Sim Raider: EG Review Action

‘Tis a quiet day indeed in RPS’s musty central brain-chamber. More Friday words by one of the hivemind nodes can at least be found over on Eurogamer, where they tasked me with reviewing the first Sims 3 expansion, World Adventures. It’s far more conceptually interesting than you might expect from this much-milked series – but is that entirely appropriate for the Sims? Find out here. Includes words such as these:

My Sim had traipsed through a Chinese tomb, suffering a near-death experience with a firetrap halfway through. Upon finally emerging into fresh air, I duly ordered him to head over to the buyer of rare goods in order to spend all the ancient coins he’d collected. What I forgot was that a) it was about 3am in-game at that point, b) I hadn’t ever met the buyer of rare goods yet, and c) the firetrap mess meant my fat, bad-tempered Sim was now virtually naked and caked in ash. The second this frightening apparition turned up at a stranger’s house in the dead of night, they fled – a screaming, arm-waving Chinese merchant running away from his own house in absolute terror.


  1. Schadenfreude says:

    Those links are pointing to the banner image.

    Article here

  2. gexecuter says:

    you linked to an image instead of the review, i think you meant to put this link on:

    link to

  3. Alec Meer says:


  4. Al Ewing says:

    Yeah, I gave in a bought this. I quite like the bolted-on aspect – your Sims have their crazy tomb-raids between moments, so all their friends don’t age and die while they’re off having fun. The hand-holding does mean lots of holidays for one – otherwise you end up following one person while everyone else just reads a book for the duration of the stay, even if you order them down into the tomb to help with the rubble clearing. If this play style gets incorporated into the main game, I’ll expect to see the game slowly becoming a one-man operation rather than an ensemble cast.

  5. Hunam says:

    I really enjoyed the review, I bought the addon soon as I saw it available, then remembered that I started a new game after losing my old data and have a family with next to no cash :(

    I totally agree about the main game needing expansion more, like new careers and fully explored jobs with missions for the opportunities doing new stuff and a normally day in work just being able to see in interior and have a bit of interaction, like taking a break or chatting up the secretary or something like that.

  6. TCM says:

    I love that they’re actually trying something new and interesting…well, as new and interesting as the sims gets, anyhow. Will probably pick it up at some point.

    • TCM says:

      Which reminds me to ask out of curiosity: Is it possible to have a sim family live in one of the new towns, or are they vacation only? (Out of the box, anyhow. I have no doubt that modders will make them livable if they aren’t in vanilla.)

  7. Haircute says:

    My sister bought this the day it came out and started getting glitches almost immediately. She can’t check her businesses for money they owe her, the houses in her town all disappeared, and a couple of other things. The official forums have a number of complaint threads from people who have totally had their games ruined by the expansion.

    • chann says:

      Yep, there are quite a few bugs, but at least the new EA studio is much better at patching than Maxis ever was.

      I do find myself intrigued by some of the new features thrown in, even if the core adventure-style gameplay doesn’t interest me (well played, EA) but I am turned off by the fact that they jacked the price up. In a lot of places, the expansion pack already costs more than the original game!

      Also, I will not be 100% happy with any Sims game until *EA shuts down all the bloody paysites*.

  8. panik says:

    have any of your dollies fallen in love yet?

  9. bill says:

    shouldn’t a Sims Sports expansion be obvious? Stick in already casual favorite games like golf, tennis, etc.. with simple direct control.