World Of Goo Gets Real

Powerlines, see?

It’s first thing in the morning here in the land they call “America”. In a country where Mythbusters is on TV before 8am you know everything is magical. Also magical is the video the boys at 2D BOY just spotted showing World Of Goo in real life. It’s a really beautiful thing, and it’s below.

It’s been around since May, but we’ve not seen it before and nor had 2DB. So there. It was originally entered into GameTrailers Life Imitating Goo contest, but tragically didn’t win anything. What did win anything is something I can’t figure out – GT seem to have hidden the winners if they’re available at all. The other tragedy is contained in the vid – his original goo structure was 13.5 feet tall, which would have been spectacular if it hadn’t been destroyed by a power line. (Presumably it made cute popping noises as it died.) Anyhow, the signs are wonderful, and the structure looks pretty damned, er, unrealistic?


  1. Lack_26 says:

    Shame the tower got destroyed, still lovely video. The use of the in-game music was lovely.

  2. mandrill says:

    Some people have too much time on their hands. I’m glad they spend it doing nutty things like this :

  3. Chaz says:

    Quick grab the shotgum Pa! There be one of them there UFO things come to abduct our chickens.

  4. Transpaz says:

    Shame he didn’t keep the goo vs pylon scene in with the cute popping sounds. Makes me want to play the game again.

  5. El Stevo says:

    Releasing balloons like that is a form of littering.

  6. Persus-9 says:

    Awesome video. He made it to the exact scale stated in the World of Goo corp. Such a shame it got broken before he started filming.

  7. Doctor Doc says:

    So why did they do it just next to a powerline ? I can even see it in the video. There is nothing unfortunate about it, they’re just fools.

  8. Fede says:

    Awwww. So cute!

  9. Wooly says:

    My god I LOVE that music.

  10. Coded One says:

    Ugh… don’t even mention America as “magical”. It’s taken us 10 months to get decent health care.


    I’m amazed the stuff that people do in their free time. WHo else has seen the TF2 paper craft figures?

    link to

  11. malkav11 says:

    One of the many, many magical things about World of Goo is the music.

  12. PleasingFungus says:

    The power line seems to be directly over their backyard, making it tricky to avoid.

    Also, I’d thought this was the winner, but apparently not. Mysterious!

  13. Ed says:

    When I initially read this I thought they were announcing a line of Goo ball toys which could be connected together for fun and profit.

    Still an excellent video, though.

  14. Kanakotka says:

    It’s a shame that the Gametrailers life imitating goo / goo imitating life contest turned out to be a joke, especially concerning the winners and runners up. Only very sub-par performances managed to win, and intriguing and fascinating constructs like this didn’t even get a honorary mention.

    • Kanakotka says:

      In addition; The excellent claymation video didn’t even get a honorary mention, either.

    • John Walker says:

      Can you explain how it was a joke? I missed all this.

    • Kanakotka says:

      John, basically, the entire contest results turned into a rather large uproar about the results, to this day i’m not sure who judged them, but let’s just say it seemed fishy at best. Soon after the competition (within days, no less) the contest site and several forum posts on were removed to and quell the uproaring of people stating their differing opinions about the entire contest.

      I only heard of the entire uproar later on, as i’m not a very active member of gametrailers (which can be undestood if you even briefly read the comments over there), but by then, just about everything regarding the competition had already been removed and swiped away from the site.

    • Kanakotka says:

      Addendum; Excuse the horrid grammar, accidentally tapped it before editing away the mistakes. I do not remember fully what won the ”life imitating goo”, but it featured a construct of paper mache and toilet paper rolls, which in comparison to some other productions was just about average.

      The winner of goo imitating life, however, i do remember quite vividly, it was this piece; link to

  15. Pace says:

    So is this trip another visit to Valve? Anything we should get excited about? (if so do remind them about this whole episode 3 thing, in case they’ve forgotten.)

  16. TheFool says:

    what do you mean 10 months? we’ve been trying to reform health care since TEDDY ROOSEVELT. in 1912. 97 years and a month or so and we still haven’t passed even this mild health reform through both houses. I wish we could have gotten it done in 10 months

  17. terry says:

    No six year old boys were harmed in the making of this goo.

  18. terry says:

    I think a boy might be aboard! Someone inform CNN!

  19. Shnyker says:

    Buddy, its been ten months and nothing has changed, thank God. Also, those figures are amazing, printing off some of the cards right now.

  20. Stupoider says:

    I was thinking the -exact- same thing when I saw the goo floating away. :)

  21. dayeight says:

    We had to disqualify a lot of entries for the contest for using commercial music.

  22. chainmaillekid says:

    The problem wasn’t the powerlines.

    it was the wind :U

    But Im not upset.
    It wouldn’t have been WOG if everything had gone smoothly.

  23. Chainmaillekid says:

    There were SO many things wrong with the contest. The rules about music were unclear.
    It says you can’t edit, but ‘Edit’ was never defined. Can I cut a song to fit the video? Can I use Two songs?… approximatly 90% of the entries could have broken this rule unknowingly.

    The other big problem was the objective.
    Is the goal to make a Goo structure, or are we supposed to make a WOG themed video?
    There were MANY exelent WOG themed videos, but prizes and mention seemed to go to the most interesting Towers/structures shown in the video.

    “world of hue” was my favorite video, I felt it communicated the feel of WOG almost perfectly, but the only goo structure in the video was rather unimpressive ( and it wasn’t supposed to be either )

    Ratings on the video’s should have been disabled untill after the winners were announced.
    Every video entered, exept a select few, was Bombarded with Bad scores from other applicants.
    My own video recieved 3 ratings of 1 before it recieved its first fair rating.

    And lastly, The video’s should have been showcased more after the end of the contest.
    Many of the submissions were last second, many excelent entrees didn’t recieve more than 50 views before the whole contest just shut down, and melted away.

    Also, the TV they were giving away as a prize is probably one of the worst TV’s for gaming…
    I was disapointed in that. The TV is VERY important for playing games.
    GT should have comprimised the size for the quality, as any of there users would have done.