Call Of Pripyat: Pripyat Itself

Looks like we’re all going to need some cheering up after that last item, so how about some bleak Ukrainian apocalypse to give your day a bit of buoyancy? This new trailer for Call Of Pripyat flies through Pripyat itself – so I suppose it’s a kind of spoiler – but it gives you some idea of how large the new maps in this game actually are. I’ve yet to get there in my own playthrough of the game, which I talked about here, but last night I did discover a neat “looped” dungeon, which uses some kind of portalling to always bring you back to the same place – a kind of Escher level. Which is odd, because it’s exactly the kind of design I’d been looking to find in games recently, and here it pops up in a minor side-quest in Call Of Pripyat. Interesting stuff.


  1. Psychopomp says:

    1)The music was hilariously unfitting.

    2)Call of Pripyat seems to be taking some cues from Pathologic, when it comes to its environments and atmosphere. That sounds great, but would you say it’s takes away or adds to the game? Does it just come off as thrown in?

  2. blah says:

    I can’t wait to play the next game in the STALKER series, the atmosphere in SoC was great especially the bunker labs.

    On a side note: just got emailed about the NS2 pre-alpha (not a playable game per se) being released to all who’ve pre-ordered it – yehaw!

    • Eli Just says:

      Those bunker labs are probably the scariest thing I have ever experienced in anything. After playing that, movies like Paranormal Activity don’t really do anything for me.

  3. Marmaduke says:

    The landscapes in that trailer did little to entice me. If they’re trying to show off the wide open, fascinating world they’ve created, they left me cold. There’s hardly anything moving in the world besides the camera we’re piggybacking and the level design looks like something out of Duke Nukem. Seriously. Maybe at the end when you fly by the building and see the muzzle flash inside the building you’re supposed to be impressed. That was notable in 1996 but not anymore. Regardless, the unique STALKER atmosphere seems to have survived intact and it’ll probably be a better game than a lot of other crap out there.

    • Bhazor says:

      My guess was the trailer was just to show off the size of the map. The critters seemed to be added more for scale than excitement.

      The muzzle flash and patrolling soldiers is impressive as it seems to suggest all those huge buildings are explorable without any load times or map transitions. Certainly I can imagine some epic running battles as you fight from ground floor to roof whilst dodging snipers in the adjacent building and covering the approach of your reinforcements as they cross the .

      Whether they’ll actually be worth exploring is another matter. I always thought S.T.A.L.K.E.R would benefit from more looting possibilities, unique weapons and trinkets to sell. Between the difficulty and sheer numbers of bads I was never really exploring just running from A to B and trying not to crash into anything on the way with my motorbike legs.

  4. Jim Rossignol says:

    It’s not a great trailer in terms of showing events, but it’s the size of the place that should be most interesting to Stalker fans. The three areas if Pripyat are enormous, and teeming with activity. A journey to anywhere generally means getting jumped by dogs or bloodsuckers, or witnessing a battle across a valley between bandits and stalkers.

    Notably, the groups of mutants are much larger, and the stalkers are now explicitly hunting them. You can walk up to a stalker and ask them “what are you doing?” They’ll reply “tracking mutants” and if you follow them they will end up fighting mutants. Wandering stalkers also now look bodies, so you need to get in quick to scavenge.

    • MajorManiac says:

      That sounds like a nice risk/reward system. Dare you enter the fray at the head of a group of stalkers just so you’re closest when the looting begins, or stay back and have the scraps.

  5. Shinan says:

    The opening reminded me of where I lived as a kid! Then the buildings got a bit too high for the little town I live in.

  6. IM19208 says:

    Its just a video of the benchmark:

    link to


  7. ZeeKat says:

    Two days to the Polish release, hurrah!

  8. pignoli says:

    @Marmaduke: I’m not sure criticising the level design is really valid to be honest (at least for this section of the game). I’m fairly sure it’s based pretty faithfully on Pripyat itself, so all that angular Duke Nukem-esque stuff is just the typical Eastern Block stylings…

    @Jim: that sounds like exactly the kind of thing it needed. Really starting to look forward to this one now.

  9. Bags says:

    I’ve just finished the first stalker with the complete 2009 mod and really enjoyed doing the quests from the bar but after you head for Pripyat it became more “gamey” and I felt pushed along to the finish.

    If Call of Pripyat has a feel of the bar levels of the original then I’m in.

    • TeeJay says:

      I have only ever played with the “Complete 2009” mod so I am a bit worried that the graphics will have gone *backwards* compared with that.

      If I want the same level of graphics will I have to wait another year or so until a new hi-rez mod comes out?

  10. Fox says:

    Minor spoiler

    That portal stuff is probably connected to the Oasis quest.

    • unique_identifier says:

      there was something similar in a magicians house in vampire: bloodlines

    • unique_identifier says:

      i fail at replying to the correct post. by ‘something similar’ i mean looping portal levels.

  11. Batolemaeus says:

    Mh, the last game that i played and had a level like that was Arx Fatalis. It would teleport you so well that you would not notice it at all, which made it very confusing.

  12. Jimmy says:

    Regards the video: I agree the msuic is completely unfitting, and the pan of stalkers shooting each other at a distance of 2 metres looked a little silly.

    From what I hear in the comments on the previous S.T.A.L.K.E.R. feature on RPS, the game itself is good, and our German friends have given it an average 4/5 on Amazon.

    I imagine it will more or less live up the atmosphere of SHoC, but may lack in depth. I mean, I loved SHoC and consider it one of the best single player games I have ever played, but the dialogue and plotlines were hardly all that great. Good, perhaps, by gaming standards, but like 99% of games, the plot line is derived from OTHER games or bad sci-fi, although the atmosphere is straight from the Stalker story/film. For example, the unified consciousness ending.

    Thus, I imagine that CoP will also feature flat dialogue and uninteresting NPCs. I know it will be better than Clear Sky, but I found that game a little boring after a while. Too many silly things like the during the zone bursts, it was fine to be outside in an open building (official safe spot in Garbage) but not buried underground in a bunker (beside same structure).

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Actually I’ve found the NPC and quest design to be pretty good so far. It’s the atmosphere that has suffered most.

  13. Lobotomist says:

    Is it just me, or is it completely same as Pripyat in original Stalker ?

  14. Jimmy says:

    Thanks. I will definitely buy it and give it a try. I appreciate your frequent updates on this great game.

    I know it’s only a preview build, and missing a lot of the spoken dialogue. I am wondering what the accents are like this time round and if they use odd American street slang such as in CS. I may run the Russian mod again, or perhaps get the German version and use it to help learn the language.

  15. Davee says:

    Whoa, that is pretty big and open. I especially like that building at the end. Too bad that the atmosphere might be suffering a bit – it was the best part about the first game – but the new functions you talk about in your comments sounds awesome, Jim.
    I suspect I’ll buy this one sooner or later :)

  16. Mr_Bacco says:

    I’m waiting for a mod that adds the areas from the first two games (and the cut-out areas from the early SHOC builds) into Call of Pirpyat.

    • DXN says:

      Keep your eye out for AMK 2.0, then – it’s apparently one of their plans.

    • Mr_Bacco says:

      Huh, I was previously under the impression that AMK’s development had finished after the release of v1.4. Good to know they’re still going and working on something worthwhile.

  17. frymaster says:

    it’s be interesting to see this, there’s been a steady evolution in the stalker games (i never played clear sky until about a year ago so I have no bad pre-patch memories souring me on it) in terms of interactivity with the AI, the ballistics system is pretty much unique and unrivalled, the art direction is distinctive and even in clear sky the maps were flippin’ huge (the tower you fight the boars off at the start of the tutorial in the swamp? try climbing it at night and looking around)

  18. skalpadda says:

    I’d love it if they’d put in a full-size version of that giant Chernobyl 2 antenna. There was a smaller scale antenna that looked similar in the Red Forest in SoC, but if I could play with the whole thing, that’d be heaven.

  19. armlesscorps says:

    “Thus,” said the report, “the line between the virtual and real experience becomes blurred and the game becomes a simulation of real-life situations on the battlefield.””

    Nice sweeping statement there. Its good that these humanitarian groups have got time on their hands to play video games and state the extremely obvious mixed with the stupidly preposterous. They are really blurring the line between conscientious decent human beings and total cunts.

  20. stormbringer951 says:

    Wait, you mean you guys still think that this stuff is “preview code” and early builds n stuff? It’s out already. Just buy the Russian version and get an English translation off the web.

  21. shalrath says:

    I just got it too, yay! I didn’t pre-order, but once I shore up enough money I will (hopefully in time for the beta testing. That’ll be two NS’s in a row I can beta ;)

    • shalrath says:

      Goddamnit… that was a reply to blah, regarding NS2’s alpha.

  22. Leeks! says:

    The dungeon-loop might be a reference to the Tarkovsky film of the same similar name. At one point, two characters come upon a third they thought left behind, after wandering through a watery labyrinth. It turns out they’ve gone in a circle, though — like the rest of the film — it’s unclear whether this is the result of magic or misdirection.

    • Eli Just says:

      I think it’s safe to say it’s the same name, although the subtitle varies. I really hope this game takes some more ques from STALKER because I thought that movie was pretty good. I wish they would draw more from the atmosphere though, and make the pre-cordon area and the cordon more like that from the movie instead of the stuff they had in SoC which in my opinion was the weakest part of the game.

  23. Pew says:

    Is it just me or did anyone else forget this was the new STALKER sub-title and thought of something Call of Duty 4-related instead?

    • Stupoider says:

      I was under the impression Call of Pripyat was already out. :( Don’t ask me why! Probably because I saw entries of some Pripyat content on the STALKER wiki. Guess I was wrong!

    • Shih Tzu says:

      It’s out in Russia, Germany, and some other territories. The official English-language version isn’t released yet, though.

  24. OJ287 says:

    Lob a grenade at them when they start looting and get the best of both.

    /anticipates reply function fail…

  25. remover says:

    Is this a higher-resolution update to a game made in 1999?

    Oh, it’s not?

  26. Breaker Morant's Ghost says:

    I’m really looking forward to this. I love STALKER (especially with mods), but the locations are so familiar now. I can’t wait to turn a corner without knowing what to expect (and then get killed by a bloodsucker).

    I think it would be really cool if the next iteration of STALKER had some side-levels that were randomly generated with each playthrough (or with each blowout or whatever). You would always have a somewhat fresh place to explore.