No Brainers: Borderlands 2, DLC

Borderlands 2 is probably going to happen, if comments made in this interview are to be believed. Mike Neumann told the award-looting that “Everyone here loves the franchise, and it seems like the public is really coming back with praise and love. So yeah, if everything makes sense, Borderlands 2 seems like a no-brainer to me.”

The downloadable content, Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, will reportedly cost $10 and is out on the 24th of November (not clear if that’s for the PC). Still no patch addressing voice and connection issues though, eh? Or did I miss that? Anyway, what do you want to see in a sequel?


  1. Trithemius says:

    Co-op tools please (as a D&D players I miss being able to talk about builds and share loot around easily!)

    My thunks:
    * an option to turn on profit-sharing from selling loot to vending machines
    * a “team screen” so you can check (and bitch about) people’s builds and check the collective bonuses
    * a screen that shows YOUR bonuses (tracking the effects of skill bonuses from class mods, etc); this is probably just the previously mentioned screen with only your character on it…
    * comparison of loot before you pick it up
    * the ability to set characters as co-op, and to set teams, so you avoid random quest spamming of doom when you join a game with an overachiever!
    * a “team shack” (associated with a particular co-op playthrough) so you can have a loot-sharing screen rather than just standing about dropping piles and piles of shiny crap.
    * MAYBE SOME TEENSY AMOUNT OF STORAGE? (possibly for co-op only, possibly in the team shack)
    * ammo-dropping
    * hot-key for using health kits

    • etho says:

      there is pre-pickup comparison. When you look at loot you can use, on the right side of the screen it shows the stats for your currently equipped item. It took me a while to notice it, but once I did, it was hugely helpful.

  2. Trithemius says:

    Oh yeah, and ENDING THAT IS WORTH A DAMN might be good too.

    FFS. What a downer. :\

  3. Morph says:

    Calling it a ‘shody port’ is taking things way too far. Did having to press Enter at the start menu really put you off the game? Really?

    What exactly screams ‘console port’? I don’t get it. Everyone I know has prefered the PC version to the X-box.

    • Tei says:

      “What exactly screams ‘console port’?”

      – lack press to talk,
      – enter on the intro
      – options on the options menu for finne tunning of things like default fov, enable/disable some graphic options
      – a chat that is integrated on the game. currently if you press t,a tiny console shows. this is pure lazyness, since the console “almost” but not work like a proper chat line. I don’t know other people, but I have to remove a “say” command that is there.
      – the hud is somewhat too big
      – inhability to save wen you need it.
      – defaults for fov
      – the whole UI system use console language. On the PC you don’t see [Enter] Ok on a Windows window, because is idiotic, … maybe you se Ok, with the “O” underlined, that is. theres too much bloat on the interface, I suppose on the console version theres a icon for a button. So it make sense on the console, but is idiotic on the PC. All of it takes too much screen space, and get clutter to “[enter]something[e]refresh[esc]escapa” …. hell.. I like some ascii games like Dwarf Fortress, but even DF have better menus than Borderlands. The UI is wrong in no-console ways, …like the text is soo big, that some weapons can’t show all the props of such weapon. This may make sense on a analog TV, that is poor to show small text, but on a monitor don’t make sense. Somewhat smaller text is still totally readable.
      – the keys that the UI use. Is like the guys that have choose these keys have never played a PC game, or PC computer before. There are some keys, yes, that we PC gamers use, but NOT for what this dude habe used it on the game.
      – theres not visual indication on the screen of what weapons you have equiped, and a limit of 4. I suppose because a XBox 360 control pad only has 4 direction buttons, and use these direction to choose the weapon. But a PC has 9 number keys, so limiting it to 4 is like ankward. The whole game is made to be compatible with a XBox 360 control pad. But on a PC the control pad is a poorly input method, laughdable, ridiculous and lame.
      – absolutelly lame game browser. If you want to play a game of your level (say 31), you are screwed. If you are something rare, llike level 40, you are screwed. Almost all the “servers” that list are unusble, because the owner don’t have the ports open. Is how the console guys like his things, simplicity over usability or even workability.
      – local saving of profiles. This is actually a thing that may kill replayability on the future. Since the PC version is a “aftertrougth” this has ben used, but will result on a uncontrolable proliferation of “hacked” weapons. This instantly kills any competitive play, but ultimatelly may kill PUGing, and replayability. It sould (at least) tried to protect it enough cyphering it, or stuff.

      I don’t think anything of this is really important (other than the lame game browser), since the game is fun, and maybe a 40% is thanks of consoley artifacts. That ha game has some consoley genes is not bad. Risen is playable *because* the console port. Morrowind was *also* a good console game. But Is true that the PC version looks like made by a sweapshop in China, by the low seller cheap labor you can get in china. Withouth something fishy like that, I can’t explain how the game got released with a chat that is a hack using the console, as example. I can understand the FOV, because don’t care about it, but things like the chat of the network browser only have a explanation: not enough testing, bad testing and poor programming.

  4. Lagmint says:

    ‘Calling it a ’shody port’ is taking things way too far. Did having to press Enter at the start menu really put you off the game? Really?

    What exactly screams ‘console port’? I don’t get it. Everyone I know has prefered the PC version to the X-box.”

    Press ‘enter’ to close screen. Scroll through quest text with… page up and page down! use GAMESPY to play multiplayer! (well ok that’s just retarded in general, not specifically console). FOV is… 65! Auto-aim! Super-jumps so you can avoid combat!

    Those were a few I thought of.

    • Gutter says:

      What a lame list… No one ever pretended that Borderlands was the next Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2 does the job just right. The game’s roots are in silly little RPGs…

      You want a FPS/RPG where the FPS part is perfect? Make a mod, or pester the makers of those perfect FPS, don’t try to transform Borderlands into a hardcore FPS.

    • Psychopomp says:

      Where the hell did he complain about the FPS part being bad? Did you even fucking read before commenting?

  5. OutOfExile says:

    It’s confirmed that it’s going to be on PC, PC price however isn’t

  6. Lilliput King says:


    I guess it’s mostly about the interface, and the concessions made to it.

    For me, the most annoying thing is the network connectivity just being awful. I can handle opening ports, having used dedicated servers to play TF2 with friends, this is an annoyance but not a problem. What’s unforgiveable is that even with ports safely opened, only a portion of my friends can ever join my games, leading to mystical solutions. I have to start a public server, then invite the computers not on my LAN server, but THEY MUST NOT ACCEPT, then close that server. If any randomers have joined in that period, the next step won’t work, so I have to restart the game. Assuming everything goes as planned, I start up a new private server, then invite ONLY the computer on my LAN server, which may or may not work. If it doesn’t, Borderlands has to be restarted for us both. Assuming my friend of the LAN server gets in, I can then invite my friends over the interweb, and we can play. It’s an unbelievable headache, and way beyond what I should be expected to do.

    The second most annoying this is that even now only four lines of weapon dialog are shown on the little weapon cards in the default version of the game. By editing the font size, you can get it to 5, but never more, despite the fact weapons can verifiably have more than 5 bonuses. That kind of thing /really/ bugs me in a diablo-like.

    The third most annoying thing is the game seems deliberately vague as to how it describes the upgrades you buy with levels up, using phrases like “for a period of time.” Some of them are downright misleading, like Deploy. Also super-annoying in a diablo-like.

    The fourth most annoying thing is that one of the three of the upgrade paths for Lilith just doesn’t work.

    The fifth most annoying thing is the lack of decent options menus. Stuff like the abiltiy to turn on Vsync, and the ability to turn off mouse smoothing, mic controls, this is important.

    The sixth most annoying thing is the tiny FOV. It’s changeable using ini files, but it keeps resetting when in a vehicle or when sprinting, which is as migraine inducing as the default FOV itself.

    The seventh most annoying thing is that class mods and other stat boosts aren’t in any way displayed on your characters stats. To that end, a unified stats screen, detailing exactly what is going on with your character rather than all the vague gumpf would be enormously useful.

    The eighth most annoying thing is that there is no way to trade, at all, or share ammo.

    The ninth most annoying thing is that cash isn’t just automatically picked up – as it’s shared, there’s really no reason for that to be the case.

    Also, those things Trithemius said that I haven’t already stolen.

    I liked it though. Just, yeah.

    • JKjoker says:

      about the vague descriptions and lack of stats for skills and weapons, those really really bug me to hell, but they are starting to become more and more common (Dragon Age has an even worse example, they tell you stats that are useless because they dont tell you other stats, they tell you weapon dmg but not the hit rate or dmg per second so you cant compare, they dont tell you how much dmg spells do or how they grow or what stats they are tied to)

      they are probably doing it because console tards get confused with the stats, just like with the Tactics options in DAO, why limiting them so much ? wizards and special characters like Shale or shapeshifters need like 15+ slots to properly set up the AI to use every ability, heal themselves and react to eventualities, you only get 4~6 and at most 4 more if you spend 4 very rare skill points, i can imagine the console beta testers rolling on the ground mumbling “ooh the choices, i cant take these many choices”)

    • Psychopomp says:

      Or maybe they just frown upon min-maxing?

  7. JKjoker says:

    I want to see 3 things :

    *actual character development and customization in the sequel, and by that i mean about the way they play not the physical look (too many rpgs lately have been confusing rpg character creation with dress-up-doll creation)

    how about letting the player choose a “skill tree” at level 5, 10 and 15 (or just pick out 3 out during character creation) ? you could let the players take any 3 trees or sort the trees into 3 categories (like “special skill”, “passive” and “weapon specialization”) and have them choose 1 in each

    instead of locking us into predesigned characters, if they are afraid of console tards getting confused just put the 4 original precreated guys and a “custom character” option like fallout did so long ago

    *another thing i want to see (and not just in Borderlands 2, in every RPG made from now on) a quick start option for replaying the game that jumps the whole “tutorial” section of the game, i dont want to spend an hour grinding until you get the car and the world opens up (DAO has a baaad case of this)

    *and let me shoot Claptrap, i hate the little crap

    • Psychopomp says:

      Jesus christ, what is you’re fucking problem with console gamers?

      You’re what’s wrong with PC gaming. The elitism.

    • Vinraith says:

      He’s got a good underlying point, though. I don’t think that console gamers are idiots, but it certainly seems like game designers think exactly that. The tendency really is to simplify options, remove decisions, and generally “dumb down” games that are ported to, or co-developed for, console. I think it under-serves them even more than it screws us, really.

    • Morph says:

      But what’s this weird obsession with wanting to make things complicated?

      Borderlands is a fun, fast paced FPS. If you level up in the middle of a big fight you can duck behind a wall, quickly spend your skill points, and get back into the shooting. I don’t want to spend valuable FPS time wondering whether to raise my dexterity or constiution or a dozen other stats.

      The way of improving your shooting (use a gun = get better at using that gun) works similarly. No pondering about where to spend skill points on various weapons. If you think Lilith would be great with a shotgun, get Lilith a shotgun.

      Simple is fun.

    • Mman says:

      Have we seriously reached the point of people ranting about “console tards” despite showing obvious ignorance of one of the PC’s flagship franchises (that pretty much all of Borderlands skill system is drawn from)?

    • JKjoker says:

      @Morph: whats with this obsession of simplifying gameplay until its not there anymore ?
      we keep going for games that play themselves or have “one hand” gameplay like Bayonetta
      why cant i hate that ? am i playing games wrong ? simple is not fun for everyone

    • Mman says:

      Bayonetta is hardly an example of simplifying games just because it has an optional mode for the lowest difficulty settings, considering the game is about as hardcore as it gets on the higher settings.

  8. Ryan says:

    How about maybe a demo? I remember when games had those.

  9. Vinraith says:

    Paid DLC before patching out significant issues, eh? Sounds like I was right to wait. Here’s hoping they do clear up the problems, though, as this one still looks like an awfully good time.

  10. Lilliput King says:

    “Or maybe they just frown upon min-maxing?”

    It goes a bit further than that, though. Especially in Dragon Age, where it literally tells you almost nothing about the spells/abilities.

    e.g., You’re told that heal will heal a portion of health. My issue with this is that if it’s, say, 20 health at spellpower 20, then I’m not really interested, and I don’t want it. If it’s 40 health at spellpower 20, then I’d want it. What good does hiding this info do?

    • TCM says:

      Considering it’s the only healing spell in the game, does it matter?

      Dragon Age, unlike certain older DnD based games, does not require extensive research on its abilities to utilize them effectively. Each and every ability and spell is unique, and there’s more than enough levels to get a substantial amount of useful abilities. In fact, I have yet to encounter a useless ability or spell.

    • Tei says:

      “In fact, I have yet to encounter a useless ability or spell.”
      On the healing tree, that one that suposedly raise the regeneration of health. I have found not use of it. If you guy have 20HP and this healing thing is active, and suffer a -30HP, is dead dead. So you want to heal him to 100HP, not put on him a slow healing thing.

    • Psychopomp says:

      You throw regeneration up *before* they’re low on health, silly. The regeneration is pretty damn strong, and will conserve a lot of mana, or let you concentrate on healing up someone else for a second.

  11. Lilliput King says:

    Just an example, TCM. It’s more pronounced with the damage dealing spells. That said, I’m a big fan of how the magic works, as it’s surprisingly situational, depending on the positions of your party members, enemies you’re fighting, etc. It also does a good job of making abilities work together. My latest favourite combo is getting Morrigan to freeze someone, and smashing them with the guaranteed critical hit you get from the shield-beat attack (think it’s called overpower) with Alistair.

    Just this one minor thing that bugs me, is all. I want to know as much as possible about the abilities I have.

  12. Lilliput King says:


    It does heal slightly more than the instant heal, though you aren’t told this. IIRC you aren’t even told how long it goes on for, but I’ve found it useful to use either early in a fight or while heal is regenerating. If you have a dedicated tank and a dedicated healer, it works quite well for keeping their health high, mostly.

  13. Soylent Robot says:

    A L4D2-style boycott

  14. Operatives says:

    The game does feel like it was polished specifically for consoles, and the PC-version was an afterthought.

    I strongly disagree with Gearbox’s decision to release DLC before issuing patches to fix their game. But I can’t blame them for doing so. Seems to me that the majority of their audience are those that bought the game for PS3 and XBox360; therefore, they want to appease the many at the cost of the few (and make a quick buck to boot).

    It appears to me that the issues they are having with the PC could have been solved before it’s release if it were properly tested, or had a closed-beta.

    And using GameSpy to manage their online game activities was sooooo DeusEx.

    As for me, I plan to boycott their DLC until they fix the PC version to the point where I am able to play multiplayer co-op without the means of unsupported 3rd party work-arounds. -_-

    **But hey, at least the launch wasn’t like Hellgate: London, eh?

  15. sana says:

    Borderlands DLC is actually genuinely interesting and a sequel makes a LOT more sense since it is a story-based game that doesn’t advertise YEARS OF REPLAY VALUE, so I see no reason for it to be boycotted like the abomination that is Left 4 Dead 2.

  16. Hug_dealer says:

    hey, i just wanted to join in and complain about console idiots because im personally not willing to figure things out on my own.

    Really, get over yourselves. If it doesnt tell you how long it lasts, find out. If you need everything spelled out for you, then you are worse than the console gamers you hate so much.

  17. Hug_dealer says:

    bah, you went and ruined it pomp. he was going to spend the rest of his time not understanding what a hot is.

  18. Lilliput King says:

    “If it doesnt tell you how long it lasts, find out. If you need everything spelled out for you, then you are worse than the console gamers you hate so much.”

    …Why not just tell me?

    And I didn’t even mention consoles.

  19. Hug_dealer says:

    i wasnt just replying to you.

  20. Juror #9 says:

    Well, for the casual PC gamer that i am, and for the little time that i have had on Borderlands (Im only a lvl 15 Siren). Im not a consol gamer but i can see why peeps are a bit miffed. The when in the vending machines the whole [ok] [cancel] [enter] yes [esc] no deal is redundant for PC’ers. Key binding ability would be handy in the next installment. Art? awesome, cell style is great. Single player experience? Pretty sweet. Online play? Gamespy. Dumb move. Then again all i have been doing is SteamClouding so i have been spoiled. They really need a better UI for the PC and searching for severs is just way to dumbed down (that’s not a bad thing) but when the PC user has had much more data to work with when choosing a server to hook up with kind of hard to come to grips with the “online” UI.
    Game physics…Unreal Engine. not my choice but just tone down the jumping. The floating feeling is a bit wierd (kind of like the grav. has been doctored to deal with the space environments UT had) but not much of an issue. Bullets actually hit what you’re aiming at (compared to the Source engine, hit box issues).
    Hmm… i guess what im trying to say ascasual gamer. UI for the PC port is a bit clunky for my taste but overall this is helarious, cell animation style, RPG shooter. Good voice overs for the most part. Im really enjoying it. Then im just a casual gamer.
    Sorry one last thing…why does your transportation dissappear from where you left it after you teleport to a different area? That’s a bit annoying. I expect to have a vehicle where i left it. Is that an RPG thing (like over time your car detiriorates when your killing baddies somewhere you couldn’t take your ride?) Well, let hope for a bit more PC adendums for the next installment. But i like this.

  21. TRS-80 says:

    So the DLC is finally available for PC … and it inclues SecuROM even on Steam. And 2K have continued their fuck you to Australians, charging $US13 vs the $US10 Americans get.