Gratuitous Space Expansion: The Tribe

Blimey, space-fleet management game Gratuitous Space Battles already has an expansion, called The Tribe. Creator Cliff Harris says: “The pack adds an extra playable race to the game, complete with shiny new spaceships to blast apart in gratuitous slow motion. As well as new ship hulls, the game adds two new missions and a scattering of new tribe-specific modules to reflect their emphasis on ‘strong hulls and weak shields’. It also introduces the first use of kinetic weapons.” There are also improvements and changes in the pipeline for the vanilla game.

The Tribe is out now, and it’s $6. (Trailer below)


  1. Heliosicle says:

    Bought the original during the summer, didn’t keep me interested that long and i havent even played the final version :/

    • Mad Doc MacRae says:

      Me too, and I’ve been too lazy to re-install it on Windows 7…

  2. Scroll says:

    Wah? What? That was pretty quick.
    Appreciated even though I haven’t put many hours into it, I am certainly loving it.

  3. Sagan says:

    I think I might like this game. However I only tried the demo once, and I won all three battles by randomly placing ships. And I didn’t get the feeling that I was understanding what was going on yet. I think I wanted to try the hard difficulty at a later point, but then came along other games.
    Cliffski if you are reading this, then I would really appreciate a demo where you get to fight a couple battles from very small (1 giant ship uses up all resources) to the large ones you can currently play. Because with those complex battles learning through trial and error just takes too long.

    • PHeMoX says:

      According to many, it’ll get a bit deeper later on, but yeah, I experienced the same.

      It didn’t turn me off, but I did as a result not yet buy it. I’m considering it though.

    • Sagan says:

      Update: I just discovered that you can speed up the battles, so I gave the game another go. Turns out that I can win both battles on hard and extreme with the same randomly placed ships. Which is a little disappointing. I would have expected to be forced to make at least some decisions during the demo.

  4. Binni says:

    Am I the only one annoyed by the fact that you can’t zoom out more?

    • cliffski says:

      I may change this in future. Tis only a number in a single C++ file. The limit is set there because a lot of older PC’s will just collapse like a cadburys flake in a hurricane if you zoom out much further. Maybe once I’ve introduced some even more cunning LOD stuff, or maybe toggle the smaller ships (fighters ect) to icons for that range like supcom did.

      It’s on ‘the list’…

  5. Nimic says:

    It was fun for a little while, but once the novelty factor (also called the holy shit I love space battles-factor) wore off, there wasn’t really a whole lot there.

  6. Zaekrex says:

    This game looks super fun. It looks kind of like the Warcraft 3 custom map “Castle Fight”, only a more advanced version in space where you get to make your own units sort of like Mechwarrior.

    Strongly considering giving it a shot…would anybody who has played it before tell me if my estimation of the game is too far off?

  7. Sovietmudkipz says:

    This isn’t an expansion… this is DLC

  8. Dan says:

    I promised to buy this if it appeared on Steam, and made good on that when it did.

    It’s entertaining, but I haven’t had an “AHA!” moment when I feel like I’ve worked out what tactics an enemy fleet is using and how I can counter it. I just made bigger cruisers that can shrug off smaller weapons, and then put some plasma cannons on them for countering the same tactic in reverse.

    • Scroll says:

      Some of the very late challenges on normal have enemy forces combining different weapon types more often.

      And I’m still struggling with how many anti fighter guns I should bother with on my cruisers.

  9. Ohio says:

    Tactics? They just fly straight to the closest target,guns blazing….

  10. Aganazer says:

    I definitely got my money’s worth out of this game, but without some deeper orders, a lot of new possible strategies, a campaign mode, or some other new level of strategy, I may be done with it. The online challenges add a lot to the game. That previous poster may have been able to wipe out the demo fleets, but lets see him tackle the online challenges. There are a lot of creative fleets out there and basically unlimited amounts of content.

  11. Carra says:

    I gave the demo a try but it didn’t sweep me away. Build one of each types of ships, put a few on the map and look at them win.

    It felt like I won those battles without even knowing what the heck I was doing.

  12. Him says:

    The demo isn’t as deep as the full game, but the real meat is in the challenges and not the pre-set fleets. “If I had my way” I’d like more meta game, but I think I’d settle for more orders; waypoints, perhaps the ability to tell my ships ‘once you’ve been under fire, fall back for thirty seconds or until you shields recharge’ – that kind of thing.
    I’ll pick this up when I get paid at the end of the year!

  13. Caiman says:

    Yes, I can’t help but feel I’d play this game a lot more if there was a meta game wrapped around the battles and fleet building. It’s amazing how much incentive a campaign can add to any game mechanic. It must be a single-player thing.

  14. MadMatty says:

    I played it to completion on normal within a fairly apocalyptic 8-hour session (where i got all the usefull unlocks, about 90% of em… it should maybe be a bit harder?) – and had a lot of fun. I then tried one of the online challenges, and this one guy had a rock hard fleet “brick” of firepower….he mustve had the calculator out or something, coz he beat my game-completing fleet with 75% of his fleet still intact! wow.
    I do hope there is no “ultimate” fleet and that the game works more by “rock,paper, scissors” type , where one fleet is brilliant against one type of enemy fleet, but falls flat against another setup.
    I haven´t really checked this thoroughly as theres a lot of equipment.
    My interest in the game didn´t last that much longer than the first session, so im comparing it to popcorn, which isn´t that bad really :0

    • cliffski says:

      There is no one-true ultimate fleet because of spatial anomalies on different missions that restrict ship classes and the effectiveness of different weapons or shields. Also, there is a change under way (supply limits) that will mean not every weapon is available in unlimited quantities, further restricting the usefulness of spam-fleet strategies

  15. MinisterofDOOM says:

    This expansion pleases me greatly. The TRIBE ship focus suits my build style VERY well. They’re essentially what the game has been lacking for me. The fact that their ship designs are some of my favorite aesthetically is a nice bonus.

  16. Tei says:

    Something that could be fun, is Space Stations. Some giganteous buildings with lots of turrets positions. Or will this make the game too much like a Turret Defense Game?

    • Him says:

      This man deserves a small bronze medal. A starbase assault / starbase defense swarm mode would make for intriguing play.

    • MadMatty says:

      Yes definetly!