RPS Eve Community Doing Okay

I just wanted to remind fence-sitters and ditherers that RPS reader “Dave” is running an Eve Online corporation for us, and you can find out more about it over on the forum thread. The in-game chat channel is “RPS Community”. It’s welcoming players new and old, and is now up to almost a hundred members. In fact, MMO guilds and clans from any game should feel free to post in that subforum if you’re friendly to RPS newbies. Come on folks, help your fellow gamers find a home in the games they want to play.

I’ve also used this article as an excuse to post a trailer for Eve that was released this summer (below). It only took them six years, but CCP have finally created a trailer that captures some of the reason why Eve is an interesting game to play.


  1. Zack says:

    i just temporarily suspended my sub. can’t find a decent corp for the life of me (<10m sp) and whatnot.

    by the by, not to be nit-picky, but should it not be EVE instead of Eve?

  2. Maxheadroom says:

    Still fence sitting, still dithering.

    Must have taken the trial and played the tutorial 3 or 4 times over the years but have never quite got the ‘hook’ to make me commit to a monthly subscription. I keep trying though.

  3. Jim Rossignol says:

    “should it not be EVE instead of Eve?”

    The glory of owning a website is not having to give a shit.

  4. Deerhoof says:

    I guess I’m in two minds about the RPS Corp.

    On the one hand, being in a fledgling corp is great fun, with dreams and aspirations and the promise of carving out a glorious future.

    On the other, I’m already in a corp I’m comfortable with. However we live in a class 5 WH system, and we are only twenty or so members. The ISK is fantastic, and the exploration is what’s really driving my interest at the moment, but it’s maybe TOO comfortable. Especially for somebody who loves to pvp, we don’t get much action, and maybe I’m stuck in a rut.
    There’s only so much C320 you can harvest before it gets tiresome.

    I’ve just broken 50m sp, and I’m struggling to think of the last time I trained anything that was beneficial to my present situation.

    With a corp-count of 100+ members, I’m very interested to see the direction the RPS corp is headed. Maybe it’s time for a change of scenery.

    • El_MUERkO says:

      Class 5’s open into 0.0 space and with the upcoming expansion 0.0 is going to get a lot busier and your wormhole will allow you hit and run access it, I’d say hunker down and prepare for action :)

    • Deerhoof says:

      Muerto :) I am aware of this, however I have my doubts that we’ll be overrun with invaders, as you suggest. Possibly a couple, but we normally have holes opening to Class 3, 4, or 7 systems (mostly Class 3), which are more likely to be populated than nullsec systems that randomly open within ours.
      We have the occasional visitor or five, but almost never any real trouble, and little cause for concern.
      I don’t think nullsec is suddenly going to become a bustling area of space simply because of the expansion. Not to the point where we would notice a jump in system-traffic to the WH.

      Large roaming gangs, yes, which would possibly reduce the likleyhood of any significant force having time and luck to scan us down, and jump any kind of offensive fleet into us, especially without risking becoming trapped, and having to jump back out on the opposite side of the universe (probably through 2 or 3 linking wormholes in the process, since the likleyhood of 2 holes leading to real-space in the same wh system is not high)

    • El_MUERkO says:

      sorry didn’t make myself very clear, i was actually more thinking you could use your WH as a base of operations to raid busy mining systems

  5. Pedwarpump says:

    Zak and Maxheadroom, the whole point of RPSH corp is for people like you, who’ve tried the game and never really found a home or ‘got’ the game. We have just won a war which was fun, especially as the corp we defeated attacked us to start with.

    It’s a blast, give us a go.

  6. Leelad says:

    Really wanted to get into EVE for a long time. The scale/size and the stunning screenshots that come out of it make me want to play.

    Problem is i’m exactly where I want to be playing WoW, Running some of the latest content with a small guild of awesome people. At times that fit in with me being a first time daddy.

    I even have a Shaman Healer with no mana!

    /wave oom

  7. Dave says:

    Exposure 4tw!

    Zack… I’m a little confused. You claim in an RPS community corp thread that you can’t find a decent corp? Re-sub, wander down to Vaajaita and drop an App in. I guarantee you wont regret it!

    Max i found the key in Eve is finding a good corp. We have a massive support structure for newer players (leading some of the more vet players in RPSH to grumble good naturedly about learning Eve on easy mode). At least try another trial…

    Deerhoof we are currently preparing for the jump off into NPC .0 with an interim date of Nov 16th (ie 2 weeks before Dominion). We need all the pilots we can get, new or old. Feel free to stick an alt in for a few weeks and see how you feel. We do have a lot of WH teams on the go at the mo’ as the current standing orders are “carebear your socks off”.

  8. Deerhoof says:

    I like those orders!

    To be honest, we’ve done little else but carebear out in the WH.

    Lots of rocks to shoot, gas to mine, and sites to run!

    Sounds good! My alt is currently specced for freighter (finishing gallente freighter 5 tonight), however she has no combat skills.

    I’ll hit you up ingame when I finish work though, and if you have a spare few minutes sometime.
    If I was to move my main out of the WH, I’ll have to keep an eye open for an appropriate exit! heh. Stupid random exits.

  9. Dave says:

    If I’m not about jump into the “rps community” channel and talk to the fine internet space boat pilots therein. I’m sure they will regale you with tales of how awesome we all are. A word of warning, don’t make eye contact with Undulating Tentacle and for gods sake don’t encourage him!

    Carebear OP’s are go! For another 3 weeks at least. We need as much ISK as possible for our adventures into ‘nullsec’. And never fear our tax structure is lax at best and gets poured straight back into the corp wallet which is accesible by all.

    There is no interview process or screening taking place at the moment, simply mention who you are on RPS in your App text and hey presto one of my fine directors will let you in. We will have to start being cagey in the near future but for now nobody is interested enough in us to start sticking spies in (oh hai ATSQ).

  10. Dave says:

    “fullstop and”


  11. Trubka says:

    EVE makes me angry. I absolutely love that game. But it’s SO time consuming I just can’t invest enough time into it. I stopped again half year ago just right after I got into a corp (same thing happened last year) turning all my money into ships and stuff and putting them into the corp hangar to which I guess don’t have access anymore with such long inactivity. Damn it. Oh well.

    So now I’m really looking forward to Dust 514 which so far looks like it might be less time consuming (with it being and FPS) than EVE and I’d still be able to get back to that great universe. Oh I hope so much Dust 514 will be a success. *fingers crossed*

  12. Gap Gen says:

    The problem with that trailer is that *everything* is chaotic and non-linear, and why many games try so hard to suppress unpredictability and enforce linearity. Part of the reason school-level physics (and to a lager extent, undergraduate physics) is misleading is because it implies that everything has a simple formula guiding it that makes things predictable, rather than life being a swirling shitstorm of unpredictability with a Lyapunov exponent shorter than the time it takes me to fart. It also explains why weather forecasting is such a thankless task, and why astrology and the film Knowing are such bullshit.

    So yeah, your life is a vast, swirling vortex of unpredictability. Hurrah!

    • Tei says:

      Maybe there are other problems:
      – single effect, multiple causes. Like air disasters. Most people want to blame stuff on one cause, but some events can have.
      – what you want is not what you need, what you say you think, is not what you think. The reason most polls are flawed, even if people is honest. People don’t really know his motives.
      – some causes have a source on a higher level of organization. You will not linch a guy, but a mob will do. You will not give power to a stupid guy, but often a democracy does this. Something soo big you can’t see it exist/move, can cause something, so you will see the effect comming from nowhere. The brain is a simple collection of cells moving signals, but the output is a complex something else. You can’t understand a brain, simply understanding gray cells. Where are bad at this type of thinking, or we let irrationaly drive our thinkings at that level.
      – people are animals

    • MrFake says:

      That’s not a problem; that’s actually a positive aspect of the game. Generating order from the chaos, annealing context out of a scattershot of possibilities, is what all script writing is about, and in this case it’s the players that get the chance to do it.

      What people may not like, however, is the responsibility to do just that, leading to dependence on the simple and manageable. From hard work comes great reward, but some gamers may consider hard work and fun mutually exclusive.

    • medwards says:

      Things like that may not be common, but they happen… like the time we set up a roaming gang near the beginning of our war. We were on our way to set up a camp when our scout is like “oh shit! he’s attacking.” By chance he jumps back thru the gate towards us with impeccable timing so that we all come out of warp just as they’re beginning to engage again. Then we pew-pewed his ass into oblivion. Oh how sweet it was.

  13. Danny says:

    I played the EVE trial a while back and loved the community and the overall atmosphere of the game. After i had learnt alot during my trial i begun to get bored and stopped logging in. The game felt very lonely and isolating. I didnt really know where i was headed with this game and so i didnt pay for the next month. This RPS corp sounds interesting though and perhaps i should give the game another go and join you lovely people :)

  14. Hawk K says:

    I just want to give a big shout for any of you Eve newbies stuck on the fence. A month ago I was one of you, but this corp has taken me further into Eve than I would have believed was possible in so short a time. I’ve been on adventures into nullsec, explored wormholes, been part of fleet battles and even been part of the winning side of a war. Best of all, I feel that I have made a useful contribution to these activities.

    We’re a very friendly bunch of people, so do pop along to “rps community” and say O Hai.


  15. Demon Beaver says:

    The trailer is nice, and fits in well with the saga Jim spun here two months ago. Only thing bothering me is the music in the background…

    I would love to play EVE, but I can’t afford it, it would ruin my studies thoroughly

  16. Deerhoof says:

    Are there many experienced/skilled members?

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      It seems like there are enough. The CEO has been playing for many years.

    • Hawk K says:

      We have a good mix of experienced and new players. I think someone estimated that we are something 1/3 veterans and 2/3 newer players. A lot of the newer players are already making significant contributions as well (see our victorious war against a corp of vets, in which characters a few weeks old were defeating people who’d been playing for years).

  17. Ovno says:

    Yeah theres quite a few vets in the corp now, not more than there are new guys but certainly enough for us to be able to field a reasonable number of good ships etc…

  18. Rive says:

    In the trailer they try to hammer the point home that helping the miner had “major impact”. “Your decision to help the miner led to this events.” The butterfly effect. Really? Whole thing seems pretty contrived to me. I did love that HTFU – Permaband Song though.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Those kinds of events happen all the time in Eve, and I bet that exact sequence of circumstances has taken place.

    • jalf says:


      It didn’t seem all that unusual to me. Of course, often the outcome is more boring (you got killed by the pirates, or by the miners’ friends when they arrived), but really, those events are nothing unique. Certainly not contrived.

    • D says:

      I think what he means is what happened in the story has nothing to do with the butterfly effect. It’s ‘player defends miner, player flies with group, player joins huge battle, player dies’ either before or after having dished out a miniscule amount of damage. The trailer then seems to just say that “stuff will happen when you make decisions to do stuff, or not, and it’s amazing because it’s unscripted.”

      Unscripted stuff happens all the time in real life too. Most of the time it’s pretty unamazing. But a nice trailer.

    • Ovno says:

      Yes but in most computer games, not much unscripted stuff happens and also in real life you don’t get to fly a space ship and fight in space battles.

  19. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    It’s always interesting to hear about EVE, and the premise always seems interesting, but I remember I disliked it when I did a trial. I’m sure that’s in part because EVE is rather complex and you have to get through that, but I’m unlikely to try it again any time soon. Also because I dislike the point-and-click flying and because I can be a bit of a loner.

  20. mandrill says:

    I was a member for a while, but left as the corps goals didn’t seem to coincide with mine. My advice to older players is to think about what you want to do in EVE and whether RPSH is the best place to do it. Read up in the forums and chat to the guys in game before you jump in.

    For newer players I can’t reccommend RPSH enough, they do a wide enough variety of things that you’re unlikely to ever be bored, and joining them is a good way to get a taste of pretty much every aspect of EVE before settling into your own niche.

  21. Deerhoof says:

    That’s a perfect ratio.

    A corp needs new blood, and inexperienced players. They add vitality to what could be a crumbly old vet corp, where everybody does their own thing.

    I really enjoy helping new guys out, leading small fleets and showing people the ropes, helping with fittings etc.
    It’s a proud day when someone you’ve been helping out with fitting ideas, can spec up a ship on their own, to do exactly the job they want, without using battleclinic or asking for any advice.
    It’s quite staggering, the number of variables and solutions you could apply to ship-fitting, and having that ability is a good sign that you’ve broken through the eve-wall (pebble-dash) we all hammered our skulls against for the first few months of play, like demented space-woodpeckers.

    It really is true that you SP is no match for enthusiasm and experience, and in order to gain the latter, you need a good mix of races and specializations in your corporation.

    Yay RPSCorp!

  22. mpk says:

    I was on the verge of quitting EVE, now after two weeks with RPSH I’ve found my interest in the game rejuvenated. A war against a fairly terribad opponent helped, but so did the enthusiasm and ability of the corp new starts. We r good corp.

  23. MikeBiggs says:

    Now that trailer makes me wanna pick the game up again!

    Infact, Re-downloading on steam now!
    Huzzah for doing even less work on my degree!

  24. Johrran says:

    Heh, well, it seems that my corp-mates have done a pretty good job already highlighting the nice things about the corp from the various perspectives, but thought I’d put my 2c in.

    I’ve “started” playing EVE on about four or five different occasions, and this is the only time I’ve actually stayed in longer than the two-week trial. Having a good, friendly corp makes such a difference to how enjoyable this game actually is. We just won a war against a corp [apparently] full of experienced PVP pilots, and that was a pretty great feeling; especially being able to contribute as a 5-week old character.

  25. Ixian says:

    Returning player here, played about 3 years ago for three months have two characters with 7.3 and 2.3 million skillpoints.

    I just started back up this month and would love to get hooked up with the RPS crew!

  26. Scatterbrainpaul says:


    For the first time in EVE i’ve actually made it past the inital few weeks, and re-subscribed (I’ve tried the trial a number of times over the year). This is mainly down to the RPS corp, etc…. see what everybody above is saying and give it another go.

    But my main point, what I’m really trying to say about EVE is as follows.

    “EBEN, will you please re-active my fucking account at RPS Holdings, you lazy f*ck”


  27. Dave says:

    lmfao, im on it Paul. Sorry

    So far we have a staggering 1 new pilot. Come on folks read the testimonials, a new life awaits!

  28. Sparvy says:

    Running the trial at the moment, not sure I’ll join up though seeing as I probably wont have the time for it after this week. I played for a couple hours now, which is more than any other of my forays into deep space has lasted so who knows.

  29. We Fly Spitfires says:

    EVE is a great game and that is indeed a great video. The documentary Another Perfect World is also fantastic for showing off EVE. It’s what got me into the game.

  30. RagingLion says:

    That is a good trailer. Hadn’t seen it before, and you’re right, does a decent job of starting to capture what it seems EVE players love about the game and what makes it distinct from other MMOs.

  31. Johrran says:

    You can head over to Vaajaita VI – Mercantile Club Bureau (I think it’s at planet 6… at any rate, it’s the only Mercantile Club Bureau in Vaajaita) and put in an app there. Mention your posting name here in your application.

  32. txMaddog says:

    Love the new trailer! Just re-upped my subscription and re-learning the game after being gone for 2 years. Lots of new stuff to learn and explore!

  33. PJ says:

    What is the ratio of US players? My problem in previous corps I’ve been in is there were far more Euros which left me alone for most of my time online.

  34. bigbadbaldy says:

    Join the RPS corp. I was also on the fence, but the friendly guys in corp answered all my questions, and made the learning curve so much easier. If you ask nicely they’ll help you get started with ships and ISK as well. :)

  35. Dave says:

    Our US/Canadian timezone is robust with average 15-20 people on at peak times

    BTW the “eben” channel is broken, ignore that part of the first forum post and use “rps community” instead

  36. Benny says:

    Player Testimonial #27 – Benny
    I was at a loss, wishing i could fly some internet space ships, when i discovered EVE Online! Such a great game but alas, i knew so few chums to be space pilots with.

    But then i found out about “RPS Holdings”!!! With their great sense of inter-stellar camaraderie and a tendency to think ‘outside the chicken’ had me sold! That dreaded “Learning Cliff of EVE Online(tm)” felt like the rolling hills of a Windows XP fresh install desktop with their help, and we haven’t even got started on the parties at Eben’s place!

    RPS Holdings even helped with the transfer of my soul from Blizzard’s secure holding facility to CCP’s free range Icelandic farm!

    If you like space, the internet, top hats, shiny things, monocles, wormholing Canadians and having fun then this is the place for you!

    • Ovno says:

      wormholing Canadians, that really sounds like some sort of indecent act.

    • Johrran says:

      @Ovno: canadiansexacts.org

      Yes sir! It are a (insert species) life in RPS Holdings! Two pound butter a week, a pound beef a day, and all the (insert racial beverage of choice) you can absorb! You will see (landmark), visit (location), and meet many (insert local stereotype)!

  37. Cooper says:

    Meh, I need to get back into EVE. I’ll finish that Epic Arc tonight and drop on by.

    • bigbadbaldy says:

      if you need help with the final mission, just let us know!

  38. Tentacle says:

    At first I was afraid, I was petrified. I kept thinking “I could never fly without you by my side” But then I spent so many nights thinkin’ how to fly a drake, and I grew strong and I learned how to rhyme with drake. And so you’re back, from outer space, I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face. I should have changed that stupid air lock, I should have made you lose your API key. If I’d have known for just one second you’d be back to bother me. Go on now go, fly out the door, sign up for RPSH now, they always welcome more. Weren’t you the one who tried to shoot my lovely Drake, did you think it’d crumble? Did you think my shields were gonna break? Oh no not I, I will survive.

    And so will you, if you join RPSH in EVE.

  39. Rogue says:

    Potential EVE newbies, RPSH wants YOU!

    Join RPSH and see the galaxy, explore strange wormholes, shoot at and be shot at by random people in nullsec, learn the fine art of the Rifter of Dooooom(tm), and engage in acts of Grand Theft Orca!

    All this and more can be yours.

    Join up TODAY!

  40. Railick says:

    It is odd EVE has really being calling to me ever since it came out but I've never been able to afford to play it :P

    The other day I was playing Day of Defeat:Source from like 4:00 am to 6:00 am and there was a dude named EVE in the server. Around 5:00 AM someone says "Hey EVE, do you actually play EVE?" Up until this point EVE had just been annoying everyone spamming the mic with " get the second flag" over and over again while not actually getting the second flag himself (He was an MG you see and didn't feel the need to risk his own life for anything) The only reason he wasn't constantly asking for ammo is because I made sure to give him plenty to shut him up :P

    So at this point EVE Explodes into an hour long explation of the political situation in his part of Eve Online with the other guy saying "Yah yah I know what you're talking about those guys are 1)Cool 2)Idiots 3)weak 4)Scary 5)geh. I switched teams to attempt to escape the convo but it turns out all talk was on. Even after I shot Eve in the face and killed him his mic continued to work even in death! If I weren't doing so very well I would have left the server. I was much to nice to actually request that he shut up though :) (that didn't stop me from making fun of him in team chat though lol)

    I can't escape EVE no matter where I go. Hopefully some day I'll get a job where I actually make more money than I spend and I'll be able to EVE with you all.

    • Benny says:

      Well one of the great systems within EVE that CCP have added is the Player License EXtention or PLEX.

      Basically someone buys a Game Time Card, converts it to an item in game which you can then sell for in game money in EVE. So if you can earn enough money in game you can buy these PLEXs and play with no real money cost.

      More info on it over at:
      link to wiki.eveonline.com

  41. Lucifer says:

    EVE sucks. Full of long term players criticising the sp you don’t have, telling you your attempt to fit out a ship is “fail” and generally making a new player like me feel like I shouldn’t have bothered even trying to play. How is the RPS corp going to be any different? Every corp I’ve ever tried ends up with vets making new players feel like they are a waste of space.

    • Benny says:

      Well i assure you every one of the vets in RPSH are nice, supportive and a hell of alot of help. And even if they think a certain ship fitting is fail at least they’ll explain how it might or might not work, suggest alternatives and give you ideas on how to fly it. The idea of this corp is to give the new players who are usually put off by a lack of corp or a high SP/knowledge demanding corp a chance to get into the game with like minded people.

      At the end of the day it’s all about having fun :)

    • Hawk K says:

      It’s different, I absolutely guarantee you that. We’re about 60% new players, so you’d be in excellent company.

    • Johrran says:

      Yeah, definitely all of the vets have been really helpful. Like Benny said, if you ask for opinions on a ship fitting, you’re more likely to get “adding an X to that would really help it do Y” or “because of the heavy diminishing returns, using more than X of Y isn’t really worth it, you’re better replacing some with Z” rather than “that sucks”

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Sounds like you just joined a corp full of dicks, of which there are many. Not all are like that, however, and the ones that specialise in helping beginners, like the RPS corp seems to be, rely on being nice to newcomers.

    • Psychopomp says:

      Lucifer, you either joined a pirate corp, or got really unlucky.

      Both of those things are lamentable.

    • Ovno says:

      Yes there are many people in eve who will call you fail in eve, but most of them are just internet tough guys who get a power trip from abusing people over the internet.

      That said one of the first tests that eve throws at you is how thick your skin is, quickly followed by how you deal with loss.

      If you can cope with people saying things to you and you can get back up and start again after losing most of what you own then eve is the best game out there.

    • Ovno says:

      Yes there are many people in eve who will call you fail in eve, but most of them are just internet tough guys who get a power trip from abusing people over the internet.

      That said one of the first tests that eve throws at you is how thick your skin is, quickly followed by how you deal with loss.

      If you can cope with people saying things to you and you can get back up and start again after losing most of what you own then eve is the best game there is.

  42. lePooch says:

    As an ex-EVE player, I can truthfully say that its the corp you are in that makes the difference to your experience.

    My experience went from mediocre(mining alone in nullsec, dodging pirates) to awesome(GOOOON WARRRR), to bloody(Left swarm, joined another corp, went to war), to depressing(corp membership peters out…..gankgankgankgankganked…no money, no ship, quit) over the course of three years playing this.

    If you get into a corp and can keep a core circle of friends, you are all set. My problem was that I jumped around and paid the price. The fact that the game mechanics encourage huge entrenched corporations/alliances with a hardcore base and leaves newer corps at a distinct disadvantage is either a boon or a curse depending on how you play.

  43. Railick says:

    I've heard of the plex before. But I seriously doubt I'll be able to get enough ISK durning the 14 day trial in order to actually get one :P Still if I ever come upon a time where I have extra money to spend and extra time to play Eve with I will certainly jump on it. It is one of the most beautiful and awesome mmorpgs I've ever seen (I've played about 4 14 day trials over the years and I'm always hooked but unable to keep playing)

  44. Dan says:

    I remember the thing that put me off subscribing was the extra cost for the first month which was around 20 pounds. Has this changed at all? I am thinking of freeing up some room and downloading the trial. Couldnt get the 21 day steam trial to work unfortunately though.

  45. JJ says:

    Dan, I should be able to send you a 21 day trial if you can’t get the steam one to work.

    Send me your email address to jmanson622@googlemail.com (a disposable email I don’t mind getting spammed) and I’ll send you one mate.

  46. Psychopomp says:

    I had to cancel my sub about two days after joining :\

  47. Dave says:

    @ Dan yeah you have to buy the game first then subscribe. if your UK/EU based have a look at shattered crystal’s GTC’s. Being that they are sold in dollars you usually save a few quid on your monthly subs.

  48. Dave says:

    @ Lucifer were all about the newer players. I was even nice to someone today and everything.

  49. Hawk K says:

    @Dan: I think the game is only £8.99 on steam, and you get your first month free, so the first month is actually cheaper than subsequent months. Like Dave says, if you buy your time cards in dollars thereafter it works out at about £10 a month (at current exchange rates of course)

  50. Ixian says:

    Will try to get over that way this weekend and apply. Currently based more south in Domain/Tash-Murkon area.