Rampage: Mountain Man

I am on my own in a hotel room somewhere outside on Stuttgart, Germany. If it was so horrible and lonely that it was making me feel a touch psychotic, then I would have a excellent prompt to start talking with worrying sympathy about Mountain Man, a document of one enraged beardy fellow’s attempts to destroy an entire town. Alas, it’s rather a nice hotel room and I feel quite relaxed. Why can’t I have played this whilst suffering one of my legendary grumps? It’s just so unfair and… Hang on. This has made me grumpy. Yes! I’m now ready to get a sick thrill out of lobbing boulders at police cars and attractive Alpine lodges.

Mountain Man‘s one of the very many experimental/misanthropic games to be found on the Adult Swim website, and it’s an agreeable slice of Flash sociopathy indeed.

You throw giant rocks at a city, flattening goats, houses, cars, helicopters and rockclimbers en route. That’s about it. Is that not enough? Oh, and you have to fight off SWAT teams and yetis (which immediately made me think of SkiFree) on occasion. Basically, though, you’re some kind of environmental terrorist with an inspecific grudge against urbanity. Utterly throway, though there is a strategy to hitting high scores – but only in as much as there’s a strategy to trying to demolish anything before getting arrested/shot.


  1. Doctor Doc says:

    Borken link?

  2. PlayNoEvil says:

    The lack of ability to “look” at the whole mountain reduces the feeling that you are really playing the game instead of just hitting a button at random – too much of a pachinko / slot machine feel to be really satisfying.

    • Bhazor says:

      You hit the goat. The goat explodes destroying a passing plane.

      That is satisfaction right there.

    • Idle Threats & Bad Poetry says:

      Do you realize you control the motion of the bolder as it cascades down the mountian? And you can also control its size by holding down X until the right moment before releasing.

  3. kikito says:

    Dwarf fortress needs this kind of graphics.

  4. Railick says:

    That’s funny because I thought of Dwarf Fotress when reading Bhazor’s comment too

  5. Obdicut says:

    This rules.

  6. Anthony says:

    I just get a purple screen…

    • Flibberdy says:

      Try disabling Adblock Plus or any similar ad-blocking – that fixed it for me

  7. Sporknight says:

    The site takes a while to load while it’s not doing anything, I think. I was in the process of opening Internet Explorer (shudder) to try, and then the game started up in Firefox. I think what happened is, the game plays an “ad” over the window while it loads, that I saw in IE but Adblocker hides, so there’s just a blank screen behind it as it loads.

  8. Idle Threats & Bad Poetry says:

    I like it. A lot. I don’t think it’s really much more of a “sick thrill” than Rampage for Nintendo. All-in-all, it’s pretty tame a bloodless. Some of the other games on the site are sick, though.

    And Dwarf Fortress is much, much more violent.

  9. Schmung says:

    This is hysterical. I heartily approve.

    Also, Stuttgart is a rather pleasant town. I spent a few days there last year either side of a music festival. Twinned with Cardiff I think. er, that was pointless s information.

  10. phil says:

    Peggle + Rampage + Hammers = joy

  11. Schmung says:

    Yeah, I had to run it in binternet explorer. No-go with firefox or IETab. Pain in the proverbials.