Earth & Beyond Emulator Stress Test

The folks over at ENB Emulator Portal have announced that their brave attempt to resurrect the long-cancelled Electronic Arts space MMO has reached a vital juncture: a stress test of the alpha build. They’re trying to get as many people on board as possible to test for bugs and capacity. It’s hard to know whether this particular fan project will remain operable in the grey-area of non-commercial relaunches of lost games, but the desire to see the aged spacecraft MMO take to the skies again seems genuine, and if you have a passing interest in the game it might be worth checking out.


  1. Krikey! says:

    I never got to play E&B, but I’d love to try it if this project ever breaks through.

  2. We Fly Spitfires says:

    I played Earth & Beyond. It had one problem – it was shite.

  3. Andytizer says:

    There is really no point resurrecting this project when since E&B was cancelled we have EVE which does a much better job at space MMO.

    • jalf says:

      Well, except that the two games have almost nothing in common, other than being “In Space”.

  4. mrrobsa says:

    Nothing to do with Space, Above and Beyond off the telly then? I quite enjoyed that.

    • paddytehpyro says:

      Someone else remembers how awesome that was \o/

    • DMJ says:

      I recently watched the entire series of “Space: Behind and Between” on my little media player. Weirdly the special effects switch randomly from “impressive even today” to “Must’ve been embarassing even at the time”. Sometimes they showed “wow” models with “AIEE MY EYES” models in the same shot.

      Sorry, what was the topic again?

  5. Maxheadroom says:

    It was ok (the telly program I mean), got better towards the end. Awful lot of ‘filler’ episodes though where nothing much happened – Like those episodes of Star Trek that would bang on about Worf’s honor or something

  6. Kenny says:

    As much as their efforts are to be commended, the question does remain: Why?

  7. jRides says:

    Does anyone know what its actually about? The wiki, the website and the forums all talk like I already know exactly what EnB is about…

    What I know is:
    Its set in space.
    Its not like Eve.
    Its nothing to do with space above and beyond.
    You can Bake cakes in it (weird I know).

    What I assume is:
    Its a space flight sim.
    Its not The Sims.

    So anywhere I can find out more about this bakery/space game is like/about?

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      link to

      Man that was difficult to find. You would think someone would create some sort of device for searching through the internet to find things you’re looking for wouldn’t you.

    • mrrobsa says:

      If it has cake baking, I’m in.

    • jRides says:

      Ah thank you M.Stacey, my wiki wonderings led me here: link to as you can see, yours is better. :)

    • Legendary Teeth says:

      It’s basically Everquest in Space. At least, that’s how I described it when it first came out and I played it, it’s probably closer to WoW in Space now. The fact that you’re in a space ship is sorta.. incidental.

  8. dpCapital says:

    It was an RPG where the jobs system fell into the same tired old RPG groupings of Tank, DPS, Nuker, Healer, etc. It really wasn’t anything original and it was so poorly managed by EA that I’m really skeptical that the fans would do any better.

    The only upside to is was that the developers were willing to drastically change the game for the sake of plot alone. Unfortunately the results often fell flat.

  9. Muppetslayer says:

    EnB made one lasting contribution to history.

    It gaves us the unforgettable Tada-O.

    But one meme is hardly enough to justify an emulator hack job. The game hardly had anything close to the appeal of UO – which triggered quite a few emulator projects – and above all, really, emulators are sooooo 20th century….

  10. Larington says:

    For all the absence of strong combat (IE Fun & Interesting) and things to do, theres still a piece of me that went into a coma after the shutdown of this game. Shame I’m a bit too busy to commit to any more testing projects right now.

  11. Malibu Stacey says:

    I played it a fair bit when it came out (rediscovered the retail box in my games collection when I moved a couple of months ago) & the beta test before that. It was good at the time but it won’t stand up to most MMO’s released since then. EVE-Online wasn’t particularly great at the time as I tried the betas of both prior to their releases (have since spent 3 years in EVE, most of it in null sec, before any AIM’s leap into the thread) & the other competition was things like Ragnarok, Ultima, EQ etc so it had impetus to begin with but once the market developed it was doomed.

    TBH you’d be better off trying something like Ryzom which is basically classless EnB without the space setting or waiting for Black Prophecy to be released. EnB was really only standard MMO ina “space setting”, it wasn’t space flight & combat like EVE.

    I don’t see the point in resurrecting this, nostalgia exists in our memories for a reason. When you try to recreate those feeling you always fall short of expectations.

  12. Cooper says:

    I want to see this done for SeeD.

    SeeD has been the only MMO which has held any true interest for me, ever. The only MMO (even including EVE) where players really did drive the game world.

    That is all.

    • Droniac says:

      That will never happen. EnB at least was a finished and released game that got closed down. Seed was never even released and was still leagues away from any decently playable state when the funding ran dry.

      Seed’s concept was great and the art style was interesting, but the game wasn’t even halfway done for any sort of release version. It was also intended as a continually monitored, managed and improved setting – which means any emulator team would have to constantly be adding shitloads of content, managing events and taking control over NPCs. It would require a lot of effort, a lot of time and tons and tons of money. And all that for what is probably a very marginal crowd of potential players too…

      Not gonna happen.

  13. kyrieee says:

    I remember the fights between the pre-release communities for EVE and E&B hehe. People thought all the EVE screens were mockups and stuff =) then came E3

  14. Chaz says:

    I shall never forget playing the Earth and Beyond open beta, because I had my first experience of being scammed in an MMO. Being new to MMO’s at the time, I naively assumed that everyone would be all nice and helpful and working towards a common good. That naivety cost me when some “helpful” chap scammed me within my first couple of hours of play. The biggest loss was to my innocence and pride, rather than my in game creds.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      In that case never ever even think of playing EVE-Online.

    • Chaz says:

      Funny you should say that as the Eve beta was my first experience of being ganked in open PvP. I’d spent what seemed like hours minning in my little Reaper starter ship, bought myself an upgraded mining laser and headed off to find some rarer minerals to mine. So I spent a little while in this one sector, dodging mobs and mining some of the more lucrative minerals. Then just when I was full and heading back with my haul, I got wasted by some griefer in a Rifter camped by the jump gate. I lost everything, all those hours spent tediously mining, wasted. I was genuinely shocked and upset. I still remember the gits name too, it was Leeloo, as in the Fifth Element character. Even the avatar was created to look like her too. Man, what a bitch!

  15. Railick says:

    I had a friend who just HAD to scam people on Ultima Online , it was all he ever thought about trying to figure out new ways to scam people out of money. Of course he ended up getting his entire account banned perma that thought him not to scam any more lol.

  16. sharylea says:

    The future of earth and beyond is limitless. Development in code, storyline, new ships and 3 new classes, as well as new starting sectors, npcs, stations, mobs. A team of volunteers working 24/7, to make the original game better then what we had. Ingame gm’s to asist with problems as well as beta teams to verify and submit ingame tickets for the developers. The ability to reset troublesome sectors and keep the game alive, and funtional without a server reset, tons of new software developed by volunteers to keep the project rolling. In the past month the stress test has jumped and is now headed to alpha stage of ingame testing. Come visit us we are approaching 10K registered players, and have reached 350-500 live players a day. Soon we will have a new server that would match 10 of the old servers. I invite you all to join us, have a great earth and beyond visit.

  17. Selmak says:

    Ok for those who believes that the game isn’t worth resurrecting well think again. This is great game, of course it was badly managed by EA and ever since they shut it down i never bought anything from them and never will.

    So far the emulator is doing really great, the devs are doing a fantastic job. Oh yes did i mention that it is FREE? They are still bugs and they are getting fixed along the way and unlike EA, they have an amazing support and they don’t take days to answer questions or problems/issues.

    The load times between jumps are significantly lower than when it was up and running many years ago by EA.

    Bottom line, it’s worth checking out and playing/testing for those that like that genre.

  18. Kali's Child says:

    I have just (10 09) bought a copy of Earth ans Beyond (still on sale on Amazon) but can’t make it work. From the comments on this site, I take it that Electronic Arts threw in the towel. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can make something of it? Sounded an interesting idea.

    By the way, my appreciation to all those who put stuff on the web for free. It is as if you can talk to the whole world, and often I have found that someone out there does have just the answer I need. Keep it up, friends I have never met.


    Kali’s Child

  19. Blackbird71 says:

    Kali’s Child,

    In order to make the game work, it needs to log into a server. Since EA took the servers down years ago, this is no longer possible – except for the efforts of the EnB emulator team. If you want to get the game running, check out their website (linked in the article above). Just keep in mind that the project is not yet complete, and it will be a while before the game is back up to full functionality, but there are still versions you can get on and test out. I’ve used one version which just runs locally on my own computer and allows me to log in by myself, but space is awfully empty and lonely without other players.

    I played this game while it was live, and my friends and I often regret the loss of this game and the fun it brought (to the point that our wives roll their eyes everytime EnB is mentioned). It was truly enjoyable, and we’ve been bouncing around from one mmo to the next ever since, trying to find one that compares. I wish you luck in your exploration of EnB, and I look forward to flying with you once the game is operational again.

  20. Antara says:

    If it has cake baking, I’m in.

    Actually it has.
    One of the missions is to find the parts for an alien space cake. Milk from mars cows, eggs from a space vulture and so on.

  21. Ninemillimeter says:

    Well, EnB is alive and kicking. The game doesn’t have healers in it either, its very hard to describe. The game is great because the community that plays the game is great. Its not about the graphics, sound, missions, content, or grinding out xp in Enb. Its about great times with good friends who you never really meet. I have been playing in the emulator for a few weeks now and it is really fantastic. Sure there are bugs, but hell its free and much better then when EA managed it. Come play its a great time.

  22. Kali's Child says:

    Thanks for coming back to me, I only just picked it up, I’m not too good with E-Mails and internet. If I might be so bold, where can I get at this one computer emulator?

    My E-Mail is, and I’d love to hear from you.

    Kind regards

    Trevor Jones. (I use Kali’s Child as a password and stuff, because it my names a bit common, and I get duplicated).

  23. Haviland Tuf says:

    If you want to see PARTS of the original E&B website, try:

    If you are interested in the *new* E&B (new server, old client), try:

    I have been playing for 2 weeks now, and I for one am glad it is back! I tried EVE, and died too often.
    I subscribed to Vendetta Online, and consider it to be pretty good, but it isn’t E&B!

    LONG LIVE THE ORIGINAL! And if you join, look me up . . . I give free stuff with no strings. =)

  24. Mienja says:

    Hey Folks!
    link to is the site for the emulator forum
    For a one shot install file go here:
    link to

    Aye, E&B Emulator is alive and kickin’
    Get in there with us and Rock the Space waves!

    Have fun!

  25. ReBoot says:

    Hello this to Them that stop By Now On you can join in on this game now
    from 2 spots on the web that are at work on this thay bouth have up and working Beta’s



    come join have fun and maybe help out if you can

    Tell then …

  26. Jack says:

    Played the entire Live, playing the ST4 now. And loving it again.
    What i also loved about EnB is the crafting system. Not the making comps from ores, and stuff from comps. But grinding Black Cloud Riders for a Prototype Dark Matter Canon, finally you loot it.
    To the station, throwing it in the analyser!! And….. failed :(

    You really had to work and have some luck to be able to build the good stuff.
    And when you could build it, hope it would come out 200%…
    That kinda crafting system is in no other space MMO, or whatever MMO. (as far as i know and i tried a lot)

    And being able to leave your ship and just wonder on a station with your avatar…

    There are other games, that come close to what you are able to do. But i want to fly in a spaceship and not walk arround as an elf….

    And you can not compare EnB to EVE, 2 complete different types of games. Only common thing is a spaceship…