Black Prophecy Dodges Debt Death

Promising-looking space-MMO Black Prophecy would be breathing a sigh of relief – if unreleased games could breathe – as the cashflow problems brought developer Reakktor Media into insolvency have been sorted out, for now. The announcement explains: “The insolvency plan, suggested by insolvency administrator Rainer M. Baehr, was accepted by all creditors. Due to the support of a solvent investor, the financial reorganization of the company could be carried out successfully and all jobs have been saved.” It seems the game will still be released next year, which is good news as the high-spec engine and trading larks look intriguing. For more information on the game itself it’s worth checking out their recent developer diaries.


  1. CMaster says:

    Hi Jim. If anybody wants to get up to speed on all there is to know about Black Prophecy, can I quickly plug TPN’s Dev Watch a semi-regular roundup of all the offical statements about the game. We also have two exclusive interviews over at the TPN.

    Though I do need to do another one of those soon.

  2. Dave says:

    Good, hopefully it will give Eve a bit of competition and force CCP to sort some of their more annoying crap out. BP was always the more promising of the two (JG:E) after the JG devs decided to make WoW in space.

  3. Dave says:

    Aye ive read up on it, I’m talking more about the space MMO genre than individual mechanics. I devour space games in all their glory from Tie fighter to BOTF and I’m assuming everybody else in the world does too. I will certainly be giving BP a go and so will many other obsessive Eve players i would imagine (broad unfounded sweeping generalizations are the new black).

  4. Dave says:

    Nice article btw.

    “The player’s fighter craft won’t be following a true space-like “Newtonian” flight model. Instead the game is going to follow an something closr to an atmospheric flight model, as players have become accustomed to through films and games like Wing Commander and so on.”

    I am dissapoint

    • CMaster says:

      While it would be an interesting experiment as games go (may well be someone has already done it) none of the established space combat sims have this and KK are probably already taking enough risks. It would make things a lot more confusing for players: “Why am I going in a different way to what I am pointing” “Why do I keep crashing into things” “How come I can’t stop” etc. It would also let players get up to somewhat silly speeds, then be unable to stop themselves any time soon.

    • Mil says:

      Hey Mr. Rochelle! Why can’t I read the RPS Holdings forum any more?

    • snv says:

      Again that contra-Newtonian physics argument. It is as if I-War has never been.

      I would encourage everyone arguing against newtonian physics to get I-War2. The only space combat game (i can remember) that doesnt just feel fun but also right, _because_ of the newtonian physics.

  5. Simon Jones says:

    Is this the game that had the absolutely hilarious Super Shouty Man in a trailer a few months back?

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      WE.. ARE DESTINED.. TO.. er.. well, anyway, yes. This is that game.

  6. Dave says:

    The more established sims apart from Elite?

    Didnt the original Jumpgate have a Newtonian model? Theres been a couple of stabs at it or at least a sort of “shift” mode in a few games (whats the one where Ash (listen up you primitives) does the voicing?). The Babylon 5 indie game (Ive found her) is awesomely Newtonian but really highlights the speed thing. As far as the “Why do i keep crashing into things” aspect goes… Well i would say LRN2PLAY or RTFM but then again im not a nice or helpfull person who resents the constant slipping of computer gaming into retard mode for mouth breathers. (not implying that BP is in retard mode of course, or that your a mouth breather =)

    Of course I’m an elitist prick so any company aiming games at me is always going to have a hard time and its probably not worth the effort anyway as I’ll play them for 5 minutes and scurry off back to Eve. Plus I’m not arrogant enough (SILENCE!) to think that my incredibly right opinion is the majority opinion… Even though it is. Or that a dev somewhere is waiting with baited breath to hear what Dave from Birmingham thinks of his game. (Not bad Barry, could use more dynamic lighting and the faces are awful)

    Regardless of control modes im still desperate for a modern succesor to Tie fighter (X series and freelancer were ok i suppose) and looking forward to BP’s release.

    • Kenny says:

      Jumpgate had a mostly newtonian flight model, I think the only thing it didn’t do newtonian was adding friction in space. It even included weight decreasing your acceleration, and more important deceleration…. lots of fun when you were in a frieghter loaded to the gills with iridium, especially considoring stations would ALWAYS launch you out at 300m/s

      And it was Tachyon: The Fringe that had Mr Bruce Cambel doing the voice work

  7. Daedren says:

    Unfortunate name. Sounds like a Dave Chappelle skit or something.

    Granted, it’s not as bad as “Crimecraft”.

    There’s always that. ;)

  8. Dave says:

    I was confused for a sec, ’cause there is or was a Rainier at CCP. But he was a games guy and this is a lawyer.

  9. Wooly says:

    They must have spent all their money on that AWESOME voiceover!

  10. Redd says:


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