Ve(ry)nice To See Anno-ther Game

The solid and satisfying medieval city-building and trading sequel from earlier this year is going to get an expansion in February 2010. “Venice” will include a new Venetian faction, and an accompanying infiltration and sabotage feature set. What’s probably more exciting for existing Anno 1404 (Dawn of Discovery in North America) players is that it also features eight-player co-op and versus multiplayer for the sandbox mode. Here’s what I thought about the original game when it came out.


  1. Stupoider says:

    Annother one bites the dust? :o

  2. Bobsy says:

    “Anno what you’re thinking”
    “Anno-ingly slow”

    Not THAT hard.

  3. jsutcliffe says:

    Come on Rossignol, put some effort in, lad!

  4. Jim Rossignol says:

    The problem wasn’t the Anno part, as such, but combining “Venice” too. Bobsy’s efforts are wordplays that don’t actually get the requisite information across.

  5. autogunner says:

    night of 1404 knives: Venitian expansion ANNOunced ??

    …ill leave…

  6. Jim Rossignol says:

    Ooh, Autogunner’s is good.

  7. url404 says:

    What about: “Venetian Binds: Anno 1404 Expansion”

  8. goodgimp says:

    Hell yes, I’ll now (re)buy this game. I purchased it on Steam at release day, since the Steam page had it listed as “Multiplayer”. Given that I was a big 1701 fan and it had multiplayer as well, I was quite shocked to see that Ubisoft was trying to claim that their listing of “Competitive online multiplayer!” was their feature that allowed you to upload screenshots of your city online. I kid you not.

    Glad they did the right thing and came through with the MP. I’ll be picking up the original and this xpack once it ships.

    • Carra says:

      It’s online with lots of players. And if there’s a voting system they also have the “competitive” part.

  9. cliffski says:

    This game is so huge and awesome already I think they might have trouble selling an expansion. I’ve probably put 80+ hours into it and don’t feel like I’ve vaguely scratched it’s surface. Iot’s insanely good value for money.
    If I was a student, or unemployed I might have tired of it by now, but I bet most of it’s players are old enough to have jobs and not enough time to devote to the core game as it is.
    Well worth trying this game, if the subject matter vaguely appeals to you. It’s a cross between Elite and Sim City, but with knights and blokes with beards.

    • Bhazor says:

      Well I’m sold on that description.

    • Choca says:

      Yeah the game is pretty good, only things I don’t like about it is that it’s far too easy and that the STR parts are crap.

  10. Craig says:

    Since it’s an Italian faction: Anno, atsa my boat and itsa sinkin, ANNO!!

  11. Skree says:

    Oh my. That’s actually painful. I thought they couldn’t get any worse when I saw “worth tuning in for”, but this hits new lows…

  12. Carra says:

    Excellent game.

    This time I felt like it actually added something new to the game. Adding a second faction to monitor makes things a lot more fun. Gives you more things to do and a reason to build even more boats!

    I’ve played through the campaign and about three of the missions. I’ll reinstall it one day and enjoy it again.

  13. ForTheLulz says:

    Ve(ry)nice To See Anno-ther Game?

    More like: Ve(ry)nice To SEA Anno-ther Game

  14. Trithemius says:

    (Oh My God, It’s Full Of Puns…)

  15. qx says:

    Please remind me what the controversy about Anno was again? Was it something about DRM?

    • Pod says:

      I think it was something about not enough people playing it.

    • MWoody says:

      A limit of 3 activations, and it calls home and uses another up on each install, so if they take the server down, your CD is a coaster.

      And despite (at release) not mentioning it on any of their product pages, all digital versions – Steam, D2D, etc – included this DRM on top of the stuff that came with the store. Shameful.

  16. Cutman says:

    More Anno is always something to be happy about.

  17. Grape Flavor says:

    Sorry for being anal, but it’s named “Dawn of Discovery” over on our fair continent, not “Age”. :)

  18. Pijama says:


    Drink a couple of stouts then come back. ‘Tis disastrous.


  19. ybfelix says:


  20. ulix says:

    Man, I love this game. And this might even sell many of my friends. We all loved Anno, since its inception. But most of my pals wouldn’t buy the new one because it had no multiplayer. I’m really glad this is going to change.
    It was an incredibly awesome game to start with, improving the Anno-formula tremendously in every way imaginable, but multiplayer will make it even better.

    Although, of course, games in Anno 1404 are about thrice or four-times as long as games in the older titles. Hmmm… You sure have to put in more then 10 or so hours to achieve anything meaningful.

    But hey, its Anno Multiplayer… awesome.

  21. jsdn says:

    Since you never once said you were talking about Anno, I’m going to assume you’re thinking of a different game. Elite and Sim City? That’s like saying a Nissan is like a Porsche and a Ferrari because it has a rear spoiler and is colored red.

  22. Kanakotka says:

    So why the fuck do they want us to pay extra for a feature we would’ve wanted in the original, full-price release? (Multiplayer)

    • cliffski says:

      The game was huge, and many many people were happy to play it singleplayer. Annother question might be, why the fuck should single player gamers subsidise multiplayer they don’t want?
      And at the end of the day, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

    • Vinraith says:

      “why the fuck should single player gamers subsidise multiplayer they don’t want?”

      Amen. I knew there was a reason I kept buying games from you. :)

    • Bhazor says:


      I play games as the ultimate escapism. That happens to include not putting up with real people and their bloody emotions for at least a couple of hours.

      Really I wish more of my friends were robots.

  23. Oak says:

    Interesting that it’s explicitly about Venice, since Anno is vague about its settings and civilizations to the point of being fantastical.

  24. ram says:

    Really nice!
    This game looks like the award-winning game is fulblogly loaded with every upgrade, add-on and expansion, including all vehicles, weapons and extra campaigns any time. I am very excited to play it now.

  25. Vinraith says:

    I’m glad to see this is getting an expansion. I adored 1701, and would have bought 1404 on release if it hadn’t been for the DRM. Tragically, I still don’t own it, since as far as I know said DRM has yet to be removed. Can anyone confirm that? Any possibility it might be removed on the gold edition or something? It’s actually painful not to support a title like this, but 3-install limit TAGES protection with no revocations is just completely unacceptable.

    • theleif says:

      You can get new installs, but you have to contact UBI support.

    • Vinraith says:

      Begging Ubi to let me continue using a game I’ve already paid for is the very definition of unacceptable.

    • Oak says:

      Gamersgate will give you more installs if you buy it there.

    • Vinraith says:


      Yeah, ultimately I guess that’s what I’ll do. I’m not really all that crazy about buying digital download versions of things at full price. For $50 I expect a printed manual, for one thing. If Gamersgate puts it on sale I’ll pick it up, but I’d have preordered a box if it hadn’t been for this nonsense.

  26. Railick says:

    Annother Repice for Veniceson Jerky? WTF am I talking about
    I played Anno 1701 or what have you and found it rather boring and people have said this game is the same so I’ve avoided it up till now. There wasn’t anything WRONG with the game per say it just wasn’t very interesting to me. It reminded me a lot of Caser and that sort of thing but was very limiting in what it allowed you to build without actaully being hard. I couldn’t see the point of continued play without anything to look forward to other than building better buildings and getting better types of citizens. I supose it could be a challenge to regulate the shiping of all the products needed to keep your citizens happy but that sounds more like a job to me than a game.

    I enjoy setting up the ecnomey of a game say like GalCiv 2 or Space Empires 4 or even Rise of Nations, but the general purpose of the economey is to fuel my war machine (Or my tech machine giving me an edge when I finally do decide to build my massive fleet) Even if I do end up trying to solve everything with diplomatics it is always useful to have a powerful fleet in games such as those (or army in the case of Rise of Nations where I believe diplomacy is even less of an option) Same goes for Civ 4 and Sins of a Solar Empire ect.

    This to me has always felt like a game that is only half finished. It allows you to build up an colony and powerful economey and then that’s it, you reach the height of your tech trees ect and there is nothing else to do. From what I’ve heard there is a tactical war aspect to the game but it isn’t very well done and is also pretty boring aye? It doesn’t even have the pleasing aspects of Sim City games IMO because of the cramped space on the islands, it’s just missing that thing that hooks me with all the other games I’ve listed above.

    I supose it is telling I’ve never really liked the Caser games either nor did I like the Rome game I got a few years back .(I think it was Civlization : Rome or something like that it wasn’t made by the same people that made Caser but it was very similiar to them)

    • Vinraith says:

      Yup, sounds like you just don’t like this style of city-builder. Personally, I’m much fonder of 1701 and the Impressions games (Caesar etc) than I am of the Sim City titles, which are just too darned dry for my tastes.

  27. Railick says:

    I don’t end up playing Sim City games for very long either. Once I get a working city and I’ve seen all the buildings and destroyed the city with various diasters I never play it again :)

  28. Jochen Scheisse says:

    Dawn of Age of Heroes of Company of Anno

  29. Railick says:

    One game I REALLY wish someone would come along and make a new version of (like a good company that can create a stable game) Is The Guild 2.

    link to

    It is actaully a very good game but it has a lot of flaws technically speaking that make it hard to play due to crashs ect. Same goes for another great game Silent Storm which was a lot of fun but had a lot of technical issues that stopped me from playing it.

    It really warms my heart though when I see games like this do well (anno that is) It is a sort of Niche game and when niche games do well other people are more willing to create a new Niche games and as it currently stands the only Niche game I’ve got coming out in the near future is GCO :P

  30. Hmm says:

    Patch 1.1 removes DRM completely. Get the retail version and patch it.

    • Vinraith says:

      Can anyone else confirm this? I’ve seen it stated in a few corners of the internet, but contradicted in others. I very, very much want it to be true.

    • Vinraith says:

      Nevermind, verified by Reclaim Your Game:

      link to

      Sorry for doubting you Hmm, but this fell into the “too good to be true” category. I’m exceedingly happy to be wrong!