Stargate Worlds In Not Dead Shocker

The MMO-encompassing Massively recently spotted that Cheyenne Mountain have finally offered some news on the development of their Stargate MMO, despite weeks of quiet. The silence set in after the news that they were still in grave financial trouble, despite aid from new investors. So grave, in fact, that the company apparently couldn’t even afford to update its website with news of progress. The MMO dev and their investors are still apparently intent on bringing the game out, but the messages from the company still seem to point to gloom. Check out the updated screenshot gallery for overdue proof that the game is still being made.


  1. TauQuebb says:

    We have games about zombies and now a zombie game.
    Though I would like to see it come out, hopes are not high.

  2. Railick says:

    Um , why has no one made a stargate tower defense game where you have to set up defensive turrets and soliders just outside of an active stargate at SCG head quarters and hold off invading Jaffa for as long as you can? After the time counts down you get a horrible .wav recording of someone saying “Jaffa Kree!” Like the kind you used you hear back in movie themed pinball machines in the 80s :P In the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game “Kowabunga Dude!!!!!”

    • JonFitt says:

      I heard someone was working on such a game, but the team could not agree on whether they were defending against cakes or biscuits and development ground to a halt.
      True story.

  3. Tei says:

    I hope less people make mmo’s. Since seems that mmo’s nowdays must be wow clones, and we have already enough of these.

    I guest theres some juicy history behind the problems with the investors in this one, but I don’t really want to know about that. Knowing more about that shit will like.. taint myself. :-P

    • DSX says:

      To hell with WoW, I’d play SG Worlds all day if it was a next gen Tabula Rasa clone. While AION is occupying most of my gaming time atm, I’m still keeping an eye out for a nice TR style mmo shooter. This game promised(es) to be it.

  4. Xercies says:

    I wonder if there will be a special puzzle in the game that once you complete it you get called on by the actual Stargate to do missions because it turned out it was actually an equasian in another language to get the 9th Chevron…

    I wonder if anyone will get that reference…

    • ruaidhri.k says:

      does it involve having to meet a rather tubby rick anderson whilst in my jim jams?

      Anyway – my missus got very excited about this and applied for the Beta about a year ago. I think i may be safe from having her take over my gaming PC for a while yet.

    • Stense says:

      I got the reference Xercies. Do I get a parade in an open top bus in honour of that?

    • Chaz says:

      RDA has let himself go a bit hasn’t he. I suppose that since he became a general he stopped doing all that running around blasting bad guys.

  5. pirate0r says:

    make sure you speak to your lawyer (your mum) first before you sign that NDA…

  6. The Pink Ninja says:

    Christ, Stargate i just going through development hell…

  7. Sp4rkR4t says:

    Do a quick deal and follow the Runic model, use all the assets from the MMO and knock up a simple but insanely fun single player game in a few months to fund the development.

  8. JonFitt says:

    I would pay to play a Stargate single player RPG or FPS. As soon as I heard it was an MMO, I lost all interest.
    Scratch that, I want a Stargate XCom-like game.

    • Taillefer says:

      I’ve wanted an X-Com Stargate for years. It all fits so well together.

  9. Deadpool says:

    Good I hope it dies
    They cancelled a perfectly good first person shooter for this horrible game.

    • Dethgar says:

      Yeah, God knows we need another FPS game already.

      If you meant the SG1 game, it was NOT canceled due to SGW. It was canceled because the company couldn’t afford it. Much like is happening now. MGM isn’t investing enough in this, and with SGU a hit now, I’d look for this to die soon enough(though it technically is now).

  10. PHeMoX says:

    Someone should take them out of their misery FAST. This is going nowhere fast and seriously, who needs another craptastic MMO??

    I guess people playing MMOs just have an incredibly low standard or something and the devs and investors are aiming at exactly that….. so sad.

  11. Harlequin says:

    SGU…a hit? Seriously? I think it’s one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen, and this is coming from an SG-1 fan. Can’t think of one person I know who actually watches it….or watched it past the pilot episode.

    As for the MMO…I was interested in one point, but now the only MMO I really care about is SWTOR.

  12. Railick says:

    I’ve seen every single SG1 episode up until Jack was no longer leading SG1 )And several afterwards just not ALL of them( That having beenn said I kinda liked Stargate Atlantis and just when I was starting to get to like some of the characters they switch over to this SGU, I hate it :( I’d rather just watch Voager reruns much more interesting (and better looking women)

  13. Crush says:

    SG1 and SGA were both utter comic book grade sci-fi crap & fluff but it was enter entertaining fluff you could switch off your brain with its simple characters.

    The problem (and I find this myself) with SGU is the people who watched Stargate are expecting more of the same nonsense and when the show doesn’t give it to them and tried to be a character piece well queue nerd backlash.

    Personally I thinks its been reasonable decent so far, still finding its feet but its worth a watch.

    As for the MMO the expanded upon Stargate universe set out by the TV shows is really well suited to such a game but I doubt they will ever be able to finish is though why it doesn’t have better backing given the nerds attachment to Stargate like Star Trek, they really should have had more money for this.

    • Chaz says:

      I liked SG1 and SGA and I’m really enjoying SGU. It’s the first TV show that has made me want to tune in to catch it each week, since the first 3 seasons of Lost. I like the new darker grittier tone to the show, which is a bit suprising since I didn’t really like BSG because it was too moody.