TF2 Update Sound Samples Revealieodiated

This is splendid image-re-use.
I woke up, like many of us, to Steam telling me that TF2 had updated. I had no idea why. And then I turned on my browser, where PCG’s twitter pointed me at a youtube video of all the soundfiles in it. Which appears to be some game mode about forming and betraying friendships. It’s life at RPS as a TF2 mod, basically. Listen to them below and then speculate wildly…

This is giving me SHODAN flashbacks, admittedly.


  1. Senethro says:

    Allegedly, some people have already heard some of them in use if they keep joining teams with friendslisted players to unbalance the teams.

    Allegedly. I’m still holding out for a Betrayal game mode for christmas.

  2. ChampionHyena says:

    Betrayal, UT3 style? Or does Valve have something more sinister in mind?

  3. DJ Phantoon says:

    Hug Fortress 2?

    • Bhazor says:

      And a Team Caress Too?

    • Kast says:

      I’d buy that game.

    • Bhazor says:

      Heres a question for you.

      Which class would be the best at hugging? I’d say Heavy with those big arms of his whilst the worst would be the Scout who looks like the kind of guy who’d slip a hand down the back of your pants.

  4. JeCa says:

    I’m hoping for something like the Diplomacy (green nation) mode in DeFcon; Everyone start on the same team but always end up nuking the hell out of each other anyway.

  5. Smee says:

    It’s interesting when she says “It’s me or him”, and it sounds as if she’s dying when she says “How could you betray me?” Sounds like the new mode will be a two-way fight for allegiance between the Announcer and a mysterious second party.

    Dare I say…Saxton Hale?

    • ThePinkNinja says:

      “Him” refers to other TF2 mercs I reckon

    • Pl4t0 says:

      I honestly believe that it will be Saxton Hale. If it actually happened, I would literally fall of my chair and roll around laughing.

  6. Rick says:

    Erm. Yeah. I can’t really think of anything to say except “LOL”. Highly amusing, if somewhat unclear in purpose.

  7. Kast says:

    Gotta love Ellen McLain, great work. And does anyone notice how her manner is now even more reminiscent of GLaDOS’s final speech? Ever playing the hurt matron/mother figure.

  8. Bhazor says:

    Damn it me! Stop finding the announcer sexy!

  9. Jonas says:

    Best listened to while watching this splendid, splendid painting:

    link to

  10. sfury says:

    Team Facebook 2 ?

  11. egg says:

    Uhm. That explains a lot.

    I thought I was going crazy after hearing the announcer say something about friendship during setup time in a gravelpit match.


  12. K.Boogle says:

    Ahahahaha the way she spits out the word “very” when she says “very very disappointed”! XD

  13. Chris R says:

    So does this mean that if I play with 5+ on the same team (as I always do), that my team will have penalties for “team-stacking”? Penalties in the form of longer respawn times, other team gets higher chance of criticals, other team can cap points faster, etc?

    Seems kinda lame if that’s the case, I just wanna play the game with my real life friends, yo.

    • Doctor Doc says:

      What gives you that idea?

    • mootpoint says:

      I always figured it was just as fun killing my friends as playing on the same team as them if it made the games more even. Maybe that makes me a sociopath or something. Or else it just makes me one of those boring sods wanting my playtime be challenging.

      Well well, to each his/her own.

  14. Lilliput King says:

    The last two in particular might hint that a new game mode is in the works.

    Probably wishful thinking on my part though.

  15. Mike says:

    Hmm. How would you ‘detect’ a friendship though? Almost sounds like you pick a person on the opposing team who you promise to not kill. If their team finds out, they can kill him?

    Oh, what’s the point, we’ll know soon. ¬_¬

  16. Diosjenin says:

    Uh, no. That looks like Lucille Bluth.

  17. hoff says:

    Valve always had the best announcer voice acting in the business. It adds so much to the atmosphere since you actually hear it all the time (so it better be good). From the HEV suit to Glados to the heavy-smoker-type HL1 Black Mesa announcer to TF2’s angry agency lady… perfect. I could listen to those voices yelling random stuff all day, lol.

  18. derFeef says:

    Robin Walker alredy told Shacknews that noone has figured it out until now and everyone saying “I heard it ingame” is just plain lying.

  19. Pl4t0 says:

    Ever play the map “The Thing” in Starcraft? The new gamemode seems like it’s going to be just that. It was almost a murder-mystery kind of map, where everyone was your ally, but one person was actually an alien beast slowly picking players off, and you had to figure out who it was and kill them before EVERYONE died. Pretty pulse-pounding. Figuring out the person you were CONVINCED was The Thing, then killing them and figuring out they weren’t evoked some pretty interesting reactions, too.

    That seems to be almost precisely what they’re going for in the (obvious/inevitable) new gamemode. Rather than just shooting everybody, i can imagine they’re itching to do a mode where some much more serious and distinct tact and subtlety is required to win.

    or, it could be a game where players used a new form of currency to hire other players to kill other players FOR THEM. I can imagine that would be really awesome.

    (Considering the broad nature of the quotes, where they encompass practically everything the previous announcer said in the previous modes, I doubt that its just an update in gameplay mechanics to regular modes. Can’t wait to see what it is – Valve has a fantastic way of hyping things.)

  20. IAT says:

    derFeef: You should read that article again.

    Whatever the new functionality is, it’s already in the game, as Walker added that “user reports of hearing [the new sound bites] in-game are also legit.”

  21. MadTinkerer says:

    One wonders if perhaps it will be something like Left4Friends:

    Video Games | HAWP | Left 4 Dead 2XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii

  22. MadTinkerer says:

    One wonders if perhaps it will be something like Left4Friends:

    link to

  23. MadTinkerer says:

    Sorry for the first post above. I copied the embed code rather than the URL by mistake.

  24. 1stGear says:

    Oh my God. There has to be a Meet the Announcer video now. Make it happen, Stavro Xanthis.

  25. DMJ says:

    To me the Announcer always seemed sinister. Do the characters actually know that the woman giving them orders is the same woman giving orders to the opposite team? What does she have to gain by pitting RED against BLU? Perhaps she’s pulling off a Darth Sidious-style scheme to keep everyone who could threaten her occupied fighting each other while she executes her true plan in the shadows, pausing only to berate RED while congratulating BLU…

    Forget the Spy, the Announcer is the true backstabbing infiltrator.

    I over-thought this. I need coffee.

    • Stupoider says:

      You should listen to the commentary for TF2. :D There’s an interesting speech bubble talking about the Announcer, and how even if your team wins, the Announcer’s voice will always make you think otherwise.

  26. Big X says:

    She sounds more and more like the emperor

  27. Lilliput King says:

    link to

    That’s the article people have been referring to, if anyone is wondering. Kinda dissapointing.

  28. Stense says:

    Whatever the devil is going on, it sounds damned interesting.

  29. Acidburns says:

    From what Lilliput King’s link says it seems clear that these clips are going to be played when your playing on a server with folk from your steam friends list.

    For example, if you end up on the opposite team from a friend it will say “friendship ends in 30 seconds” instead of the usual countdown at round start.

  30. smeghammer says:

    is this not something to do with the escort the civilian game-mode?

    • smeghammer says:

      ah nvmd i just saw the shacknews thing that says they’re already being used, i’ll give it a go later with a mate

  31. TCM says:

    link to

    I believe new mode confirmed.