Inevitable Call of Duty MMO Rumour

Yeah, this is totally blowing my cred from yesterday.
Yeah, this is the definition of people spinning out a story from very little, but Massively report the LA Time doing an article the LA Times did on MW2’s launch. Fairly standard fluff. Except at the end a source close to the company say that they’re considering an MMO. Which is an interesting idea, especially tied to news that a third company are now working on Call of Duty franchise games. Of course, “considering” is a word which means little. You’ve got a franchise like Call of Duty? You at least consider it.


  1. Kelron says:

    I like the picture.

    • Gap Gen says:

      You have to collect ten civilian hearts in order to complete that particular quest, I think. Of course, not all the civilians have hearts in their inventory, so you have to hunt around the corpses a bit.

  2. ZIGS says:

    Don’t forget the movie

  3. Larington says:

    Call of Duty: We haven’t seen Planetside honest guvnor?
    Call of Duty: Massive Warfare?
    Call of Duty: Balanced for 32v32?

  4. Stupoider says:

    Aaaah, I’m afraid I’m sick to death of seeing this franchise. ;( I’d imagine such an MMO would cater to the console crowd, mind. (Not a huge fan of accessibility!)

    • Pundabaya says:

      Thats like saying that you’re not a fan of breathing.

    • Vinraith says:

      Actually I’m kind of pleased, for once it’s an MMO rumor that only damages a franchise I couldn’t care less about.

    • PHeMoX says:

      @Pundabaya: It has nothing to do with breathing, the insane amount of hand-holding on console style games is just insane. As if we’re 10 year old kids. I know many are, but most games have a 16+ age rating, why o why treat gamers like complete idiots?

      I don’t think a game needs to be difficult for it to be good, don’t get me wrong, but over-accessible games are usually insta-crap because they are no challenge whatsoever.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Yeah, I’m sort of wondering whether the whole schpiel (COD) will just go away if I want it hard enough.

      Or at least gone from my life if not others’. It’s like some slimy spawn of gaming. Or I’m just feeling spiteful of a series I never liked anyway. And especially the praise it gets.

      Okay, I’m going elsewhere to cool down now.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      Because your average gamer is a complete idiot these days, even at the age of 16 or 18 or whatever you want.

      People have never liked to think, especially not when it comes to “DUR HUR VIDJA GAEMS”

  5. Metalfish says:

    5 pounds a month for dedicated servers? Pfffft.

  6. poullos says:

    FPS MMO will be a bold move especially for established franchises like COD. I don’t know how things will work: die and in 2-3 seconds revive somewhere else? round based?

    We already have many people who don’t like to play on servers with 32+ players.

    How many can attack at once against how many? Close combat? Large scale? Tanks, aeroplanes, etc?

    I think most MMO lovers think of this type of games more relaxing, with less reflexes, building on characters.

    FPS MMO can be anything…the only thing sure is that many people will be playing on a single server

    • linfosoma says:

      There’s plenty of games like this in Asia, mostly CS clones.
      Most of the time they are funded with micro transactions.

    • OctaneHugo says:

      I’ve never played, but WWII Online is an FPS MMO.
      link to

    • poullos says:

      Clones yes. Do you see COD MMO success same or bigger than MW1 or 2?

    • Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

      *waking from a nap on the sofa*
      I did…a pretty hardcore thingie, but the infantry fights felt good; think shooting distant targets hiding in the woods, while you are trying to get closer without getting pierced with their lead… and then I tried some driving. – I couldn’t even leave the garage, lol

    • Torgen says:

      If you’re actually interested in all that, you should check out WWII Online. Yeah, I know, you’ve heard the horror stories. but it’s not only still going, it’s loads better. And truth be told, no one else has built a larger zoneless world than CRS, even what, nine years later?

      Be warned, even moreso than EVE, WWIIOL needs to be played in an organized group to shine. Plenty of friendly squads in game, and where else can you play a fully detailed sim of armor, aircraft, infantry and large guns?

  7. The Pink Ninja says:

    I’d play it… if they didn’t include grenades.

    Took me about half an hour to get sick of Modern Warfare 1’s multi-player and leave it for TF2.

    I also look forward to Soap and Price posing in Attitude magazine

    (Do they even have male models in Attitude?)

    • Legionary says:

      They have just about anyone willing to wink and show a bit of chest.

  8. Shalrath says:

    Will the AC-130 be a level 60 talent? Will grenade spam be available to all classes?

    Although I guess the clown-car enemy spawning will fit in perfectly…

  9. ChaosSmurf says:

    Re: Grenade spam – none of these people have played MW2.

  10. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    FPS MMO will be a bold move especially for established franchises like COD. I don’t know how things will work: die and in 2-3 seconds revive somewhere else? round based?

    Call of Duty: We haven’t seen Planetside honest guvnor?

    • poullos says:

      Sorry never played that game. I had been waiting for huxley when I first heard about it but quickly got back to “normal” fps :)

    • Larington says:

      No need to apologise, the marketing for Planetside was dire, very few people knew it even existed, even during the height of its life (got past 200k subscribers but then dropped off over time).

  11. mbp says:

    Aren’t we still boycotting “that game”? ? ?

  12. Railick says:

    I never had a problem with grenade spamming in MW1 , was it really a proble for some people? The entire point of having grenades is to throw them at people are you honestly complaining that people used a weapon agaisnt you the way it is suposed to be used ? :P

    • Optimaximal says:

      The majority of the ‘grenade complaints’ were regarding the underslung launcher (or n00b-tubing) or Martyrdom.

      The former didn’t require a lot of skill too use (although was limited in ammo, meaning insta-bans were extreme IMO) and the latter was actually unfair at times.

    • CoyoteTheClever says:

      Martyrdom wasn’t unfair. I played as an assault type in Modern Warfare 1 and Martyrdom never hit me towards the end. You just learned that you can’t jump right on a corpse that you just killed. Some people unfortunately never learned that.

      And well, noob tube is a term that came from Battlefield 2 I believe, and anyone who played that game has absolutely no fear of the Modern Warfare variety. The noob tube is a desperation weapon though, I mean, if you miss with it you die because of the reload time on it. I personally don’t use it because I find guns are more effective, but hey, some people love it. At least it adds variety to the game.

    • Thants says:

      One of the most annoying things about CoD4’s multiplayer was the constant complaining about Grenade Spam/Noob Tube/Martyrdom/Last Stand/Camping/Everything Else.

    • DJ Phantoon says:


      You never died to a “round begin BAM GRENADE OVER THE ROOFTOPS FOUR KILLS” at all?

  13. Rinox says:

    There’s only one question here, really: would it be balanced for lean?!

  14. Steve the Imperial Guardsmen says:

    I hope the game has exciting features like mouse and keyboard support, and the ability to adjust my graphic settings, GOTY for sure.

  15. Hmm says:

    5 vs everybody else in an airport?

  16. TotalBiscuit says:

    Massively is about as credible as The Daily Mail’s opinions on videogames.

    • Jemre says:

      I’m kinda curious your reasons behind that statement – their stories seem mostly good, and I’d say ~50% of it isn’t “News” posts, giving a bit of variety.

    • Klaus says:

      From what I understand the Daily Mail likes to start moral panic. But I’m an American and I only occasionally look at the site.

    • Jemre says:

      AHAHA OOPS! I was asking why he thought was on the daily-mail level, rather than attempting to defend the daily mail. You’ve pretty much got it right what they do.

  17. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    That picture’s gonna get milked for all it’s worth.

  18. PHeMoX says:

    An MMO… what’s wrong with developers these days. Didn’t enough MMOs fail already???

    Yeah, World of Warcraft is very successful, don’t ask me why…, but really why would this mean there’s even room for another MMO? Even free decent ones don’t seem to come close to World of Warcraft, perhaps because the potential new-MMO players already pay and play for something else.

    I’m not quite buying Blizzard’s story of their over 11 million players, but they are clearly making money. I understand that’s an easy motivator for a publisher to go that route, but I don’t understand why every successful franchise, from Star Wars to now Call of Duty would even want to try making an MMO.

    To be honest, on paper it’s pretty easy to make a better game than World of Warcraft (yes, I just said exactly that and I’m dead serious), but the thing that’s incredibly difficult to beat is the strong brand Blizzard made out of it (aka Hype).

    From a game critic point of view there are really millions of delusional gamers playing a game that’s not deserving it. Problem is, apparently people get addicted to crap or something.

  19. Tim says:

    Yeah! It’ll be like the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney Land! As an MMO! You’d just sit there and watch as the world fought around you. Just what I’m looking for in an MMO. I’m sick of these so-called ‘open worlds’ and ‘persistence’. Just let me sit back and watch the show!

  20. Bleeters says:

    No doubt includes innovative new online features, such as being able to communicate with other players.

  21. dan says:

    I’ve been a fan since the original Call Of Duty. I still don’t own MW2 and I don’t think I ever will. The direction IW took this game, and probably the future of the franchise, is unfortunate.

  22. LewieP says:

    Well it was either going to be a subscription or a plastic controller attachment.

  23. 12kill4 says:

    Gamer’s definition of CoD:MMO = Call of Duty: Massive Multiplayer Online
    Kotick’s definition of CoD:MMO = Catch out Dumb-arses: Make Money Online

  24. ZIGS says:

    Call of Duty: Modern Warcraft

    Yes, I went there

  25. A-Scale says:

    Just finished MW2. Absolutely one of the most heart pounding, tremendously exciting gaming experiences I’ve ever had. Put more simply, one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had.

    I’m still tremendously pissed at Activision for their consolization, but I’m laying down my $60 anyway. They deserve it.

  26. standardman says:

    Play as man of miscellaneous – non-English speaking – country of origin! Aim at five men who can’t find a route around you! Get shot! Respawn instantly! Get shot! Respawn instantly! Get shot! Respawn instantly! Get shot! Respawn instantly! Get shot! Respawn instantly! Get shot! Respawn instantly! Get shot! Respawn instantly! Get shot! Respawn instantly! Get shot! Respawn instantly! Get shot! Respawn instantly! Get shot! Respawn instantly! Get shot! Respawn instantly! Get shot! Respawn instantly! Get shot! Respawn instantly! Get shot! Respawn instantly! Get shot! Respawn instantly! Get shot! Respawn instantly! Get shot! Respawn instantly! Get shot! Respawn instantly! Get shot! Respawn instantly! Get shot! Respa…

  27. DJ Phantoon says:

    If you’re even paying attention to what MW2 is doing, you’re not boycotting it properly.

    • Klaus says:

      I’m not really boycotting anything. But one should know what and why he’s boycotting, lest he look foolish.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      If you’re not paying attention to what MW2 is doing, you’re not boycotting it properly.

      Boycotting the game doesn’t mean making yourself blind to something that has the potential to change the game industry for the worse.

  28. Ci2e says:

    Decent game I just can’t justify the $6o price tag…

  29. Ci2e says:

    @ standardman

    lols like srsly join a different server moron!

  30. Casimir's Blake says:

    “Nerf Machine Guns!”

    Is RPS becoming Destructoid? :P

  31. Monkeybreadman says:

    I hope they make it, so i can not buy it

  32. Pags says:

    I’m not here to talk about Modern Warcraft, I was just reminded of a Quake-a-like by the picture; it was a multiplayer FPS but it replaced all the shootybangs with Nerf guns. It was probably German, but it might not have been. Anyway, it was actually quite fun, does anyone remember what it was called?

    • Kelron says:

      Nerf Arena Blast, used the UT engine.

    • Pags says:


    • DMJ says:

      I loved that game! It took some getting into, but it was just so… cheerful and colourful that I couldn’t help but smile! You scored more for hitting the bullseye on the chest instead of headshots, and there was something satisfying about a shotgun that leaves the target covered in a porcupine-like coating of suction-tipped nerf darts!

  33. Dain says:

    Weird, I was thinking about that game myself for some reason today.

    Can’t remember much except it being quite colourful.

  34. Game Trainer says:

    Anytime you need the trainer ;)

  35. Frosty says:

    If there is not a griefing class I’m boycotting it.

  36. zornbringer says:

    since my wow addiction and my past in fps im so looking forward to a fps mmo. im not looking forward to a cod:mw mmo though. i recently bought mw1 and still have to get into it. i die a lot you know. i figure i might as well die a lot in mw2, too and 60 bucks or so in the eu are just too much for just dying.

    anyways. im pretty much looking forward to BRINK hoping it combines a fps where i have the opportunity to move and strafe and shoot a bit before i die, and mmo’s with character customization and various skills and all that stuff.

  37. Jacob Hansen says:

    Massively is a bit like politics, you know they’ve done wrong before… very wrong, enough to make you remove their page from your bookmars… but you’ve completely forgotten what it was.

  38. We Fly Spitfires says:

    I’d be very surprised if they made a full on CoD MMO but then I guess stranger things have happened.

  39. Bowlby says:

    True, that. Grenades have been massively nerfed since the first game. I should know, I’ve frequently been their target. :P