Brink-o-Vision: In-Game Footage At Last

Cryptic, gravitas-laden teasers are of little use – genuinely seeing a game in action is all that matters when it comes to trailertime. So, it’s relief to be able to show you goodly human beans just what Splash Damage’s upcoming hybrid single/multiplayer shooter Brink really looks like. This video focuses specifically on the (optional) auto-jump/climb system they call SMART. It’s caused a bit of a fuss as Some Gentlemen have expressed that it must mean the game has been stupidised in the name of consolebox success, and similarly snobbish knee-jerk assertions. Maybe it will. But have you played it yet? No, you haven’t. So maybe it won’t. Gotcha!

This walkthrough vid tries to both explain and justify SMART’s existence. Does it help, Some Gentlemen? Oh, and it also does a sterling job of demonstrating that the uber-shiny screens we’ve seen to date really are very close to the real thing…

That’s Game Director Paul Wedgewood speaking, by the way, in an exclusive whatchamacallit for G4.

I’m very keen to play the thing as, despite having seen it played first-hand, I still feel as though I have only the faintest sense of how it all works. A little bit Enemy Territory, a little Unreal Tournament assault mode, a little bit APB… Hopefully these frail human hands of mine will be able to typespeak more about Brink to you soon.


  1. Feet says:


    I will continue to watch with interest, just like I watched Quake Wars with much interest. Ultimately I was disappointed with QW, but any studio that managed to make such a wonderful game as Wolf: Enemy Territory (which got over 250 hours of my teenage life, over several years) will always get my interest and time. ;)

  2. skalpadda says:

    Hm, as long as you still have to indicate what it is you want to do, I can’t see it as a problem in any way. Not having to have separate keybinds for slide/climb/jump over/vault/whatever actually seems like a rather nice idea. Just hope it works well so that you don’t end up trying to do something which the game interprets as something else, since that would get annoying fast.

  3. Psychopomp says:

    Thank god none of the G4 talking heads said anything.

    R.I.P. TechTV

    Also, loving the art style

  4. Ballisticsfood says:

    That seems less like a consolisation move and more like a choice to make the game a lot more fluid. I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out, certainly.

  5. skalpadda says:

    Thinking about it, it seems like a good way to get a lot of different moves into a game without having to dumb it down or over-complicate things for the sake of consoles.

  6. subversus says:

    finally! I think that this should go by default in all FPS games. I find it awkward when a trained hardened space marine can’t jump over the fence which is not really high or go in some narrow space between crates. Mirror Edge tried but failed really hatrd.

    • subversus says:


    • Velvet Fist, Iron Glove says:

      Well, yes, it was very difficult in Mirror’s Edge for the space marines to scale the knee-high walls. But Faith had no trouble.

  7. Tinus says:

    That looks excellent! Getting rid of the player-is-a-walking-fridge movement system is something I hope a lot of games will strive for. the character customisation also looks promising.

  8. zornbringer says:

    geeee. didnt you notice the end? wasnt it suppose to release in spring 2010? now it says fall 2010!

    what i like is the leveldesign. what the have to remove is the headbob and the weaponbob. reminds me very much to mirrors edge and i got motion sickness off of that game.

    looking forward to brink though. mw2 and stuff doesnt interest me very much.

  9. Marcin says:

    So a sort of Assassin’s Creed pseudo-parkour, except in first person and with added direction-sensing.

    The only problem I can see is that, say, that security beam is invisible – so how do you, the player, know that pointing downwards there will make you slide? Or the upwards to climb – what if you’re just looking up scanning for enemies? There’s quite a few times in AC where this doesn’t work as intuitively as you’d think, and it could be disastrous in a multi-shooter …

    I see the potential, but how it plays in mah actual hands will have to be the ultimate judge, naturally. :)

    • duel says:

      What? just say Mirrors Edge…

      The security beams were clearly visible, and I’m pretty sure there was just one button for the vaulting and the sliding and whatever, so no confusion there either.

  10. Toyoch says:

    Oh great, please dumb down the controls for us keyboard-owners some more.

    Also unlockable weapons and outfits? *Yawns* My god, why didn’t someone else think of th..oh wait

    • TotalBiscuit says:

      Yeah let’s throw away good ideas because they’re not new and shiny anymore!

    • Larington says:

      Wait, what?
      They’ve moved a bunch of extra key button usage over to context sensing mouse movement, I don’t see how thats such a big deal (Long as it works of course).

    • Shalrath says:

      You think that will work with a consoles JOYSTICK movement easier? If anything it’s reverse consolization – quick mouse movement will suit that far better than ponderous controller analog sticks.

    • DK says:

      “Wait, what?
      They’ve moved a bunch of extra key button usage over to context sensing mouse movement, I don’t see how thats such a big deal (Long as it works of course).”

      Having to angle the mouse up to jump is an issue, since that also force you to AIM up. I don’t want to aim up – maybe I want to jump up without having to loose my target and pray the game registers what I actually want to do.

      Besides, if they want to prove it’s not a consolization move – make the gameplay vid on a PC, not a console.

  11. Jon says:

    An interesting trailer, but it has given me one worry: The head-bob. It’s probably there to make you feel more like you’re moving, but for me the shakiness of the camera there almost gives me motion sickness. Anybody else, or is this just me?

  12. An Innocuous Coin says:

    Personally, I like the idea. If I had a nickel for everytime I died in TF2 or L4D due to being caught on a knee-high rail…

    …well, I wouldn’t be rich, but I’d have quite a few nickels, let me tell you.

  13. MrTambourineMan says:

    Wow, looks a lot better than I’d imagined. Can’t wait…

    • MrTambourineMan says:

      …but then again, we’ll have Shotgunity by that time O.o

  14. the wiseass says:

    So will this be another consolized bastardisation of a PC game?

    By looking that that trailer it sure seems so and this is a little bit worrisome. The “smart” system is sure as hell targeted at the console player, where the game does most of the stuff for you instead of the other way around (something that got really on my nerves on the otherwise excellent Arkham Asylum).

    I dunno, but I’m not impressed by this. I guess I’m a little bit jaded…

    • Senethro says:

      So what would you prefer? Cut the feature and all it allows? Change it to a silly key combination?

      Did it annoy you when grenades and melee weapons no longer had their own weapon slot and could be done while holding any weapon?

      Interface improvements aren’t bad just because they work on consoles.

    • TotalBiscuit says:

      I’m sorry but this is alarmist platform-warrior nonsense. This is an advance, in terms of multiplayer FPS. There have been very few games which have managed to break the restrictive mold of the bunny-hopping style of movement and that’s a very bad thing. A more natural form of movement is undoubtedly a good thing, but that freedom must also be tempered with usability. There are a few mods which used similar mechanics, Action Quake/Half-Life, The Specialists for instance, these games had some cool stunts and complex moves you could do, yet only used one or two keys to do it. It seems to me that this Smart movement system is the natural evolution of this concept.

      I had a conversation with a friend of mine a little while ago. He and I are both very much into fighting games, mostly on console since that’s where they live, but we play a lot of Street Fighter 4 on PC. His argument, which I agree with, is that fighting games are as much a test of your strategic skills as they are of your reflexes. He believes that a character’s arsenal of moves should be as easy to pull off as possible, so it becomes a case of out-thinking and out-playing your opponent, rather than memorising complex button combos and buying increasingly better input devices to ensure the reliable entry of said combos. Now I think we can all agree that more complex movement in competitive FPS can be a good thing, but we seem to disagree on how it should be implemented. To me, this is an ideal system. It is simple, yet powerful and requires thought on the part of the user. If it works as shown, then what you get is a far more dynamic and kinetic game where you can continue to concentrate on moving and shooting, not on remembering button combos to pull off that ledge grab or slide.

    • pkt-zer0 says:

      @Senethro: “Look up/down + push SMART” seems to be the silly key combination to me, as opposed to having separate crouch/jump buttons.

    • the wiseass says:

      Easy there guys, I’m absolutely not a “platform-warrior”. I’ve just been expressing my concerns because you see it IS a problem, when a game practically plays itself. While I enjoyed playing the Batman game, it was very often a matter of pressing a button and then waiting a couple of seconds for the animation to finish (almost like watching a short video clip). If you enjoy having the controls take form you like this, fine, I don’t.

      not on remembering button combos to pull off that ledge grab or slide. […] button combos […]

      See, we are talking two different things here. I’m not advocating button combos, just posing the question about what really is so difficult to press “space” in order to jump? Because honestly, freedom of movement (jumping when I decide to) is something that is essential for a good FPS (maybe not so much with other genres). The “smart” system in itself is nothing new, it has been done in zelda (64), prince of persia and numerous other games.
      It is just that if you really look at it, it is clearly geared towards console players simply because movement and aiming are difficult things to do on a gamepad at the same time. On the other hand, pressing “w” and occasionally “space” while aiming with your mouse is not very difficult at all.
      Interface improvements are fine but not when they take away your freedom. That is all I’m saying.</q>

    • Senethro says:

      Maybe I’m being thick, but how do you use crouch or jump buttons to let the game know when you want to crouch or when you want to slide? When you want to jump and when you want to grab?

      Using this mouselook + SMART seems nice and intuitive because YOU GO WHERE YOU LOOK. Thats easy, right?

      *clutches towercase to chest* b-b-b-but…. consoles…unclean! UN-PC!!!

      You say you’re not a platform warrior but you’re still expressing yourself in terms of problems and concerns with the underlying assumptions that co-development with consoles is always bad and even stealing good features from other genres is bad.

    • Funky Badger says:

      I think you’re very wrong on Batman – the combat system was wonderfully “easy to learn, difficult to master”, it was all about timing, and planning, and movement and positioning. So just like real fighting, with a bit less hurt.

      The absolute best system I’ve played (since IK+, obv).

    • Velvet Fist, Iron Glove says:

      “Going where you look” is the fundamental problem. Most of the time in FPS’s I want to go one direction, while looking (and shooting) in another, very often jumping obstacles at the same time.

      I thought Mirror’s Edge’s combination of one button for “up” (jump, mantle, wallrun, vault), and one for “down” (crouch, slide, roll) worked really well (on both the console and the PC) without removing player control, and would like to see more FPS’s adopt similar controls.

    • Psychopomp says:

      You don’t have to use SMART

      No really, you can use a whole bunch of binds if you want to

  15. Cynic says:

    He should stop waving that gun around like a feather duster on a spring.

  16. DeliriumWartner says:

    This is said as a fully paid-up Blighty, but no person with an English accent should ever be allowed to said the words “bad ass” unless it’s said ironically. Ever.

    • RagingLion says:

      I third this motion. I find badass to be this totally weird word. It means nothing to me as a Brit, yet it gets used constantly if you’re an American so it has meaning over there. Therefore it’s just trying to convey a message to the American audience but it really does grate when you here an english voice saying it.

    • Vandelay says:

      Obviously he means that you get to play as a naughty donkey.

  17. Mihai says:

    Wow. They finally did it. One f*cking button movement. We’ll click click click into stupidity.

    • Senethro says:

      Tell us how it should be done then. One button for each limb? Remember that flash game where you used OP and QW to work a guys legs?

    • TotalBiscuit says:

      Like Diablo 2 and Torchlight, those other dumbed down kiddie console games? Am I right guys?

  18. Dominic White says:

    Rampant PC purist paranoia right up in this thread.

    I’ve been playing PC games since CGA was the standard. Once we moved into the realm of first person action, we seem to have settled on the idea that the player is a six foot rectangle with no flexibility. That knee-high barrier in front of you? Hit it at a full run, and you’ll skid, frictionless away from it. Try to jump at it, and unless you clear the full height, you’ll just slide back down it as if it were a hundred foot tall teflon barrier. And that’s how it’s always been since 3d games added a jump button. Why? because that’s PC gaming. And we don’t like change, even if it’s changing something that has been retardedly broken and goofy-looking for well over a decade now.

    Doesn’t help that we’ve got a whole legion of purists here whos opinions are so set in stone that nothing is allowed to change, no matter how obviously positive the change may be. What Has Been Must Forever Be, huh? And clearly anything that looks like change is the fault of those diabolical consoles, what with them and their… controllers with six analogue axes and a hojillion buttons and sometimes even motion sensing which are CLEARLY inferior to the mighty two-axis, 3-ish button mouse! Yeah!

    You guys are acting like console games are still using the NES controller.

    Enough with the fucking paranoia already.

    • Mihai says:

      I think you’re missing the point. Mirror’s Edge dealt pretty well with complex player movement in 1’st person, right? That was great, since it required some degree of skill, while this SMART system (btw, really sad acronym) only requires the player to point to something and then it will deal with the obstacles by itself. That’s retarded.

    • Dominic White says:

      Because Mirrors Edge was a game all about efficiently navigating tight environments within a time limit, and that was ALL it was. The gunplay was crap, because you spent 95% of your time trying to worry about whether you’re going to run into a knee-high barrier that’d stop your inertia and kill you dead.

      The SMART button here is so that you can focus on actually shooting dudes, rather than your elite special forces guy being stopped dead by something a 10-year-old could navigate while chewing gum and playing a handheld videogame at the same time.

    • Mihai says:

      But, wait… you CAN do all that by yourself if you manage to use a mouse and keyboard. :)

    • Ballisticsfood says:

      But would doing that with the mouse and keyboard result in both you and others around you seeing your player vaulting a barrier or merely clutching his knees to his chest while mysteriously rising four feet off the floor and clearing said barrier with the power of his spacebar powered limbs?

    • Dominic White says:

      What does mouse and keyboard have to do with it, anyway? As a tangential argument, I’d like to put forward Xen in Half-Life, which apparently everyone has had a good whine about at some point, because ‘Platforming doesn’t work in first-person!’. Oh, how the mighty mouse and keyboard have failed!

      And then you look at the Metroid Prime series, starting on the Gamecube. You know, the one with the funny Fisher Price controller with the big colourful buttons? Yeah, you could pull off acrobatics and precision leaping in that like in pretty much nothing else at the time.

      But hey, consoles!… Argh, my brain hurts even trying to make sense of these non-arguments. The point is that we have a button here that automatically lets your character naturally navigate stuff that, as has been mentioned by others, you’d have to leap ridiculously over before, and if you so much as landed one inch too short, and caught your pinky toe on the obstacle you’re trying to clear, you’d sink straight back down to the ground as if you were trying to vault over the empire state building.

      It’s not a ‘Hurr console kiddie’ button. It’s a ‘Stop making my supposedly elite commando act like a fucking moron’ button.

    • Snarboo says:

      Your comparison to Metroid Prime falls flat when you consider that you didn’t have a smart button that jumped for you. Every jump had to be executed by the player. Metroid Prime’s controls were fairly standard for an FPS game, they were just mapped efficiently to the Gamecube controller. What made Metroid Prime a joy to play was that it had very precise controls. There’s no reason that the acrobatics in Brink couldn’t be pulled off with a traditional mouse and keyboard. In fact, I’ve seen it done before.
      That said, I don’t believe Brink’s SMART button is in any way watered down. I think it’s kind of brilliant actually, a sort of context sensitive jump button. The fact that it’s completely optional is probably the best part. Hopefully you won’t have to use the SMART button to be able to compete and can play the game with traditional controls just fine.

    • Dave L. says:

      @Dominic White: But the gunplay in Mirror’s Edge was INTENTIONALLY crap, there wasn’t anything inherent in the control scheme that made gunplay unworkable. DICE saying ‘Man, we can’t seem to make gunplay fun with our parkour system. Oh well, leave it in anyway.’ They were saying ‘We really don’t want people relying on guns and shooting their way through the levels that we’ve spent all this time designing to be run through using our nifty parkour system. Let’s make our player character slow down significantly when carrying a gun, and have shit aim to boot, so people won’t do that.’

    • Aubrey says:

      Exactly. It’s an issue of focus. Mirror’s Edge was about movement first and foremost, almost closer to a racing game with shooting an ancilliary. Brink is much more about shooting, with movement as an enabler.

      Neither is a “wrong” approach, just a different style being attempted.

  19. Samm2 says:

    That looks fun to control. But what happens if you want to slide but shoot upward at ppl above you? That would mess up the direction sensing. I am aware that we couldn’t really do that kind of movement/shooting with the fps that are out right now. But it’s just something to consider.

  20. ChampionHyena says:

    I think this unfortunate gun-wielding gentleman needs to see a doctor about this spinal problem he’s clearly having.

  21. Jad says:

    Wait wait wait. What all this about jumping?

    You can’t jump in a real FPS. Unless you consider pressing the run button and dashing across same-level gaps “jumping”, which I don’t. And looking up and down? I’ve heard about this new game “Duke Nukem” which supposedly will have that (unnecessary) feature, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Yessiree, gaming will never get better than this here Doom II.

  22. ChampionHyena says:


    Was responding to the notes about the view bobbing, of course. Meantime, throwing out the word “consolization” smacks of casting knee-jerk aspersions on multiple-format games wherever possible. Inasmuch as it’s a system that–to my recollection–we’ve never really seen before in a combat-oriented FPS, console or not, I’d advise the naysayers to actually see how it works before drawing the conclusion that streamlined = dumb. And, by virtue of transitive property, dumb = console.

    Great and lofty aspirations, I know.

  23. WilPal says:

    I think this is a pretty neat idea.
    It doesn’t retract from the gameplay (As in ‘oh you can’t jump this is a crap game lolol’), it adds to it and makes it something a bit different.

    I consider it more of a gameplay element than a dodgy ease-of-play idea.

  24. Thiefsie says:

    Is there an option to make my character not look like a douche?

  25. BensyWensy says:

    I aim with the mouse. I like to be able to use the mouse solely for aiming without having to try to jump with it. I didn’t see anything in that video that couldn’t be accomplished with Sprint + jump or spring+crouch.

    • Senethro says:

      How much aiming do you think you’ll be doing when both your hands are involved in grabbing a ledge? People generally aren’t able to slide backwards while firing, they’re more likely to slide in the direction they’re looking.

      Regarding shooting while doing stuff, someone from SD has already commented on this saying that you’ll be able to shoot during SMART manoevures if you’ve got 1 hand free and reload if you’ve got 2 hands free.

    • WilPal says:

      Attention to detail, i like it!

  26. Frosty says:

    This game looks good and not consolified to me. The control system looks absolutely perfect, fluid and simple. Surely it is better then having idiots bunny hopping round maps? Mind you it probably won’t stop that.

    In fact there was only one fault. He said badass. Paul my friend, people with our accent don’t say badass. It’s painful to listen to.

  27. Lack_26 says:

    Is it just me, or do half of those characters in the line-up at the end look French. I know it’s probably a tad racist to say that, I think it’s the long exaggerated faces and look of contempt/arrogance that I associate with the stereotype of the Parisian French.

    • Funky Badger says:

      Xenophobic more than racist. (Liked how Dragon Age reinforced along these lines as well)

    • Senethro says:

      Theres actually something in this as I think there was some inspiration from a French comic book.

  28. Ryx says:

    Hooray, another game that brags about customization and then restricts you to male character models.

    • Senethro says:

      Its a bit sad, isn’t it?

      I remember a dev (battlefield I think) once commenting that women characters are trouble because suddenly you use double the RAM than only male characters for their different sounds, animations, textures etc. Eh, you’d think there’d be something they could do.

    • Mr. ThreEye says:

      Yeah, what’s up with not having bad ass women in the game?

  29. Guildenstern says:

    Yes, a thousand times yes. I’m so sick of watching characters bunny-hop, run into walls and be stopped in their tracks by a knee-high fence.

  30. Hug_dealer says:

    so. ummm. how exactly do i get my guy to slide into a crouched or prone position behind some cover while i fire at the enemy as i move towards the cover that is in another direction.

    I can see it being useful when not in combat and you want to move around quickly, but i dont see it helping in combat, probably the exact opposite.

    • Senethro says:

      You ever see those deathcams on TF2 where you were killed by a doublejumping Scout? Those ones where his knees are bending backwards like hes got an extreme connective tissue disorder?

      Because it would look like that. I can’t imagine how you would animate what you’re describing. Its the sort of thing you could just about have gotten away with in the HalfLife era but people will complain about stuff like that these days. Animations and player movement have to be reasonably convincing.

    • Psychopomp says:

      SMART is optional

      You do that by using your binds


  31. postmanX3 says:

    I’m sure the video didn’t show very much of the system’s capabilities, but was I the only one who got the sense of “This is really nothing special”?

  32. Hug_dealer says:

    i didnt see anything thing special.

    What i saw has been accomplished in many games before this. the slide is accomplished by running and hitting prone. the jumping is done by hitting the jumping button, and the grabbing a ledge and pulling yourself up has been done in dozens of a games and is basically like how people jump onto ladders to do get an earlier start, or how any number of characters can jump and hold onto a ledge and then climb up.

    Personally i think the destruction of an entire map ala, battlefield bad company 2 is a much better feature.

  33. HexagonalBolts says:

    Interesting trailer, but someone should write up some rules for these damn things

    1. Never, ever say ‘cool’
    2. NEVER, EVER say ‘Badass’
    3. Don’t use the guy with the most annoying voice on the team

  34. Lh'owon says:

    Bollocks to those saying this is consolisation, and I’m usually one of the first to criticise a game for using unnecessary console features. Frankly one of the failings of modern shooters is how stuck they are in the old way of navigating the world.

    Take for example military shooters – where is the option to raise your body just enough so that your gun can shoot over a wall without exposing more than you need to? As it is the only option is to crouch (can’t shoot over) or stand up (exposing far too much torso). I see no reason whatsoever why that short of thing shouldn’t be made automatic with a button press – it’s not like it takes thought to do in real life.

    For me this is an area that needs a great deal of development and could benefit a wide variety of games. Fixed control schemes are very limiting and are starting to feel a bit outdated given the graphical detail of game worlds.

    • Dominic White says:

      “Take for example military shooters – where is the option to raise your body just enough so that your gun can shoot over a wall without exposing more than you need to?”

      Call of Juarez 2 actually does this really nicely. When you crouch down behind an object, your character sinks down as far as required. If you aim up towards the sky, you sink down behind the cover, and as you aim down, you gradually rise up so that you can point your guns JUST over the cover object but without revealing anything more than is required. It works on corners, too. I’d love to see more games adopt the system.

    • Psychopomp says:

      Aye. Why that didn’t outright replace lean buttons is beyond me.

  35. Psychopomp says:

    Okay, movement in every other FPS that isn’t Mirror’s Edge:



    CTRL/C to crouch

    That’s fucking it.

  36. Hug_dealer says:

    odd, i can remember leaning and sliding into cover in ghost recon, oh and go prone. I do remember something odd about operation flashpoint also.
    1 button to attempt to do everything is just going to cause problems when you are trying to do multiple things. like get to cover while firing at your enemy. oh it thinks you want to jump the cover because you shooting at the guy above you, instead of having you slide into it.
    Have to play it in person to truly know, but so far, it doesnt impress me.

  37. Anonymousity says:

    “It’s caused a bit of a fuss as Some Gentlemen have expressed that it must mean the game has been stupidised in the name of consolebox success, and similarly snobbish knee-jerk assertions. Maybe it will. But have you played it yet? No, you haven’t. So maybe it won’t. Gotcha! ”

    If I don’t judge it on what I see in videos and previews, people no longer release demos, and journalists so often don’t speak for me or judge a game in the same way that I do, how should I judge the game? Do I fork out $90+ (aus) for every game I see? Surely there has to be some point at which I’m allowed to form an opinion on something based vaguely on conjecture and gut feeling from witnessing a game. voicing that opinion on a message board is only natural really.

  38. Thants says:

    Is it just me or are the heads on the character-models really distractingly bad? All the people seem to have freakishly small or stretched-out heads.

  39. Finn says:

    … and?

    It reminds me of Assassin’s Creed, (which I totally enjoyed for the parkour and not for the story or whatnot); just think of it like this:


    Spacebar to jump

    CTRL/C to crouch

    SHIFT to do parkour maneuver/vault/slide, etc

    That’s fucking it. I don’t see how it’s dumbing down the game for consoles or whatnot; geez, lots of platform warriors these days, give it a rest.

  40. kyrieee says:

    Could be cool, and that’s coming from a Q3 trickjumper

    The headbob is awkward though

  41. reginald says:

    am I the only person that isn’t excited as playing as a football team pumped with steriods ? (thats american football, not soccer). I’d love to see some characters that aren’t literally scowling pin-headed masses of meat.

  42. rocketman71 says:

    My god, that bobbing is capable of killing the game by itself.

    Only 8 players?. Looks more co-op than DM then.

  43. Finn says:

    Also, the bobbbing… I’ve yet to play a game with head/weapon bobbing that DIDN’T have an option to disable it. So… yeah. That’s basically it. Whiners.


  44. Zyrxil says:

    Holy fuck that’s a lot of bob.

  45. e n i g m a says:

    This is just a portion of the demo displayed at PAX which was very promising for an alpha. I hope multiplayer has a good competition and customization base.

  46. TariqOne says:

    Bravo. Yet another game that completely eliminates the option to play a female character. And one with fully customizable avatars, too. It seems almost like MORE work to eliminate female options.

    Note to devs: get your heads out of your asses. Girls play games. Girls buy games. Don’t go out of your way to piss them off.

  47. born2expire says:

    Hmmm I was looking forward to this, seems off and slow. Not surprising though after the dud ET: Quake Wars was.

  48. Spectre-7 says:

    What a strange perspective you have… How on Earth could it be [i]more[/i] work to forgo female options, and how could they be [i]eliminating[/i] something that hasn’t been created yet? Player models aren’t naturally occurring. They don’t just pop out of the ground fully formed, ready to be zipped and shipped. A hard working team of artists is cloistered away in their office constructing and texturing several sets of models to be used as morph targets, along with dozens upon dozens of bits of clothing and equipment that have to integrate with those models seamlessly. Adding a female set would at least double their workload.

    This isn’t a developer going out of their way to piss off female players; this is a developer that isn’t going out of their way to please them, assuming female gamers as a whole are so shallow that they’d lose sleep over a lack of gender specific avatars.

  49. Spectre-7 says:

    Blast you, reply button, and double-blast you BBcode!

  50. Sui says:

    “Or go online and play fully, where the entire game is full of… strangers”

    Anyone else think there’s something ominous the way he says that? Like he’s had… bad experiences online, or finds the internet a strange and socially challenging place.