The Bubble Blursts

Oft-RPS-championed Flashbang have just celebrated their Blurst site’s one-year celebration. However, perhaps somewhat muting the cheers, they’ve announced they’re changing course. We talked about their one-game-every-eight-weeks cycle before. We’ve enjoyed the fruits of their labour. But no more! It seems they simply haven’t gained the audience they were hoping for, so they’re changing course and making a full-retail version of Off-Road Velociraptor Safari instead. More details follow…

To quote the important section in full…

Blurst hasn’t met our expectations. More specifically, Blurst’s traffic has not increased to levels where it will pay for itself. We could continue to fund Blurst’s development through contract jobs and other means, as we have been, but we feel like there are too many roadblocks between now and a time when Blurst itself pays our bills.

So we’re returning to Plan A. We are halting development of our 8-week projects and beginning longer-term development on Off-Road Velociraptor Safari. There won’t be a November 1st launch.

We feel that launching another 8-week game won’t change the playing field for us. No new possibilities will open up with one more game; we’ll be roughly where we are now, except two months poorer and two months behind on doing something that could change things up. By contrast, we feel like a strong ORVS standalone version will open some doors and provide us with more flexibility and opportunities than we have now.

While they promise further Blurst development, their near-term future will be in a world of Raptors. Also, they stress that if anyone’s already purchased Raptor Safari or the Game Bundle they’ll gain access to the betas through development as well as a copy of the final game when it comes out. In other words, it’s a bit like the Mount & Blade development system – pay now to support development for a lower fee and get the final object. And it’s not too late to get in on the offer if you head over to the stall. Good luck to ’em, for they’re RPS’ official mythological/prehistoric-games-of-champions developer.

However, to pass the mike over to you lot – what would you like to see them do with the full version of Off-Road Velociraptor Safari?


  1. Bhazor says:

    On one hand, boo! Longer wait for more Blurst.
    On the other hand, yay! Full version of my favouritebrowser game.

  2. PHeMoX says:

    With all due respect, but their last few games really haven’t been that interesting.

    I don’t mean from a perspective of art direction and visual quality, that’s always been great.

    I liked the crane game and the minotaur game, but they didn’t felt quite right in terms of gameplay.

    What i’m trying to say is that while their concepts might have worked, their games certainly didn’t quite ever reached a high enough level of gameplayability.

    Its okey for a game to be difficult or demand some skills to really get into, but not to a point where gameplay at times becomes somewhat random because of the use of physics.

    i think a full retail offline Raptor Safari game won’t really change much about all that, except for it being a smart way of raising some funds to start a new and hopefully better and bigger project.

    • nihohit says:

      While Blursting was fun, it wasn’t awesome. most of their games were good for me for only one sitting, and I didn’t bother returning to anything besides minotaur china shop.
      In order for the model to work, you need to make excellent games, worthy of much replay.

    • scoopsy says:

      Yeah, ORVS seems like a anomaly in the larger context of the Blurst catalogue. 15 minutes with Crane Wars or the Minotaur game and you definitely felt as if you had seen and done all there was to see and do. Lovingly created, yes, but still not terribly replayable.

      As for ORVS suggestions, I would like them to add guns. Not because I think it would make the game more fun, but because then they could advertise it as “An Off-Road Velociraptor Safari with guns”

  3. Sporknight says:

    I can definitely see them doing a removal of the time restriction and them giving you a stuntpark to drive around in, or an endless wave of raptors where you see how big of a score multiplier you can rack up. Stuff that focuses on just one particular aspect of scoring points, mainly. I just hope they change up the vehicle physics – the fact that you can’t actually flip over the jeep bothers me, because it doesn’t behave like it should then. How you’d flip it back I leave for them to figure out.

    • Clovis says:

      I have a lot of experience with flipped cars. If the car is just on its side, it’s no big deal. Just mash down on the accelerator and the car will eventually end up on its wheels again. This is because of physics.

      If the car is actually completely upside down, you should run, because it will explode, much like a turtle. If you are brave (and quick) enough you can carefully place a grenade near the car, and the force of the explosion will at least get it on its side. If you didn’t destroy the car by doing this you can now take it to the nearest mechanic. Don’t attempt this with a burning car. I think it costs about $100 to repair (and repaint) a car.

      This is how flipped cars work in the real world, so Blurst should handle it like that.

    • Stijn says:

      “I have a lot of experience with flipped cars” is a pretty damn badass thing to say

  4. The Sombrero Kid says:

    i would like to see them develop everyone one of thier games into a pollished retail experience, i play on the blust website quite a bit but i think i’d play more if i considered them games i’d bought, although i didn’t buy the bundle because it contained the games i was least interested in, i would like to see them develop paper moon and jetpack brauntosaurus into bigger more coherent experiences, personally.

  5. Ian says:

    I’m in agreement with the half boo/half noooo folk.

  6. Jayt says:

    Sounds like a smart move actually, hopefully it’s a success!

  7. AbyssUK says:

    Ideas, (no work todo)

    What about a burnout 1-2 style crash system but with dinosaur traffic. The idea of causing a multi dino pile up down by the watering hole amuses me.

    Taking from Silkworm, merge ORVS and Jetpack brontosaurus for two player Velociraptor Safari’ing on land and air! Bonus points for comboing any raptors between the two modes of transportation.

    Cat and mouse mode, 2 player one is the jeep, the other a large hungry t-rex!

    Ok am done for now…

  8. Matthew says:

    We also announced we’re casting a net to see what other Unity games we can come up with: link to

  9. Leeks! says:

    I’d like to see them go darker with it. Darker and, uh, brown…er. Maybe add sandbox elements in order to promote emergent gameplay in a dynamic enivronment. And guns. But not just a few guns. 500,000 guns. And sticky grenades.

  10. Pantsman says:

    It’s great to see small developers trying out new business models, and consequently it’s always a bit sad when it seems it’s not working out.

    I must confess I’ve never played any of these fellow’s games, though. Always had the interest, never the time. Or at least, there’ve always been more pressing entertainments. Maybe I ought to give some of them a go once the winter break rolls around.

  11. TeeJay says:

    Full version of Off-Road Velociraptor Safari? Yes please. :)

  12. Railick says:

    I've played most of their games and I enjoy them all , but I don't know how you could have a more full version of that game. I hope they do :)

  13. Vague-rant says:


    ‘it will explode, much like a turtle.’, What?

  14. malkav11 says:

    I admit I have no idea how you’d turn any of Blurst’s games into full on retail games.

  15. Matzerath says:

    I can easily imagine Off-Road Velociraptor Safari as a full-fledged game. Multiplayer? Competitive bots? Tyrannosauraus Rex lumbering about? Some sort of ridiculous plot about saving the future?
    Major releases have been built on much less.

  16. chad says:

    Pretty damning stuff being that Blurst are the darlings of the Unity3D casual game revolution. I’m surprised they aren’t working on something that takes a more colorful approach to a growing interest in so-called physics based games. Good luck to em, hope they make it through with a nice title on their hands.