Digging Tortoises: Fauna Sphere

Flora AND fauna, together at last.

Big Fish Games, they of the casual gaming world who aren’t PopCap, have released a new game rather beautifully called Fauna Sphere. I love the name, I’m terrified by the game. It’s one of them-there free cutesy MMO things, with an animal of your creation – a Fauna – and tasks to complete. It seems rather competently done, but it keeps asking me to socialise with other players, which sounds simply awful. But you know, perhaps you’re not me and this is your sort of thing. Have a look at the trailer below to help make up your mind (although it’s hard to believe too many people will be swayed by the opening gambit, “BECOME A CARETAKER”), or play it for free via the magical clicking of this link.


  1. Carra says:

    I hope this game won’t learn our kids that dogs hatch from eggs.

    • frymaster says:

      it’s an MMO, not a neural net AI, it doesn’t learn anything :P

      (I have no idea what you meant to say)

    • coupsan says:

      It’s blatantly obvious what he was saying.

    • skizelo says:

      Seriously, replace the word “learn” with the word “teach” and you’re golden. Not that big a leap!

    • Carra says:

      English 101 to the rescue.

      I do mean teach.

  2. msarge says:

    Dear John Walker,

    In the sentence “I love the name, I’m terrified by the game.” I really feel that you should have used a semicolon instead of a comma, but then again that’s about the only punctuation, grammar, or spelling rule that I feel comfortable expressing familiarity with.

    An avid reader,

  3. EDGEGTF™ says:

    Where did the MMO part of the game come in? Looked a rather solitary experience.

  4. Gentacle says:

    What could a turtle possibly bother?

  5. Isometric says:

    “it keeps asking me to socialise with other players, which sounds simply awful.”

    haha that sounds horrible

  6. mandrill says:

    Yeah, I would give this a go (simply because its free and I’m a sucker for free) but the account creation seems to be broken. I can’t even enter anything in the text boxes. Amateurs.

    /me goes off for a smoke and coffee before his ire drowns the world.

  7. Jonas says:


  8. RedQ says:

    Seeing as how this is RPS I’m surprised to see no mention that Fauna Sphere is from the creator of Asheron’s Call.

  9. GrimmSweeper says:

    For some reason when the website bitches at you for not having cookie settings “the right way” they disable the text fields. And any attempt at refreshing the page redirects you back to that page. Since they use php, I found the easiest solution was to eliminate any text beyond and including the question mark in the http bar and trying the page from there.

    link to susi.faunasphere.com


    link to susi.faunasphere.com

  10. lolo says:


  11. maddie says:


  12. Bob Faunaspher player says:

    I love this from the main post “It’s one of them-there free cutesy MMO things, with an animal of your creation”.
    First off you do not create the fauna yourself, there is no creating of any fauna that needs to be done by you the player.
    Maybe if you played the game to its fullest instead of bagging it with only bits of what you think you know then and only then you might be able to make a better post on it..