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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Scary Deals

It seems Halloween is a big deal for you lucky digital distributees. Some very big name games for very small time prices are on offer this week. I think, and just take a moment to realize the gravity of this statement. This is quite possibly the best bargain bucket we’ve ever had. Empty you wallets hither. If you still have any money after reading this, head over to SavyGamer and I’ll do my best to convince you to part with any spare change you might have left.
Crysis: Warhead, PC – £3.74 (UK exclusive) Apply voucher “VoucherCodes.com25%” to get this price.
One of the prettiest games ever for hardly anything, what a way to kick off the bargain bucket. I suspect a lot of you have computers that can get more pixels per second out of this than back when it first came out. This is part of EA Store’s “A bunch of games for a fiver” sale, the rest of which can be seen here. Now this is a UK exclusive offer, but those of you living outside of the UK can probably use this guide to buy from the UK store if you like.

The Witcher – £9.77/€10.87/$15.99
Our old friend, coupon “SURVEY-2009” rears its beautiful head again, this time to give us an excellent discount on The Witcher. It was recently updated so that players worldwide get the uncut version, so this has all the blood and boobs and naughty words, as the developer intended. Opinions are somwhat split on this game, but a lot of people definately seemed to enjoy it. Check out the demo here, and see the RPS coverage here.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines – £3.95/$5
This game wins the award for my best loved game that I can never quite remember the name of (you’ll often hear me talk about how I love the hospital in Vampire: Bloodlines – The Masquerade, or how the hotel made me terrifyed to even move the mouse in Bloodlines: The Vampire Masquerade). It’s the classic story of wonderful devs start working on wonderful game, money then gets in the way and the game ends up a little broken. I personally didn’t encounter any particularly horrible bugs with it though, and I think using the unofficial patch, and being played on a modern systerm probably helps, but your miliage may vary. Kieron reviewed this back at release on Eurogamer, and my psuedo namesake Mr. Denby did a retrospective of it for them recently too. Any other week this would be my pick for deal of the week by a long shot, but…

Deal of the week
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl – £3.50/€5/$5
This is probably one of the most talked about games here on RPS, and it’s likely worth the price of admission just so you can join in the conversation fun. Jim and Alec seem to take every opertunity to gush rational praise its way, including a very positive review Jim did for Eurogamer. This sale worked on me, and it’s sitting pretty in my Steam account waiting for my new PC. The word on the street is that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Complete 2009 is the mod to get, but there are lots of mods out there. RPS C.O.V.E.R.A.G.E. here.

Also of note:
East India Company – £6.99/€14.99/$11.99
The Witcher – 50% off, and now available worldwide

If that lot’s not enough for you, then firstly I suggest you lower your expectations of what I can do, I am but one man, but then I would direct you to SavyGamer to see if I can ever top that.

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