OpFlash: Dragon Rising Demo

A single-mission demo for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising has been released, and it can apparently be played single player and online with chums. Codies explain: “As part of a Special Forces squad inserting behind Chinese PLA lines, players must eliminate a strategically critical radar station and missile sites to allow the USS Iwo Jima, carrying the main USMC battalion, to safely approach the island of Skira.” The full details for the demo including mirrors and systems specs can be found here. My thoughts about the game on release can be read here.


  1. Theory says:

    It’s on Steam. For some reason the thread Jim mentioned only links to capped-HTTP-and-adverts download sites.

  2. NoRCoN says:

    It’s about damn time. Hopefully I get the chance to try it out tonight.

  3. Starky says:

    Poor, horridly poor game.

    Utterly lacking as a mil-sim, and just not interesting as a more action based FPS (not enough action, set pieces, or story to carry you through the dull missions that all play exactly the same).

    It’s also horridly broken in co-op, no dedicated servers (which is theoretically fine for 4 player co-op given most broadband connections can easily handle that) so mass-player fun will never be (fun).
    No official modding, or SDK – but no file protection either, so already everyone hacking the files then taking those hacks online. Which means as with borderlands, people hosting with hacked/edited game files can also screw you up.
    It’s also really, and pathetically short.

    The worst crime though is the missions, they are just dull – and offer no freedom whatsoever, just a chain of waypoints and meaningless objectives. Almost always involving blowing up some AA, or killing a few set targets before hoofing it to the next waypoint.
    You can’t wander off or do your own thing either as that will usually just result in failure.

    Oh and the 64 unit/entity limit is a killer, nothing like killing a few badguys, then running over to their bodies to loot their stuff, only to find that the bodies have vanished because the game engine is a broken console port.

    One of those games that after purchase I wish I’d pirated it instead. Still, I did return it for a refund (store credit, but better than nothing).

    • steeddy says:

      The whole OFP:DR lack of dedicated servers issue seemed to go rather unnoticed unlike with MW2, although its most likely a sign of how poorly this sold. Codemasters verged on false advertisment (and some have got refunds as a result) by putting “Dedicated host server recommended for optimum performance” on the box and then showing no interest in actually giving anyone files to set them up. Outside co-op online was a laggy, broken mess when I tried it, although I havent played since the patch was released, plenty of other good games to be playing instead.

    • Chaz says:

      Might thoughts exactly, terrible game, a real dissapointment, and I feel mislead by all the prerelease bullshit in the dev videos. As for what’s left of the game, as you say the missions are really dull and lack any sort of atmosphere. Just a by the number, go to this check point and shoot these guys type afair, and you don’t even get total freedom to do that because if you stray too far from the mission area, it’s an instant fail after a 10 second warning. I’m not even going to borther to completing it.

      I real shame because had they actually made it along the lines that they were saying in all their prerelease vids, then it would have been a much better game. But what really makes me angry is that so far Codemasters have yet to respond to any of the complaints made about the game by its customers, and I seriously doubt we ever will get any response from them. It’s because of that more than anything that means this is quite probably the last Codemaster product I ever buy.

  4. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    demos of games with lots of important hotkeys should have a tutorial mission that goes through them all. the actual mission (played yesterday through steam) wasn’t very interesting.

  5. Rick says:

    Man, I’m absolutely useless at this game. I want a quicksave!

  6. A-Scale says:

    I think its sort of cool. Less buggy than ARMA2, that’s for sure.

    • Dominic White says:

      Less buggy than ArmA2 at launch, perhaps. ArmA2 *now* (it has gotten quite a few sizeable patches since launch) is another question entirely.

    • ourdreamsoffreedom says:

      Nah. ArmA 2 still has plenty of bugs. It’s been eight years and the AI still can’t cross bridges, for example.

  7. Tim James says:

    It’s okay but the console porting is very weak. Inability to move or look around or do two things at once during certain actions.

  8. GoldenNugget says:

    The FOV and clunkiness of issuing commands a switching weapons kills it for me. I hate the huge gigantic gun in my face bobbing away stupidly and the field of vision makes it difficult for me to spot enemies less than 50 meters away. In ArmA2 I can spot enemies at large distances like 500-1000 meters away just because of the better situational awareness. ArmA2 is much more open and just feels a lot better, especially with all the new beta patches.

  9. DirtyAllen says:

    How is ArmA2 now? I bought it when it first came out but havent bothered re-installing it after upgrading to windows 7.

    • GoldenNugget says:

      ArmA2 is great now with the beta patches. They’ve managed to optimize the streaming data (it’s not perfect but a lot better than before) and I haven’t really run into a crash. The ai has some improvements and there is a grass layer, which was in ArmA1, which conceals enemies at long ranges by having the ground move up. It goes down if someone is moving in the grass or shooting.

    • jackflash says:

      It’s excellent. Definitely download either Vop sound mod or the “sounds of war” sound mod – incredible immersion there. Seems to run even better on Win 7 than on XP, too. I’m very impressed with Arma II these days, was well worth the purchase.

    • Theory says:

      “Haven’t really” run into a crash? Surely the thing either crashes or doesn’t.

  10. CMP5 says:

    After playing the demo, my main complaint was the lack of ability to issue commands while moving. I can shout and run at the same time, dammit!

  11. iQue says:

    Holy crap the FOV is so narrow it’s horrid. Since the game runs so good (proabably because it doesn’t look good either) they might as well have upped the fov to at least 90 or something, jeez.

    Sorry, not very good as an action game, not very good at being a mil-sim either and many features just reek of console port. Thanks for the demo though Codemasters.

  12. Thiefsie says:

    The lack of comments here is telling as to how poor this game was for PC… not a surprise honestly.

  13. Brulleks says:

    um…256MB? Really?!

    That’s the smallest demo size I’ve seen for a full price game for a while. How have they managed that?

    Guess I’ll find out when I play it…

  14. speedwaystar says:

    i couldn’t get past the dreadful FOV and the mincing (rather than bobbing) character movement. horrible, horrible.

  15. Michael Struwig says:

    It’s obvious that the game isn’t selling (possibly due to some of the negativity it’s been getting),
    and I’ve got a feeling that this demo release is a last-ditch attempt to get some sales in.

    Despite ARMA2 being more buggy, that game has so much more scope and vision than Dragon Rising. I’m sorry, but playing ARMA 2 with friends is just much more fun.

  16. Pod says:

    I couldn’t even figure out how to download the demo rom the main site D:

  17. NoRCoN says:

    I did get a chance to try the demo out. The only way I can see the game being fun for me is if I had a large group of friends that also owned it to duke out battles with. Granted, it is just a demo, but the story seems…lacking. I can’t imagine much of a single player experience.

    On a side note, I would really like to try the ARMA2 demo again. That is, if the demo is patched to the most recent release. At least I get to use my TrackIR in ARMA2. The difference it makes is insane.

    • Dominic White says:

      The ArmA2 demo is behind by a few versions. The main improvement made since the demo is optimization. It still requires quite a beefy machine to get everything running at Very High with a view distance over 2km, but there’s none of the crippling framerate nosedives that it used to suffer from.

      That, and helicopters now know that Trees = Bad.

  18. Larington says:

    I seem to be the only person here who enjoyed this. Though the occasional not being able to move and change weapon at the same time (Or something to that effect) was a bit irritating.
    And I didn’t bother going online, thats not what I wanted from the game.

    • NoRCoN says:

      Oh, don’t get me wrong, it was quite enjoyable launching grenades across a valley at an enemy unit that was engaging friendly forces. Personally, it just seems that multiplayer battles would be way more fun.

  19. Poita says:

    Went to some of the links to down load the 1.4 gig demo.

    After trying Gamershell.com and a couple of others and getting about 100k/s which to my computer here in korea, i tried ‘big download and got 6 mb a second. Hmmm do i go with the 4 hour download option or the 3 minute one ?????

  20. oktane says:

    This game is a unmemorable bowel movement in a sea of mediocre shooters. Not a single thread of emotion in this.

    Played whole campaign coop, if it wasn’t for the laughs-a-minute from the ‘simulation’, would have deleted it long ago and went back to playing anything else at lunch. But we forged on, insisting that it was going to get better, and surely ‘this cannot be the whole game, plodding around, funneled to objectives’.. not even getting to ride the chopper home when the mission ends. Whoever made these missions and thought they were remotely interesting needs a punch in the junk.

    They had good material to emulate.. OFP and Resistance, etc. Apparently they ran out of time/money implementing things that made the game FUN and worth playing, and spent all the money on ‘gray’ shader effects and voice acting. Which is funny because the game would have been the same with no voice acting at all. The soldiers may as well have been roomba vacuums with guns taped to them. No emotion whatsoever.

    This game is a smear on the name Operation Flashpoint.

    An I’m ignoring all the promises and feature lies Codies put out, which got all those folks excited for the game and let them down hard post release..

    I laughed when I saw they had bought the front page of PC Gamer for OFP: Disappointment Rising, as I had been playing it and knew what it really was… A gray turd. The real PCG cover was under the OFP:DR ad.. easy to remove and put in the bin.

    The original OFP lives on, its code is in the Bohemia Interactive engine for ArmA/ArmA2/ArmA2:OA.

  21. Poita says:

    That’s nice if you want a buggy, laggy, samey game as OpFlash ten years later with a 2 year upgrade on graphics.

    • Dominic White says:

      As opposed to what? There’s no other milsim that even comes close, and OFP2 managed to lose half the features that defined the original OFP.

      Keep in mind that Bohemia Interactive is a tiny czech studio with a relatively low budget. I think their entire development staff is something like 30 dudes. The fact that they’re churning out these massive, amazingly ambitious sims while Codemasters with their gigantic studios and near-unlimited funding can’t even come close to what Bohemia did 5+ years ago is just sad.