Going Over The Edge: Indie Mass Protest

What an edgy move.

A lot of indie games have just changed their names. Remember Fez? It’s now Fedge. Tyler Glaiel’s Closure is now named Closure: on the EDGE of reality™. The forthcoming iPhone game Critter Crunch is henceforth referred to as Critter Credge. And the enormously enjoyed Canabalt is now called Canabedge. Although Atomic Edge Games aren’t too pleased about it all. Other new games have been announced including Ted Marten’s Edgeward McEdgington, Secret Exit promises to bring us LEDGE, Steph Thirion’s Eliss declares a sequel, Edgeliss, Tyler Glaiel is back with a new game, Edgeform: On The Edge Of Insanity, and there’s rumours of a new game from Dejobaan, EeeeeEEeeeEEEeeEEEEeEEEEEdge! A Feckless Disregard For Poopieheads. You may have noticed a pattern. This is a solidarity movement amongst the indie development community to stand up to the legal actions of Tim Langdell, who has recently launched another attempt to remove a game from Apple’s iTunes store due to including the word “Edge” in its title.

If you didn’t follow the story of Langdell’s attempt to remove EDGE from iTunes, there is no better place to catch up than Simon Parkin’s astonishing piece for Eurogamer. EDGE is back up, after an intervention by EA, but Langdell is now trying the same with a game called Killer Edge Racing.

The movement above is a response to this, a sort of burst-the-prisons protest, with an increasing number of developers standing up to the legal actions from Langdell. You can follow the list on Touch Arcade.

If you wish to delve deeper into investigations of Langdell, and find some really remarkable discoveries about his business, be sure to follow Chaos Edge. The posts are long, but they’re meticulously researched, and carry some hefty surprises.


  1. amesace says:

    this is excellent, well done indie devs for standing up to this megalomaniac

  2. Doug F says:

    This is wonderful.

  3. rei says:

    Never heard of this Langdell fellow or his obtuse actions before, but that’s hilarious.

  4. Tei says:

    Anoying trademark troll. And probably insane person. Hes a troll, he do that for profit, abusing the system, parasiting it. But I bet he think the world owe him this, and that he is right. Other trademark trolls are just greedy people, but I bet this guy have a mental health problem.

  5. Babs says:

    Surely if anyone should be standing up to this it’s ‘Edge’ magazine. Didn’t they licence the right to use the name from Langdell? They should just cancel any licence agreement and see him in court, they have more money than him so he’d never go through with it, especially since he must realise his trademark claim is ludicrous.

    • John Walker says:

      They already did cancel the agreement years ago.

    • Babs says:

      My mistake. Clearly he only goes after people smaller than him then. That explains Mirror’s Edge too.

      What a tosser.

    • RobF says:

      Nah, the colossal idiot goes after anyone he thinks he can get his claws into. Rather idiotically, this included EA which if you have a read of EA’s dispute filing with the trademark office, well, I can’t see how anyone could possibly get out of that. Especially not someone with lawyers that appear to have little or no experience of any sorts of computer law.

      So, he’s kinda ramping it up a bit given numbered days. I’m sure we’ll hear a *lot* more actions over the coming months till this all comes together next year.

      I’ll give him his due, I’ve not seen stupidity on this scale in quite a while. At least, not from a single person.

      In the meantime, at least for today, enjoy all these new games at the cutting edge from the masters of the games ;D

  6. Mike says:

    Hilarious. And, of course, a good idea, to get attention rather than to genuinely stick it to him.

    Can’t believe he’s come back.

  7. Dominic White says:

    The growing EA vs Langdell legal battle is going to be the best ever since Jack Thompson took on the Florida Bar, and ended up getting banned from practicing law for the rest of his natural life, which in turn was the best videogame legal battle since Pheonix Wright vs Satans Robot.

    One of these was made up, but it should totally be a real game.

    • PHeMoX says:

      LOL, right on mang!!

      As for Edge Games and all that… it’s a truly pathetic way of making money.

      Its pathetic as well that Langdell claims his EDGE brand is one of the most famous in the industry. That’s just nuts and false. Apart from the fact that its now definitely known for it’s legal conflicts and not it’s games, controllers, publishing and all that.

      I’m pretty sure Edge games hasn’t sold a new game since the dizzy 80s era of gaming. I’m sure no one can remember their last title.

      PS3, Xbox360, Wii? Does Langdell even know what these are? I doubt any of his games ever were released for these systems, being all made in the 80s.

  8. bill says:

    that cheered up my evening.

  9. Yargh says:

    I’m still waiting on the announcements for Dragon Edge, Originals and Edgeland in the new genre of Role Playing IP Looter

  10. SheffieldSteel says:





  11. Tei says:

    I just have buy Edge Ego Dracones Divinity II for 19€. Hope is a good purchase.

  12. Bhazor says:

    Why this is marvellous. It shows a united front against a total cock end whilst at the same time getting the charming Fedge (A nice man with a large penis according to Urban Dictionary) some bonus attention.

    Also this makes me do a smile.

  13. Mike says:

    As ever, can’t have an article about Tim without a mention of Chaos Edge:

    link to chaosedge.wordpress.com

    Which does sterling, amazing detective work to link Tim to a variety of hoaxes and lies.

  14. Colm says:

    Classic stuff. Kudos to everyone involved!

  15. WilPal says:

    This is amazing. I love what people can achieve when they work together.

    Take that, Langdell!

  16. Leon says:

    My fav: rEDGEonance!

  17. Dominic White says:

    Holy shit. In just the past day, Langdell has started ‘selling’ memory sticks on his site (he isn’t actually – they’re apparently on perpetual backorder), in an attempt to claim that Edge Tech Corp, who HAVE been selling memory sticks for years, are infringing on his business.

    The man just doesn’t know how to stop digging, does he? I hope EA use some of the journalistic work that Chaos Edge have been doing to help their case, because they’ve gathered some amazing evidence.

  18. P7uen says:

    Absolutely superb

  19. Ginger Yellow says:

    The last week’s updates at Chaos Edge have been fun. He’s clearly pretty desperate to cover his tracks, but he’s just not very good at it. On one level, you have to admire the guy’s chutzpah. If I were being accused of fraud in court by a company the size of EA, I wouldn’t have the balls to go around filing trademarks for game titles that have been in use by other people for many, many years before my own fake games, or pretend to be selling computer hardware. But it’s all going to bite him on the arse in the end.

  20. Wooly says:

    Haha! That’s awesome!

  21. Jochen Scheisse says:

    Ahaha, on the website of EDGE:

    “The Movie “The Edge”, staring Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin, was released by 20th Century Fox under License from EDGE.”

  22. Heliocentric says:

    I’m sat on the very perimeter of my seat.

  23. LewieP says:

    Very tempted to rename SavyGamer SavyEdgeGamer.

    And how come I am not looking at Rock Paper Edgegun?

  24. Heliocentric says:

    The most famous EDGE i can think of is the magazine, after that comes the pizza hut pizza base.

    But, copyrighting a 4 letter word? I can’t wait to start f**k games and then sue everyone who swears.

  25. Glove says:

    BAHA! That first paragraph cracked me up; this is just too awesome.

  26. Lagmint says:

    This is why I love the industry. Stuff like this.

    I can’t wait to see his reply. he’ll probably be ‘honoured’

    • bill says:

      maybe he’ll be honoured by the awards group he set up to award himself awards. (seriously).

  27. salejemaster says:

    bahahahaha this is so good (:

  28. Stense says:

    Good to see people standing up to the games’ industry’s biggest twunt. The Twunt Prime as it were..

  29. jph wacheski says:

    I will be changing the name of my company to iterationEDGEgames. and Our next game will be called “The EDGE of Tim Langdell’s Frivolous Lawsuits – those who can’t do, SUE!”

    This guys gives trolls a bad name,. .

  30. RagingLion says:

    What the hell. I repeat: WHAT … THE .. HELL!! This guy is absolutely ridiculous having read all of the surrounding details. It just seems like he knows how the trademark system works and knows some lawyers and so has stomped on others less familiar with all that stuff than himself. Admittedly he has the original trademarks but if his company have been doing nothing for the last 20 years and having a name that is a normal oft-used english word then this simply isn’t right.

    He simply needs to be taken down so that other individuals and companies never have to put up with any of this stress and frustration unwittingly ever again.

  31. Tom says:

    When is he going to sue U2?

  32. Lagmint says:

    Can you guys please, for the love of God, tell us immediately when he responds to this? I need, NEED to hear how he reacts, because I THINK we might just see a tantrum.

  33. sfury says:


  34. EthZee says:

    The makers behind Stair Dismount just announced their new title, Ledge Dismount,

    Sounds exciting! Dangerous! Almost… edgy, you could say.

  35. TCM says:

    Tim Langdell: Edgy trademark troll.

  36. tapanister says:

    Fuck that shithead, great work indie devs. Give him hell.

  37. Nerd Rage says:

    This is the best thing I’ve seen… possibly all year. Awesome move.

  38. EDGEGTF™ says:

    I just can’t understand why he persists in such an atmosphere. It seems his moral compass led him over an edge and no mistake.

  39. The Hammer says:

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedge made me laugh.

    The new Limbo of the Lost!

    • Stu says:

      See, now I’m just singing “The Tim of Lang-dell” over and over to myself.

  40. sinister Edgent says:

    Good lord, this man really is a revolting little stain, isn’t he? Damned good on the collective though, I say. I look forward to hearing about this madman being sued into oblivion.

  41. Psychopomp says:

    Faith in humanity restored

  42. DMJ says:

    What about that animated movie, “Over The Hedge“? Surely they’re on his big list too.

  43. Railick says:

    I'm sorry is he sueing people who have words that CONTAIN edge like Hedge ect? Or are you just joking :P You really should not be able to get a copy write over a freaking 4 letter word.

  44. ChampionHyena says:

    Giggling, clapping.

  45. Centy says:

    EDGE EDGER EDGEGUN! come on guys you have to temp change the logo to that

  46. Railick says:


    Sharpened Edge of a Rock, Edge of a Piece of Paper, Edged off Shotgun! At the edge of PC Gaming since Nineteen Fifty Edge . . . Edge . . . EDGE!

  47. Railick says:

    Official Mascot would be the Edgeless Bear :P

  48. Ozzie says:

    Nah, it should be a BEDGER. ;)

  49. Devan says:

    This is fabulous. I hope with the Indies and EA and Edge Tech Corp all fighting this crap, Langdell can be shut out of the industry for good!

  50. Rob says:

    One more for the list: link to lazy8studios.com