New Sonic The Hedgehog PC: Spineless?

I do like how enemies explode into a burst of blood when you jump on their head.

Alphaxion noted that old romantic partners of RPS, UK Resistance has broke the news of a new Sonic the Hedgehog PC game. It’s clearly an entirely legitimate product from Sega, and in a Modern-Warfare-2 piece of relevancy, the eponymous spiked-creature is now homeless, living under a bridge and doing drugs. Nice one Sega. Developed by one chap in four days, it’s simultaneously a revisionist masterpiece which makes us reconsider our relationship with the medium and total crap. More details over at UK:R. Send our love.


  1. Senethro says:

    UK:R seem to love sega a whole lot. I’m surprised theres anything left to say anymore.

    They always used to get occasional shoutouts in early episodes of consolevania.

    • El Stevo says:

      You actually won’t find a group more critical of Sega than Sega fanboys these days. Sad times.

      A lot of the material on UK Resistance is anti-Sony stuff. And with the less than stellar performance of the PlayStation 3 OUR TIME HAS FINALLY COME.

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      Stevo: I admit, I found UKR funnier when Sony were the dominant evil empire. Now it can feel like pissing on a terminal cancer patient.


    • GriddleOctopus says:

      And somehow Kieron knows what pissing on cancer patients is like. The things he does for his art / kicks, eh?

  2. Okami says:

    In the first 3 platforming levels, Sonic needs to keep himself pumped up with Heroin. If he does not inject himself every 10 seconds, he will die!

    Downloading now.

  3. Gutter says:

    Wow, UK Resistance changed a LOT since I last went there…

  4. Chobes says:

    File this one under “Comedy concept games I kind of wish didn’t suck so I could complete them*”.

    *Given my history of completing such fine games as Captain Novolin and The Diary of Anne Frank Edutainment VidCon you can probably assume this is a lie.

  5. Pantsman says:

    Got too frustrated after getting to the fourth level a few times and having to start over. Too bad, I was rather enjoying it’s awful madness.

    • El Stevo says:

      You put up with it until the fourth level? You are a far more patient man than me.

  6. Terrier Games says:

    It was never really meant to be anything more than a little joke, my way of pointing out how badly Sega have treated their own little blue mascot in recent years.

    I have done a second fix on it, and ironed out the difficulty problems (and added another level). You can download it from my site.