Slash It Up: Manhunt 2 Finally PC.

This is a PS2 grab, so hopefully we'll be a bit fancier.

Well, finally on the PC. It’s still as un-PC as ever. Manhunt 2 is finally coming to the PC on Direct Download (with no retail release). Well, apparently it is. It doesn’t appear to be on Direct2Drive’s site in the UK, but this link will apparently work for yanks. Bar that fact it exists, what’s interesting is the fact it’s actually the full uncut game. So rather than the neutered experience that was finally released on the consoles to get its M rating, we’ll get the game which allows you to neuter people with a big ol’ pair of pliers (or similar things of equal violence). Also 3D monitor support, but I don’t know what that means. I barely know what “monitor” means. I’ll ask Alec when he gets back from holiday.

In other notes, yes, the lead character looks like yours truly if the word “gym” wasn’t as unfamiliar to me as “monitor”.


  1. Heliocentric says:

    For a moment i got manhunt mixed up with condemned and started to give a damn. Whoops.

    • LewieP says:

      I did think it was odd that Condemned 2 never got a PC release, especially since it came out on the PS3, which never saw the first game.

    • diebroken says:

      Can anyone shed any light on Condemned 2: Bloodshot for the PC – will it ever be released? : |

  2. Railick says:

    that dude looks just like my brother.

  3. Dominic White says:

    Mahunt 1 was a fairly interesting premise wrapped up in a so-so, slightly backwards for its time stealth game. Everything that I’ve read suggests that Manhunt 2 is a stupid, pointlessly violent premise wrapped up in an even worse, more backwards stealth game.

    So, like the Saw movies, then.

    Although there is a vaguely tempting element about going around de-nadgering people as Evil Kieron Gillen.

    • Bhazor says:

      I thought the stealth was pretty well done in Manhunt in that it focused more on stalking and playing “Whats the time Mr Wolf” with facists than moving slowly in a low crouch. It was the other bits that near ruined Manhunt, especially that god damn crane sequence which I hate with the power of a dying star. Other lowlights, a crippilingly slow walk speed when carrying an item, under powered guns, surprisingly limited weapon selection and bad melee combat with even worse gun combat.

  4. Shawn says:

    Good stuff, maybe RPS can give us a brief review of Manhunt 2. I doubt any of the mainstream sites will cover it, being PC and AO probably means zero coverage..

  5. Diogo Ribeiro says:


  6. Spacewalk says:

    Manhunt eh. Do people still play those?

  7. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

    I rembember reviewing Manhunt (unreleased review, tho)..I gave it a low mark…and I would give it a low mark again..

  8. Psychopomp says:

    Shit gorn is still shit gorn

  9. The_B says:

    I think it’s only fair enough that most people’s reaction to the game itself is a bit of a ‘meh’ given the general consensus of our console cousins, but this story is certainly interesting to hear about the fact we’re getting the uncut version. (Or at least, the US is). Is it because our audience is seen as more mature, or just the freedom from third party verification? Given Rockstar’s track record, I dare say a little bit of both. But I’m also not hugely surprised about the almost silence from Rockstar about a PC version even existing until this point, aside from it mostly tanking on consoles and only recently finally closing the door on Hot Coffee.

  10. malkav11 says:

    I really dug the first Manhunt. The stealth was tense, the murdering brutal, and the premise interesting. The second one I couldn’t really play because the only way to get it quasi-decensored was on PSP and the controls were bad. It’s very strange to release the game a full two years later for PC apropros of absolutely nothing and with almost no warning in the middle of the holiday grinder, but I will probably investigate it at some point.

  11. Seraphim2150 says:

    Its quite worrying the main character looks like Mr Gillen. Lets hope this isn’t an autobiographical piece

    • Bret says:

      Don’t worry.

      Our man Kieron never worked on anything called The Pickman Project, and they never actually tossed him in an asylum.

      The series of brutal murders is true to life, admittedly.

  12. Ted says:

    I liked the original Manhunt a lot, but I’m done with Rockstar. The last two games I bought from them, Bully and GTA4, were the worst ports I’ve ever experienced, completely unplayable on a PC.

    • Matzerath says:

      They finally patched Bully into a usable condition, but yes, that’s the main reason I am sketchy on this game. I don’t think the original Manhunt works AT ALL on any modern computer. All of their ports are a crap shoot, emphasis on crap, which has always been a sad contrast to enjoying them on the consoles.

    • malkav11 says:

      Huh. How completely contrary to my experiences. Granted, the GTA IV port was a rough piece of work to begin with and ran absolutely terribly, but once a few patches dropped it became much more playable and fun than the console version. Now, this is usually true for me with GTA games, because they rely on a great deal of shooting and my aim suffers dramatically on consoles, plus you can bump up to much higher resolutions and draw distances. But it was even more so with GTA IV, where not only did I require mouse aim to be able to handle the shootybang, but I also found cars much easier to drive on PC. Not -easy-, per se, but at least I was running into walls much less often. This is why the DLC addons only coming to 360 hacks me off so much. If they would bother to bring them to PC (which is, after all, still a Microsoft platform, so no exclusivity lost there), I could actually play them.

      Admittedly, I never did try the PC version of Bully, as I’ve already thoroughly beaten the PS2 version. Plus, the 360 port was a bit rubbish and I’d heard that the port of that to PC was even worse.

  13. moyogo says:

    3D monitor support? I thought that thing never got off the ground?

  14. LewieP says:

    3D monitor support means that there is a pretty lady in a skintight outfit that doesn’t know all that much about it either stood next to you whilst you’re trying to play the game.

    If the Nvidia stand at the Eurogamer Expo is to be believed that is.

  15. bill says:

    A real gamers wouldn’t even have noticed…

  16. Rei Onryou says:

    So when we asked “What would a Kieron Gillen simulator be like?”, Rockstar answered by creating Manhunt 2. They appear to have missed the part about screaming and sex though. Oh and music and hammers in comics.

  17. Reverend Speed says:

    Played the censored version of this on the PSP.

    I quite liked the original Manhunt. Felt the story (thus the motivation) withered away about 2/3rds of the way through, but the idea was interesting and the execution, though the mechanics were a little raw, was very workable. Something of a one-trick pony.

    Manhunt 2, on the other hand, has a pony capable of spinning plates while standing on it’s front hooves and telling you a lightly amusing story of something that happened on the way to the stables.

    Graphically (or rather, stylistically, but we’re all living in the age of NPR now) beautiful, threatening and ghoulishly amusing at the same time, it’s a fun little game of hide-and-seek. Hunters can now occasionally peer into the shadows you’re lurking in, prompting a short quick-time event as you try to remain as still and inconspicuous as possible. It’s simple stuff, but adds a thin layer of unpredictability to the well-established stealth system.

    But the weirdest thing is the implementation of the execution system, how it differs from the first and how in neutering the executions the censors – who vilified the game for being gore without any artistic merit – managed to expunge the artistic crux of the game.

    Spoilers and theories to follow:

    So, the twist in the game should be pretty obvious to anybody who’s seen a trailer or read any coverage of MH2. Violent, vengeful Leo Caspar, inmate of Dixmor Asylum and rescuer of fellow asylum inmate Daniel Lamb (pictured above) is…

    Seriously, spoilers:

    …the other half of Daniel’s split personality. It’s a fairly obvious trope, but MH2 actually brings some fun toys to the party. It’s revealed – 3/4 way through the story – that Leo is actually actively trying to destroy Daniels life. Not just by hurting people he loves, but by destroying any records that Daniel ever existed. Leo – brought forth by the Pickman Project – now intends to eliminate Daniel as a person, taking over his life utterly.

    This, I thought, was kinda cool. It’s also NOT the standard Rockstar story – that of a plucky outsider who through bullying, violence and coercion makes himself the king of the city. Bonus points for that.

    But it’s in the last few levels of the game that it makes a stab (weak, but at least it’s trying) at Silent Hill II territory.

    Depending on the types of executions (or whether you’ve made executions at all) you’ve made during the course of the game, you’ll either finish the last level as Daniel against Leo, or Kaspar against Lamb – each with their own goals and mental defenses.

    Or, you would, if the game hadn’t been censored.

    As far as I can tell, the censors decoupled the – for want of a better term – ‘morality’ system from the result at the end of the game. No longer will gleeful slaughter and gratuitous cruelty be rewarded with the Kaspar level – the ‘bad’ ending. Instead you can do what you like and always end up with the happy, clappy Lamb conclusion.

    You win the Kaspar level by completing the Lamb conclusion and may choose to play it if you wish.

    The game was neutered.

    Consequence for your actions… denied.

    And that’s my take on it. Except…

    Spoilers. This is the end of the game I’m talking about here. Seriously.

    A quick note on the Lamb ending. Lamb has a great deal of guilt for the death of his wife… The final level represents him coming to terms with his responsibility for this… and gaining the strength he needs to then take on Kaspar.

    This is represented by Lamb carrying his wife’s corpse across a ghostly graveyard of his mind while Kaspar pulls all the tricks you’ve used throughout the game on you. Lamb wants to lay the memory of his wife to rest, Kaspar wants to lure Lamb into a fight he can’t win.

    Alright, the metaphor is a bit labored, but at least they’re trying – and through the basic mechanics of the gameplay to boot. Given the tripe I read so often about The Longest Journey and Dreamfall (“It’s about death” – seriously? Are you seriously trying to argue that’s a fucking justification for hours and hours of nonsense?) and Deus Ex and their wonderful, complex, emotional narratives (or, rather, random musings masquerading as a story)… can you wonder why I think we should instead champion something as confused and flawed and earnest as Manhunt 2?

  18. Doctor Doc says:

    Do not want. God, the first one was so crappy, it’s up there on top 10 worst games I have ever got into contact with.

  19. Barts says:

    I actually did like the original Manhunt a lot. It was climatic and scary game with interesting story and a twist. The gameplay mechanic was also interesting. The second part was crap, however, and I really don’t think that releasing it on a PC is worth time spent to download it:

    link to

  20. phil says:

    @Reverend Speed
    I was going to a chip in with the fact Manhunt 2 is A.) Better than Manhunt and fine piece of software and B.) Actually relatively thoughtful in the way the player character is involved in the old ultra violence, but you’ve covered all bases, so basically, what you said.

  21. TotalBiscuit says:

    Manhunt was one of those games I simply couldn’t play. It went beyond what I could stomach in terms of violence. I don’t like the feeling I get from stabbing some guy repeatedly in the throat with a piece of glass as he screams and begs for his life.

    Then again, you’re also talking to the guy who has to force himself to take the Renegade/Dark Side choices in Bioware games because I feel guilty doing so.

  22. MaximusThunderclap says:

    So the 3-d monitor support basically means it’s going to flop again, right?

    D2d says 3d monitor only… but dont… alot of… us here… not have them?
    What the hell. Am i missing something here?

  23. DJHigher says:

    i have played manhunt 2 on pc

    Now the control system is a lot better on the pc

    You can stick in your crow bar in someone`s chest by holding left mouse button & pushing up and unlike console version (ps2) you can now rotate your mouse to twist the crowbar to make more damage(very sick)
    and that only one of the First standard moves you learn

    if you played the consoles watered down crap you will like this version

    try the uncut pc version if you are into sick horror and stuff play it

    if you don`t give this a miss trust me

    way better version on pc !!