Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Is Unlocked

Go, go get it!

The Left 4 Dead 2 demo is go. If you pre-loaded it on Steam, it should have unlocked now. (If it isn’t showing up for you, quit out of Steam and restart.) If not, get downloading. And then let us know what you think below.


  1. DJ Phantoon says:

    Argh! Damn you Brits! I have to wait seven more hours!

  2. Lagmint says:

    I’m really curious what people think of it. I’m really hoping they maps are as little like Crash Course as possible, because Jesus that’s a bad Campaign map. Too flat, not enough interesting details (jumping off the bridge into a narrow alley is the only interesting part I can even remember).

    • Vinraith says:

      Crash Course was thrown together in a couple of months, L4D2 has been in the works for at least a year, possibly more. I’ve no doubt the maps are better, even if I’m not interested in the game myself.

    • Uglycat says:

      Strange, I really love CC. It’s short and perky, and has witches and tanks, and doesn’t require 2 1/2 hours of non-interruptable time that the other campaigns offer.

    • CMaster says:

      I haven’t played Crash Course anything like enough to offer an opinion on how good it is overall.
      What I would say is that it sure doesn’t feel like it’s built for versus. Almost every single rooftop or hiding position I wanted to get to as an infected was denied to me. The most ridiculous one being when the players are going under a bridge which you can see cars/trains (I don’t recall which) – and you aren’t allowed on top of it.

  3. DJ Phantoon says:

    Scratch that, Steam just doesn’t work right on this computer. I’ll figure out why it’s telling me it’s not ready.

  4. kwyjibo says:

    Delayed without explanation.

    Great that it’s finally out, but I’d have thought that Valve would want to make Steam look a bit better than Xbox Live.

  5. Archonsod says:

    Lost all interest in L4D2 after Borderlands :P

    • Dave says:

      I’m there. I wish the truly excellent games and game deals didn’t cluster so much around this time of year. But I figure maybe I’ll have cooled a little on Borderlands by the time there’s a big discount on L4D2. If I don’t manage to get hooked back on RFG or Torchlight in the meantime…

  6. El_MUERkO says:

    not unlocked for me :*(

  7. TheLordHimself says:

    But borderlands isn’t activated until tomorrow?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • Thrawny says:

      my boxed copy of Borderlands turned up today, didnt require any activation that i noticed.

  8. Haircute says:

    Damn it. I doubt I’ll be enjoying the demo at all. I love my girlfriend but I didn’t have the heart to tell her that the thoughtful gift of preordering the game at Gamestop for me would most likely prohibit me from playing the eventual demo since I’m not getting it through steam now…

    • Catastrophe says:

      Ahwell, you’ve get more enjoyment out of playing the full thing when its released and you’ll enjoy it much more than someone who has slightly burned themself out on the demo :]

  9. Saul says:


    I thought Crash Course was awesome– much more dynamic, open design than the original campaigns.

    And yeah, Borderlands isn’t out until tomorrow in Australia and Europe, after they promised Tuesday on Steam… so L4D2 demo still wins!

    • Saul says:

      I love it. It’s familiar yet at the same time entirely new. The weapons feel much more solid and the daylight gives it a completely different atmosphere. With the new weapons, items and specials and the more open maps, it’s much more of a variety show, which keeps you on your toes and prevents you falling back into the same old routines. The running climax is particularly cool.

    • yutt says:

      Valve pulled off a marketing miracle by convincing people a hacked together, unpolished, short campaign was somehow superior.

      Truly is incredible how you only need a little savvy marketing-speak to convince people bad is good.

      “Streamlined, fast-paced campaign!”

    • Geoff says:

      You’re so right. Entertainment is not really subjective, and only clever folks like you have observed the objective inferiority here. Also, $20 indie games are clearly inferior to EA’s $60 games, but the silly journalist conspiracy has convinced people they “like” these games.

  10. LewieP says:

    I’ve played a fair bit of it earlier on today on the 360. A lot of fun.

    People in the UK wanting to get the demo early without having to commit to preordering: Go to gamestation, preorder it, (without any commitment, or putting any money down) and then they’ll give you the code to unlock the demo early.

  11. Poindexter says:

    Decrypting at 50%. I don’t know if I’ll get to it tonight or not. Hopefully it speeds up decrypting.

  12. CMaster says:

    Wait, is this for pre-order people only? Because I can’t find a way to DL it over steam.
    Beyond that, am not overly interested. I played L4D for about 3-4 months almost every day, then just stopped. Have barley been back. Even though it sounds like they fixed a lot of the things wrong with L4D1, it just doesn’t seem able to provoke anything other than apathy in me. A quick pick up of the 360 version an Eurogamer Expo only made that worse, with L4D2 being one of the “meh” games I tried.

    • Tyshalle says:

      Playing it 3-4 months every day doesn’t constitute a good game in your opinion? I can’t think of a single game I’ve ever played that often for that length of time. And I’ve logged a LOT of hours into L4D and TF2.

    • lagmint says:

      Maybe he means he’s bored of L4D1, and L4D2 looks similar to him? That’s my guess, heh.

    • Tyshalle says:

      Sure, and that’s valid enough. Though it seems to me that if you can get 4 months of daily play time into 4 campaigns, having 5 more released should give you a bit of fun too.

    • CMaster says:

      What? Where did I ever say that L4D wasn’t a good game?
      It had it’s faults (crescendos, closet camping, horrendous matchmaking) and despite the time spent playing always felt a bit like questionable value, but I always thought it was a very, very good game.

      But new campaigns don’t interest me. I’ve played crash course once. I downloaded Death Abroad and a couple of the other better reviewed custom campaigns. They’ve gone unplayed. I played the 360 version of L4D2 and walked away after 5 minutes feeling thoroughly uninterested. I’m not arguing that L4D2 is a poor game because of this. Just explaining why I’m not overly interested.

      It’s perhaps also worth commenting that I was apprehensive when I bought L4D. About whether it was good value, whether it would last etc. I bought because of past good experience with Valve – that they made games that I routinely enjoyed (although I hadn’t at this point gotten in to TF2 – that came after for me) and that they were good at fixing up and expanding their other games. In the end, longevity came from Versus which Valve had apparently underestimated and while important exploits were fixed, we never really saw much in the way of expansion or development of L4D until the rather uninspiring Crash Course. While I’m in no way angry at Valve, the fact that they chose to fix the bigger gameplay problems through a sequel rather than tweaking up the old one was a little disappointing – made me feel a bit like paying to beta test – and I’m a lot more hesitant about taking the risk on L4D which I was wavering about than on L4D2.

      Of course, it could well be that 12 months down the line I’m no longer burned out on L4D-style play and then there’ll be nothing stopping me picking up L4D2 – I’m sure it will sustain a good size community. Sorry this has gone on a bit long and vaguely – you were misunderstanding me and I’m just trying to explain where I am coming from.

    • Vandelay says:

      I agree completely with CMaster’s apprehension about this sequel. I have no qualms about Valve releasing it, or it being a full sequel rather than an expansion, but I’m not sure whether it will hold my interest in the same way L4D did. I loved the original for about 4 months and thought it was money well spent, but I have had very little interest in returning to the game since. The release of Survivor mode brought me back briefly, but I felt that mode brought out the worst in the L4D players, with corner camping being the order of the day for every game. I only played Crash Course for the first time a few weeks ago and, although enjoyable, didn’t make me that interested in continued play. Basically, I’ve just burned out the gameplay and I don’t feel new levels will change that.

      Having said that, some of the changes to L4D2 do look like they are going to be significant in many regards, but whether it is enough to make me play for even a month I don’t know.

    • Tyshalle says:

      Sure. I wasn’t trying to belittle your position CMaster, I was just saying that if you played the game as often as you said you did (daily for 3-4 months) then you got your money’s worth, and that if you were able to spend even half that time on L4D2 it would still be worth that amount of money. It sounds like you think you’d only play each map once or twice though, in which case I totally understand your apprehension.

      Though I don’t understand why you didn’t like Crash Course. Personally I liked that map a lot, and felt like it addressed a lot of issues. It also helps that it’s shorter, IMO.

      I do wish though that they introduced the Spitter to L4D1 though. Solving the terrible issue corner camping in a new game is all well and good, but not solving it for the original is almost certainly going to make that game fall to the wayside once the new one is released.

  13. VelvetFistIronGlove says:

    I’m in more or less the same boat as CMaster. I burned out on L4D, and am only mildly interested in L4D2. I’m waiting to see the demo to decide if it’s worth my money (which is what I naïvely thought demos were for), but no, only the people who have already decided get the demo.

    Game publishers: get your act together. By all means, give people who preorder something special. Preferably something physical and exclusive. But don’t give them the demo early, it’s got little value to them, and they don’t need to be convinced by the demo.

    • StormTec says:

      If I remember right, the demo for L4D1 was eventually made available to everyone a short time before its actual release. I’m pretty sure the fact that it said “preorder now and get early access to the demo” on the Steam advert for L4D2 strongly implies that the same will happen for this demo.

  14. Flobulon says:

    Just had a run through with some randomers. Pretty much what I expected, in a good way. Didn’t manage to make me panic though, but perhaps that’s because I was only playing it on Normal.

    Melee weapons are fun.

  15. supersheep says:

    Pre-orders only. It was delayed for a day or so…

    First thoughts:

    Weapons are more solid than L4D1, though some of the animation seemed a bit off. Movement is a bit slower; feels less “Counterstrike-y” which I like a great deal.

    The initial campaign felt odd, then I realised why – it’s the daytime lighting – looks bloody great though. The detail on the maps is *insane*, and there’s a good variety of areas (large open spaces, tight corridors, streets). The setting is pretty well realised, with lots of little touches.

    The touted “gaunlet” style climax really works; I won’t spoil it for anyone, but suffice it to say it feels way more natural and enjoyable than the old style “press this button then get attacked a lot in one place”.

    Seems faster on my machine than L4D1 was.

  16. Po0py says:

    So…when does the demo unlock for those of us who want to decide if they want to buy it or not.

    Jeez, I thought that was what demo’s were for…

    To be honest, all this pre-order shite is really getting on my nuts. Buy the game and get the demo FREE!. Pre-Order this and get free in-game content. RAH!

    How ’bout I stand up from my computer and walk calmly over to that wall and start headbutting it.
    How bout that?

    • DarkNoghri says:

      One week from now, as I recall. They did the same thing last year with L4D, and it made no sense then either.

    • Tyshalle says:

      It made no sense? What are you guys? Just bitter to be bitter? The Demo is getting released early for people who pre-ordered. It’ll get released in another week, bug free I might add (as currently there are tons of bugs) for everyone else, and if you like it you can still pre-order it and get the baseball bat or free blowjob or whatever they’re offering. So what’s the problem here?

    • Elyscape says:

      Free blowjob with preorder? Normally I’d say that’s a winning move, but considering that this is a zombie game…

    • Vinraith says:

      The early release demo for preorders, which I agree is an irritating tactic, is apparently more of a “let the fans debug the demo before releasing to the undecided public” move. In that regard, I suppose it makes a certain twisted measure of sense.

    • Catastrophe says:


      Have you not learnt from your earlier comment not to misunderstand peoples legitimate concerns/opinions and then have a fanboi-esque rant at them?

      Releasing a demo early for a pre-order IS a silly tactic.

    • Po0py says:

      Well, my head is hurting.

    • Clovis says:

      I think y’all are missing the point here. The question isn’t whether this tactic is annoying or not, it is whether or not it is effective at generating sales. My guess is that it is very effective. I wasn’t planning on buying it for full price, but when I heard about access to the demo I suddenly wanted to order. I came to my senses, but I’m sure a lot of previous fence sitters will suddenly decide to preorder.

      Now I’m excited about getting access to teh demo for free in a week or so…

    • Tyshalle says:

      Oh, my fault Catastrophe. When I made my comment I forgot to consult you first, since apparently you hold the final say on right and wrong with winning, thought-provoking arguments like simply asserting your opinion with no actual elaboration: “Releasing a demo early for pre-order IS a silly tactic.”

      And as Clovis said, which I completely agree with, the demo being released early for pre-orders is very likely to have gotten many fence sitters to come over and pre-order. It’s a tactic that is very probably generating sales. So again I ask, what is silly about this?

      And as stated before, the demo is riddled with game-stopping bugs right now, so if you didn’t pre-order, you’re not missing much. And if, in a week when the demo is released for everyone, you play it and decide to buy it, you can still pre-order and get the little extras. So what’s the problem?

    • Catastrophe says:

      My opinion at the end of my comment was purely my opinion and perfectly reasonable to add.

      What I begun my post with still stands.

      I’ll even go as far to state why I think its a silly tactic:

      Demos are for demoing a game to find out if its worth your purchase, getting sales by showing people how good a smart chunk of your game is. I feel using it as some poor attempt to force some fence sitters into pre-ordering the game shows bad sportmanship and goes against the old school “demo” idea. Its also very little benefit to the actual people who want the game and pre-ordered it regardless.

      That ofcourse is my opinion by which I did not force onto someone else and did not use it to belittle others, unlike yourself.

  17. DarkNoghri says:

    Did they happen to have any sort of versus in the demo? Most of my issues from the first game stemmed from things in versus mode.

    • Tyshalle says:

      No versus. I imagine they’re going for a little taste of the game without looking for anyone getting any long-term fun out of it, thus forcing you to buy it if you like it.

    • Elyscape says:

      Especially since, with L4D1, they then killed the demo upon release.

    • Catastrophe says:

      Apart from the fact people who are playing the demo HAVE bought it.

    • Tyshalle says:

      Sure, but the demo’s going to be released for everyone else in a week anyway.

  18. Doomguy says:

    Aye ’tis good fun.

  19. Alex-chan! says:

    the two maps are fun to play, if a little short, i’ll need more time to get favourite weapons, as none of them feel as “safe” as the l4d ones. the boomer bomb is useless on a tank, and the spitter is dangerous even on easy mode. It’s a shame that the demo had release problems, i’d love to play with friends but they’ve all gone to bed…

  20. Flappybat says:

    I’m not sure if I like it exactly. We played the hell out of Left 4 Dead and in comparison this feels like everything has been dialed up to 11 and it really might have lost something. L4D felt like a really ordered, tight experience which really got the atmosphere of the situation spot on.

    On first impressions, Left 4 Dead is Heat, Left 4 Dead 2 is Transformers.

  21. Lilliput King says:

    Go for it.

  22. Mike says:

    I have to say, I didn’t love the setting that much. I think possibly it’s the graphical delivery – it’s very bright and colourful, which I suppose it should be. But things like the Spitter acid look like they’re from a console game a decade ago – gaudy, detailless masses of green, and… I dunno, it’s still fun. It is fun. But it’s not as cold or atmospheric as Left4Dead was. Maybe that’s not why people played it, but I think I’ll miss that.

  23. smeghammer says:

    has anyone worked out how to play as infected?

  24. LewieP says:

    Does anyone else think that the source engine is really starting to show it’s age now too?

    • Tyshalle says:

      Nah, still looks great IMO. Valve does faces better than anyone else out there too, especially facial animations. It’s not exactly as if they’re using the original HL2 engine anyway. It’s supercharged! But seriously, I think it looks great.

    • cubed2D says:

      source has been updated an awful lot since halflife 2 first came out, its designed in a modular way so they can upgrade parts of it easily. valve games might not be the very top of what you can do graphicly nowerdays, but i think thats more of a concious design choice than any real comment on the age of the engine. they want to sell alot of copies, they have hardware data from steam, they damn well make sure the game can run on what most of there customers have. sure, it might not end up looking as good a crysis, but there games still look pritty damn good.

    • jalf says:

      Yup. Of course you can think up dozens of excuses (as a few people have already done), but at the end of the day, it is starting to look pretty ‘eh’.

      Then again, it is what, 5 years old by now? It’s held up prettty well, but it’s hardly cutting edge any more.

    • Tei says:

      “Then again, it is what, 5 years old by now? It’s held up prettty well, but it’s hardly cutting edge any more.”

      link to es.wikipedia.org
      11 years old.
      Borderlands last released game that use a Unreal engine.

      link to es.wikipedia.org
      13 years old
      L4D2 last released game that use a Quake based engine (Source)

      How old is a engine, is a opinion. Valve did a “almost a total rewrite-ish” with HL. And a good face-lift with HL2.
      I don’t know about Unreal, but I am sure has suffered a few “total rewrites”.
      As people say, Valve has made “Source” very modular, so theres already lots of incremental and mayor enhancements. Probably a few more to catter with XBox and these crap. What is probablly not changing, is how the engine is still a “BSP engine”…this affect collisions, rendering, and netcode. And impose limits on these 3 things. And it still use the philosophy of “entities”, that are object with attributes, that the mapper put on the map. func_door is 13 years old, and probably theres lots of func_door’s in 2009’s L4D2. One can think that this philosophy add another limits, but is also very handy.

    • Tyshalle says:

      You know though, I suspect that Borderlands’ graphics aren’t nearly as good as they look. I think that the rotoscoping hides (very effectively) what might be very average graphics underneath it.

  25. TCM says:

    It looks and plays sweet.

    There’s a couple weapons that seem to be different purely for visual variety (Chrome Shotgun vs. Pump Action Shotgun), and the shotgun’s been nerfed to heck and back, but overall a very satisfying demo. I also noticed some activity from director 2.0, changing routes and lighting and such, but it was very minor. Still a nice touch, and since the demo only covers two maps, I’d expect it to be used more extensively later. Campaigns also seem to have continuity based on the opening, and the characters are both likable and memorable. Lots of great incidental dialogue too, and some pretty cool reactions.

    Overall, highly satisfied with my purchase, looking forward to full game.

    • TCM says:

      Cont’d slightly.

      Also curious about “realism” mode. Unless I’ve missed something in the coverage (admitedly likely), this hasn’t been announced.

    • TCM says:

      And a couple more notes:

      It is REALLY REALLLY buggy. At one point, my friends and I noclipped through everything that wasn’t the floor.

      The special infected are AWESOME.

      The gauntlet is amazingly intense.

      Difficulty has been upped significantly, which is a good thing.

    • Dagda says:

      Some press people noticed it as an option a few weeks back. Sounds like it’s basically a level above Expert.

    • Maniac11919 says:

      Realism mode revealed today, here:

      link to g4tv.com

      I’m not sure, but I think the differences are only headshots (and melee hits maybe?) kill zombies, and people don’t go down, but die instead, only able to be revived w/ a defibrillator.

      Other than that I didn’t see too much different in realism mode…

  26. lagmint says:

    Have fun trying to play online ;)

    Me and 18 steam friends are 2 for.. well, several hundred tries each. And yeah that’s two total connects.

    • TCM says:

      I never failed to play on a dedicated server, 5 games with 4 people.

    • lagmint says:

      Sorry, that was a reply to the Borderlands comments… weird. Anyway, heard good things from my friends about L4D2 so far. good thing, given that I can’t play Borderlands multiplayer (how amusing is that, haha) we’ve been playing L4D at work. Looking forward to new stuff!

  27. Tyshalle says:

    First impressions are: Wow, this is buggy as hell. My first playthrough I didn’t have any troubles, but I’ve tried playing it like three or four times since and it’s hella buggy. My shotgun randomly disappeared from my arsenal. Also, the melee weapons are supposed to replace your pistols only, I believe, but it replaced my shotgun. Maybe that’s intentional, but it only happened once and I haven’t been able to duplicate it since.

    There’s a lot of other bugs too, which I won’t go into.

    It’s entertaining, but I’m not in love with the new characters. I’ve been on the fence more or less up until this point, but now I’m pretty sure I’m just not a huge fan.

    The new special infected are awesome. The old ones in this game kind of suck by comparison, though maybe it’s just the newness of the new ones that’s doing that.

    I’m not in love with the weapons. Any of them. Except the machete, which is spectacular. The rest of the melee weapons suck (though I’ve only seen the frying pan, the baton and the guitar), and the other weapons suck too. None of them are particularly accurate nor damaging. The best so far is the three-shot burst machine gun, and to be honest the three shot burst really limits it. Despite the fact that I like it the best, I found myself going back to the regular old pump action shotgun.

    The crescendo finale was pretty good. I really liked that it seemed like the infected would keep on coming and coming and coming until you got to the end, so there was no point in getting into a hole and waiting it out.

    As far as the rest of it goes. I’m not in love with the daylight. Definitely took some of the atmosphere away. Maybe I’ll feel differently once I get the full game and get more used to it, but initially I’m just not in love.

    The new grenade is awesome. It’s not as effective as either of the other grenades, but it’s kind of got a bit of both in them, in that it’s long lasting like the cocktail and highly distracting like the pipe bomb. It’s only real downside is that it won’t actually kill very many infected by itself, requiring you to mow them down and use ammo. But hey, that’s why you’ll still be picking up the other two occasionally too.

    • MonkeyMonster says:

      I am at a loss as to how the frying pan can be crap… Its vic and bob in their finest hour against zombies. Its win all the way.

    • EaterOfCheese says:

      Hmm, done a few runs through on advanced and expert – no bugs per se, getting good randomisation of enemies, wave timings, weapon and special item drops. Also getting pulled in to the atmosphere, want to see more.

      Hanging out for the full version. The gauntlet crescendo was cool.

  28. Tyshalle says:

    Oh, and one last thing. The common infected are much more difficult to kill now. This is a combination of two things, I think. The first is that the weapons seem to do less damage, but that might not be true. The bigger thing is that unlike the first game, if you blow a limb off of a zombie he’s not necessarily dead.

    The scary thing about this is that if you shoot one, they very well might get knocked off course, stumble over and fall, and leading you to believe that they ARE dead. So you’ll walk past them while they’re laying on the ground thinking everything’s okay, only to have the zombie stand up behind you and attack!

    The other thing is that the uncommon common infected (or whatever the hell they’re called) are a big pain in the ass. I only remember seeing one, the SWAT team guy or whoever. He’s basically fully armored and, as far as I can tell, completely invincible from the front. You have to figure out a way to get around behind him to shoot him in the back, which seems to me like it’s requiring a great deal of teamwork to perform. Pretty cool, but honestly it’s very frustrating facing off against one of those guys. I’d kind of been under the impression that the SWAT ones were going to just require you to shoot them more times, I didn’t expect bullets to literally bounce off of them. This is especially frustrating in expert mode, as during the time you spend shooting them ineffectively, they’re really easily able to get the five hits or so it takes to kill you.

    • TCM says:

      If you shove them a couple times, they turn around.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      A melee weapon kills the Security Guards dead. Like, dead dead. Not zombie dead.

    • Maniac11919 says:

      DJ Phantoon, only some of them do, actually. The machete does absolutely nothing to them unless you hit them in the back…

    • Catastrophe says:

      I like the ideas behind this, sounds interesting.

  29. DJ Phantoon says:

    Nick is my favorite character. Upon hearng the Witch he said, “Hey, I think that’s my ex-wife!”

  30. Fenchurch says:

    Did you guys read the graffiti in the safe room? The accusation that the Immune are, in fact, the Carriers spreading the disease to new Safe Zones? I actually got a little shiver of horror at the idea.

  31. The Innocent says:

    I didn’t know if I’d like it that much, but I’m enamored. My biggest problem with L4D1 was that even with the director changing things up a bit, things got so samey so quickly. Every time I’d have a crescendo moment, my team would hide in the same place; every time we got to the better guns, it went from a choice of two to three viable weapons; every time we’d hear the boss infected coming we’d react the same way (and they couldn’t handle a group of tight-knit corner-campers).

    From the demo, it seems like things are changed up rather well now. The melee weapons force you to make a choice between a longer-range pistol that you’ll have to reload, or powerful swiping tools of hand-to-hand doom, and there were a few times I wished I had one or the other (particularly the machete). The weapons are more diverse, which is also nice — and none of them seem as overpowered in a given situation. I even like the tradeoff between pills and adrenaline. And that gauntlet crescendo really surprised me. I had stayed above about 85% health the whole time with no real problem, even with the new boss infected (which did break up some of our L4D1 close formations a couple times), and that crescendo almost dropped me. It was great.

  32. Rohit says:

    If the demo’s going to be deactivated weeks after it’s publicly released, I’m not interested.

  33. Shadowmancer says:

    I’m experiencing some extreme framerate drops with the demo, I far exceed the requirements and my pc plays all the source games flawlessly, everythings up to date. As for the game the new weapons and zombies are cool but the core AI for the team is still terrible, at the end of the day L4D2 can’t shake away the feel that all it is is a glorifed expansion pack.

  34. vagabond says:

    I’d like to try the demo, but I’m getting some very odd behaviour out of the steam client (repeated ticket expired errors, and server too busy stuff). Since this has happened before when they’ve had a “free weekend” I think it’s a server load issue.

  35. Y3k-Bug says:

    Here’s what Tom Francis thinks of it (note: he doesn’t think its very good):

    link to pentadact.com

  36. Phase says:

    I find the AI in Left 4 Dead 2 has really been upped. The Jockey in particular seems to calculate where to steer the survivor to balance damage and separation from the team, and one time a Charger managed to obliterate our entire team by waiting to strike until we were clustered too close to a Witch.

    In my opinion? 5/5 GotY Two severed thumbs way up.

  37. dmauro says:

    I can’t figure out how to make good use of the melee weapons, and I’m not too into the levels in the demo. They’re pretty short, a little flat, don’t have enough indoor areas. And I’m not so hot on the daytime thing either. I’d almost just rather have some variations on the old levels because I liked them so much, but I’m sure some of the other levels that ship with L4D2 will be better. It’s too bad the demo doesn’t give us a taste of the new game modes because I’m a little curious about those.

  38. Fat says:

    Thought the game was great, the demo was a bit bloody tightarsed though, didn’t give us a finale map OR versus? Come off it. The delay was a bit pants too, i would have rather played a buggy version for a day then patch it later, tbh. Felt like a bit of an anticlimax with the 2 short levels we got.

  39. Aisi says:

    Can anyone rationalize in a reasonable way demos to preorders?

    • invisiblejesus says:

      Sure. Preorder customers are presumably people who’re already committed to liking the game. You’re already working up a demo to convince others to check the game out. So why not release an early version of the demo to preorder customers? You make those preorder customers happy because they got a first look at something they already figure they’re going to like, you get essentially some free beta testing, and you still release a better-tested version of the demo in time for those players who need to be convinced to buy. I realize that could be taken as flippant, but it isn’t; I preordered L4D2, and while I’ve had some issues with how the franchise has been handled I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy it. The demo was buggy, but I liked it for the one playthrough I’ve done. And if me and my friends playing the demo helps Valve test it a little better, then bonus. Everyone gets something they want, and no one really loses out. It’s not like potential customers were going to get an unpolished version of the demo no matter what, and it’s not like Steam preorder customers were going to change our minds and decide not to buy the game.

      If anything, I question why Valve took the L4D demo down after release, and why they presumably will do the same with L4D2. That seems stupid to me, and well worth questioning.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      And to add to that, pre orders will be willing to deal with bugs.

    • Aisi says:

      What if they release the same exact versions to preorder and general public? Then the argument is nonexistent, and said actions become absurd!
      I kind of wanted to play this demo thing, since I’m not into buying FPSs with fourish weapons and mostly identical enemies and tactics.

  40. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

    MUST…RESIST…and NOT..buy it… I know I will broke down and fail horribly again, Valve has its way of getting me, I have every Valve game so far :)))

  41. Freaky says:

    Realism mode turns off the glow effects and rebalances everything to be more hardcore; instakill witch, hardier normal infected (aim for the head!), etc. Interview about it.

    • Vinraith says:

      Now there’s something that might have added a little more replay value to the original game. It’s a shame, really.

    • Pantsman says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up getting it for the original. Fingers crossed.

    • Vinraith says:

      I’d be amazed if we got anything for the original after L4D2’s release beyond perhaps a patch or two.

    • Clovis says:

      I would have been amazed if Vinraith hadn’t responded exactly like that :-p

    • Pantsman says:

      Really? Does Valve have a history of dropping support for games when their sequels come out shortly after? I find it hard to imagine they do, as that’s not a situation they’ve been in before, is it?

    • CMaster says:

      CS and DoD are the obvious ones here.
      I’m pretty sure Valve stopped doing any work on either of those once the sequels came out. That said, both of those were orginailly available for free if you had HL so…

    • Vinraith says:


      What can I say? Naivete is an itch I’m compulsively compelled to scratch. :)

      Hopefully I’ve horribly underestimated Valve in this regard, but I don’t think there’s an real chance of it.

    • Funky Badger says:

      No Mercy on Expert has plenty of replay value. Too much, you might say.

    • Vinraith says:

      @Funky Badger

      For you, I’m sure it does.

    • Pantsman says:

      @CSMaster: Those occured to me, but
      a) neither of those games were originally developed by Valve,
      b) their successors came out much later than the originals, not just one year, so you could say they were due for an end to updates, and
      c) their successors were straight ports to a new engine, not proper sequels, so in a way it makes more sense to stop support of the old ones. It would be like still “supporting” CS 1.5 after 1.6 came out.

      All of which appear to me to be pretty significant differences.

  42. Isometric says:

    There is so much satisfaction in giving a Tank the killing blow over the back of the head with a frying pan.
    Best moment for me so far.
    Anyone else had any amusing melee moments?

    The Uncommon Infected give the vital variety to mix situations up and i like the implemention of them i must say.
    The demo was short (shorter than the L4D demo it seems) and i want a chainsaw, oh please, give me that chainsaw but i cannot complain. Had this predordered for a while.
    Great zombie whacking times ahead me thinks.

    Oh and thanks for the info about realism mode, I was really wondering about that too.

    • GGX_Justice says:

      We’d spent far too long trying to deal with a Wandering Witch who was slowly doing everything in her power to make our little jaunt difficult, so were low on health and ammunition. At last we overcame that little obstacle, (complete with mandatory horde) when the Tank himself showed up.

      Long story short, everyone was incapped bar I, who was on red health, with only an adrenaline shot keeping me moving fast. Everyone had resigned the game to a loss, as I’d ran away from the group, and was out of ammo, with the towering inferno of the tank after me. Yet a few straggling zombies blocked my path, who were quickly dispatched with my last weapon, that trusty frying-pan. With the tank and I circling, I actually managed to kill him with a strong *whack*! Very, very cool moment.

      I prefer the machete though :3

    • Isometric says:

      Fantastic desperation story!
      That is where i feel the melee weapons really come into their own, in that zombies have hit the fan and ammo is low/depleted. Really gives the feeling of that last chance hope in being able to hit zombies really hard in the face. It has added a much needed layer i think.

      The machete is my favourite too i must admit :)
      (may change my mind when i’m introduced to the chainsaw).

  43. GGX_Justice says:

    Myself and three mates are thoroughly loving the demo, replaying it constantly. The gore has really been ramped up and feels visceral, absolutely fantastic. Expert is giving us a lot of fun, and there’s enough in the little demo that we can tell the full game will be incredibly varied.

    Haven’t run into any bugs, which makes Tom Francis condemnation not quite as applicable for our little group. As for the gore not being noticeable, just throw a pipe-bomb and look at the remains – no longer do they turn into a cloud of red, phew-whee!

    We’re getting an insane amount of enjoyment from this, although I am confused why the demo starts with the last campaign… considering all others feature night-time environments and such, it seems it’d be a better selling point for people put off by the day-time maps.

  44. An Innocuous Coin says:

    Oh, god, the Jockey.

  45. Lobotomist says:

    Boycott this. Seriously

  46. teo says:

    I don’t like the designs of the new boss infected with their screwed up proportions and whatnot

  47. pignoli says:

    The specials seemed to be holding back a bit on the couple of playthroughs I did last night. They never really felt like they were going to stop us… even with pubbies. I guess it could just be that I'm accustomed to the brutality of versus.

    @ teo: Yes, because the old specials were so thouroughly grounded in reality weren't they?

    • CMaster says:

      I think it’s just being used to versus. The specials in the L4D when controlled by AI weren’t opportunists – they just spawned and went straight for you from wherever they were.

    • Pantsman says:

      With the exception of the tanks, the original specials did have more realistic body proportions. There are people out there who actually look like them, more or less. Not so for the new ones.

  48. Heliosicle says:

    Its super buggy, exiting the starting cinematic crashes it, and there are quite a few glitches

    the 6 delays seem to have done nothing…