Space Marine On PC, Oh Please Oh Please

Online petitions! I love the way they don’t ever change anything. But still, let’s give it a shot. There’s an online effort to convince THQ/Relic to release their upcoming Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine shooter on PC as well as on console. It makes sense, given I’d guesstimate there’s a bit more commonality between PC gamers and Games Workshop players than between console gamers and the latter, but then that is an entirely baseless sweeping generalisation.

And, as it turns out, Relic aren’t dismissing the idea of a PC version out of hand.

Bit-tech tapped ’em up about it, and the Dawn of War devs proferred this: “we’re always looking at feedback on forums and know there are lots of people who are interested in a PC version. If we continue to see a strong desire for a PC version of Space Marine, who knows what might happen.” There was an exclamation mark at the end of that, but I took it out because I hate joy. “Who knows” is better than a “no” – so go sign, just in case.


  1. Jim Rossignol says:

    Ooh, yes please.

  2. LoopyDood says:

    Yes, this is great news! I had lost all hope for this game.
    After watching the gameplay video, I can see they're really trying to catch the dark brutality of the 40k universe. Hooray.

  3. pkt-zer0 says:

    Wasn’t this horribly unimpressive gameplay-wise? That’s what I recall from earlier videos.

    • jalf says:

      No, that was the original version. I can’t remember exactly what happened, but I think they got disqualified for sucking. So now Relic is doing it and it looks heaps better :D

    • Meatloaf says:

      Oh gosh yeah, that was the one that was stuffed with a nauseating amount of buzzwords, my favorite being “Orchestrating the ballet of death.”

      That man in the video said it at least a thousand times.

  4. Jacques says:

    Really do want.

  5. Garg says:

    I’d rather play as a warboss.

    • Spacewalk says:

      I’d rather like a game where you play as an Inquisitor instead of boring Ultramarines. Didn’t Games Workshop once have a tagame revolving around Inquisitors or is it just my memory being a bit queer?

    • Bret says:

      They did. Dark Heresy, a tabletop RPG.

    • Malagate says:

      Yes, there was Dark Heresy, which was about Inquisitors, but that wasn’t made by Games Workshop per se, it was first published through a subsiduary of Black Library and then the rights were sold on to Fantasy Flight.

      I’d imagine Spacewalk was thinking of the tabletop game called Inquisitor, which was published by GW, using the really big minis instead of the 28mm ones.

      That would probably make a really good action RPG, as would Necromunda or possibly even Mordheim, but the chances of those being made into official games are about the same as the chances of it raining tenners and cake.

      I could totally see a Total Conversion mod being done for Inquisitor though, could be possible with, say, fallout 3?

  6. Paxeh says:

    Oh if only that said “Warhammer 40k: Imperial Guard” instead of “Space Marine”.

    The Astartes might be awesome in their super armour, but the Empire is being carried on the shoulders of loyal Guard and PDF troops.

    Although generally speaking the PDF is kind of shit.

    • LoopyDood says:

      The Red Shirt Army for the Red Shirt Army.

    • JonFitt says:

      The Guard do play an important role. Without them, who would be failing pathetically to be rescued by some magnificent Space Marines? No one, that’s who.

      They are the glue that slows down the approaching horde. They help to dull Tyranid claws with their squishy bodies, and ensure that Carnifexi are probably-too-full-of-lunch and might-have-to-have-a-sit-down. They also help to make some Orks so bored of killing people, that they give up and go home.

  7. deathkn0b says:

    How good are they with shooters anyway? They specialize in rts right? Wasn’t too impressed with the alpha gameplay video they showed. Just looked like Marcus and Dom got new suits.

    • Jacques says:

      Looks like more of an action RPG than a shooter, which is perfect for a Space Marine. They’re the perfect action RPG character.

    • Shalrath says:

      Don’t Dom and Marcus look like ‘Smurfs’ with new suits?

    • Shalrath says:

      So basically:
      “Thanks to PC gamers everywhere for getting us through some tough times – and making us the company we are today! – now fuck off we have QTE to make.”

    • JonFitt says:

      I was very unimpressed with the original video.

      Maybe it’s a fluff game and in fluff perhaps Space Marines go all Rambo, but as far as I’m concerned a Space Marine should always be 2″ away from his buddies.

    • Jacques says:

      The “original” video was of a completely different game.

  8. IvanHoHo says:

    Afraid I’m gonna have to skip this, unfortunately.

    The thing is in my opinion, if one were to do these types of games, you either go all out, or you shouldn’t make one at all. Like Dante’s Inferno, if you’re not going to make this a kind of absurd gore-fest, then why bother at all?

    It’s like having a jedi game without dismemberment…. oh wait

  9. duel says:

    Warhammer / Dynasty Warriors? that looks like a tasty combination.

  10. Heliocentric says:

    Rts is probably the best way to play hive mined ‘nids orks are drunken sociology with moral and momentum as primary factors.

    Imperial guard is survival horror. Unless you are operating the big cannons then its a puzzle game. How many shots does it take to purge a continent of all life.

  11. Magnus says:

    40,000 times yes.

    Also makes me long for a remake of “shadow of the horned rat”.

    Are GW asked about games related to warhammer often I wonder… because I do think there is a good capacity for computer based versions of their games.

  12. Cooper says:

    Please not a half-arsed port.

    Please not a half-arsed port.

    Please not a half-arsed port.

    Please not a half-arsed port.


    • snv says:

      I have never seen a good port. I think its fundamentally impossibile because the interfaces differ too much. PC has a broad interface, where you can use shallow decision trees, whereby consoles only have a few buttons. It’s not just about the depth of submenues, being able to click on things and stuff, this difference leads to gameplay design differences (like camera positioning, turn/movement speeds, targeting & aiming and therefore difficulty and so on).

      For this reason you can always tell the ports, they just feel different (or as i would tend to say: inferior).

  13. jsutcliffe says:

    Online petitions! I love the way they don’t ever change anything”

    They do change things! My faith in my fellow PC gamers is chipped away at with every one.

  14. David says:

    Looks like it could be a lot of fun. The kind of meta-game I’d like to see is something along the lines of the Last Stand mode that Relic just came out with for Dawn of War 2, with some of the fighting elements of Arkham Asylum and Assassin’s Creed thrown in for good measure.

  15. David says:

    Looks like it could be a lot of fun. The kind of meta-game I’d like to see is something along the lines of the Last Stand mode that Relic just came out with for Dawn of War 2, where the unlocks provide more breadth of choice in gameplay, rather than purelymore powerful weapons/abilities. Combine that with some of the fighting elements of Arkham Asylum and Assassin’s Creed thrown in for good measure.

  16. Quinns says:

    The gameplay video of this that came out made it look bad. Like, not just lacking polish, but bad.

    Can you guys all just remember that? That would be awesome!

    • Rakysh says:

      Please to read.

      No, that was the original version. I can’t remember exactly what happened, but I think they got disqualified for sucking. So now Relic is doing it and it looks heaps better :D

      The trailer I saw for this on IGN looks awwwwesome. Although it is only a trailer.

    • Jacques says:

      That was for a different game.

    • Quinns says:

      I SEE. Weird and delicious times.

    • Jacques says:

      Apparently there’s a post somewhere on the Relic board where a dev states the early leaked Warhammer: Space Marine gameplay vid is of a different game that the Australia based THQ were working on. I’m basing this off a 5 month old forum post I made on the Warhammer Alliance boards, so I could be wrong. The link I used in my post on those forums doesn’t appear to work anymore, otherwise I’d link that here.

    • Jacques says:

      Here we go, not quite the link I was looking for, but it says they’re not the same game.
      link to

      “THQ has confirmed to us that the early pre-production footage of Space Marine leaked last September was produced by a studio other than Relic, and does not represent the current game.”

    • Alec Meer says:

      Young, enthusiastic Quinns is increasingly more bitter than Old, Cynical Meer. This frightens me.

  17. Lack_26 says:

    Ohh, yes please. I do love the Warhammer 40k universe, despite only playing a handful of games.

  18. LionsPhil says:

    Relic + Games Workshop = Interest piqued. They certainly seemed to get the feel of the fluff right in DoW.

  19. rocketman71 says:

    Ok, we want this, but also CoH2 (and not CoHO), and the old us & wehrmacht rank icons for CoH, dammit!

  20. subedii says:

    It’s probably going to be a while before CoH2, since they only recently released DoW2 and are currently working on expanding that as well. Let’s hope the multiplayer balance doesn’t get thrown too far out of whack by the expansion pack now that they’re managing to bring it together.

    On the topic at hand: Yes please.

  21. Deadjim says:

    If Relic arn’t going to bother making another Homeworld ( I love sweeping statements :P), and are going to concentrate on seemingly only Warhammer 40K stuff couldn’t they make a game of Gothic that is inspired by the gameplay OF Homeworld? You could add so much more that wasn’t included in Homeworld like planetary sieges/defenses, convoys, travelling the imaterium. This is the one 40K game that I so desperately want to be made that or one that follows the fortunes of the Tanith 1st and only warriors in the Guants Ghosts novels.

    • Lagmint says:

      I’m willing to bet it’s not up to Relic at all. They’re told that Games Workshop wants ‘x’ done, they either agree or don’t.

    • Adam Whitehead says:

      I read an interview with the guys at Relic after THQ bought the HOMEWORLD IP and they were asked when they were doing HW3 (because why would THQ spend the money if they weren’t going to do something with the franchise?) and the reply was just soul-destroying. They said that they didn’t think modern gamers could handle HOMEWORLD’s ‘complex’ interface (WTF?) and the use of vertical space would probably be ‘too confusing’ (no, seriously, WTF?), so they’d need to dumb down the game interface (despite HW’s interface being pretty straightforward anyway). I get the impression that’s what they’d been told by market analysts or something anyway and as a result they’d put it on the backburner for now.

      Still, it does beg the question: why did THQ buy back the license if there were no plans for a new HOMEWORLD game?

  22. Hug_dealer says:

    from what i heard, it is the same game, but the studio that made the original trailer was closed down, and thier work sent to relic, and relic has been working on it since.

  23. EGTF says:

    The only thing that really saddens me is that Ultramarines have to be one of the most humourless races to base a game around. “For the Emperor!” might have gotten me excited as an optimistic hyperactive boy, but now the hardened adult cynic wants a likeable human/interesting hero to play as. Sure Ultramarines are recognisable, but after drawing in the inital punters I think they will only serve to dissapoint due to a lack of depth. Even as a superhuman with a gun that fires minature rockets the anal personality behind it all kills any cool perceptions you may have.

    Just look at the associated GW literature, the most interesting stories are the crazy bonkers space marine chapters and offshoots (Space Wolves and The Deathwatch I’m looking at you) or rougish Imperial Guardsmen (Gaunt, Ciaphas Cain [even though he is a more tame rip off of Flashman I still like him]). Hell go crazy, create Mass Effect in the 40k universe with a female protagonist.

    • JonFitt says:

      Even as hyperactive boys we called them the Ultrablands. Not imaginative, but accurate.

      They are basically the magnolia template upon which you would create a real chapter.

    • Ansem says:

      Black Templars for the win. The fact that they chain their weapons to their bodies so that they HAVE to keep fighting no matter what, and can only put down their weapons once the battle is over is sheer genius. Religious zealotry at its best.

  24. ChampionHyena says:

    Hey, that’s Adrien Debos’ Warboss from Dawn of War II!

    I’d like to echo the Space Marine On PC sentiments. Relic’s always been good to us.

    I’d also like to echo the “Ultramarines are blander than unflavored gelatin” sentiment. At least the Blood Ravens had a doomed world and a weird predilection to Psykerism. C’mon! If you’re gonna have us fight up close, let us play as the Space Wolves or or Salamanders or Blood Angels. Anyone, really.

  25. LionsPhil says:

    Incidentally, this game sucks if you don’t get horrifically wounded in the penultimate mission, and end up sealed into a dreadnought for the last one.

    Just sayin’.

  26. subedii says:

    I honestly doubt they’d go with something that cool. I actually doubt there are going to be any real risks happening with the storyline. I mean the plot “twists” in DoW2 could be seen a mile away (if they weren’t in fact, already spoiled by the pre release info, but I guess there was no real hiding a big point like Tyranids).

    I actually thought the story and characters in DoW1 were a lot more interesting. They did a decent job of showing off how ridiculously morally vacant the Space Marines were, to the extent that they could exterminate entire worlds and rationalise it away as service to the Empire. DoW2’s characters were slightly more diverse but they were all represented as stalwart heroes. As far as I’m concerned, there aren’t really any good guys in the 40K universe, just different styles and shades of xenophobic and genocidal gits, because to a large extent those are the only ones that manage to survive.

    • Bret says:

      Well, there’s Ferik Jurgen.

      And then there’s…

      hold on. It’ll come to me any second now.

  27. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Hmm. I really, really, really want this (for the pc.. Relic ain’t ever done a thing for the mac) and for it to be great. Here’s hoping.

  28. Desmolas says:

    I like big sci-fi musclar juggernaut-men with big sci-fi guns and big sci-fi glowy sparkly melee weapons killing bigger sci-fi orks.
    I especially like them when theyre being displayed on my 24″ monitor from the comfort of my gaming chair.


  29. WaveofMutilation says:

    In the last two Space Marine codices GW has, in my opinon, done a lot to make the ultramarines alot more interesting. Instead of being the vanilla marines they’ve embraced a Greco-Roman heritage. The fact that they are in many ways undeveloped in comparison with other chapters gives you alot of lee way in how you write them where as if you choose to do a story about Space Wolves, for example, every fifth word ends up being wolf, fang, claw or something else blatantly wolfy-vikingy. It can get a bit bland after a while. And I’m not just bagging the Space Wolves here, they’re just a really easy example.

    And frankly I’m tired of playing Blood Ravens. I’m tired of the drab dirt red colour scheme. I’m tired of all the implied big scarey secrets. And I’m especially tired of them getting mocked by the other chapters in their own game. They are so lame that even the game developers that created them can’t help but mock them.

  30. catska says:

    The last time a developer released a good brawler on the PC (DMC4) it got blasted by reviewers and PC elitists for not being tailor made for a keyboard and mouse. It was also pirated ‘to hell and back’. Which is why I just laugh when I hear the bitching and moaning about all new PC games being console ports of FPS games.

    • Radiant says:

      BUT dmc4 was a great game non the less.
      Sometimes I think reviewers find brawlers and fighters either too niche or too below them to bother with a decent review sometimes.

      I mean watch Bayonetta get panned over here because the reviewer couldn’t get over the boobies.

      SHE HAS GUNS FOR SHOES focus on that you know?

  31. Max says:

    I only hope that this game doesn’t suck as much as it did the last time we saw a gameplay video.

    Those *shudder* “cinemaction” moments… UGH. It was everything I hate about generic console video games.

  32. Exonin says:

    If you look at the extended trailer on youtube you’ll see some of the customisation options available as well as what appears to be a tyranid carnifex along with a few more bits of gameplay.

    • Isometric says:

      By the The Adeptus Mechanicus!!!
      Is that a Titan in the “extended trailer on youtube” why yes i think it is!

      link to
      (is this the video?)

      Oh damn now i’m all excited for this all over again, Curse The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind!!!

  33. subedii says:

    I saw maybe one review complain about lack of mouse support in DMC4. To a large extent everyone else recognised that you need a gamepad for it, for obvious reasons.

    In general though, DMC4 was a stellar port, but it had a lot going against it right from the start. Fundamentally that all the fans of the series would’ve already bought it on the consoles. Largely because it had been released on them about a year earlier. Come time for the PC release, and few had even heard of it, fewer still even cared because outside of the series fans, there isn’t really much of an audience for those games on the PC.

    That last one’s really a chicken and egg thing though. People don’t release fighting games like that on the PC, and the PC doesn’t really get a following for them.

    To contrast that, my understanding is that the more recently released SFIV port did a fair amount better. I know on the forums I frequent there are quite a few people who play the PC version.

    • kevinn says:

      SFIV PC got the publicity from people wanting to play a nude Chun Li and Cammy. :P

      Knowing Relic, they’d could port the UI/controls properly but forget something else important, like balance.

    • TotalBiscuit says:

      Not everything requires perfectly mouse/keyboard support. Melee-orientated combat games work better with a pad and last I checked, PC gamers could use pads and had access to the largest possible selection of them. I’d happily play this on my 360 pad and PC rather than my 360 itself, simply because it’ll run better and there’s a big opportunity to tweak the experience to my liking.

      Borderlands is a prime example. Even though it’s consolified and has interface problems in places, I can do neat stuff like turn off the intro movies, turn off mouse-smoothing, increase the FoV and permanently disable voicechat, all via a simple .ini file tweak. Sure, that stuff should have been in the menu from the very start, but I like having that level of control.

    • pkt-zer0 says:

      I don’t think DMC is completely unworkable with keyboard+mouse controls, they could’ve done something similar to Silver. Most of the moves require lock-on as well, simplifying things even further.

      Not like that’d matter much either way when the game’s delayed by a year or so. I actually thought it was still a console-exclusive, even three months after the release of the PC version.

  34. Jetsetlemming says:

    This is the first time I’ve even heard of this game. After I found out that talk of a new “Space Hulk” was just

  35. Jetsetlemming says:

    Goddamnit my cat walked on my keyboard, fuck

  36. army of none says:



  37. Isometric says:

    I’d totally given up on this, it was dead for all i could care.
    I won’t hold my breath but it would be lovely.

    Relic are ever so lovely. <3

  38. Choca says:

    The guys at Relic Entertainment really are awesome, aren’t they ?

  39. MonkeyMonster says:

    I’d be happier than a truck load of termites at a wood convention if this came to PC. Pretty please with cookie…

    • Spacewalk says:

      Ah, but what if it were saddled with GFWL? A necessary evil?

    • MonkeyMonster says:

      DoW II has the GFWL and I have had rare issues with it. Don’t care that much but want to stop around killing stuff with a large hammer or even better jump packing into the hordes and then dispensing the emperors justice. With a large crackling hammer – and no, that’s not a hammer made of pork.

  40. Rook says:

    I tried to sign the petition and then it asked me to register.

    • Slink says:

      That’s not a bad thing. If anyone could just post without registering, you’d have people signing 500 times. Not that these petitions do a lot anyway, but any respect for them would be lost if it was obviously just people padding the numbers.

  41. Andy says:

    I wouldn’t necessarily be worried about it being a rubbish port. It’s being made in an adapted version of the Essence Engine (which has powered relic games for some time now) so we know it renders and runs well on PC.
    As long as they don’t get lazy over controls (like leaving xboxian symbols all over my menus!!) then I don’t see a problem. It’s not really a ‘port’ in the traditional sense.

    Still, in an entirely hand-wavy and slightly feeble generalisation, it’s likely going to ‘feel’ like a console game. That’s less of a problem these days when you can easily stuff a joypad into your PC and games like Batman recently have proved that this phenomenon doesn’t have to occur anymore but this has console written all over it if you ask me.

  42. Crush says:

    A beat em up (its not a shooter per say) or God of War style brawler on the PC is instant failure.

    PC gamers wont touch it because its a console genre and reviewers will slam it, Relic are better off putting all their effort into making the console version the best it will be as thats who will buy it.

    For the 20 people actually still interested in a PC version they could put out a shoddy port several months later that only needs a game pad to work and they would be happy.

    For the same reason there is no Dawn of War on the consoles, not all genres work on any platform.

    • Lagmint says:

      You’re arguing that one wont work on the platform due to INTEREST, while the other wont work due to TECHNICAL INABILITIES. Seriously, anything that requires AI at all fails with in-order processing.

  43. Quests says:

    It’s an ACTION game, a beat’em-up. It’s fit for consoles. RTS are are fit for PC.

    How hard can it be to understand this?

    If there’s people who own a PC and still wanna play an ACTION game, they should sell their PC and buy a damn xpox360

    • D says:

      You got it the wrong way around. FPS’s are unfit for consoles because of their controllers. No genre is unfit for PC as you can just buy and plug in a usb controller.

    • Lagmint says:

      If it was a side-scrolling fighter, I’d say yes consoles. Or a racing game (wheels generally suck in my opinion).

      3D Action game though? Didn’t that genre START on PC?

  44. Thranx says:

    Signed. Give to daddy.

  45. Hug_dealer says:

    apparently the legacy of kain series didnt deserve to be on the PC?

  46. subedii says:

    @ Quests:

    This argument. Sense. The two are not sharing each others presence.

  47. Mull says:

    Yea, an action-RPG of Inquisitor would be amazing. Go read ‘Eisenhorn’ or ‘Ravenor’ by Dan Abnett to get a taste of the fiction.

  48. D says:

    This looks abysmal. Cinemaction moments? Disorienting and nonflowing combat? No challenge? DID ANYONE SEE THE BIT WHERE HE USED HIS GUN AS A FLASHLIGHT (twice)? Don’t want at all.

    • Psychopomp says:


      Excuse me, but I suggest you watch the new trailer, before making an ass of yourself.