Demolition Men: More Bad Company 2 MP

Apparently this new piece of footage from Battlefield Bad Company 2‘s multiplayer is a map that will feature in the beta. It’s confirmed as a pre-order beta at the moment, so I’ve no idea if we’ll be able to get our hands on this for general play with an open beta for PC in December. It’s looking remarkably solid, with the environmental destruction stuff right at the forefront of the game. It makes me wonder whether certain maps will have logical destruction patterns in them once you’ve been playing for a while, like you always destroy a specific wall or fence in the first 30 seconds of the game because it opens a route, or removes sniper cover. You’ll find yourself performing the same makeshift demolition tasks over and over again, like some kind of builder’s nightmare.


  1. Isometric says:

    Not played a BF game since 2 and i think i’m way over due. I think this is looking like a cracking multiplayer manshoot.

  2. Davee says:

    Looking awesome so far, DICE definetly got me buying this one too (Yay! Go Sweden!).

    And it seems that they’re doing the same approach to the game engine as in BF2, i.e. making a great sound engine. And man, have they got that right; it really does sound like a battlefield. Maby a little much sound muffling from explosions and the electronic beeps from score/XP-gain, but still!

    And I know what you mean about the destruction Jim, It could become a pattern after a while, a very annoying, unrealistic pattern of destruction; I’ll blow that up just in case there might be/soon be somebody behind it!
    I hope not.

  3. SirKicksalot says:

    They said the PC will have an open beta in December:

    link to

  4. SirWhat says:

    this looks freakin awesome

    dont care about destructive enviroment tho

    /dice fanboyism

  5. Springy says:

    I don’t know about the ‘pattern of destruction’. If the game follows the same template as the first, there will be a few things that get blown to smithereens every time by design (like, in Bad Company, the refining tanks at the start of Deconstruction), but there’s far too many things to aggressively disassemble to get wedged into a perpetuating groove.

  6. TotalBiscuit says:

    Hail to the King. About time we got a proper multiplayer PC shooter.

  7. megaman says:

    Yay for shooting tanks point blank :p
    They got a lot of things right, for example the grenade launcher sounds and “feels” exactly spot-on as far as I can judge from seeing that vid, but there’s still some room for improvement…

    • derFeef says:

      Battlefield was never realistic, its RPS arcade – rockets kill Tanks, not people…

    • Mark says:

      @megaman Yeah, I thought the same thing. I don’t know much about the physics involved but the explosive power needed to take out a tank would probably be fairly devastating to human flesh at that range.

  8. Psyk says:

    Last part sounds like cod4 and probably any game that has bullet penetration “Let me just spray through this wall here and this wall here and this wall here” does my head in there must be a way to stop random spraying but still keep bullet penetration but all I can think of is to servilely limit ammo.

    • Quercus says:

      I agree – it really bugs me when people speculatively throw grenades or riddle walls without knowing there is an enemy there.
      I would love to see maps where you get no respawns but have to be revived, thus limiting your ammo for the duration of the map (unless you go back to your home base to resupply there)

      Having weathered the MW2 crap, I wish BC2 was available sooner than March though :(

  9. Psyk says:

    argh that was a reply to Davee and hive mind how come “wp-comments-post.php” tries to download when I try and post.

  10. feet says:

    I never palyed the original bad company and I can’t watch the vid but surely in multiplayer it’ll last long enough that you’ll eventually destroy every structure there? Or are the maps way bigger than that, or do destroyed structures eventually re-appear?

  11. Real Horrorshow says:

    I see (or hear, rather) that Bad Company’s sound design is still insanely good.

  12. HidesHisEyes says:


    Destructive environment looks well executed

    More points for destroying tanks than just the single kill (FINALLY)

    Looks pretty atmospheric


    Regenerative health means no oppurtunity cost for shooting a tank at ~point blank range

    Did i see a big red marker over an enemy in the sniper scope? Way to encourage slow, thought out play guys

    • Kenny says:

      Looks like they’re using the spotter overlay system from BF2142.

      If you haven’t played 2142 I’d like to ask why not it was fucking awesome!… ahem, I mean when you or someone in your squad briefly held your cross hair over an enemy a red diamond would be overlayed against them on every member of your squad’s huds

    • HidesHisEyes says:

      Oh. Well, that’s fair enough. :/ :P

      I was still happily playing reality mod when 2142 came out, stuck with it.

  13. Tzarkahn says:

    Looking forward to this and Battlefield 3.

    My BF2 refuses to play nice with Punk Buster and wont let me play properly.

    Shame the Number 1 wasn’t on PC.

    Bring on this time with dedicated servers, mouse control, text chat in game, and graphics settings.
    Oh I do dearly hope they include mouse control!

    • ascagnel says:

      If you’re having issues with PunkBuster, you can get the separate PBSetup application off the EvenBalance website.

      You dial in the games you have installed, and click “Update.” This will download all the latest definition files, and you should be pretty well set from there. A few games have had issues with their first download, and this is how I’ve gotten them to work in the past (Far Cry 2 and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory come to mind).

  14. DXN says:

    Somehow I don’t think slow, thought-out play is really what this game is for. It’s more about the pew-pew-dukka-dukka-BOOM. It still looks less hectic and pointless than a typical COD4 brawl, though.

    Apart from the insanity and huge violence, the other thing I really love is the fantastically-done voices – random chatter, panicked yells, semi-calm radio commands… they bring so much life into the game, making it sound/feel like a real place with real people fighting each other, now matter how ridiculous (and brilliant) the tank-headshotting and jeep-flying are. Go DICE!

  15. KindredPhantom says:

    This looks really good, i have yet to play a Battlefield game. I think i’ll let this one be my first experience.

  16. Player1 says:

    That’s the exact same thing i thought when i first saw this video and frankly this was also the first thing that happened back then when i was at DICE in Stockholm previewing the first Bad Company. We played many rounds with and against the beta testers on an Xbox 360 LAN and these guys kept blowing strategic holes in some buildings where they knew snipers were going to camp. On the other hand, i hope there will be some fun servers where people just have a blast (literally) blowing stuff up without thinking too much about strategies and winning rounds.

  17. Zyrxil says:

    What I wonder is, will maps just look completely flattened after 15 mins of play? You have players constantly respawning with fresh explosives, I don’t see how any cover at all will last.

  18. Jad says:

    Did anybody play the original on the consoles? How was the singleplayer? Was it pure afterthought or was there some depth and story to it?

    The multiplayer of the Battlefield games is fun but its not exactly my style. I played a bit of BF2 but I didn’t last long with it. But a well-done SP campaign that is not must the MP mode with bots would make BF:BC2 more worth the money for me.

  19. Duckmeister says:

    I looked at this video and said: “This is going to be the best multiplayer game ever.” In the non-realistic category, of course.

    Why would I say that?

    I really, really enjoy CoD4. However, it has limitations. MW2 seems to only be adding to those limitations, on top of the absolutely horrendous responses IW gave following the petition, and so I refuse to buy it, or anything else IW might release in the upcoming years.

    This is like if Battlefield 2 and CoD4 were mashed together, then they added 100% destructible environments (a promise for BF2 itself, mind you!), and seemingly removed all of the limitations CoD4 had, and now we’ve reached the penultimate non-realistic multiplayer game.

    I cannot wait.

  20. Springy says:

    If they stick with the Gold Rush multiplayer mode it won’t be too much of a problem, as that moves the game forward linearly through stages so you’re regularly fighting in fresh surroundings (similar principle to Enemy Territory).

  21. El_MUERkO says:

    Bridges, if there’s one thing I learned from BF:BC it is ‘Stay the fuck away from bridges’ cause if they aren’t already blown up then there’s some sneaky bastard waiting for the first vehicle/soldier to go near it before blowing the living shit out of it.

  22. guisim says:

    All I want is a sequel to BF2

    • Alexander Norris says:

      BF3 is in the works.

      Which is sort of odd. I’m not sure which one of BF3 or BC2 we’re supposed to view as the sequel to proper PC Battlefieldiness.

  23. Lagmint says:

    “Did anybody play the original on the consoles? How was the singleplayer? Was it pure afterthought or was there some depth and story to it?”

    I’m not finished it, but it’s really fun so far. I like the lame comedy, and the “I don’t want to go out first. Make the new guy!” “Yeah send the newbie!” It was what all games do, but they made it amusing at least.

    From what I’ve gathered from asking friends about multiplayer, entire level destruction depends on the level. Some ARE destroyed in 15 minutes, some aren’t.

  24. Inanimotioon says:

    This will be the game that forces me to upgrade my computer (if it can’t run it well).
    Battlefield 3.

  25. Grape Flavor says:

    Looks great, but it remains to be seen how exactly they’re going to differentiate Bad Company 2 MP from Battlefield 3 proper. As far as we know both games will be in the modern era, run on Frostbite, and feature destructible environments. Will it be little more than a different set of maps? Seems rather redundant. Awesome, mind you, but redundant.

    • Surgeon says:

      I wonder if all of this is almost like a feeder series, that takes you in little steps up towards BF3?
      So BF: Heroes -> BF 1943 -> BF2:BC -> BF3

  26. Bryan says:

    At this point, if the game has dedicated servers, then I am on board.

    Also: It looks almost exactly like COD4, but with tanks…. Thats cool in my book.

  27. Mister Yuck says:

    Bad Company 1 had a single player campaign that was worth playing. Not great, just worth playing. It wasn’t the multiplayer maps with bots, the storyline made sense and I really like the supporting cast, and the gameplay was full of fun explosions. Unfortunately, it was also painfully easy, and when you died you just instantly respawned.

  28. Mister Yuck says:

    That was supposed to be a response to Jad. Does anyone else have this problem? I hate this problem.

  29. Dave says:

    I do hope that explosion debris doesn’t vanish the second it hits the ground in the PC version. The more I replay this vid, the more the debris seems OTT. If it showered the ground in crap which stayed at least for a while, it might be bearable, but the fact so much debris is thrown up from one explosion…only to vanish, is just odd!

  30. Dominic White says:

    Battlefield 1943 is bloody great fun. They’ve gone back to basics, and distilled Battlefield to its purest elements. They even removed ammo limits, because they got in the way of things. It’s only a handfull of maps, but it’s a great little downloadable romp.

    Bad Company 2 looks to be 1943 expanded out into a full game, and that can only be a good thing.