastbeats,and extremely lowered guitars.
    to that sound you control a fat butcher that blasts zombies away with your trustworthy shotgun.
    to the rhytm of the grind…to the breakdowns in slow motion. needs the speakers to be turned on…)
    link to

    Ragdoll Zombie Slayer (stand on point and blew away those zombies that flew into your way)
    link to

    Curse Village (zombies walking from the left…you have to…well convince them to go away…with the use of some wepaons ahem)
    link to

    Zombieland (16 bit styled comical sidescrolling zombie skateboard sim…)
    link to

    Vox Populi Vox Dei – A Werewolf Thriller
    (this time no zombies but werewolfes…the extreme violence makes this interesting for a few minutes…i mean in a stealth kinda way you jump onto a werewolf and you TEAR THEM APART!..literally…and the pixelated blood…all over the place…repetitive after a few minutes but quite amusing in the beginning)

    dead rising + left4dead and a bunch of ferrero products…good combination.
    and nice as a reward when you blasted away some zombies. ;)

  18. Billy says:

    oh forgot to add the link to the bloody splatteriocious werewolf killing stealth platformer…
    here we go:
    link to

  19. Hermit says:

    Shame this was Flash only. Otherwise he could have mentioned I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1

  20. Andie says:

    And there’s Dead Frontier also.

  21. rebb says:

    Zombies are so 2009, oh wait.

  22. dc2005 says:

    there should be a special mention to L4D 2D, not flash but java, so it is browser friendly
    link to
    it was part of a java compo