Men Of War: Red Tide Demo

(Hmm, I completely failed to publish this post yesterday, but better late than never.) A 959mb demo version of the standalone expansion for Men Of War, Red Tide, is now available. It believe it features the first level of the game, which is a rather neat battle for a coastal village. The full game has been out for a while now, and you can read my thoughts on it here. Sadly I omitted to mention that the game does not feature co-op this time, which was one of the finest features of the original. Boo! Boo, I say.


  1. the affront says:

    What? No co-op? My interest just zeroed.

    Co-op was the one feature in the original that made the gigantic zerg battles that still screamed for micromanaging every little thing bearable and ultimately tremendous fun, especially if played over LAN.
    Too bad.

  2. Vinraith says:

    The omission of co-op is positively bizarre. Has there been any comment as to why it was cut out? Any rumblings about adding it later?

    If there’s a new, more expansive version of the Dynamic Campaign mod for Red Tide I’ll probably still get it, but being able to play campaign co-op was one of MoW’s great strengths.

  3. Schaulustiger says:

    I was never that thrilled about co-op in the original game because it didn’t allow to use the great slow-mo-timescale feature of the singleplayer mode. So it became rather hectic, even with 2 players and – for me – it lost a great deal of the fun I had while playing solo.

  4. klumhru says:

    No Coop, guess I’m skipping this one :(

    Me and the wife almost finished MoW, the hectic shouting battles were fantastic, particularly the river defense mission. I hope they’ll patch in coop, in which case it’s a surefire 2-copy buy for me.

  5. Heliocentric says:

    Coop was the reason i own 2 copies of the original and why i won’t buy this.

  6. pepper says:

    For those that care for Mow mods, GSM 2010 Burning Steel 2 is out, great mod for coop play, and you get all those fanct shells for your tanks(APCBR, APCBC, APDS etc).

    link to

  7. FhnuZoag says:

    I guess we’ll have to wait until someone mods co-op into this, then.

  8. Carra says:

    The obvious reason to dismiss co-op is probably because they didn’t have enough time to implement the feature.

    No problem for friendless gamers like me though.

  9. Tiktaalik says:

    No co-op? Meh.

  10. Bioptic says:

    Heheh – I managed to get a whopping 2 levels into the original MoW before getting distracted by shinier things. Any word of whether this demo lets you save your game? MoW’s didn’t, and therefore made it all but useless as a gauge of the game’s quality.

  11. RogB says:

    I got 2 levels in and realised either I was shockingly awful at it, or it was soul crushingly hard. either way, never played it again :(

  12. leeder_krenon says:

    you were clearly awful. i am the worst RTS player ever and i got to mission 5.

  13. caesarbear says:

    How could they drop co-op? What the hell!?

  14. The Innocent says:

    I bought the game on release with no idea it didn’t contain co-op. So I was very disappointed. I still would have bought the game, just not on the day of release for quite so much money…

    However, the single-player campaign is a vast improvement in every way over MoW’s.

  15. Wooly says:

    I’m on level 5 of the original and I didn’t even know it *had* coop! D:

    I’ll definitely have to try that, though!

  16. Derf says:

    I’m a kind of fan or appreciator of these series of games. Red Tide offers more of the same which is both fortunate and unfortunate. An uber-polished Dynamic Campaign Generator is what i’m truly yearning for.

  17. A-Scale says:

    Man, looks like they don’t read this forum. They just lost what looks like all of their sales.

  18. KP says:

    The lack of co-op is heinous, and the expansion is not nearly as polished as MoW. New units seem tacked in, there are strange changes made to old units (like HE having tiny splash damage for some guns), the Marine’s AI is a little messed up, the sounds are not as good as MoW. Some of the missions are totally mind numbing and un-fun: the wave defense missions, the human wave attack missions.

    BUT. Some of the missions are an absolute blast! It’s such a shame there isn’t co-op, they’re still fun in single player. My favorite missions are the ones where they give you a small team of bad dudes and an insurmountable objective. link to