The Games Of Christmas: December 7th

We’re alone in the woods. The enemy are almost upon us. There’s only one way out, and it’s through the that door… yes that one over there on our incredible seasonal advent calendar. Remain steadfast, because we never leave a man behind, not least when we’re following the finger of the one true leader of the Autobots to discover…

Arma II!

Jim: The other day I was watching X-Men: The Last Stand, and I commented to my girlfriend that I’d like to have the super-power of a minor character who can copy himself countless times (he’s called Multiple Man) while still essentially being the same person. My girlfriend, annoyed, said that I’d use this power to become a ninja bigamist. I laughed and said that I would, but the sad truth is that I was actually thinking about all the different me I could set to work sinking lifetimes into playing various games, or perhaps reading through the heap of books on my desk that I carefully ignore.

One game that I could sink a literal lifetime into is Arma II. I’ve reviewed a whole bunch of time-sink experiences this year, but Arma II was the game that really knocked me on my arse and had me putting in serious hours. Entire days collapsed into a fortnight, and I got little else done. Partly it was because the campaign is difficult, if not too difficult, but it was mostly because the scope of it – especially when things open up – is breath-taking.

By them time everything Arma II has to offer is in motion you are fighting a full-scale war across a huge sandbox world, with AI working against you on a number of fronts, and multiple units under your control. Despite all this, or rather because of it, Arma II has a kind of surreal edge to it. It’s brimming with that uncanny shit where you know it’s meant to be a simulation, but it’s nothing actually like real life. A lot of people find that off-putting, but I find that kind of rough outline charming in games. After all, they are only ever a model of something, and sometimes the model is rough, quirky, and may go haywire, not least if it is more ambitious than 90% of the games ever released. Arma II’s comedy bugs – tanks scared of chickens, planes running away from men with rifles – were only really possible because of the complexity of the model of soldierdom that Bohemia were trying to offer.

At a personal level I am not all that interested in the fiction of modern warfare. I’d much rather be exploring a fantasy world, or spelunking an apocalypse, but I couldn’t help getting sucked into what Arma II’s campaign was trying to do, which was to put you at the head of a huge insurgent war-machine. The scale of the world, and the fact that you were just as likely to be crawling around on your belly in the woods, as commanding a sprawling assault on a town, hooked me completely. This is one of those games where just seeing what is possible made it fascinating to experiment with. It was like being hands on with the experiences I put RTS units through every day, while still having some say at that higher level of the game.

The multiplayer aspects of the game take this further still: playing co-op was a challenging, but brilliant experience. I’d already played through a great chunk of the campaign that I then replayed co-op, but everything went down differently. Every firefight was executed in an entirely unexpected way, every objective unfolded in a different sequence of events. This is like the antidote, the antithesis, to the scripted linear sequences that we’ve been expecting from shooter from so long.

Slightly less engaging for me, but equally rewarding in a “I’m glad that shit is in my head now” kind of way, were playing group scenarios designed for players to fight AI. This amplified co-op means an entire squad of you working together, getting a chopper in to take an objective, and being shoulder-to-shoulder in nightmarish firefights. It was interesting to see an inexperienced commander leading a group, compared to an experienced one. Things that you wouldn’t even consider in less detailed shooters – such as attacking away from the sun, so you’re not blinded, suddenly become an issue. More fascinating still was the sheer scale of the vehicular simulation, that I barely touched on. People becoming dedicated chopper pilots or air support: gamers who were specialising in this specialist niche at the simulatory end of gaming.

It’s a bit of a shame that I’m alone on this one within the hivemind (no one else had much time with it) because I feel like Arma II is one of the most interesting games of the decade, even considering its difficulty and wobbly build quality. I feel as if the experience needs to be spread and shared. At least then I wouldn’t feel as bad about not having a clone Jim to sit and play it for months on end.

Almost nothing else I can think of encompasses this kind of ambition, and the single player campaign and multiplayer experiences are the kinds of experiences that could only happen on PC. This is undoubtedly one of my games of the year, perhaps of all time.


  1. Gap Gen says:

    Is it worth playing the campaign? I gave up a while back because it was hopelessly bugged, confusing and too spread-out, plus Razor team are really annoying to work with, but I might go back if it gets better and has been fixed.

    That said, I feel they missed a trick in that if they just recreated what Operation Flashpoint did, the campaign would have been ace. As it is, they were overambitious and messed up, I think. The multiplayer in ArmA and ArmA II still made some of my finest online moments, though.

    • Don says:

      >Is it worth playing the campaign?

      I played through the campaign and – trying to stay spoiler free here – stumbled into the (or one of the) losing scenarios that was both shocking and hilarious at the same time. I needed to get some hints from the forums on the best way to approach some sections and a few reloads were needed but the 1.4 version seems reasonably stable. But along the way I had more fun than several much slicker games can provide and in due course I’ll play through again and try to get a winning ending. Apart from the sheer scope of the military simulation there are those unexpected moments you won’t find elsewhere – trundling through a town in an APC to find a GTA style hooker on the kerb making come hither gestures for instance. Priceless.

  2. Vague-rant says:

    I planned on getting this during the steam weekend sale a while ago, but decided it was too ‘hardcore’ for the likes of me. I got the impression it was only a good game if you could really get into it and had the time to invest to learn all the various things to do in game.

    Perhaps I’ll pick it up after Christmas, when i have less work on…

  3. bergotronic says:

    ACE MOD 2 comes out this week. The mod that made ARMA1 worth playing is nearly ported over to ARMA2. This mod alone should convice anyone who is on the fence about arma2 to come on over… Video Previews here: link to

  4. HidesHisEyes says:

    I can’t enjoy it because it’s too hard. :(

  5. AndrewC says:

    I’ve been really, really getting into being a gaming bumblebee recently. A bit of this, a bit of that, collecting pollen from every flower in the garden, and, to complete the metaphor, Arma 2 feels like a Triffid.

  6. qrter says:

    Picked it up from Gamersgate when it was half price (same weekend as on Steam, I think). I’ve not found the time to sink into it, as it were.

  7. hmrf says:

    Yes, ArmA II is really a great game (and oh so much better than, say, OFP:DR or CoD:MW II), although I totally failed in the Campaign when it came to setting up a base and commanding more than just three fellow soldiers. I prefer to be the “little guy” in it, I guess.
    I even bought a TrackIR solely for it (and through this found flight simulators in general to be greatly entertaining). It feels so close to war playing it, that it’s almost scary.
    But it is a huge time sink, as you said – and I rarely have the time. Which is bad, because that way I mostly miss out on the Co-Op and multiplayer aspects, because for those you have to have some time (and friends), and some reliability (as in: being available when the others are playing).
    So basically I’m just toying around with the huge vehicle park and single player missions.

    Anyway, A.C.E.2 beta is supposed to be released very soon, and I expect that to make it even better.
    Here is a feature list:
    link to

  8. RiptoR says:

    Still have to get the game someday myself. I adored the original Operation Flashpoint and sunk hundreds of hours into it (offline and online). When ArmA 1 came I was kind of disappointed in the spiritual successor of OFP, mainly due to gamestopping bugs and lackluster AI.

    ArmA 2 seemed to solve those problems, well, at least on paper. The demo really put me off: my character simply got stuck in a ceiling at one time, and at another time I could just run up to the enemy and punch him to death… So I’ve postponed buying the game until most bugs were patched.

    But I guess with the 1.4 patch I shouldn’t be postponing it any longer, right?

  9. Turin Turambar says:

    ACE2 is out, just right now!

    Pity that the download system is the most retarded thing i have seen in ages. Still wondering how the hell is downloaded.

  10. Turin Turambar says:

    Also, people should try the last beta version, because they are improving the performance, ai, bugs, etc every week (3 builds every week on average)

    link to

    • TotalBiscuit says:

      You don’t happen to live in Scotland do you? (The name rings a bell)

    • Turin Turambar says:

      Spain, not Scotland.

      And there other Turins all over the world. Read The Silmarillion ;)

    • Senethro says:

      Wikipedia says its a Tolkein thing.

      There are 3 different turinturambars on different boards/blogs I read

  11. Nejger says:

    LoL!!!1 U gOtz giRlfrenD? SO GAAAAAAY!!!!!1111

  12. Dave says:

    :'( I so wanted to get into it but i failed at the single player so hard i darent go anywhere near another semi-sentient bieng online for fear of being laughed at by other computer geeks. I tried to console myself with the editor whatsit by creating a sort of chopper sim within the game but it never really worked… Oh ARMA II im just not good enough to play you.

  13. DXN says:

    Did you ever play Project Reality? I haven’t played ARMA(/II), so I’d be interested to hear your comparison of them if so. PR may be relying on somewhat clunky tech by today’s standards, but there’s nothing — even Natural Selection — that has given me so many hours on the edge of my seat, enthralled as 60+ players plug themselves into the semi-simulation sprawl of a reasonably-big battlefield, working as squads and (hopefully) co-ordinated as an army, using cover, smoke, sniper teams, fire teams – all supported by trucks, tanks, jets, helos etc in a way that actually feels like and has some of the same constraints as real-life support… and all against real players, no bots.

    That was a thing I noticed there, too: despite how it’s all rather geeky, you still couldn’t help but acknowledge, and even take a kind of joy in how genuinely skillful people had to be to fly the (long-respawning) helicopters and other vehicles, pulling off daring insertions or extractions, beautifully co-ordinated bombing runs, eagle-eyed overwatch… I’m not an Army Kinda Guy, but this got me as close to it as I’ve ever been. :D

    • Schmitzkater says:

      Having tried both ARMA and Project Reality, I can honestly say if it is fun team-based multiplayer that you’re looking for, go with PR.

      ARMA has big goals, achieves some, misses some, let’s bugs take over the rest in a hilariously unexpected way. But looking for pure multiplayer in which teamwork is crucial and even promoted by gamedesign itself, there simply is no real alternative to PR.
      How I wanted ARMA to be the game that takes this crown but PR’s design is just too ingenious to be challenged, even by this clearly sim-oriented game.
      If it is realism in the technical sense you want, then you’ll probably have plenty fun with this. If you want the game to “feel” realistic, as in, I stick, listen and tend to my buddies, I always have to fall back to PR.

    • DXN says:


      Hmm, that was basically the impression I got about the two! Thanks for the comparison. :) I’ll stick with PR… which at the moment is undergoing some interesting changes to make it even more squad-focussed and less rush-in-and-get-killed-one-after-the-other (that is, cutting back the ‘rally point’ system).

  14. MisterX says:

    ARMAII really should be right up my street, but try as i might i just can’t get into it.
    The controls are vastly more complicated than they need to be, just trying to re-arm from a crate
    is a mensa test at times
    I want to like it, really i do, but its as if the developers are trying to stop me deliberately..

    I’ll give it another go at some point, maybe it will all click into place.

    • goodgimp says:

      I feel the same way. This is the FPS I really SHOULD like. I always wanted a little more sim and a lot less arcace in titles like COD and Battlefield, so this should do it for me… but it just doesn’t. I’ve tried going back a few times, but I just can’t get into it.

  15. J says:

    Oh boy. I’m still waiting for them to fix the multiplayer campaign. That was the buggiest thing I’ve ever seen. And saves were unloadable about 50% of the time. And it really should’ve had respawning of sorts, considering the scope of the missions. Hopefully will be released soon.

  16. Hmm says:

    “You’d cheat on me, wouldn’t you!?”
    The answer to every rhetorical question…

  17. J says:

    Oops. Was talking about the release of FDFMod. Darn lack of editage.

  18. Lack_26 says:

    I love this game, I’ve got a heap of mods. The AI actually engage at proper ranges now (700-1000m, even if that’s above weapon effective range, the MGs lay down fire while the troops attempt to move in), with some mods, SLX has done well for me in the absence of ACE 2, and I used both SLX and ACE together in Arma I.

    Anyway, it still takes a lot of my day away from me.

  19. dartt says:

    I never put enough time in to ARMA 2 due to having to leave the flat occasionally and other games popping up but I don’t think I’ll ever forget the start of the first major mission where you cycle through the countryside on your marine issue bicycles to a waiting Osprey.

    There were no enemies or obstacles, it was just a lovely little moment to enjoy the scenery and roll down some roads. It’s what immediately springs to mind when I think of ARMA2 and why I still think it’s superior to OF2 despite the bugs and clunky UI; because, 99% of the time, personality beats polish.

  20. Heliocentric says:

    I heard similar whooping and hollaring about arma 1, got it, felt the vehicles handled like blimps and got disheartened.

  21. Petërkopf says:

    I was a major OFP fanboy and spent all the years until Arma modding it to the brim. Then I modded Arma to the brim until Arma II came out, but seriously, this madness just has to stop. The third time you release a broken game without fixing any of the fatal problems of it’s predecessors, you have to put the hammer down and just stop throwing money at that developer, for good.

    I’ll jump at the chance to play any war-related game that’s even vaguely real and milspec, but it’s becoming ridiculous to see people still defending Arma II like it isn’t a broken piece of shit. I agree, you can get a lot of fun out of playing with the braindead cannonfodder provided, and recreating those huge battles, and the mod options are what makes it bearable in the end. But let’s get real for a second, a developer that can’t even release a working campaign for their flagship title, is really saying a lot about their own competence.

    Ditto the fact that they rely on the community to make all of the worthwhile content for them, meaning everything from units to game effects! How about dropping the campaigns that are apparently too hard to make, even for the creators themselves, and just adding some interesting troop-sets to the editor, which is the only reason people buy the game anyway?

    I can’t take this entry seriously at all. Either you haven’t been playing the last two broken, practically identical installments, or you’ve willfully chosen to overlook how Bohemia has been screwing us over for the better part of a decade now. Or maybe you didn’t have to pay the ridiculous fee for your copy.

    Pardon my vitriol, but an entry like that is just bat shit insane, especially from a professional.

    Obviously I’m done with Bohemia and battling their broken “sims”. I’ll take the somewhat limited, but at least perfectly functional framework of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising over that garbage any day – And I’ll only be paying half for that of what Bohemia charge the loyalists that haven’t given up yet.

    … I’ll just go grab a cookie now.

  22. Dominic White says:

    Just a reminder that Bohemia are a tiny Czech studio with a small budget and I think about 20-30 staff total. Yes, there are bugs, but y’know what? They’re actually doing something ambitious.

    Look at Opflash 2 – huge studio, near-infinite budget, backed by a major publisher. And despite still aiming far lower (much smaller encounters than even OFP1, limited online play, restricted modding, no body awareness, etc etc), they didn’t even manage to come close to the first game in terms of actual solid working content.

    I could get behind the ‘BOHEMIA ARE SCREWING US AGAIN!’ whining if they were actually a big company, but nope, they’re just the only guys on the block with enough balls to actually try producing something like this.

    • Petërkopf says:

      Everybody loves an underdog, it’s basic human instinct, but it still doesn’t impress me. Being indie isn’t a default excuse to release half-finished games, let alone ones that go for full AAA price. And when you look at a game like Torchlight, a very high quality indie game being released for 15 euros, it makes absolutely no sense why an “indie” game like the original Arma should cost 40, and stay in that pricerange for the next one and a half years. It’s daylight robbery. Thankfully they’ve bombed Arma II down to around 20 euros, but that’s about one game too late to retain my respect.

      Being small simply doesn’t excuse you from screwing people over, and it doesn’t make a company better, or worse for that matter. That’s where the remaining fanboys go wrong. People still have a right to expect a game that works, and that is fully functional. Arma II still is not.

    • Dominic White says:

      I appreciate that they’re the underdog here, but more than that, I appreciate that ArmA2, for all its flaws, is the single best soldier sim in existance at the moment. It’s being solidly supported (check out the beta patches, seriously), there’s a large modding community, and a ton of active servers for pick-up games if you’re so inclined.

      OFP2 has none of that. It came, it saw, it went. Practically overnight, even.

      Bohemia probably have more ambition than they have the means to relalize it, but they’re the ONLY studio out there trying to do anything even CLOSE to this scale and breadth and depth. And that, right there, is beyond admirable. It’s downright ballsy.

    • Petërkopf says:

      I don’t know how much OFP2 you’ve been playing, but it is a highly functional, well-tested platform, and while I’m as disappointed as the next guy that they went for the Hollywood fireteam-perspective rather than a more fulfilling squad one, it still causes you far less grief, both in the editor and in the singleplayer campaign, than Arma or Arma II ever did.

      I haven’t gone online with it yet, given the pretty abundant selection of games at the moment, but I’m sure you’re right that it doesn’t compare to the fanatical Arma multiplayer crowd. I’m not a fanboy of either games, I can appreciate that much.

      The thing that bothers me is people rewarding Bohemia for having a good idea, but doing it piss poorly. You can’t execute a proper fire and maneuver exercise in any of Bohemias games, unless you’re playing online, but you can in OFP2. It’s that simple. Bohemia can’t execute the most fundamental infantry maneuver known to warfare, but OFP2 does it effortlessly, in spite of being less dedicated to gritty reality.

      When it’s like that, I don’t mind having to set up those annoying spawn points in the editor to ensure I get at least half a company to fight, and putting up with Codemasters obsessive-compulsive need for optimization. Which I’m sure they’ll have to backpeddle on very soon, given the ammount of flak they’re taking for it, even on their own forums.

      I don’t doubt that Bohemia are probably the company that is the most DEDICATED to creating the most realistic game out there, but that’s just not good enough when their actual products leave them so far from that goal. I’m just constantly reminded that I’m looking at sub-standard code messing around like lobotomized sheep in front of me, ruining my missions, which themselves would be a total mess without massive ammounts of scripting. That goes for OFP2 as well, but at least you can count on your scripts in that game.

      It’s great to be a small team with big ambitions, but if you can’t make it work, then you would probably go further by aiming lower. Making smaller, less detailed maps, focusing more on your AI, and at least getting the basics right, so you can actually simulate a bit of tactics, as OFP2 did as the first game in the field.

  23. Lack_26 says:

    After some confusion with the installer, ACE2 is downloaded with ACEX downloading. Yey.

    Anyway, I find OpF/ArmA/AmrA II’s bugs endearing, like that slightly eccentric uncle that you keep around at Christmas. Slightly nuts, but lots of fun.

  24. Martin Coxall says:

    I don’t approve of difficult games. I approve of games with a Hard Mode, but I feel it should be my choice to piss me off, not the developers’.

    • Dominic White says:

      It’s a soldier sim, literally adapted from a military training package. It’s inherently hard, because war is hard. If war were easy, we’d be doing it all the time instead of just whenever people forgot just how hard war is.

      Also, there are a ton of difficulty options, including AI strength sliders. You can make enemies slow-witted thugs unlikely to hit the broad side of a barn if you so wished, but that kinda defeats the point of the game.

  25. Iain says:

    Being an absolutely huge fan of the original Operation Flashpoint, I really wanted to love Arma II. But then it crashed before I even got to fire a weapon…

    One day, when I get a new, more powerful ‘puter, I may go back to it.

    • Dominic White says:

      It launched a complete mess, but there’s been about 20 patches since then which have improved almost everything. Rather than waiting months between patches now, they’re doing beta releases every couple of weeks now.

      link to

      The combined changelog of the main and beta patches is enormous.

  26. the_fanciest_of_pants says:

    I was so pumped for this, but I tried the demo and my rig just couldn’t hack it. Even at minimum settings and comically low resolution I had about 10 frames per second.

    Will definitely be trying this when I get my new PC.

  27. Railick says:

    Hrm my comment was deleted, what did I do wrong ? :(

  28. Vinraith says:

    I’ve read over this thread and still can’t tell whether or not the single player is worth bothering with at this point. This sounds like a game I’d adore if it functioned properly, but I need something with AI that works as well as being free of game-breaking bugs. Anyone want to tell me what the status of this thing is in that respect? Also, is it viable to play co-op with just one other person against AI and have it be interesting/challenging?

    • Psychopomp says:

      They’ve patched into a state that’s about as bug-free as you can expect from a game that’s both eastern european and sandbox. The AI still wierds out from time to time, but overall it’s acceptable.

      No clue on the co-op.

    • Vinraith says:

      Thanks, sounds like it’s worth taking a shot the next time it’s on sale. I’m willing to put up with a certain level of buginess from a game this ambitious, I just don’t want it to be unplayably broken obviously.

    • Subject 706 says:

      Make sure you also install the SLX/ACE mods, that will make it better.

  29. GoldenNugget says:

    Yeah ArmA2 is a fantastic game with all the beta patches (still very rough around the edges). I haven’t touched the single player except for the single missions (which are a hell of a lot less buggier than the sp campaign). I mainly play with the goon community at something awful and they have some really great custom made missions like one where everyone is spread out after a plane crash at night and you have to relink together so you can use a laser designator to blow up tanks and steal a helicopter to escape.

    And ACE2 is out and I hope it’s good.

  30. Railick says:

    If ACE is as good for ArmAII as it is for Arm A then it should, in time, fix all remaining problems and make the game a true gem to play.

  31. TheSombreroKid says:

    didn’t like this, not a game really, more a simulation.

    • Vinraith says:

      What a strange distinction, quite a few of my favorite games are simulations.

  32. Railick says:

    The first thing I’m going to do when I get a better computer is get this game and make a map for online co-op where you can get together with your buds and do some off road mud racing with stykers ^_^ Sounds like a game to me ; P

    The last time I played Arma A I parachuted onto a town , got shot on the way down by a helicopter and landed wounded in someones backyard. Several troops came looking for me but as I was knocked out just behind a low wall they walked right past me. Finally after being knocked out for about 5 – 10 real life minutes my character woke up and I managed to kill all the guards around me and sneak through the town. I made it to the radio tower and blew it up with some C4 causing the AI to be unable to call for help. Sounds more like a game to me than a simulation :P

    MY goal was to parachute ONTO the tower itself but the helicopter shooting me half way down kind of screwed up my plans lol.

    • Dominic White says:

      “The first thing I’m going to do when I get a better computer is get this game and make a map for online co-op where you can get together with your buds and do some off road mud racing with stykers ^_^ Sounds like a game to me ; P”

      Ha, you should have seen one mission running on the goon server shortly after launch.

      A downhill mountain bike race.

      Through a forest.

      A minefield.

      And then a narrow valley filled with ANGRY HELICOPTERS.

      And then an even narrower stretch filled with dogs. For some reason.

      Surviving the whole race was almost unheard of, but it was goddamn hilarious anyway.

    • Psychopomp says:

      I will never understand why some people hate Goons.

  33. Lack_26 says:

    One thing that actually quite annoys me, is how this games treats OpFor (at least with the insurgents, and the Russian troops for that matter), as a westernised and trained force.

    Did anyone watch the Russo-Georgian war? Eastern troop tactics involve getting really pissed, hiding under a truck then when brave/drunk enough, popping out and firing a clip off on full auto before hiding again. Also, driving around a column of BMPs without a clue where to go, I quote one Russian column, ‘We just drive, drive, drive.’ When asked where they were going, they shrugged and joked about keeping driving until they find the capital. I want to play a game about this.

    Until this game realises this and treats OpFor as the drunken lunatics they are, I will not be fully satisfied. (Actually, the AI does a pretty good job of this already, but the AI is often very similar for BluFor troops).

    Although I guess that a lot of people wouldn’t accept this and would moan about the AI if it did that. War is a mess, it would be nice if ArmA recognised that officially rather than it just sort-of happening accidentally. I still love the game though, I just tuned down the OpFor skill in the menu and increased BluFor skill.

  34. malkav11 says:

    Everything I’ve heard about this game sounds right up my alley except for the part where I get shot to death from hundreds of yards away by nearly invisible people.

    And the thing is, I don’t think you could remove that part without breaking essential things. So I think I’m out of luck.

    • Dominic White says:

      Turn down AI accuracy, or install the SLX mod (which makes ambient gunfire from the AI much heavier, but lethal shots a lot rarer) and you’re golden.

  35. ascagnel says:

    I have ArmA2, and desperately want to get into it, but the game refuses to let me be. I’ve started thinking of it as a more-realistic STALKER: you start out absolutely hating it, but as you get into it, and get past that initial wall of suck, you start to realize how good it can be. STALKER SoC took 2 restarts, STALKER CS 4, and ArmA2 4+.

    I’m so busy, but this makes me want to try again.

  36. Railick says:

    I want to play this map where you’re doing the mountain bike race! That sounds awesome.

    anyone recall the maps on Tribes where you had to slide through a roller coaster type track and the slightly mistake would cause you to rocket off the side of the track to your horrible death?

  37. ascagnel says:

    Anonymous Coward said:
    Make sure you also install the SLX/ACE mods, that will make it better.

    I added those mods. It made the gunshot sounds funny, but failed to make me any better at sighting baddies, or shooting them.

  38. Sasha says:

    ARMA2 is amazing and not only the best shooter of 2009 but one of hte best shooters of this generation.

    it launched with some issues, but now after all the patches I have no problems at all with ARMA2.
    Fantastic game that everyone shoudl try imo.

    This game just destroys that horrible new Operation Flashpoint game in every aspect. I bought both games and have had WAY more fun with ARMA2.

    Great graphics, awesome gameplay, the best editor around, some wicked user made missions, the online is epic, the singleplayer is fun and most importantly the game is tons of fun. It also runs great on my pc now after all the patches.