PT Boats, Sea Battle Footage

War-gaming supremos Battlefront have released some footage of Akella’s naval simulator, PT Boats: Knights Of The Sea, and I’ve post it below for your inspection. The game is supposedly a strategy-action hybrid in which you can control warboats from German, Russian and Allied forces in World War II at both strategic and tactical levels. It certain looks intriguing. We first spotted this on the horizon early this year, and release is supposedly imminent, but there’s no firm date. Anyway, go take a look at boats firing their large weapons, below.


  1. Smokingkipper says:

    Ships! We need more ship games, please.

  2. Chaz says:

    Blimey, this game has been in development for ever. I’m sure they started on this around the same time Silent Hunter 3 was released. Quite looking forward to it though.

  3. Rinox says:

    As cool as that trailer is, I feel strangely out of place seeing so many ships engage on combat on the water surface. SH series ruined me. In a good way.

    Wahnsinnige Fahrt voraus nach SH V!

  4. Orberi says:

    is this like a posh PT109?

    I loved that game. It all seems such a long time ago. *sigh*

  5. Humus B. Chittenbee says:

    Perhaps we only saw targets in this trailer … but I saw no ships/boats of a size consistent with WW2 US PT boats. They were commonly 80 feet (or less) with a crew of less than 20 and did not carry the kind of armament shown in the trailer.

  6. Wooly says:

    The video isn’t loading for me… :(

  7. monkeybreadman says:

    This is 2009 right? I thought we’d gone back ten years after watching that, but whatever floats your boat.

  8. A-Scale says:

    I really dislike how the gunfire has no visible affect on the ships or water. There are no blast ripples, and nary a boat bobbing. Looks more like ships on ice firing blasts of light. The soundtrack doesn’t help either, as it eliminates the gunfire sounds which might make them seem more meaty. I am dissapoint.

  9. cliffski says:

    Those pass for particle effects in 2009?

  10. stahlwerk says:

    I rather liked the smoke plumes… some of them. Some others looked like those coming out of shot airplanes in Battlehawks. Strange.
    Also: gliding Battleship at 1:09 to 1:20, Herr Kaleun!

  11. subedii says:

    But will these knights of the sea be able to fight off the wolves of the pacific?

  12. aion gold says:

    That video indeed highlights the drama, special effects and other exciting aspects of naval battle. Though the graphics is not that spectacular, I’m pretty sure that whoever plays it will definitely experience a different thrill. Love it.

  13. Shadowcat says:

    Blimey, this game has been in development for ever.

    I know. I’m always astonished when I read that it hasn’t been abandoned.

    I’m sure they started on this around the same time Silent Hunter 3 was released.

    Actually it’s much older than that. has a page for this game dating back to August 2003, and one presumes that they had already been working on it for a while before that announcement.

    link to

  14. Railick says:

    Was that newest battlestations game any good in this regard? Battle Stations Pacific I believe? I got Battlestations Midway and didn't really care for it , it was too arcadic for me.

    • Chaz says:

      Battlestations Pacific is likewise also arcady, but thats just the kind of game it is. A hands on realtime strategy shooter thingy. If you didn’t like Midway for that reason, then I’d skip Pacific too.

  15. TeeJay says:

    “warboats from German, Russian and Allied forces in World War II”

    Pedantic: Russia was part of the ‘Allied forces’
    link to

  16. medyum says:

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