Further Abundance Of Brink Footage

We already had the first proper video via G4 earlier in the week, and now the blighters have two more videos, which I’ve posted below. The environments really do look as impressive and freely explorable as Splash Damage have been boasting. We also get to see even more of the romping gun-action, which is making the delay until the end of 2010 all the more frustrating. This really is one of the most interesting FPS games in development, and I pray Splash Damage have the talent to pull it off. For a lot of chat about the philosophy and fiction of the world, check out our interview with senior designer Ed Stern.


  1. Ballisticsfood says:

    So you can give yourself objectives to go for, but the objectives are set as things that your team needs doing? This game is interesting me more and more each day…

    • LMN8R says:

      Quake Wars’ system already did that, but the interface and design for Brink look to be far more streamlined and easier to understand. After seeing the full demo at PAX, I’m extremely interested in this game.

  2. Senethro says:

    (Haven’t watched the videos yet)
    I read up a bit and found out that you can do the SMART button functions by binding them to a key if you want instead of using the Mouse+SMART way. So those moaning about consolization and not being able to aim while sliding can get stuffed :P

  3. greenB says:

    I can’t really tell from the way the video cuts, but did they beat the enemy position at the “gate” thing by brilliantly going round the back?

    • Sagan says:

      No the guy who went round the back just happened to arrive at the gate just as the guys in front of the gate blew it up. And they couldn’t all go around the back because they had to get that moving high-tech thing through there.

  4. linfosoma says:

    I love the sound effects in those videos, Im sold.

  5. Metal_circus says:

    Splash Damage can really make a team game. Liking the personal objectives, and I can see zipping around and sliding into cover being really fun. Combat looks nice and intense. As much as I liked Quake Wars and Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, the combat in both was a little frantic and “deathmatchy” at times. Quietly optimistic about this.

  6. Corion says:

    Videos from G4TV don’t appear to work if you’ve got all the crap that feedburner (or Google Reader?) puts at the end of your urls. I have to delete all of it from the address bar and reload if I want to watch them.


  7. El Stevo says:

    Looks very promising.

  8. Tei says:

    I mostly like it. Theres a weird (X) everywhere, like a error icon or something.
    Theres this ….you can sprint OR aim OR move, but you can’t do 2 things at once. Maybe is because has been demoed using a pad, but with a mouse will be possible to sprint and shot.
    It want to pre-order it…

    • Ryx says:

      The ‘x’ is the X button the XBox controller. I believe it is trying to show him something he can do by pressing X.

  9. Sagan says:

    One of the reasons I wasn’t interested in Quake Wars was that it looked boring. Brink definitely fixed that.
    That being said, I’m not terribly interested in this game yet. As a mission in a single player game, that looked a little boring. I know this is primarily a multi player game, but if it has single player, then I will play that first.
    But somehow I am still interested enough in this game that I will probably read everything I can find about it until release.

    • Sobric says:

      The way I understand it, Brink has a hybrid SP-MP mode as its main mode of playing. Like he mentions in the second video, people can drop in and out of your game (if you want them to) on either side. So you could play it through on your own, but they plan to allow other players to seamlessly enter your game, either playing with you or against you.

      I find this by far the most intriguing aspect of Brink, not the SMART system.

  10. skalpadda says:

    That’s looking rather excellent, the personal objectives are a great touch and the movement looks nice both for just navigating the place to adding a sense of momentum. Hope you can turn that motion blur off though, it made me a little dizzy just from watching the video.

  11. Lord_Mordja says:

    Cor it’s pretty. Hard to believe this is the Doom 3 engine. Also, I’m liking the “not-everyone-in-the-world-is-America-actually” voice work.

    Could do without the floaty numbers though.

  12. zornbringer says:

    this is the game all shooter fans have to look forward to. its a splash damage game, which guarantees excellent first person shooter food for all the hungry hardcore gamers. they were fans doing mods for quake3, evolved with the free wolf:et, stepped forward in tech with quakewars and now they’re doing their own thing, but still based on id technology. this is idtech4 (doom3) but heavily modified with virtual texturization, motion blur, depth of field and stuff like that.

    the hype got me when i saw the first screenshots and realized this is a splash damage game. now, ive seen the videos, im ultra hyped.

    almost one year to wait though. geee, i think i have to train my leveldesign abilities again to apply for a job over at splash damage so i can playtest with those guys.

    theyre real gamers and they wont be shut down by any major publisher like activision or ea. i have a very good feeling with bethesda.

    btw. you have to google the cast they just hired as lead level designer, lead character artist and other positions i forgot. i remember though, the new lead character artist was the guy responsible for the characters in mass effect.

    this i going to be the shooter i play for a long time. i hope.

    hype, here i am, you got me.

  13. Spd from Russia says:

    gfx looks really nice, gameplay is nothing exciting tho

  14. Sobric says:

    I can’t really tell the difference between the characters on either side in those videos.

    But that’s probably my terrible eyesight and small screen.

  15. Quests says:

    Ah objectives “quest” like, uh?

    Very Quake Warish, but in the end they weren’t really well done, and ended up being repetitive.

    Will they be better implemented in this game? The problem with Quake wars was that you could spam these objectives complete, but they wouldn’t accomplish much, victory was still decided by who had the best ping, it was still a matter of knowing the best camping points in the end

    Maybe if they have more importance, in this…

  16. TotalBiscuit says:

    This looks fun as hell.

    “gameplay is nothing exciting tho”

    Nothing exciting about hi-octane, fast-paced shooter action, no-sir-ee. Get a new hobby.

  17. Quests says:

    I agree, I don’t see anything exciting gameplay-wise.

    It looks like a TFC with acrobatic jumps. And i take it in the multiplayer you can’t switch from class to class.

    It’s a graphical beauty, it’s a comic book without the need of the ever-so-pugly cellshades.

    But where is the gameplay interesting?

    • Senethro says:

      Yes you can switch from class to class, he did it in both videos!

    • D says:

      I agree with this. I totally get the reason for this to be hyped – but I just didn’t see a whole lot of fun in the videos. Mostly because it looked waaay too clunky and slow. I’ve recently been watching some console shooters being played on justintv, and have learned that (while never as good as a mouse) console controllers can definitely cope with very hectic battles. These videos where just slow and with too much focus on “cinemaction” moves cool as they are. However, I noticed the guy who was playing was not a pro at console shooters, (evidenced by the fact that he offed an entire clip into a friend during first video).. So I hope that the next videos will be done by someone more adept at playing, and that it then might look very entertaining.

  18. Vinraith says:

    No offense to our illustrious British overlords, but I’m not entirely clear why we’re getting as much coverage of this one as we are. With the exception of the interface controversy, it seems like an otherwise largely run-of-the-mill shooter, and it’s not going to be released for a year to boot. I don’t ask this to say “stop covering Brink,” it’s more like I’d be interested in knowing why RPS is so excited about/interested in this one so I could share in their excitement/interest. :)

  19. Inanimotioon says:

    You can lead, slide, climb, and they chose and amazing looking stylized approach.

  20. Quests says:

    totally agreed. Sometimes RPS gents seem to get obsessed about some such game for reasons not well specified, sometimes because that game has witty humour, sometimes because of cute graphics, maybe in this case because guys are sexy acrobats.

    If the reason is different, I beg to know it.

    What’s so special about this game?

    • Senethro says:

      Apart from Battlefields what else do we have to look forward to? We’re about to enter an FPS drought.

    • Quests says:

      HEh i hope you’re not implying that a genre has a limit of depth.

      Deus Ex was super complex while being a pure FPS.

      It all depends on what developers are willing to give us, and if they are afraid that a complicated game will not be appreciated by the majority of players, because i suppose this designer thinks the majority of players don’t want to play deep games, not being smart enough, i don’t know. :)

      FPS is not a genre, afaik, it’s just camera angle. And there’s room for evolution for the next 5 centuries.
      For example nobody ever implemented story progression in online FPS matches. Or the ever-beloved choices and consequence(like in Dragon Age Origins).
      You can implement all these things and it would still be an FPS. It’s all up to the designer to give complexity.

    • Sobric says:

      I don’t think he’s predicting the death of FPSs, just pointing out that there isn’t a whole lot in the genre (or camera angle) that’s producing videos and looks vaguely interesting. Hence RPS reporting it.

    • TotalBiscuit says:

      You think Deus Ex was a pure FPS?

      Allow me to laugh at you.

    • Starky says:

      Deus Ex was a pure FPS for me on my 4th or 5th play through.

      Got to love a game that is MUCH harder to just run and gun everything than sneak and bypass – at least for the first half of the game, by the second half you become a bit of a unstoppable killing machine.

    • Quests says:


      The skill system was at best superficial, just putting trained and advanced to stuff, it wasn’t much. Ironically the complexity was instead in the action mechanics themselves, what with 4 or 5 different ways to achieve one goal.

      Why can’t online FPS have some of that?
      Why can’t there be, i dunno, dialogues, randomly generated puzzles to solve and stuff like that? I think we should develop more on the base vs base scheme, there’s much to be done in that field

      The thing is old school FPS are getting way too simple for today’s more seasoned audience, and this might just end looking like a TFC2 meets quake wars thing.

      But, maybe that thing they’re saying below, with single-play/multi-play mixage might turn interesting.

  21. Quests says:

    Hehe i can understand teenagers like “Inanimotioon” person here, who are “sold” to awesome graphics and awesome sexy moves, bald hooded warriors with orange shirts and suspenders… so only caring about aesthetic and stylish things. But this is not fashion world, i don’t wanna play a game as i read Italian VOGUE, games are not PAris Hilton who dictate how i dress, even tho that guy looks awesome and ill try to copy the clothes

    But well i’d like something deeper to play, not just looks and coolness, i reckon that’s immaturity :)

  22. Sobric says:

    @ Quests and Vinratih:

    I’m fairly sure it’s got to do with what I mentioned above (in reply to Sagan, not my poor eyesight), regarding their approach to Multi-player/Single-player. It seems (and I might have over-read previous articles here) that while tottering along in the game (either alone or with some buddies), you may suddenly find yourself playing against other Human opponents (trying to complete their own objective), and then once a certain point/objective is reached it slips right back into co-op/SP.

    Basically, I think their aiming to have the player not able to tell the difference between multiplayer & singleplayer.

    Oh, and the graphical style and setting certainly help to attract attention (dystopias are always fun).

  23. zakkmiester says:

    Well, I’m re interested.
    When’s this thing comin out again?

  24. Frosty says:

    Why pay so much attention to this game? Well it isn’t that much attention. It’s the first I’ve heard of it in months and I am personally finding it hard to see a more exciting multiplayer FPS on the way.

    For a moment I feared that it didn’t look much like a splash damage game but then he shot a bloke and 10XP appeared above the poor dead man’s former head and suddenly everything was right with the world again.

    • Vinraith says:

      This is the third article in a month on RPS about a game that won’t be out for a year (and wasn’t recently announced). That’s definitely an unusual amount of attention.

  25. Radiant says:

    What do you mean why pay so much attention to this game?!?!?
    What other games are you playing that play like this?
    FYI they exist only in your minds.

  26. Quests says:


    [tastes earth]
    needs moar europa universalis gentlemen and less quake retards

  27. Concept says:

    What’s the the gun bob? It’s more of a shake and it goes pretty crazy even though he’s moving pretty slowly.

    • rahdo says:

      yeah, that ws a bug that didn’t get removed in time for the e3 demo (the entire run cycle loop for the gun bob playing in a 3x shorter distance because of the walk). it’s fixed in the current build though :-)

  28. Caiman says:

    The way the gun sways in your hand at the start of the video, I expected the camera to pan back and reveal that I’m actually playing Cookie Monster!

  29. Shalrath says:

    I’m … on paper, I should love this game. But I keep seeing all the problems that happened in Borderlands and I’m worried.

    It’s not a ‘consolification’ thing, it’s just a worry that the actual GUN FIGHTING isn’t that good. I know it’s really early, but what did people take to put down there, 40-50 bullets? He reloaded more magazines than he killed PEOPLE.

    • Dominic White says:

      The first guy he hits in the first video there goes down almost instantly. 3-4 at most, not 40-50.

    • Shalrath says:

      At the part right before he changes to an engineer, he’s spending more time reloading than either killing or hitting anything – and watch when he plops down a turret. It takes about a dozen rounds for it to actually kill an enemy.

      Maybe he got a headshot on the quick kill?

  30. rahdo says:

    When you saw him taking a lot of bullets to put someone down, that was the combination of the fact that he was shooting at a big body type guy, plus he was using a weak SMG. if he’d been aiming for the head, or used a bigger gun, or not shot at a big guy with more hitpoints, they’d go down much quicker (like some other guys who went down with 3 or 4 shots elsewhere in the demo)

  31. Rabbitsoup says:

    I have a question, Is this Vs or just Co-op? I need to know before i get to excited

  32. Ace says:

    How to you tell friend from foe?

  33. Quests says:

    Ok so this is clearly a game with

    -TFC type of missions
    -Quake Wars style temporary “objectives” that simply give fat XP
    -acrobatics as seen in, uhm, the game with that chinese(and clearly lesbian) chick who hops around and slides.

    And it has incredibly stylish graphics.

    maybe there’s some kind of exciting twist to this, i would like to see for example a practical use for the side objectives other than XP.

    Enlighten me, i feel like there’s something im missing.

    • Chalkster says:

      I was going to make a comment but then saw everything I was gong to say I was here.
      I might just get this.

  34. sigma83 says:

    I think it does enough to differentiate it from TF2 to interest me. Narrative in multiplayer is a highly engaging concept.

  35. Marshall says:

    Smooth out the animations, better distinguish your models and do your next demo the right way (on a mouse and keyboard – and Tei, I got your sarcasm earlier, even if it was lost on some), and I’m pretty sold on this. Which says a lot because it’d probably mean upgrading machine.

    Anyone notice the excellent sound design? Zing, pop, bang!

  36. Saul says:

    Haha, you got him, Tei.

  37. Quercus says:

    Well, on the plus side it looks and sounds good and I love the 8-player drop in/drop out co-op games (more co-op games should be up to 8 players).

    On the down side, this is clearly a console version of the game we are being shown, the enemies look too similar to the allies and most importantly, what the hell are they firing at each other? The damage is pathetic. The SMG appeared to require a full clip to drop anyone and the shotgun blast at the enemy in the back at point blank range didn’t even kill them!

    Hmm … not convinced frankly.

    • Senethro says:

      Looked fine to me. When he was shooting them in the head they dropped like flies. More often he was firing full-auto at a target half the map away so most of the bullets probably weren’t even near him.

      As for the shotgun, it looked like he went down to me. Its just they’ll roll around on the ground in pain for a bit to give their team’s medics a chance to get to them. Which is why the poor gentleman got pistoled for daring to still have a pulse.

  38. RagingLion says:

    Wow. ‘Brink’ you have my attention now. This is now a possible future buy whereas before it was just academic interest. Things that I like from what was shown:

    – The fluidity of movement allowing you to do things you really should be able to do as a soldier rather than be artificially constrained as in many games.
    – The ability to complete optional objectives that ultimately have an in-game impact which helps your team (also the actions you take make sense in the world and you can visually see them)
    – The fact that the conflict is carrying on around you anyway and you’re just own cog in the machine to help things along – makes you feel part of something bigger.
    – There’s dialogue between NPCs that’s non-too-shabby making this more interesting for me to experience rather than just missions with no explanation or game-world grounding.
    – Possibility of interesting and fun co-op.
    – Gameworld generally seems interesting from a graphical presentation point of view and tone.

    Brink generally seems to be raising the bar for FPSs and losing some of odd hangovers from old games in the process. I’ll be following with interest.

  39. VHATI says:

    looks interesting, but my inner nerd is not wowed yet.

  40. Tei says:

    * /me shots teammate *
    Ouch, sorry Barry, you was almost exactly like the enemy there.
    * /me shots teammate again*
    Uh.. sorry again. You look bad, you must search for a medic, methinks.
    * /me shots teammate again, kill teammate *
    Ouch sorry. You look dead-
    * /me shots body of dead teammate *
    Is to help you respawn faster.

  41. somnolentsurfer says:

    Is it just me or do some of the textures in these videos look rather fuzzy? I’m assuming it’s ’cause it a console version?

  42. Jozzy says:

    Not sure how this game is going to work. Apparently you have tons of npc’s on your side and against you. So if you do not switch to engineer at that video 2, will some npc do it for you?

    Will it be possible to win this entire scenario without doing anything yourself? Either you are required to do certain stuff as a certain role to eventually win (hampering the freedom) or you don’t and it all you do doesn’t matter that much. Sounds hard (understatement) to balance.

    • Tei says:

      I don’t know, but is not the first game with bot teammates and objectives. There are the battlefield games, and the older Splash Damage games. I suppose you can load Wolfestein:ET and play with bots and see how bots does the mission.
      It seems a hard problem for a AI. It seems easy to build bots that play well for deathmatch, but adding to deathmatch objectives seems harder for some reason. Hard to write, but this people has already the experience. Probably the problem is modified to help the solution.. there are not “quest” on the game that the bots can’t solve.
      About feeling:
      I remenber playing BF1942 with bots, and is not that bad. Your are the mayor force of combat, but you still need the bots support. In that map, the alamein, you can singlehandle conquer a base, but If bots don’t follow, the base will be conquer again by others bots, so you have to wait for some bots to spawn, to defend the base. If you are away for more than 10 min, probably the base has been taken away by the nazis.
      Maybe the critical point here is how bots spawn. In BF1942 and probably in W:ET the bots follow the same rules to respawn as the players. but If Bink is too consoley, It could have different rules for the bots. For some reason console players see no evil in bots spawning magically behind, in areas already clear (see Red Faction: Guerrilla). Lets hope the rules for bots in bink are fair, and theres not bot cheating.

  43. Rei Onryou says:

    What I have liked more than anything so far in these videos is a complete lack of vehicles. Seriously, every shooter seems to think they need them. This harkens back to the old W:ET days of pure soldiery goodness. Although I have to say that I’m still not fond of auto-turrets. Engineer basically means one extra auto-aiming soldier. At least it was a bit slow/inaccurate.

    I always look forward to Splash Damage games and this is no exception!