We Are The Pigs: Sacraboar Demo

Where's the pigs then?

I’ve been wanting to post about Sacraboar for a while. Because I like its name. Alas, there’s been no video to link to and no demo, so little reason to do so other than “Crikey! Nice name, eh?”. However, with its release imminent (Steam, Impulse, Gamersgate if you want to pre-order), they’ve released a demo so people can have a taste of it. You can get it from here. What is it? Well, it’s a “real-time capture-the-pig strategy game”. The ghost of Psycho Pigs UXB lives. The full thing is actually on our Steam press accounts, but no-one on RPS has had time to have a crack yet – Jim did, but it crashed his PC (Which he thinks is a bad download rather than the game). Impressions will have to wait. But it certainly has a splendid name.


  1. Morti says:

    Crikey, good name eh?!

  2. Azazel says:

    Greater than or equal to ‘Hogs of War’? ‘Born to Grill’ etc.

  3. pignoli says:

    Saw this on the steam front page and thought the name was cool, was actually going to post a thread here to ask if anyone knew more about it as it looks interesting. Not totally sure it looks /good/ though.

  4. qrter says:

    The demo for the game went up yesterday on Steam, I believe.

    I preordered it through GamersGate, though. Looks like fun.

  5. chesh says:

    I misread it as Spaceboar, and was disappointed to find the real (but still quite nice) game.

  6. Holgmo says:

    Hi, I am a developer from Makivision Games. I think we will consider “Spaceboar” as a name for our next game. ;-)

  7. Lagmint says:

    For some reason I keep reading it as “Manahoar,” and then I miss sacrifice.

    Except the end, that boss is a fucking asshat if you go with a certain Wind God.

  8. Mungrul says:

    Bloody hell, Psycho Pigs UXB, there’s a name I haven’t heard in ages.
    Was a massive hit with YS wasn’t it?

  9. Sucram says:

    There was also an RTS called S.W.I.N.E.

    Clearly pigs were born to fight with advance weaponry, at least in the minds of developers.

  10. CMaster says:

    Played the demo.
    Wasn’t overly impressed, although it’s a solid basic implementation of the RTS.
    Poor AI and limited camera control rather hurt it though.

    • Holgmo says:

      Are you sure that you played OUR game Sacraboar? The AI is not poor. We have 18 difficulty levels, maybe you should have tried a harder one?

      Just to show that I am serious: If you send me a replay in which you beat “Legend” (2nd hardest) in a ctp game with cap limit 3 I will give you a free copy of the game.

      You can choose the map on which you play (demo contains two maps for skirmish) and the start position. The deal is open for one week from today, Nov 6th.

      About the limited camera control, It’s not completely free but:
      When holding the ALT-key you can rotate, when pressing shift while moving it’s faster
      All keys can be reconfigured in the options.
      You can change the way the camera is controlled a lot in the options -> controls window.
      Maybe you just overlooked what you were hoping for?