Guild Wars 2 Reveals Its Races

“I am Logan, defender of the generic medieval bit!” But it gets better from there, with Guild Wars 2‘s take on the gnome, the giant Charr, and others. Once again we get to glimpse some of the game’s absurdly beautiful level design, which remains at the forefront of things we find interesting about this sequel. There’s some more detail on the races over on the official website.


  1. Sam Bigos says:


  2. Billzor says:

    Gnomes are cute.

    That is all.

  3. Vinraith says:

    Characters and plot were never Guild Wars’ strength. Blessedly, they were pretty ignorable in the original, and I trust they will be in this one as well. I’m far more interested in seeing the map, the skills system, and a detailed explanation of just how the non-instanced parts of the world are going to work (ugh). I adored the original, I fear this one may be straying to far from what made it the only MMO-like I’ve ever played for any length of time. Here’s hoping I’m wrong, but trailers like this do absolutely nothing to assuage my concerns. Still, it IS damn pretty (as the original was).

    • Dante says:

      The sad thing is, Guild Wars was very good at making an MMO fit around a plot, they just couldn’t write a decent enough plot to really justify it.

  4. NikRichards says:

    0.45 – Terrorist team has planted the bomb?

    • Lim-Dul says:

      Dude! I’m SO glad I’m not the only one who INSTANTLY thought “de_chateau” when seeing this part of the video. :-D
      And I was one of the (apparently) few people who actually liked this map.

    • Batolemaeus says:

      Oh of the most interesting maps for cs. Especially well made on source, if you ignore the map bugs.
      I have fond memories of very close showdowns inside of the building. Too bad the map is rarely played at all.
      For some reason, the most interesting maps are never on rotation anywhere.

      Oh, GuildWars, yeah. Uhm…looks like some nice level design and art, but…i wonder if they manage to create a more persistent game this time.

    • Carra says:

      Oh, there’s a movie beneath the cut! Noscript has removed it.

    • fearian says:

      Chiming in, Guild Wars 2 is actually a charade for Counterstrike 2!

    • Railick says:

      That is my all time favorite CS map! Used to play it for hours on end with my best friend in CS:Source

  5. Alexander Norris says:

    Can I have Guild Wars 2’s gameplay in Aion’s setting, please? I’m very much tired of “human/dwarf/elf/beastman/barbarian/gnome” and the like, and it’d be nice if by some miracle Aion didn’t go completely to waste on Korean grindfest enthusiasts.

  6. Tei says:

    I wish this game where PvP FFA and with not hard caps. I would join as one of the tecnological races, and cleanse the world from all other races. I despise, hate, HATE all these other races. The tecnological one is soo obviusloy the right one, while the others is a taint in the world, a wound of futilty that sould be healed with stell and electroengines. I would crush the bones of the humans, and make powder from his bones. The beast type race can die in the mines of uranium. The indian spirited race sould be relocated to a zoo, a reserve, a spiritual reserve for our amussement. And saddly, these hippy forest-elf sould die wen all his forest are harvested to feed carbon/wood energy stations. As possible die in a gruesome way, Is my wish.

    • StarDrowned says:

      You drunk?

    • TeeJay says:

      “a wound of futilty that sould be healed with stell and electroengines”

      If you are going to cure people with Belgian beer and motoring give them Duvel.

    • Wulf says:

      You always struck me as a small world man with the imagination of a bean counter, coupled with perhaps a touch of megalomania, Tei. Thanks for confirming that. I pity you for not having a mind like an ever changing Dada painting, as creativity is a beautiful, wondrous thing. You really don’t know what you’re missing.

      As for myself, I’m excited at the prospect of more outlandish races, and I’m definitely going to poke around the Norn and the Charr, as they fascinate me and their size and presence in the original Guild Wars was an inspiring thing. They always reminded me of tribal armadillos, and my mind tried to wrap a culture around that. It’s given me interesting ideas for the kind of role I’d play as a Charr.

    • Tei says:

      Re: roleplaying char

      I really like the ‘factions’ from Vanguard Saga of Heroes. There was a trans-planar People-Tiger-Psionic fighting a Jelly-TChuly take over the universeS. Also, looks awesome in fullplate armor.

    • Psychopomp says:


      No, he’s always like that.

    • Railick says:

      That’s funny Tei always struck me as a guy who doesn’t speak English as his first language and tries very hard to get his point across put has a bit of a hard time doing that because English isn’t his first language. I’ve always found his comments to be totally adorable and I can pick them out of the rest blind folded without having seen his name or anything :) I normally read the comment then look at the name but with Tei I can always tell it is him before I’m half way through :)

  7. Dominic White says:

    I’m so hoping that they keep the most defining elements of GW1’s gameplay – the complete lack of grind and loot-whoring. In the later campaigns, you could hit top level in two afternoons, and have the best armor in the game for your class a day after that.

    And that’s where the game began. 80% of the content *at least* was meant for Lv20 characters, and as such you could never grind past something, or have a bigger stick than the other guy. You had to play smart, tactical, careful and generally well. There was even a Hard Mode which makes the entire game START at Lv20.

    Unfortunately, people seem to like grinding and hunting forever for the bigger stick, and the concept of playing a game because you want to play it seems lost on them. I have a terrible sinking feeling they’re going to make GW2 more of a traditional MMO, and that is just about the worst thing they could do.

    • Count Zero says:

      This is exactly what I was thinking. Guild Wars was the only MMO I played for an extended period of time for that exact reason: you didn’t need to grind. You could do it if you really wanted to, but it would only bring you items with cosmetic changes, and would not affect gameplay at all. I’m hoping they will keep this system intact. That and the instant respecs are what made the first game so much fun for me.

  8. TooNu says:

    I am positive that this will be a good fun game, looking forward to it :)

  9. Tei says:

    I don’t understand the popularity of Guild Wars.

    Is one of these “RPG” games where you have 9 buttons to make damage with 8 different particle colors. Thats all. Even If you have a blade, you are a magician that do damage with colored sparkles. You are removed from the world, you are removed from your race, character, your motivation and powers. You play icons and kill sprites. Is Gamey with not Shame.

    The PVP part of it seems more popular than CS+Jesus combined. But If i want to play CS, I play CS.
    I wish this game where less gamey :-/ … now only this one, all ‘RPG’s. Lets pretend our monitor is a window to other world.

    To be honest, a blade is a big piece of iron. If you hit something with a piece of iron, you are mostly probably damaging that thing, but It also hurt on your side (action – reaction, simple phisics). A blade is a very real thing. High Fantasy has converted all blades into “wands” or “feather” that you pass near the enemy in a espectacular colorfull way, doing a 6% of his hp bar damage.

    • Dominic White says:

      It’s popular because it’s an actually skill-driven and tactical RPG set in a very richly designed and beautiful world. Sure, I COULD play CS if I wanted to run around a lot of grey/brown corridors and shoot identical khaki-clad men all day long. Or I could spend a few hours with friends, exploring the post-apocalyptic wastes of a kingdom blasted from the map by a terrible spell, cross up into the winding mountain paths, and across into the deep verdant jungles on the other side.

      Oh, and Cantha. The chinese-inspired continent. That had some amazing locations. The Jade Sea – an entire ocean frozen into solid jade, where people have literally carved villages out of the sides of what once were crashing waves, now held solid in the air.

      Sure, it’s videogamey, but it’s also very well balanced, rewarding, and teamplay-oriented. It does help a lot that it looks, sounds and runs fantastic on top of all that.

    • Squirrelfanatic says:

      Tei, have you actually played the game? The huge part of the thing is wrapped around team-based PvP which is in no way comparable to the PvE part. And like Dominic said, it is tactical and relies on the composition of the team. Simple button mashing and random character setups won’t get you anywhere in PvP (well, apart from the Random Arenas, where everything can win by pure luck…).

      “The PVP part of it seems more popular than CS+Jesus combined. But If i want to play CS, I play CS.” If you want to play a FPS, go and do so. If you want to play a competition oriented RPG, go and get GW. Those kinds of games are in no way comparable, except that people play them in order to compete with each other.

      “To be honest, a blade is a big piece of iron. If you hit something with a piece of iron, you are mostly probably damaging that thing, but It also hurt on your side (action – reaction, simple phisics).” To be honest, I highly doubt that medieval swordplay simulators would get much attention from the gaming community.

      One thing that makes GW shine above other MMOs is the fact that there are no monthly payments. Granted, Arenanet has started to implement micro transactions into the game, but those don’t effect PvP and are in no way necessary to get a great gaming experience.

  10. Zaphid says:

    This game is art-wise a whole level above anything I’ve seen so far, if they stay with GW1 gameplay (8 skills, classes, no grind) there is no way it can be bad.

    • RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

      No, but it can still be boring (after 30 hours, that is). Ah, well, I’m still coming back to Guild Wars each year for wintersday and its awesome atmosphere.

    • KindredPhantom says:

      Guild Wars events are pretty good. Wintersday is always worth returning to each and every year.
      This reminds me that i still need to complete Factions and Eye of the North…

  11. Lack_26 says:

    I loved Guild Wars, must have spent hundreds of hours (I think me and my brother built up about 400 between the two of us).

    I’m really hoping that this sequel can recapture the spirit of the original, which sadly, I find I can no longer play for nearly the same amount of time, without getting fatigued. (Although that’s the same with most games now, for me anyway.

  12. BrokenSymmetry says:

    The best thing about this trailer: Jeremy Soule. Yes, I know some people are bit tired of his sound, but I still adore his music. His French-Horn-led themes (as during the Norn bit) are the definition of epicness.

    • Grape Flavor says:

      Wow. The 2 games I’ve played with the most stiking, excellent music were TES4: Oblivion and when I beta tested the first Guild Wars. (never ended up buying the final product)

      So it’s the same guy. Figures.

  13. Alexander Norris says:

    Incidentally, is that Oghren/Spike (Steve Blum) voicing the beastman? Certainly sounds like him.

    • BrokenSymmetry says:

      Yep, that’s him. And it’s Felicia Day as the Asura, and Kari Wahlgren as the Sylvari woman. It seems like ArenaNet is really going to improve on the mediocre voice acting in Guild Wars 1 (although the last Eye of the North expansion was already quite a bit better in that respect).

  14. Gurrah says:

    I’m still mighty pissed at them for not making the Tengu a playable race.

  15. postmanX3 says:

    I hope and pray to the MMO gods that this remains mostly like GW1 in gameplay.

    In other words, you can get the top level and best armor and weapons in a couple hours.

    Also, I liked the instancing.

  16. seras says:

    damn that’s pretty…love those story animations…hope that’s how the cut-scenes are instead of the in-game machinima.

    but it is great to finally see some gameplay footage…the AOE spell effects look wicked…and damn those settings are luscious.

    as long as they don’t mess around too too much with the basic gameplay concept this will be very awesome.

    release is still quite a way’s off tho….which gives me plenty of time to finish my God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals title :)

  17. the wiseass says:

    I think I just came.

  18. Wulf says:

    The sad part of this is that there’s absolutely nothing at all new for me here, I’ve been enthralled by Guild Wars 2 ever since I learned that the Charr were playable, and the Norn (werebears, they’re bally werebears… werebears!! /flails) were just the icing on the cake.

    I’ll be playing this when it turns up, this is incredibly damn high on my do want list. Lycanthropes and therians are high on my love list, and whilst these not be werewolves, they are the next best thing.

    An MMO with werebears!

    Bloody hell…

    Perhaps we’re breaking the stigma and moving away from the old ways of MMO development, and by that I mean only including simple, easy to understand races because the intellectually undeveloped target audiences couldn’t handle anything that seems too unfamiliar to them, and are thus terrified by the inclusion thereof.

    I’m sick to the teeth of fantasy races which are just humans, slightly different humans, and slightly different humans again, I’ve stressed this here before. And the only reason it’s been that way is because of the vocal minority who tend to scream “OMG NOEZ TEH DEFAULT FANTASY RACEZ ONLY, NO ROBUTZ IN MA FANTASEE, NO FURREEZ, NO BLACK PEEPULZ EITHAR!” whenever someone peddles out something a little different.

    (The one thing I liked bout Guild Wars was that I could be a dark-skinned Elf, that was so very pleasing. Of course, the aforementioned group kicked up a screaming fuss over one of the saving graces of that game. Sigh.)

    Are the tides turning? I suppose it’ll depend on how popular games like this are.

    • Wulf says:

      Er, I slipped, the one thing I liked about Dragon Age: Origins was the dark-skinned Elves, rather.

      And I really did love that.

      Moar fantasy ethnicities! Mexican elves!

    • Wulf says:

      Of course, some people might allow for robots in fantasy, but not the happy little steampunk robots that I like (Trill is awesome, I dig Trill), but rather the ones brimming with lazors, simply because they fuel some power-fantasy, and then it’s more about killing things and death as opposed to anything born of imagination.

      See: Tei’s drunken post.

      Okay, I’m done!

      /runs off cackling.

    • Tei says:

      Re: evil ciberpunk

      The imperial faction from Allods is awesome.

  19. PureUncutHalibut says:

    Excellent, I thought there was something wrong with me when all I could think of was Chateau, now I know there are others out there it might help me cope.

  20. SmallIvoryKnight says:

    I put about 1,000 hours into the first GW, and it’s the one game that never leaves my hard drive, no matter how many other things I play. GW is… Friendly.

    I’m really looking forward to Guild Wars 2. I spoke extensively with the developers at PAX this year, and, although they weren’t able to give anything of note away, I trust them enough, both as developers, and as human beings, to provide a game that will give me another thousand hours of game play.

    My one complaint: As a human, I will not be able to take back my ancestors homeland. Ascalon remains under the thumb of the smelly beasts that slaughtered my people. But they shall pay, and one day we shall send them back, and rebuild The Wall. Ascalon for Man!

    • seras says:

      hehe ya i got a bit of a chuckle from the charr referring to himself as ‘vanguard’

  21. WFL says:

    You know, this looks cool, but I’m not getting what everybody said about making it to the high level content in two afternoons. Maybe it’s that way now, but it definitely wasn’t when I played.

    Guild Wars was a cool concept, but honestly, I felt like I was playing less of an MMO and more of a Diablo style multiplayer game. My first MMO was Asheron’s Call, so when I play a game where I’m playing through the same single player storyline every time, never changing, not running into people out in the wilderness and dungeons, etc.. I just feel cheated.

    Not that Diablo was bad. It’s just a different style, and when I want to play an MMO, I want to play an MMO.

    • Vinraith says:

      GW was always an MMO for people that didn’t like MMO’s. I hope GW2 continues to fill that niche, personally.

    • TotalBiscuit says:

      GW isn’t even an MMO anyway.

    • Vinraith says:

      TB’s version is also a valid perspective. It certainly shares a lot of points in common with MMO’s, but it’s not “massively multiplayer” in the “forced to play with millions of annoying pre-teens” sense of the term.

    • KindredPhantom says:

      Guild Wars is more like an online RPG than an MMO, that is how it has seen itself.
      But i think Guild Wars 2 will be more like an MMO than the original due to the fact everything is no longer instanced, only dungeons and other similar areas will be instanced.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      “GW was always an MMO for people that didn’t like MMO’s.”
      That’s probably why I’m quite interested in this having watched the video & read some articles on the original. However my addiction to TF2 & L4D2 will likely save me from being seduced by this (I hope).

      Also I’d apply that description to EVE-Online too.

  22. Personoic says:

    Is that Cyrek I hear?

  23. K.Boogle says:

    No level grind you say? I remember when I played it was a nightmare to get to lvl 20. Especially for me because I started late, and there were few people to play with so I had to hire henchmen. It was nigh on impossible to do some places with them. I gave up because of that.

    But people are saying that you can get top level and top gear in a matter of days now? Is that because of the new expansions? I haven’t bought any of them, as you can imagine why considering my experience with the original.

  24. Dominic White says:

    Anonymous Coward said:
    No level grind you say? I remember when I played it was a nightmare to get to lvl 20. Especially for me because I started late, and there were few people to play with so I had to hire henchmen. It was nigh on impossible to do some places with them. I gave up because of that.

    Started late? If so, then you should have had access to the Factions campaign, where you hit Lv18-19 by the time you’re finished on the newbie island. Just a little nudge more and you’re max level and the campaign is only just beginning.

    Some rough estimates on how long it takes you to hit max level:

    Prophecies: 4-5 days
    Factions: 1-2 days
    Nightfall: 2-3 days

    • Vinraith says:

      Your Factions and Nightfall numbers are very right, your Prophecies number is very, very wrong. Generally one doesn’t hit 20 in Prophecies until after ascending, which for a new player can take something on the order of a month. The people that don’t know what you’re talking about with regards to “no grind” only ever played the Prophecies campaign, clearly.

  25. Railick says:

    I really hated Guild Wars, got to level 20 very quickly and didn’t enjoy the PvP as I felt it was to easy (After playing about 10-20 matches at level 20 and winning every single time I just got very bored) Even with my best friend playing and starting up a guild and buying our own guild base ect I never really enjoyed playing the game at all and never understood what other people saw in it.

    • Dominic White says:

      So, wait, you never lost? Ever? Even in guild matches? That sounds implausible at best.

    • Vinraith says:

      I never cared for the PvP, but the PvE (especially post level 20) was addictive as hell. Once heroes were introduced in Nightfall the game became this fantastic tactical action RPG. I never had more than a couple of friends playing at once, but with heroes that didn’t keep us from seeing most anything we’d want to see, and doing all but the nastiest of elite missions (which I’m convinced we could have managed if we were just better at the game). Working out the right party build and tactics for a given encounter was incredibly addictive. I think my account says I’ve played for about 1500 hours over the last four years, and I believe it.

      What ultimately killed the game for me was discovering the “three necro” build which unfortunately turns 90% of the game into easy mode. I had a little fun playing the areas where it doesn’t work, of course, but ultimately it sapped all the fun out of the game. And it’s not as though “not using it” is a satisfying option when the joy of the game for me was finding the most efficient party build for a given situation. Ah well, I still pop in for holidays, and will keep a close eye on GW2. Without instancing and heroes, though, I’m not sure it’s going to be a game of interest to me.

  26. Railick says:

    I only played about 20 matches. It wasn’t like I was great or anything like that I think it was just because I actaully leveled my character to level 20 and got all sorts of skills to change out while everyone i was playing seemed to opt for just making a level 20 character from the get go without earning the extra skills and equipemnt you get from playing. I never played a guild match only random PVP areana type matches.

    • innociv says:

      .. You’re full of it.

      I was in a top 30 guild and I’ve lost plenty in arena’s. You aren’t going to get 20-0 in them without experience. If you did somehow get that, that means you’re amazing at competitive gaming and thus you’d love GW since it’s the most competitive RPG by FAR.

      I’ve logged over 2000 hours in it. I was in “We are your friends” [We]

    • Kester says:

      Eh, could just be that he played a monk. Generally any Random Arena team with a monk could only be stopped by another monk team or a competent mesmer (or possibly distraction ranger).
      Team Arena was a bit better skill level but often took ages to put a team together.

      In related news, mesmer is the most fun class in any game ever and I’m looking forward to making a new one in GW2. :)

  27. renger says:

    Friends, you know that the game will not SPC – Heroes (those that you take with you to the detachment and taught the profession)? Now you are one (!) Against the whole gang!

    Dear game developers, please nelishayte in the company of friends NPTS.-Heroes! Bring them to the game, pozhauysta! Dyte ourselves decide whom to run on personal history, character.

  28. renger says:

    Friends, you know that the game will not SPC – Heroes (those that you take with you to the detachment and taught the profession)? Now you are one (!) Against the whole gang!

    Dear game developers, please do not miss the company of friends at NPTS.-Heroes! Bring them into the game, please! Give ourselves decide whom to run on personal history, character.