Play Global Agenda This Weekend

Action MMO Global Agenda has a limited beta test session going on this weekend, and there are only thirty slots available for RPS readers. You’ll need to register for the beta right now if you want to get in. Register using this code: GABETA-RPS, and you’ll be in with a chance of being selected for one of the RPS slots, later tonight. If our hands-on preview is anything to go by then this is a game that’s definitely worth paying attention to, so you might as well sign up now. More details about this weekend’s activities can be found in this forum thread.


  1. Fatrat says:

    Oh damn, i thought i got lucky with the whole ”FRISTTTTTTT” effect, being first and all that. Then i read that i will ”have a chance”… i thought my being a student bum had scored me a first come first served deal. =P

    Oh well. fingers crossed, cheers for the chance guys.

  2. CMaster says:

    Played this at Eurogamer and was really quite impressed, so went and put in a beta app.
    Just added the RPS code to the “referal code” section – I’m guessing that was what was intended, right?

    • Flobulon says:

      I got a reference code from playing it at the Eurogamer Expo, so I’m wondering whether I have a better chance with this one.
      Although I’m getting close to my bandwidth limit this month anyway.

  3. Lack_26 says:

    Well, I’ll be busy on the Sunday (going to Edinburgh for a music gig), so it would be unfair if I applied knowing that I wouldn’t get a full play from it. Have fun those who do get in though.

  4. Dave says:

    Same here Lack i cant possibly put the time to good use though i am interested, please keep us updated fellow RPS readers

  5. Joras says:


  6. Lestaticon says:

    Here’s to hoping we all get in!

  7. TwoDaemon says:

    Oooh, nice opportunity thank you kindly. I’ve signed up, but won’t be home for hours so I can’t put in my dxdiag file. Hope that doesn’t end up excluding me, *sigh*.

    Incidentally, I’m pretty sure the tags for this post should include “global agenda” rather than “globla agenda”. Just a heads-up.

  8. Gorgeras says:

    Wow Tabula thing is back!

  9. Davee says:

    Awesome RPS. And have I told you how awesome you are? You’re like… awesome! Been registered on there a while now, I hope I get in this time.

    Oh, and I guess it’s a “pick 30 random from the ones who have the key”-kind of draw rather than “first to use it wins!”, right? Hope so :)

    And do you update this post when it’s done or do we simply get a mail?

  10. Jim Rossignol says:

    The winners will get mailed directly for this one, we won’t be involved.

    • Davee says:

      I see. And oh, any idea of when “later tonight” might be, or is that also entierly up to Hi-Rez (as i suspect)?

  11. We Fly Spitfires says:

    Sweet. Looking forward to GA. Now if only I hadn’t promised to stop taking part in betas…

  12. EaterOfCheese says:

    After Tabula Rasa, looking forward to this. let’s hope they played teh other shooterymmos before designing GA…

  13. KindredPhantom says:

    Woot i got in!