Brief Yet Informative Star Trek Online Trailer

There scarcely seems like a more logical target for online worlding than Star Trek, so hopefully Cryptic will get it right with Star Trek Online. They seem to be bang on with the sub-par special effects, at least judging by the exploding ships in this trailer. I’ve made more cataclysmic explosions with a balloon than the ones we see here. Nevertheless it’s good to see the game in motion – the third-person away team stuff seems a lot more developed, but perhaps that’s only to be expected, given the Cryptic back-catalog. Anyway, enough with my space-cynicism, I am like a Cardassian who hasn’t had his dinner – go watch!


  1. Grey_Ghost says:

    I’ve noticed a complete lack of shield hit effects going on here. Doesn’t look that good to me.

  2. Eplekongen says:

    It looks bad. I am sad.

  3. Davee says:

    I’m not quite sure what to make of this game yet, so I guess will wait for the RPS hivemind to tell me in a future “Wot I think”.

  4. saladin says:

    The on-foot combat looks to be of the stand out in the open and shoot until health depleted variety. The sort where high damage/low cooldown wins. I would have liked to see something more along the lines of a cover system and a critical hit/headshot system along the lines of Borderlands. Disappointing.

  5. Klaus says:

    Is it bad that I don’t care at all for this.
    It’s all just *pew* *pew* *pew* lasers.

  6. Some Guy says:

    Gratutious space battles has far better explosions.

  7. Javier-de-Ass says:

    the other dev diary type video had much better framerate. but the game still didn’t look very interesting. need some more black prophecy video for space mmo action

  8. A-Scale says:

    I must agree, it looks dull in a visual sense. I expected more flare, glare and HDR effects.

  9. Hug_dealer says:

    i just dont see how they can make it star trek. Sure the names and the world. but when you see 2304950958 enterprises over a planet, and 230494 captains running around on planets everywhere.

    i dunno. Bring back TNG and lets leave it at that.

    • Klaus says:

      What are the other 2304720464 captains doing if not running around planets.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      Hug_dealer, you saw the new movie, right?

      And you STILL want TNG back?

      What is wrong with you.

    • Vandelay says:

      The film wasn’t that good. It was enjoyable enough and a good start to the new vision of the franchise, but it didn’t reach the heights of much of the TV series (particularly TNG, for me) or the films before it. It would probably only just squeeze into the top 5 of the films.

  10. Dominic White says:

    When I read the note about explosions here, I was hoping they’d go for the obvious overlay effect of the original TNG, but instead we get a whole lot of mid-90s particle spray. Yech.

    What we need is more explosions like these:
    link to

  11. Pew says:

    Needs more lensflare! Because that’s what space looks like, right?

  12. goodgimp says:

    Yeesh, these phasers are set to Yawn.

  13. CMaster says:

    Having played this at Eurogamer (longer impressions on a previous STO article comments thread), somewhat unimpressed. Combat is CoH/Champions style click target and wear out your number keys to attack. I know some people like that but it bores me.
    Writing was reasonable, but still only present in large text box at start and end of the mission as blocks of exposition – nothing actually is said during the run itself.

  14. Tim says:

    Blam, blam, blam. Because that’s what Star Trek is all about, eh? What about other crucial elements, like exploration, diplomacy, science and problem solving? I’m yet to see a trailer isn’t focused on phasers and photon torpedoes.

    • Xercies says:

      Thats because its a TRAILER and there trying to advertise it to non Star Trek geeks. Pretty much like the gragon Age trailer which from hearing about the game got it horribly wrong.

  15. Poita says:

    Looks like they made it so so.

    Ha ha ha you see cause, make it so, right, right eh, eh.

    er, and. I’m working on a ‘number 2’ reference joke so . . i’ll be back when it’s ready.

  16. Legionary says:

    Cryptic have dropped the ball on this. The animations look poor, the visual effects are dull especially the explosions which are absolutely terrible, the away team combat is dull-as-ditchwater standing around in the open taking turns to phaser each other, and all the other aspects of Star Trek seem to have been ditched in favour of Kill 20 Borg.

  17. DK says:

    SFC 1 had better explosions. That was how many years ago, with what, one order of magnitude less horse power?

    Cryptic needs to get on the ball and optimize the hell out of their Champions/STO engine, because it delivers subpar visuals at ridiculous hardware hunger.

  18. Generico says:

    You know, somebody should make an MMO that can handle most generic environments and then set it up so other developers can just sell skins to make the game look like Warcraft, or Star Trek, or Lord of the Rings, or whatever IP they’d like to destroy with a boring over-priced MMO.

  19. Peace of Eight says:

    Precisely what I was thinking, Tim. Since the death of Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek has been morphing into something increasingly shallow, pointless, and just a bit abhorrent. If this game turns out to be a blast-fest as it currenly appears, I will not be playing it. Combat has a place in the Trekverse, but it was never intended to be the primary focus of Star Trek.

    I miss Judgement Rites, (which you can find for free at abandonia, I believe).

  20. luminosity says:

    So uh, what’s with the mormon video ad before the trailer? Doesn’t seem very RPS-y.

    • Vinraith says:

      I get a Dragon Age ad, but regardless I sincerely doubt RPS has any control over the advertising in front of that video.

  21. Railick says:

    I dunno why you'd want Head shots in Star trek considering it doesn't actaully matter where you get hit with a phaser you should freaking DIE when you get hit with a phaser!

    It should be POWZZZZZ , UGh, Dead. OR Powzzzzzzz ugh, stunned. Not Powzz ugh, 25 HP loss ect. :( I'm nevar going to play this ,evar! I didn't even like it when the newer star trek shows intorduce location damage from phaser blasts instead of insta-death I certainly am not going to be able to stand this lol.

  22. Andy M says:

    I can’t load the trailer right now, but is this the same Star Trek game as the one that was sat on a few lonely desktops at the London Eurogamer expo? I didn’t know that you could run around as a person; they seemed to only be demoing the space bit at Eurogamer. When I arrived the ship on-screen appeared to have been under fire for a good few minutes, and still had the vast majority of its health. This combined with the fact that the maximum thrust speed would likely fail to offend even our puny earthling speed cameras leads me to conclude that this is not a very fast-paced game.

    My first course of action was to plod steadily away from my assailants and their fearsome peashooters to drive directly into an asteroid, but alas, all I received for my trouble was some ugly clipping. I don’t think I even took any damage. I just hope it isn’t trying to be an explodey space-battle game, because if there’s nothing else to it, I don’t see it getting very far.

  23. Rath says:

    If they released an arcade style shooter in the style of Rogue Leader etc. only with you in control of the Defiant during the various landmark battles of the Dominion War, and bonus missions from the rest of Trek lore (Wolf 359, Battle of the Mutara Nebula, hunting down General Changs’ Bird Of Prey and so forth), I would both buy and heavily mod that.

  24. malkav11 says:

    That first sentence bemuses me. It’s kind of like when Warhammer 40K: Fire Warrior was (either coming out or in development), and one of the publications at the time opined that an FPS was the videogame the 40K setting had been crying out for. So utterly, utterly incomprehensibly askew from the truth.

    40K cries out for turn-based tactical combat. Star Trek is one of the worst possible franchises for MMO-transfer that I can think of (and MMOs should really be steering clear of licenses altogether. Gaming licenses if they absolutely must have one. Not television, or movies, or books.)

    • DK says:

      Well, Space Marines do cry out for a proper FPS. They’re the ultimate justification for the “lone hero singlehandedly destroys the entire enemy force” cliche that most FPS use.

    • malkav11 says:

      Keep in mind that you do not play a Space Marine in Warhammer 40K: Fire Warrior. (You play a titular Fire Warrior, which is a type of Tau Aspect Warrior.)

      And it’s not that I think Warhammer 40K can’t be a good source for an FPS, although Fire Warrior turned out to be one of the worst games I have ever played. But when I look at 40K, do I think, “FUCK, this game needs to be turned into an FPS! Get on it, devs, stat!”? No, no I do not. I go, “Pleasepleaseplease turn-based tactical combat please!” and then cry when they announce another FPS or RTS or dating sim.

      Actually, now I want to see a 40K dating sim.

  25. AceCrikey says:

    I’m sure I saw a Wookie in there somewhere.

  26. Railick says:

    Maybe, if you set it as a Space Marine versus a 21rst century army, but if it were a game about space marines versus anything else in the 40K universe not even 1 space marine can take out an entire army of X (Whatever race you want)

  27. Bromite says:

    The music from that vid is from Champions Online. Hm.

  28. Walsh says:

    Not to be all super nerd but fuck it, in the canon a single space marine is worth a hundred regular troops. They are weaker on the tabletop than they are in the background fluff.

  29. OctaneHugo says:

    Regular comment:

    Oof, that was like Boredom sucker punching me in the gut.

    Required shitty Star Trek related “joke”:

    Captain I’m detecting dangerous amounts of boredom.

    Kill me, now.

  30. Malagate says:

    A huge "oh no" if they've dragged out the combat, Star Trek combat should be a few phaser zaps and it's done, unless you're up against borg in which case it's a few zaps, a quick twiddle with some phaser control, then a few more zaps, then win. It will also be lame if there's none of that Star Trek hand-to-hand combat, lots of two handed blows to the stomach and then to the back to make them fall down. Oh and don't forget the neck pinching, I bet that won't make it.

    For pity's sake, I've just been thinking for 2 minutes and I reckon I could make a better MMO set to Star Trek already.
    Albeit a Star Trek MMO would only work if you were an independant group rather than part of, say, the Federation or what not. Otherwise you'd have mission to follow and rules to abide by, with consequences when you don't do them, rather than more freedom to do what you like, oh and of course a reason for trading and the need to buy/upgrade ship parts rather than just pull into starbase and get a free overhaul.

    Same goes for 40k incidentally, FPS or otherwise, it'll only work if you're a rogue trader, an Inquisitor or an Imperial Assassin. Possibly Deathwatch and Grey Knights too. Elite or independant agents that fight small battles against some of the deadliest foes, it's an ideal that will never see the light of day in official video games.

  31. DMJ says:

    Star Trek starship combat was done brilliantly in Starfleet Command and in Bridge Commander, in two different ways. With such examples, how can we end up with… this?

  32. Chaz says:

    Actually I thought it looked rather fun. However I do hope there’s also a large emphasis, as someone has already mentioned, on the “other crucial elements, like exploration, diplomacy, science and problem solving”.

  33. TotalBiscuit says:

    Looks fun and no, you can’t really judge the combat without seeing how the interface handles. That combat could, by all rights, be Bridge Commander or Starfleet Command style, both of which were fantastic. We don’t know that because we don’t see the UI, we don’t see how to control the ships, we don’t even see shield arcs or anything like that (if there are no shield flare effects than Cryptic will get hunted down and Bat’Lethed). Basically this trailer tells us nothing at all other than ground combat seems to take a little bit too long (which I certainly hope gets resolved).

  34. Cooper says:

    The more I see of ST:O, the more saddened I am.

    So far, my hopes for story-driven, choice-making intrigue have been largely dashed. So far nothing I have seen suggests there is ANY “exploration, diplomacy, science and problem solving” of any kind. All we’ve had is PewPew and even the PewPew looks fairly limp.

    Those explosions look like something out of a 90s space shooter. Even the shoddy firework effects of TNG look better than that. Let alone the amazing slow rippling exlposions on a pot-marked hull of the later movies…