The Old & The New: Archon Remade

Older gamers with elephantine memories will recall Archon: The Light & The Dark, which first graced out existence back in the 1980s. It’s being remade for PC by React Games, and can now be pre-ordered, if you’re feeling like a strange kind of fantasy adventure chess is your thing. I’ve posted their brief teaser below.


  1. rei says:

    Best game on C64? Possibly. That tractor racing game gave it a run for its money, though.

    Granted, I never got around to some of the classics like M.U.L.E. and such. Either way, I think I’ll wait for it to find its way to Steam before considering buying it.

  2. zipdrive says:

    Yay! Archon was one of my favorite games in those ancient days.

    If I remember correctly, is has already been remade once… (a quick google later) yup: Archon Ultra.

  3. Red Avatar says:

    Hmm $20 is a bit steep for this. $10 would have been more tempting considering this IS a remake. And let’s be honest, the new graphics aren’t exactly that great.

  4. Nero says:

    Yeah one of my favorite games on the C64. Might have lost some of it’s charm with updated graphics though, but hopefully there’s a demo soon to try out.

  5. Id says:

    Now gimme a good remake of M.U.L.E., a good remake of Seven Cities of Gold, and some motherfuckin’ Starflight already. Let me relive my childhood the way I always wished it had been!

    • Risingson says:

      7 cities of gold actually had a VGA remake baaaack then, I remember that because it was included in a cd that came with a Creative CDROM drive, I think.

      Archon has actually been remade officially (Archon Ultra) and unoficially (Magic & Mayhem,Dark Legions) many times.
      Trivia time off.

    • Moot says:

      M.U.L.E! M.U.L.E! M.U.L.E! M.U.L.E! M.U.L.E! M.U.L.E! M.U.L.E! M.U.L.E!

      I would like some M.U.L.E please.

  6. Jeremy says:

    I’ve been waiting for this for decades, literally. Although, yeah, $20 is a bit much, the graphics look like they’re out of Doom2. But, it’s Archon!!!!

  7. Obdicut says:

    Nifty. This is one of the few games I’ve never gotten to fully work under XP.

    I preferred Adept, though.

  8. duncanthrax says:

    “The game is over. The dark side won.”

  9. KilgoreTrout XL says:

    Nice! This was one of my favorites. Now remake Driller and The Guild of Thieves.

  10. RobF says:

    Well, I laughed: (from the media page)

    link to

  11. Ginger Yellow says:

    React have already released this on the iPhone, if you want to check it out before the PC version is released.

  12. Urthman says:

    Teasing with the very first bit of the original Archon music was a nice touch.

    link to

  13. LewieP says:

    I still have my Archon T Shirt that EA gave out at PAX last year.

    They had loads of them. I was utterly baffled, but happily took one.

  14. Moot says:

    I had it on cartridge for my Atari 800XL.

    I recall hours of fun playing two player with friends, though there were always fights as to who got the “good joystick”.

    I am…torn as to whether buying this version will offer me anything akin the enjoyment of the original – I think perhaps it is rather of it’s time.


  15. Scott says:

    I’d rather this be released on consoles…360 Live DLC for $10-$15 would hit the sweet spot.

  16. Psychopomp says:


  17. LintMan says:

    Definitely one of the best C-64 games made. I like the sequel (Archon 2: Adept) as well.

    I don’t see any power points in the screenshot above… Were those only in Archon 2?

  18. Krikey! says:

    $20? Sign me up! Archon was, and still is, awesome!

    • vagabond says:

      Except the iphone version seems to be $3, so I’d kind of feel a bit hard done by paying $20 for it on PC (I assume the PC version has extra game modes or something, but still).

      Dammit, now even indie devs are shafting the PC.
      It always starts this way, dumbing their games down for a less technically capable platform, with a worse control system. I won’t be surprised when their remake of Archon 2 isn’t even available for the PC. It’ll serve them right when I pirate the original on a C=64 emulator…

  19. Mike says:

    “I don’t see any power points in the screenshot above… Were those only in Archon 2?”

    I distinctly remember getting the message “Power points are proof against magic” when you tried to cast a spell on a piece that was on a power point in Archon 1.

    My guess is that they are just not implemented, since this is a pre-beta. Or maybe you can turn them on or off.

  20. David Gentle says:

    There was a mod for Q3A at one point that was based on this though i forget the name.

  21. Mike says:

    Archon already has an awesome spiritual successor in Wrath Unleashed, and a not-so-awesome one in Unholy War, but I’m looking forward to this relatively straight remake nonetheless.

  22. Risingson says:

    Now I see that you people are at least as old as me :/ :)

  23. Patrick says:

    Isn’t this coming out on Wiiware?

    link to

    Probably a whole lot less than $20 on there, too. I don’t get this: the console makes/app stores are taking a big chunk of the price, but they charge more on the PC where they are free to distribute it however they wish, usually at a far lower cost?

  24. R says:

    The poor gaming offerings on the IBM PCjr still haunt me, but I was able to get this one!