Because There’s Also A Story, Right

Two new developer diary videos for sandbox vehicular action game (comedy?) Just Cause 2 have landed, and they only serve to hammer home just how absurdly entertaining this game looks. The videos feature skydiving, grappling, and man-shooting, but also explain a bit about what all this ludicrousness is intended to achieve, which is to overthrow the dictators of the fictional island of Panau. Good thing dictators need overthrowing, I say. Go watch it look even more awesome, below.


  1. Haderah says:

    This game is CAKE! Not many will get the refference…

  2. Mikmanner says:

    More interested in the teams other project Aion Guard, read about it in Edge ages ago, sounded awesome.

  3. Metalfish says:

    Just watch the second trailer, it’s like the first but without the boring bloke.

  4. Igor Hardy says:

    From the description the game sounded fairly typical and boring, but thankfully the action looks so ridiculous and over the top that it should be a lot of fun.

  5. M.P. says:

    It’s kinda as if Batman could do parkour!

    • Poindexter says:


      On the contrary, I was singing the Spider-man theme song in my head while watching all the grappling hook action.

  6. Wooly says:

    It is painfully obvious that this game should be played with keyboard & mouse, and that the person playing in the video was using a controller.

    Man this looks good, though. It also looks like it may rape my computer! D:

  7. Wazzle says:

    That people pay $60 for Corridor Shooter: Modern Warfare 2 while crazy games such as this are in development…. wow. This looks AWESOME!!!!111one

  8. SanguineLobster says:

    SPOILER: The twist is that it’s all a surprise party for the main character.

  9. The Dark One says:

    Attaching two physics objects with a rope when they don’t want to be attached is one of the easiest/funnest things to do in garrys mod. It looks like it fits in nicely with the insane stuff going on here.

  10. Cedge says:

    Just fantastic. Counting on this being a shoe-in for my personal “Most Improved Sequel” award.

  11. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    Is that what a modern version of Armed and Dangerous would be if it took itself more seriously?

    Or is it Red Faction Guerilla but instead of knocking down buildings you jump on them?

    (Both would be cool and I think this game will be enjoyable on its own terms, too)

  12. MD says:


  13. t21 says:

    Just Cause 2 looks an awful lot like Midwinter 2: Flames of Freedom.

    Yes, I’m old.

  14. TheApologist says:


  15. JKjoker says:

    ooooh, screw realism yeah!, im sold as well, looks like mad fun and running cars into gas stations will never get old

    i really really hope they dont pull a GTA4/Saint Rows 2/Force unleashed and release a game that only runs in space hardware because is the only way they could keep me away

    any idea what the recomended and minimun specs are ? i couldnt find anything in their site

  16. D says:

    No idea but the first was pretty optimized as I remember it. Considering the 50km draw distance. ;D

  17. Manwe says:

    Does it get any more manly than having an uzi powered shootout with a jeep convoy, whilst hanging from a helicopter? Well yes, if this trailers anything to go by.

    Only possible downside is dying of adrenaline overload, 30 mins in

    Can’t wait for this.

  18. Nallen says:

    Looks like great fun, the kind of fun I’d want to have in my living room with a few mates and a big telly though…