Unreal Engine 3… Free.

Interesting times indeed. Following the news that Unity3D went free for its indie package, Epic announce that you can now use the Unreal Development kit for non-commercial uses. Crikey. Reading the licentiate details, if you actually want to go commercial it’s in exchange for a 25% of revenue after your first $5000. Which is a hefty slice, of course… but considering how much an actual full licence for Unreal is, it’s still has to be tempting. Examples of how this could change stuff? Obvious stuff: mods for Unreal no longer would require you to buy a game. As long as a team makes everything, you can just distribute them… and you have to wonder whether now because they can do it, they’ll try to monetize them. Other random prediction: teams trying to remake classics like Deus Ex. Which will never be completed, but the thought’s there.


  1. Amqz says:

    Does this mean Unreal 3 is free too?

  2. dsmart says:

    @ Ralick

    OMFG Supreme Commander (Aka Dsmart for everyone else)
    I was able to look at that website you linked to and watch the video I think I need a change of pants! I can’t wait for this game to come out, you’ve just ruined my life (Again) my wife is going to leave me when this comes out :P
    What are the chances of you taking the updated engine used in this and releasing a final Universal Combat single player game? These graphics are amazing, That SENTRY is amazing :) It looks so much better than the old one, I always thought the Sentry in UC games looked a bit off but this new one is beautiful mate.

    heh, those are based on a pre-Alpha engine. That Sentry is actually the same one in our latest games in a “boss battle” scenario. Thats the quality for all the assets in upcoming game.

    This past May, I did upgrade Universal Combat CE to a FREE v2.0 upgrade which uses the Echo Squad SE engine from 2008. And this is how much work went into it.

    As to updated UC games with new engines, well, thats partly what GCO is mate – since most of the UC features are intact. Rather than do one off games every two years, we’re switching to the MMO model since our space combat fan install base is more than enough to keep the game going over the years.

  3. David Gentle says:

    iD. They realeaesd the actual source for Q3A allowing standalones to exist

  4. dsmart says:

    I have moved my GCO commentary to this thread to curb the OT posting.

    link to rockpapershotgun.com

  5. Okami says:

    This is actually a rather sensitive move on Epic’s part. It means that more people (especially students)will have free access to their tools, meaning more people who are experienced with the use of Unreal are on the job market, thus more companies that are likely to license their engine and also more likely to switch to UnrealEngine 4.0 once it’s out, rather than to one of their competitors.

  6. Alex says:

    is this means that ut will be in the category of free online games ? available to dwnd? :d

  7. Dain says:

    link to moddb.com

    So it begins.. this really is excelent!