Bohemia Interactive Community Awards

We’re totally covering these awards! Bohemia Interactive, makers of Arma and Arma II, are once again running an awards competition for mods and other user-made content created by their community. I feel that this kind of acknowledgment of a community’s support for a game is crucial, especially since it’s unique to the PC as a platform, and absolutely vital to the ongoing life of these kinds of games. Needless to say, Bohemia’s CEO Marek Spanel agrees. He says: “We have always believed in the power of a strong community and the benefits which both sides receive from such a strong relationship. I respect each and every fan that spends hours and hours doing the precise and patient work on new ingame models, missions or even complex modifications such as completely new environments or campaigns. We would like to express our thanks to all these guys and we believe that an annual Community Awards is the best way to celebrate this exhaustive work and show the fruits of such labor, beyond the walls of our own community forums.” All the details on the awards, and how to vote, are below.

There’s a new category this time, too, for the user-made movie.

The Bohemia Interactive Community Awards 2009 contest consists of three phases:

– Nominations: starting today till December 31st 2009 12:00PM CET
– Final voting: January 1st 2010 12:00PM CET – January 31st 2010 12:00PM CET
– Winners announcement: first two weeks in February 2010;

The following categories are included:
– Best ARMA/ARMA 2 Mod / Addon
– Best ARMA/ARMA 2 Mission
– Best ARMA/ARMA 2 User Created Movie
– Best ARMA/ARMA 2 Website
– Best ARMA/ARMA 2 Member

You can vote for stuff here. And if you’re an Arma or Arma II player, please link your favourite stuff in our comments so that other players can get to it.



  1. Metalfish says:

    The perfect time of year to get back into ArmA 2.

  2. TonyH says:

    Is it me or does the guy with the rifle look just like Tiger Woods.

  3. RiptoR says:

    It’s Tiger indeed, probably going after his wife with a hit squad because she “caused” his car crash :p

  4. Dominic White says:

    Given that Arma2 implements a lot of features from favourite ArmA1 mods like A.C.E, Bohemia have an almost codependent relationship with their fanbase.

    Personally, I’m going to reccomend people check out SLX – formerly an ArmA1 mod, now ported to the sequel. It’s generally about increasing the chaos and decreasing the lethality of combat. Soldiers will try to suppress the enemy even if they don’t have a clear shot, leading to a lot more lead flying around, but most of it won’t be aimed at your fragile body. Also, there’s a more robust health/injury system, and generally improved AI. With a good sound mod, it makes the whole thing a lot more cinematic.

  5. theanorak says:

    Hmm. Would love to be able to play ARMAII but haven’t been able to stop the horrible audio glitching I’m experiencing yet. Super-distorted audio through the rear-right channel FTL, methinks.

  6. blaargh says:

    I was glad to find that the beta patch took care of most of my mouse lag issues. It was pretty awful before. Looking forward to some mods now….

  7. Knark says:

    As someone who has played aloooot of ArmA 1 & 2 I would say they are depending on their community. I mean, most of the fun to be had with the game is in user made missions. Hopefully the A.C.E 2 mod will be released in some kind of public version soon, that will breathe some fresh air into it.

    Dominic White: Not tried that one, but will now, thanks for the tip.

  8. Slippery Jim says:

    A new video showcasing some of the new ACE mod’s features. If you like it watch the previous 5 videos, too.

  9. Deuteronomy says:

    Ever since I switched to Windows 7 Arma 2 has been unplayable due to stuttering. I mean I love the game but come on it’s the only one that was effected in any way by win 7.

  10. Tommo says:

    Deuteronomy , Do you have an i7? If so disable Hyperthreading in BIOS. Its a known bug i7 + win7 = stuttereing. It has been fixed in the latest beta patches. hxxp://
    Using the commandline argument of -cpucount=X
    Ask for help in hxxp://

  11. Jennik says:

    Both ARMA: Armed Assault and ARMA 2 is fully compatible with W7. For ARMA 2 download and install the latest beta patch (it doesn’t harm the original installation) or wait for final patch release which should come soon.

  12. Jon says:

    Is the campaign still broken? I remember playing to an awsome open ended mission, that was basically unbeatable.
    I´d like to finish it one day.

  13. ourdreamsoffreedom says:

    I think that there’s no hope that the campaign will ever work.

    Hopefully ACE2 will come out soon and breathe some new life into the rotting corpse that is ArmA2.