Streaming Stroggs: Flash Quake

(Yes, I know there are, in fact, no Stroggs in Quake 1).

Flash: what can’t it do? Well, it can’t fix the wonky big toe I’ve got as a result of kicking a rock when I was 13, that’s what it can’t do. But it can run a remarkably smooth version of the original Quake in a browser. Mouse support, the constant bane of Flash games, is a little off – you have to hold down the left button to activate mouse-look, meaning firing happens with Control, but it works pretty well nonetheless. Quake’s still surprisingly good-looking after all these years – or is that I’ve become so accustomed to brown games lately that The Forefather Of Brown now looks like part of the herd all over again?


  1. nabeel says:

    Now the mouselook and shooting controls like System Shock 1 ;)

  2. Tei says:

    Wow… is Quake1 exactly as I remenber it (other than the sound of getting a item, theres a 0.2 s delay).
    I have played E1M1 about 1 million times. It was the level I use play to test stuff, so I have played it again, and again, and again, and again… for years.
    I suppose Adobe want the cake of 3D games, I can’t blame for then.
    Great version!, very faithfull.

  3. SirKicksalot says:


    Games need more Trent Reznor sounds and soundtracks. I’ve read an interview a few months ago where he said he’s got some game ideas…

    • Paul says:

      Yeah, I was pissed off when I heard he decided not to continue work on D3, but I guess the albums were worth it.But I would definitely wanna hear more of his stuff in games.Though Sonic Mayhem’s Q2 OST is flawless too.As for his game ideas, he does want to do something with Rob Sheridan..

  4. CMaster says:

    The screenshot at least reminds me of how ugly (and indeed brown) I always thought Quake was.
    A quick play hasn’t disabused me of this notion. It does however suggest that perhaps there is something to the power and brutality of the game – I’ve always been somewhat of a heretic in that the Keen series have been the only id games I ever really liked. Perhaps I was just a bit too young for them.

    • malkav11 says:

      I share your opinion. I was always much more of a DOOM/Wolfenstein type, though. Quakes 1 and 2 struck me as being ugly and boring, with the move to 3D a downgrade, and Quake III was multiplayer only, something I have no interest in. (Okay, bots, but Unreal Tournament has far more imaginative settings and weaponry.)

      Quake IV did look mildly amusing but I ultimately never got around to it.

  5. Railick says:

    edited away double post

    Shadowcat “It hammers at my retinas like an evil woodpecker of pure energy”

  6. Railick says:

    Commander Keen is the awesome! Who could blame you for liking them at any age ? Who could blame you for not liking quake if you were a youngling. I recall playing it and actaully being rather frightened by all the nasty zombies throwing their flesh at me and what not (The boss with the giant tentacles was the worst)

  7. hydra9 says:

    When Quake came out, I played a lot of deathmatch but got bored of the single-player campaign after the first episode. I also hated how ‘brown’ it was, hated the soundtrack, etc., etc.

    Anyway, I came back to it last year and loved it. I played through the game, plus all the expansion packs… It looked suprisingly nice and the puzzle-centric gameplay and level design is just something we don’t see anymore. It’s an odd, schizophrenic game, but one that I now like a lot.

  8. hydra9 says:

    P.S. If you want to play regular old Quake in Windows, I recommend using ProQuake. It has all sorts of nice tweaks, but basically means the game will run with no issues.

  9. int says:

    Quake was and is brilliant.

    I hope Quake 5 will reuse the old enemies from the first game. Getting a little tired of stroggos.

    Give me Lovecraft foes once more!

  10. Scandalon says:

    Wow, moore’s law at work, eh?

    Protip: Fire is “command” on a mac.

    Thanks for the proquake link, it’s cross-platform, though normally I’d prefer one of the sourceports that makes thing “prettier”.

  11. TheSombreroKid says:

    i found this completely randomly yesterday while looking for the android quake 2 port i played it for a bit, it was what i expected then downloaded the andoid quake 2 port which doesn’t have any z buffering so the enemies get drawn over world, neat.

  12. Marmaduke says:

    This is easier to play than the Doom/Heretic/Hexen flash game, I find it almost unplayable. If this entices someone to dig out an old copy of Quake, check out the Zerstorer mod. It has some of the best and most nerve-wracking puzzles I’ve seen in any Quake level (think garbage compactor scene from Star Wars) and a good sense of design.

  13. Spiffy new comment system says:

    Ah Quake 1. Glorious brown castles forever. Arguable one of the most important games ever created. Launch a generation of first person shooters, first person shooter fans and first person shooter developers.

    Too bad ID has never revisited classic Quake, I preferred its setting to the sequels.

  14. nayon says:

    There is something weird about this port, it’s as if I’m constantly walking on ice…

    Yes it is brown, but it is brown for a few reasons, older graphics technologies didn’t allow many colors, and other stuffs. It’s a classic though.

  15. Tei says:

    Humm….. Apple refused a C64 emulator on the iPhone, because there was a way to access the interpreter and write new programs. Now I see why Flash is banned. Allowing Flash on the iPhone would mean let people “inject” any program/game, like this one. Wen the Apple execs see this Flash quake, the ban will be quad-enhanced to megapermaban :-)

  16. Turin Turambar says:

    Quake I, after all these years, is still beatiful and haunting. There is an harmony in the shades of brown, in the texture of stone, wood and metal, in the architecture of the castles and structures. Now add the music and sound of Reznor and the design and gunplay of id and you have one hell of a game.

  17. Dan Sunderland says:

    I agree with what people are saying about the “slipgate” setting- I’d love to see that built upon in another Quake game. Maybe (blasphemy?) the devs would have to get a bit imaginative to get some colour and life into it but the gritty, almost medieval meets steampunk, wood and steel feel of the place still stands out as quite unique. Plus Shamblers were f-ing terrifying when you were running out of ammo.

    Oh, maybe a slightly less lame last boss fight, hacking your way out of an inanimate giant testicle didn’t quite seem right…

  18. Pidesco says:

    Quake multiplayer was absolutely godly and probably still my favourite multiplayer game of all time. The singleplayer, however, was awfully boring and repetitive.

  19. Quake Enthusiast says:

    Quake 1 was great, the atmosphere was unique and most of the level design excellent. I can’t fathom how people complained about the brown, to me quake had a lot more colors than say duke nukem grey-d (if quake was only brown, duke 3d was only grey)

    The monsters were awesome, really really awesome. I think they should do a quake remake, maybe a sequel to quake 4 where the usmc finds a slipgate leading to the quake realms or something

  20. Rane2k says:

    I canĀ“t count how many times I have seen the Quake opening sequence, so awesome. :-)

    The awkward freelook/firing controls in this flash version kept me from playing this more than a few minutes, besides, I have the original installed here. ;-)

  21. Tei says:

    To me Quake 1 is fragging a dude with a rocket in DM2 on the area with the rocket launcher and the zing weapon.
    If you shot in water with the zing weapon, everybody in water die. So If you shot in water with that weapon and the invulnerability power, everyone but you die.
    I remenber some frantic actions there. Almost comical. To me, Quake1 is a unintended “comic-style” game. Almost like Borderlands.
    The whole history is “comic-drama”. Theres nothing like a quake severed head. You can almost imagine the last trough of one of these heads.. “argggh… I can’t feel.. my pants”.
    Quake1 is the SouthPark of the FPS games. Quake deathmatch is Smoooth Talking Cartman.

  22. Gotem says:

    For a moment I thought the headline said Streaming Frogs, and my reaction was who the hell would make a flash version of daikatana!

  23. Stense says:

    Brings back good time memories. I wasn’t ever a massive Quake fan, but the DM side of it was good fun and the Shareware episode had some cracking levels in (mostly John Romero’s quake levels if I remember correctly). The other 3 episodes I found mostly forgettable and some levels towards the end are really quite shockingly bad. But mostly good decent memories of Quake.

    It did have a rather wonderful Dopefish tribute hidden in it too, which never hurts a game in my opinion.

  24. Tei says:

    It seems made with Adobe Flex. That is a programmer-oriented IDE for writting applications in Javascript (Actionscript)…. hell… Flex seems made with Eclipse, a Java IDE.

    It looks like a gray area (read: illegal) file, since it combine probably the GPL source code with the shareware medias. But I would need a SWF extractor to prove that, and I don’t have one here. Again.. maybe has the permissions to do that.

    There has been a number of Quake engines written in Java and .NET. But this one is the first one (for all I know) written in javascript. It will be a good idea to follow this development, and ask the original author for the source code. He is llegally obliguied to provide the source code (again: he maybe has special permissions, or something).

    Is… interesting… how the Borg-ish flash is extending his powers. Maybe is too late for anything movile phone to avoid the shadow of flash to land on his area. Adobe will probably be a bit less lazy than ussual, and provide some nice stuff, like compile to native code, JIT, and these stuff we ussually see on Java VM’s. But who knows? is like boring for adobe to create new plugins for all the OS’s. Theres a 64 bits version of flash?. I dunno.

    I would love to put my hands on the source code for this, remove the shareware medias, put the OpenQuatz medias, and start a tiny project.

    Will this quake-flash.swf compile to exe with the ‘compile to exe’ option of flash?.

    The lack of mouse control is sad :-(

    • Tei says:

      No.. wait, is not javascript.. is good old C. with something that compile to swf called Alchemy….
      link to

    • Sunjammer says:

      Flex is a component framework for writing flash applications in combined xml and actionscript. It’s not the IDE. The IDE is currently called Flash builder, and it’s all the same language.

      Regardless, this port “cheats” through Alchemy, which allows for lower level memory access and other performance goodies regular Actionscript won’t let you get at. However, Alchemy still compiles to what is mostly the same bytecode as Actionscript, albeit with a few extra opcodes for the aforementioned mem access. In short; this is still interpreted at runtime.

      Saying “Flash, what can’t it do” is sort of nonsensical, considering this is a highly, highly optimized piece of C code written by one of the most prolific 3d engine developers of our time. That Carmack’s codebase compiles to a fast flash app when stuff like this is currently being done should hardly be surprising.

  25. KIN says:

    I was and still am a big fan of Quake 2 (still have it installed and play it every now and then). It’s a shame that it never got a proper sequel.

    Now that id will be making all its IP’s in-house instead of third parties, Quake will hopefully make a comeback. Stroggs are one of the best creations.. probably the only interesting enemies id has ever come up with. Exploring their world/characters further on idTech 6 is a must.

  26. Doctor says:

    Hi, I’m a mental health doctor. Kin, are you alright? The stroggs being the only interesting enemies id came up with? Hello? Doom? Quake 1??? Ah forget it let’s call an ambulance

  27. fJack says:

    link to

    Takes 30 seconds to download, has the best customisability of any FPS to date; includes single player and online multiplay (INCLUDING MOUSE SUPPORT!!!!!!!!1111111111) and it’s free.

    Do yourself a favour and download it, it has aged astonishingly well. Trying to get all the Secrets on the first level on your own takes some skill and initiative; the deathmatch is simply superb.

  28. Onlooker says:

    Whoa… just look at KIN’s avatar… he’s had too much :X

  29. Sunjammer says:

    Kin is right. The strogg is pretty much the only consistent foe ID ever invented. The rest is just generic heavy metal album cover horror show stuff.

    • Oak says:

      And I’ll take that over generic space cyborgs any day of the week.

      More to the point, “consistent” isn’t always preferable when it comes to enemy design – look at Zeno Clash. And while I’ve never loved Id, their consistently inconsistent monster design makes me almost want to.

  30. We Fly Spitfires says:

    What’s wrong with Quake Live? :)

  31. Valentin Galea says:

    I have Quake1 on the Wii – nuff said!

  32. Ed says:

    You know you’re getting old when a seminal game that you played til 3am most nights as a youngling has been ported to (and is perfectly playable in, if like me you were a fairly late adopter of mouselook) Flash.

    And the thread about said game has received about 1/100,000th the number of comments that Modern Warfare 2 has garnered.

    • Johnny Law says:

      Not much to say about Quake that hasn’t been said a zillion times since 1996. :-)

    • deuterium. says:

      That’s because most of the people who enjoy games such as Quake actually enjoy gaming. Thus we’re mostly playing the games we enjoy rather than trolling forums/blogs because our game of choice is wank.

  33. buy antiques says:

    Flash? Is the flash really have different installer and uses?

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