30% Off Painkiller Universe For You Lot

EDIT: I AM STUPID. This is valid from tomorrow, not until tomorrow.

Quick post before I rush off into the rain-choked guts of England: don’t take this as a thumbs-up for Painkiller, since I don’t think the collective opinion of the Hivemind is overly favourable towards this retro-angled shooter – it’s deeply old school – but GamersGate nevertheless offered up a discount code for the humble RPS reader, should you be interested. It’s for the Painkiller Universe mega-bundle which includes the original Painkiller and the add-ons Painkiller: Battle Out of Hell and Painkiller Overdose. That’s a lot of pain killed.

Here’s that code:


It’s valid for the next 24hrs, but I understand there will be another discount later in the week if you’re slow.

Here’s what’s in store:


  1. Psychopomp says:

    Consider my nerves dulled

  2. Heliocentric says:

    Hmm, site focused sales. I wonder if they offered painkiller because of coverage, the click throughs on the adverts or just because the fancied selling a few more copies of painkiller?

  3. pignoli says:

    I'd guess at coverage/click through appreciation and because they love us. GG are ace like that.

  4. Flibberdy says:

    I’m getting told the code isn’t valid. Am I being thick (Added it to basket at gamersgate.co.uk, put the code in “Redeem Code” box) or is it broken?

  5. Totalbiscuit says:

    While it’s cool to see RPS advertisers doing RPS specific promos, Overdose is absolutely worthless. You can get Painkiller + Battle out of Hell on GoG for $9.99, which works out a few quid cheaper overall. Plus hey, it’s GoG, no DRM, free goodies and guaranteed to work on Vista.

    • Persus-9 says:

      I was thinking that. Alternatively, depending on peoples countries the box copy might be worth a look. For UK folks like me Play.com list a third party seller in there marketplace selling Universe boxed for £7.99.

  6. GibletHead2000 says:

    I did like Painkiller. (Actually played it to the point where I’d got about 95% of the stars…) If it weren’t for the Borderlands/Dragon Age/L4D2 triumvirate, I’d take this offer up.

  7. Senethro says:

    Don’t do it. Just get Painkiller + Battle out of hell from GoG or Steam. You don’t want PK:Resurrection.

  8. Markoff Chaney says:

    I think they offered it to RPS because of Kieron’s unflagging support for the game. That being said, Painkiller and Battle out of Hell were actually quite enjoyable whereas Overdose and Resurrection were, shall we say, not quite enjoyable. Personally, I’m stuck in upcoming baby/Torchlight / Borderlands joy lately and Dragon Age shall be joining the party this afternoon.

  9. Gemski says:

    Do not buy PK:Resurrection! I own it, regretfully purchased a similar pre-order pack on Steam. Just stick to the original…which is awesome.

    PK:R has horrible maps, only 6 levels, 1 new poorly modeled monster, 1 new weapon, major multiplayer bugs, broken single player AI, no real co-op, etc. Just check out the Painkiller forums on Steam or the Jowood.com.

    • Psychopomp says:

      By six levels, do you mean the actual maps themselves, or the zones?

  10. Carra says:

    Already bought the original Painkiller from gog.com at a weekend deal.

    It’s a fun game. Lots of enemies come in. You impale them. Repeat.

    Especially the decors are fun. A madhouse, cathedral, opera house,… None of it makes sense but it sure is fun.

  11. Advice says:

    Like Senethro said, you don’t want Painkiller Resurrection. AVOID it like the plague.

  12. Shadowcat says:

    I enjoyed Painkiller lots, but that trailer above is AWFUL. Most of the big wibbly headings are apt, but they’re followed by absolutely cruddy attempts at justifying them compared to what could have been shown. There must be better ones available.

  13. merc says:

    The original Painkiller is old school FPS shooty fun. Good stuff.

  14. drewski says:

    No luck for me in getting the code to work either.

  15. Pantsman says:

    I’m afraid I don’t like Painkiller. I’m all for old-school FPS shooty fun, blasting and blasting ’till my blaster is sore, but only if it’s well-done. Painkiller’s combat was good, but its level design was atrocious for such a game. It rapidly became formulaic, each level a series of arena fights connected by empty passageways. This was not helped by the nearly nonexistent signposting between some arenas, causing me to spend twenty minutes jumping around trying doors or attempting to leap off a handrail through a window in between fights.

  16. Dan says:

    I might get this, I remember playing the original when it came out and enjoying the stake gun and the lightning thingy, but I just won’t play it. I’m only playing Torchlight at the moment. After that I’ve got £3.50 STALKER to try (for the first time!), then I’ll get DA:O, which may or may not keep me going until The Old Republic comes out.

  17. aoanla says:

    Painkiller was reasonably fun as far as I got in it, but it exhausts almost all of its tricks in the first third of the game – the incredibly over-the-top weapons, giant bosses and occasionally unusual artistic direction are all worth experiencing, but like a straight-to-video action movie, they exhaust your interest far too quickly. The tarot-card-based-choose-your-buffs mechanism is actually reasonably interesting, but it feels a little out of place compared to the very Doom/Duke feeling of the rest of it.
    (And the cutscenes are abominable in every single sense.)

    But, no, I'd not spring for the sequels, since they were fairly awful. (And I'd take Serious Sam over the original, if I had to choose – Sam has a sense of humour.)

  18. Megamaj says:

    link to dreamcatchergames.3dcartstores.com
    -> HTTP 404 Error, this morning as well as right now.
    Is ordering for the PC a no-go in the meantime?

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