Dance, Wrenches: Machinarium Bonus EP

Now you can do the wrench dance while walking down the street!

Chances are if you played the wonderful Machinarium, you fell in love with the amazing soundtrack by Tomas Dvorak. If you bought the game directly from Amanita you’ll have got the soundtrack with it. If not, you can buy it from here. But if you did, you might have noticed a couple of favourite tracks from the game weren’t on it. The dancier stuff (apart from the breathtakingly beautiful By The Wall), including the all-important song the robot band plays, and the dubstep the pipe wrench listens to, for instance. Now you can get those five as well, along with EP artwork, for free from Amanita. And if you haven’t played the game at all, good grief, what’s wrong with you? You can get it from here for $20. Check out our review, and indeed those of a dozen others, if you need convincing.


  1. duel says:

    Met Jakub Dvorsky and Tomas Dvorak the other day. I was star struck, tried to have a convosation about Machinarium with him but im pretty sure I just came over as an adorning fan…

  2. Tom says:

    :D is all I have to say.

  3. HexagonalBolts says:

    Does anyone have a youtube video of the wrench listening to dubstep?

  4. Rinox says:

    Thanks for reminding me I needed to buy this game…paypal money sent, link received.

  5. l1ddl3monkey says:

    Dubstep track now being worked into my next mix for this weekends party. Should have all the spotters scratching their heads as I doubt many of them will have heard this particular track.

  6. Pemptus says:

    That By the Wall track sounds like something straight out of Blade Runner. Lovely.

  7. Optimaximal says:

    PC Zone had a moment of suckage in their latest issue – they blast Machinarium (by blast, I mean 72%) for being obtuse, completely missing a mention of the hint system. Silly silly print reviewers.

  8. Tom says:

    To those who haven’t: buy it, buy it, buy it – it’s absolutely wonderful.

  9. TotalBiscuit says:

    This is the same magazine that gave Company of Heroes 73%, they have no idea what they’re doing.

  10. TotalBiscuit says:

    Finally the band’s song, perfect! What a wonderful way to celebrate a wonderful game (with some minor issues).

  11. mattwombat says:

    Aww, my work has blocked that link. Ne’rmind, I’ll gettit tonight and put it on in t’car tomorrow morning.

  12. Skye Nathaniel says:

    By the Wall is the best. Put it on repeat and just leave it on forever and ever.

  13. TheBlackBandit says:

    I’m a fan of Mr. Handagote on the original CD. What an astonishingly complex, melodic piece of synthesised music.

    • Skye Nathaniel says:

      Yes, Mr. Handagote and The Castle are definite highlights. Downright iconic.

      Fans of By the Wall should look into the album Mi Media Naranja by Labradford, I think.

  14. Risingson says:

    Machinarium is the Arcade Fire of the indie games: if you doubt its quality, then you are taking as an insensitive person. If you just doubt, I say.

  15. Kua says:

    I’m in full agreement with those who love ‘By the Wall’. Dvorak’s music reminds me very much of Bonobo (sorry, that’s a pretty rough recording). The sort of music you can enjoy for hours on end.