REO Speedwagon… The Game.

I could not post this screenshot, clearly.

Move over Beatles Rock Band. Just announced – though sadly as yet unavailable – is that Curious Sense showing their own curious sense by developing a casual game featuring and inspired by the music of REO Speedwagon. Crikey. The full press release below.

Find Your Own Way Home – First Casual Game to Feature a Classic Rock Band

CHAPEL HILL, NC – November 4, 2009 – Merscom announced today that it is publishing Find Your Own Way Home, a hidden object adventure game for PC and Mac download. The game, the first casual title featuring a real rock band, is the first of several games Curious Sense will produce with music acts. The game uses several instrumental music tracks derived from REO Speedwagon music, and also features previously unreleased recordings of some of the band’s classic hits.

In Find Your Own Way Home, the player takes the role of Ruby, a hip Hollywood reporter for the entertainment television program, Entertainment Now. For the past few weeks, Ruby has been on assignment with the legendary rock band, REO Speedwagon. On the day the game takes place, the band is releasing their new CD at a star-studded album release party. Ruby is on assignment for Entertainment Now, and as her busy day is unfolding, as she prepares for the nightly broadcast and launch party, Kevin Cronin, the band’s leader, goes missing. The player has the chance to be the hero by tracking down clues to locate the missing star, and getting everyone to the party on time.

Find Your Own Way Home features

— 10 hours of entertainment

— 80 game levels

— 30 beautifully hand-rendered environments

— 18 types of games

— 12 REO Speedwagon songs including brand new recordings of “Keep on Loving You” and “Roll with the Changes”

”Find Your Own Way Home is our first product in this category, so it was important that we were aligned with great partners,” said Adam Blumenthal, CEO of Curious Sense. “In Merscom we have a partner with a tremendous track record of one success after another.”

Curious Sense is leveraging its relationships in the music industry to bring a new type of product to bands and gamers. Blumenthal continued, “the way consumers buy music has changed – we are most often buying singles than albums, so an artists body of work is rarely experienced in its intended form. Our music-themed casual games serve as both a broad-reaching promotional vehicle and a new way for fans to interact with the content of an album.”

“Although we normally do not distribute other publishers’ games, we felt Find Your Own Way Home would be ideal for our audience,” said Lloyd Melnick, Chief Customer Officer at Merscom. “It features a band beloved by many of our customers in the context of a great hidden object game, and a neat story.”

About Merscom
Merscom is a global publisher of mass market social media, computer and video games that distributes games through multiple channels, multiple platforms and multiple revenue models. Merscom’s channels include social media networks such as Facebook, MySpace, vKontakte, and Bebo, online sale through major portals worldwide, retail distribution in the US and Europe, and games on Microsoft® Xbox Live® Arcade. Merscom produces entertaining products for gamers of all ages and guarantees all customers a great experience. For more information, visit

About Curious Sense
Curious Sense is an interactive strategy consultancy and digital product studio. The team of veteran interactive designers come from the fields of global advertising, video game development, and major entertainment media. Curious Sense works with some of the world’s most recognized brands, bringing a balance of new media innovation-savvy and thoughtful brand stewardship.

About REO Speedwagon
Since the release of their first record in 1971, the band has produced 17 critically acclaimed albums including the monumental 10 million seller, Hi Infidelity, had scored 13 Top 40 singles, including the Number One hits “Can’t Fight This Feeling” and “Keep On Loving You,” timeless classics including “Roll With The Changes”, “Ridin’ The Storm Out”, “Take It On The Run”, “Time For Me To Fly” and “Keep Pushin.” Their latest album, Find Your Own Way Home, featured the radio favorites “I Needed To Fall” and “Smilin’ In The End.” REO Speedwagon has sold more than 40 million albums to date. The band is comprised of Kevin Cronin, lead singer and principle songwriter; bass player Bruce Hall; Neal Doughty, keyboard player and founding member; lead guitarist Dave Amato, and drummer Bryan Hitt.

I’ve never listened to an REO Speedwagon song until now. I just have. I will not being doing again, though when people slag off whatever I end up linking to in the Sunday Papers, I’m going to think of them leaning back and listening to REO Speedwagon’s greatest hits.

Good name for a band though. It sounds like a thing Orks in Warhammer 40K would get around in.


  1. 12kill4 says:

    oh god. my ears are bleeding.

  2. Clovis says:

    When I think of REO Speedwagen, I think about finding missing items… because…er… because they are really old?
    I can’t imagine anyone in the US 20+ years old has cannot sing along to “Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore” while making “super emotional” faces like Creed or something. Awful stuff, except when you are driving alone.
    KG, try shouting along to that song as loud as you can while crying and it will make sense.

  3. Inigo says:


  4. RagingLion says:


  5. Dan says:

    If you like REO Speedwagon, you’ll love Kansas. “Carryyyy on myyyy waaaayward son!”

  6. Sulkdodds says:

    and why?

  7. James G says:

    Would this happen to be related to a tweet you made earlier today Mr Gillen?

  8. HexagonalBolts says:

    I literally burst out laughing when I read ‘Ruby, a hip hollywood reporter’

  9. fuggles says:

    As I reel in horror from the wallace and gromit thread I can’t help but imagine in horror that none of them are wearing trousers.

    Especially you man on the right, especially you.

  10. Kenny says:

    And I thought the Earth & Beyond remake was the worst thing in the last week

  11. jRides says:

    I’ve heard of these fellows! Well, they were mentioned in a Mylo song once.

  12. brulleks says:

    Brings a whole new meaning to ‘casual’ gaming…

  13. ack says:

    REO Speedealer would be much more sunday papers worthy

  14. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    I’m overwhelmed by the mixed emotions. Some of these include:


    2) Pointing out that, at some point, combining the Earth, a small man, his dog and a chicken will result in a secret ending with the band blasting off into space in a rainbow-powered speedwagon;

    3) Spoil the game by saying that Cronin will be on the bathroom map, where you need to play a mini-game. Listen closely for someone sniffing. If you bang on the right door, you should hear noises and what sounds as a desperate attempt to flush away the remaining drugs. You win.

    4) Shrug and move on.

  15. Steven A. says:

    “the first casual title featuring a real rock band” Way to create your own genre.

    Do you win by not caring what happened to Kevin Cronin and turning the game off?

  16. Casimir's Blake says:

    Still waiting for someone to make a Blue Oyster Cult game…

    Just make a Castlevania clone with Imaginos as the soundtrack, and you’ll have instant win on a biblical scale.

    • destroy.all.monsters says:

      ^This That would be awesome. Every other level would have to be random – a Godzilla shmup , flying kamikaze planes into ships, an Elric hack and slash, etc.

    • destroy.all.monsters says:

      I suppose this is better than a find the items game with Joy Division (I found the noose) or the Rollng Stones (Brian Jones is in the pool! Can’t find Mick Taylor!).

  17. V. Tchitcherine. says:

    REO Speedwagon gets a game, yet John Coltrane’s remains further decompose without some RPG adventure being made with experience points allotted for further suffocating a 50’s New York Jazz lounge with cigarettes (epic joints have a chance to crit against west coast squares for 250% awesome). In one of the many endings, the game ends when you blow your brains out in 1965 realising that a finer masterpiece than A Love Supreme will never be produced in your lifetime.

    For shame!

  18. Jimbo says:

    “I’ve never listened to an REO Speedwagon song until now.”

    I don’t believe it, not for a minute! You must have heard ‘Take It On The Run’.

    This still has to be the least likely game idea ever.

  19. ZeeKat says:

    Damn, REO Speedwagon gets game yet there’s still no sign of Mulatu Astatke soundtracked FPS. World’s cold, unfair place.

  20. Psychopomp says:

    Can we get a Tool game by Tim Schafer, based on their videos?

  21. LionsPhil says:

    we…are one.
    We have grown, but there is still much to be done. Many that live in darkness that must be shown the way.

  22. LionsPhil says:

    “I’ve never listened to an REO Speedwagon song until now. I just have. I will not being doing [so] again”

    Incidentally, Mr Gillen, you just canceled out the not unsubstantial degree of respect you built up from writing gems such as the PCG Deus Ex review. FOR SHAME.

  23. kafka7 says:

    REO Bandwagon

  24. Yes/No says:

    When I saw this article I was filled with joy.

    Then I realized it was about a completey different Speedwagon.

    The Interfering Speedwagon deserves his own game.

  25. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

    Never heard of ’em…and I do sport some music overview as far as 70s and down.

  26. Phlebas says:

    This may be almost as good as that Limozeen game.

  27. John says:

    I will be curious to see which is the greater number: the units of this game sold, or comments on this thread.